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Cycling Futures
Author/Editor: Bonham ,Jennifer,Johnson ,Marilyn
Cyborgs in Latin America
Author/Editor: Brown ,J. Andrew
Cyberpragmatics : Internet-mediated Communication In Context
Author/Editor: Yus ,Francisco
Cyber-Nationalism in China. Challenging Western media portrayals of internet censorship in China
Author/Editor: Jiang ,Ying
Cyberidentities : Canadian and European Presence in Cyberspace
Author/Editor: D'Haenens ,Leen
Customary Land Tenure and Registration in Australia : Anthropological Perspectives
Author/Editor: Glaskin ,Katie,Weiner ,James
The Curving Mirror of Time
Author/Editor: Harro-Loit ,Halliki,Kello ,Katrin
The Curious Country
Author/Editor: Dayton ,Leigh
Curaçao in the Age of Revolutions, 1795-1800
Author/Editor: Klooster ,Wim,Oostindie ,Gert
Curaçao and Guzmán Blanco
Author/Editor: Goslinga ,C.
Cultuur zonder grenzen
Author/Editor: WRR
Cultuur en nieuwe media; tweerichtingsverkeer
Author/Editor: Mets ,Y.C.
Cultuur als antwoord
Author/Editor: Onvlee ,L.
Culture Wars and Enduring American Dilemmas
Author/Editor: Thomson ,Irene Taviss
Culture – Theory – Disability : Encounters between Disability Studies and Cultural Studies
Author/Editor: Waldschmidt (Ed.) ,Anne,Berressem (Ed.) ,Hanjo,Ingwersen (Ed.) ,Moritz
Cultures in Collision and Conversation : Essays in the Intellectual History of the Jews
Author/Editor: Berger ,David
The culture of tolerance in diverse societies: Reasonable toleration
Author/Editor: Mckinnon ,Catriona,Castiglione ,Dario
Culture of Class : Radio and Cinema in the Making of a Divided Argentina, 1920–1946
Author/Editor: Karush ,Matthew B.
Culture and Translation: recovering he legacy of R.H Mathews
Author/Editor: Thomas ,Martin
Culture and Sustainable Development in the Pacific
Author/Editor: Hooper ,Antony
Cultural Revolutions : Reason Versus Culture in Philosophy, Politics, and Jihad
Author/Editor: Cahoone ,Lawrence
Cultural Integration of Immigrants in Europe
Author/Editor: Algan ,Yann,Bisin ,Alberto,Manning ,Alan,Verdier ,Thierry
Cultural History in Europe : Institutions – Themes – Perspectives
Author/Editor: Rogge (Ed.) ,Jörg
Cultural Heritage Ethics : Between Theory and Practice
Cultural Dynamics in a Globalized World : Proceedings of the Asia- Pacific research in Social Sciences and Humanities, Depok, Indonesia, November 7–9, 2016, Topics in arts and humanities
The cultural context of biodiversity conservation - seen and unseen dimensions of indigenous knowledge among Qʹeqchiʹ communities in Guatemala
Author/Editor: Maass, Petra
Cult Places and Cultural Change in Republican Italy : A Contextual Approach to Religious Aspects of Rural Society after the Roman Conquest
Author/Editor: Stek ,Tesse
The Cult of the Market : Economic Fundamentalism and its Discontents
Author/Editor: Boldeman ,Lee
Culinary Turn : Aesthetic Practice of Cookery
Author/Editor: van der Meulen (Ed.) ,Nicolaj,Wiesel, Hg. (Ed.) ,Jörg
Culinary Linguistics : The Chef's Special
Cuba in the World, the World in Cuba
Author/Editor: Lorini, Alessandra,Basosi, Duccio
Crystal Growth and Stoichiometry of Strongly Correlated Intermetallic Cerium Compounds
Author/Editor: Prokofiev ,Andrey,Paschen ,Silke
Crown and Sword : executive power and the use of force by the Australian Defence Force
Author/Editor: Moore ,Cameron
Crowd Scenes : Movies and Mass Politics
Author/Editor: Tratner ,Michael
Crossroads between contrastive linguistics, translation studies and machine translation : TC3 II
Crossing the Line : Violence, Play, and Drama in Naval Equator Traditions
Author/Editor: Bronner ,Simon J.
Crossing Central Europe : Continuities and Transformations, 1900 and 2000
Author/Editor: Mitterbauer ,Helga,Smith-Prei ,Carrie
Crop production potential of rural areas within the European Communities. 1: GIS and data model
Author/Editor: Bulens ,J.D.,Bregt ,A.K.
Crop production potential of rural areas within the European Communities. 2: A physical land evaluation procedure for annual crops and grass
Author/Editor: Reinds ,G.J.,Lanen van ,H.A.J.
Crop production potential of rural areas within the European Communities. IV: Potential, water-limited and actual crop production
Author/Editor: Koning de ,G.H.J.,Diepen van ,C.A.
Crop production potential of rural areas within the European Communities. 3. Soils, Climate and Administrative Regions
Author/Editor: Reinds ,G.J.,Koning de ,G.H.J.
Crop production potential of rural areas within the European Communities. V: Qualitative suitability assessment for forestry and fruit crops
Author/Editor: Lanen van ,H.A.J.,Hendriks ,C.A.M.,Bulens ,J.D.
Croire ensemble. Analyse institutionnelle du paysage religieux en Suisse
Author/Editor: Monnot ,Christophe
Critical Theory of Communication: New Readings of Lukács, Adorno, Marcuse, Honneth and Habermas in the Age of the Internet
Author/Editor: Fuchs ,Christian
Critical Theories of Crises in Europe: From Weimar to the Euro
Critical Reflections on Australian Public Policy : Selected Essays
Author/Editor: Wanna ,John
Critical Management Studies in the South African context
Author/Editor: Goldman A. ,Geoff
Crisis Policymaking: Australia and the East Timor Crisis of 1999
Author/Editor: Connery ,David
The Crisis Imperative : Crisis Rhetoric and Welfare State Reform in Belgium and the Netherlands in the Early 1990s
Author/Editor: Kuipers ,Sanneke
"Écrire un seul livre, sans cesse renouvelé" : Jorge Sempruns literarische Auseinandersetzung mit Buchenwald
Author/Editor: Neuhofer ,Monika
Criminele gedragingen, overheid en samenleving; een drieluik
Author/Editor: Ruimschotel ,D.
Criminally Queer : Homosexuality and Criminal Law in Scandinavia 1842-1999
Author/Editor: Rydström ,Jens,Mustola ,Kati
Creolizing Europe : Legacies and Transformations
Author/Editor: Gutiérrez Rodríguez ,Encarnación,Tate ,Shirley Anne
The Creolisation of London Kinship : Mixed African-Caribbean and White British Extended Families, 1950-2003
Author/Editor: Bauer ,Elaine
Creating the Empress : Politics and Poetry in the Age of Catherine II
Author/Editor: Proskurina ,Vera
Covenant, compassion and marketisation in healthcare : The mastery of Mammon and the service of grace
Author/Editor: Hordern ,Joshua
Courts in Federal Countries : Federalists or Unitarists?
Author/Editor: Aroney ,Nicholas,Kincaid ,John
Court Reform
Author/Editor: Bedner ,Adriaan
Coup: Reflections on the Political Crisis in Fiji
Author/Editor: Pretes ,Michael,Brij Lal ,V.
Coupled Enzyme Activity and Thermal Shift Screening of the Maybridge Rule of 3 Fragment Library Against Trypanosoma brucei Choline Kinase; A Genetically Validated Drug Target
Author/Editor: Major ,Louise L.,Denton ,Helen,Smith ,Terry K.
Country, Native Title and Ecology
Author/Editor: Weir K. ,Jessica
Costruire per temi i paesaggi?
Author/Editor: Dall'Ara, Enrica
Cost Efficiency of Municipalities in Service Delivery: Does Ethnic Fragmentation Matter?
Author/Editor: Nikolov ,Marjan
Cosmopolitan Archeologies
Corruption in South Africa's liberal democratic context : Equipping Christian leaders and communities for their role in countering corruption
Author/Editor: Kruger ,F.P.,Klerk de ,B.J.
Corruption: Expanding the Focus
Author/Editor: Barcham ,Manuhuia,Hindess ,Barry,Larmour ,Peter
Corruption as a Last Resort : Adapting to the Market in Central Asia
Author/Editor: McMann ,Kelly M.
Corruption and Anti-Corruption
Author/Editor: Larmour ,Peter,Wolanin ,Nick
The Correspondence of Wolfgang Capito
Author/Editor: Capito ,Wolfgang,Rummel ,Erika
The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Volume 5
The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Volume 4
The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Volume 3
The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Volume 2
The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Volume 1
Corpus Linguistics and 17th-Century Prostitution : Computational Linguistics and History
Author/Editor: McEnery ,Anthony,Baker ,Helen
The Corporation That Changed the World : How the East India Company Shaped the Modern Multinational
Author/Editor: Robins ,Nick
Corporate Memory : Records and Information Management in the Knowledge Age
Author/Editor: Megill ,Kenneth A.
The corporate blog as an emerging genre of computer-mediated communication: features, constraints, discourse situation
Author/Editor: Puschmann, Cornelius
Cornelius Nepos, Life of Hannibal : Latin Text, Notes, Maps, Illustrations and Vocabulary
Author/Editor: Mulligan ,Bret
The Copyright Pentalogy : How the Supreme Court of Canada Shook the Foundations of Canadian Copyright Law
Author/Editor: Geist ,Michael
Coping With the Gods
Author/Editor: Versnel ,H.S.
The Coombs : A House of Memories
Author/Editor: Lal V. ,Brij,Ley ,Allison
Coole Forschung Lernen und Forschen im Internationalen Polarjahr 2007/2008
Author/Editor: Schöner ,Wolfgang,Prock ,Silvia,Sattler ,Birgit
Cooking Data : Culture and Politics in an African Research World
Author/Editor: Biruk ,Crystal
Cookies, Coleslaw, and Stoops : The Influence of Dutch on the North American Languages
Author/Editor: Sijs van der ,Nicoline
Conversations with Kenelm : Essays on the Theology of the Commedia
Author/Editor: Took ,John
Conversational Writing - A Multidimensional Study of Synchronous and Supersynchronous Computer-Mediated Communication
Author/Editor: Jonsson ,Ewa
A Conversation about Healthy Eating
Author/Editor: Lesica A. ,Nicholas
Convergence Culture Reconsidered - Media - Participation - Environments
Author/Editor: Georgi, Claudia,Glaser, Brigitte Johanna
Controlling in wissenschaftlichen Verlagen - Analyse IT-induzierter Veränderungen wissenschaftlicher Verlage und Konzeption ausgewählter Controlling-Instrumente ; Internetökonomie
Author/Editor: Ortelbach, Björn
Control: China Story Yearbook 2016
Contributi italiani al XIV Congresso Internazionale degli Slavisti
Author/Editor: Alberti, Alberto,Garzonio, Stefano,Marcialis, Nicoletta,Sulpasso, Bianca
Continuïteit in het Nederlandse beleid ten aanzien van de Europese samenwerking
Author/Editor: Ligtermoet ,D.M.
Continued Violence and Troublesome Pasts: Post-war Europe between the Victors after the Second World War
A Continent Moving West? : EU Enlargement and Labour Migration from Central and Eastern Europe
Contextualising the Neolithic Occupation of Southern Vietnam (Terra Australis 42)
Author/Editor: Sarjeant ,Carmen
Contesting the Foreshore : Tourism, Society and Politics on the Coast
Contesting Land and Custom in Ghana. State, Chief and the Citizen
Author/Editor: Amanor S. ,Kojo,Ubink M. ,Janine
Contested Governance: Culture, power and institutions in Indigenous Australia
Author/Editor: Garling ,Stephanie,Hunt ,Janet,Smith ,Diane,Sanders ,Will
Contemporary Rhetorical Citizenship
Contemporary Jewish Reality in Germany and Its Reflection in Film
Author/Editor: Dorchain ,Claudia Simone,Wonnenberg ,Felice Naomi
Contemporary Indonesian Film; Spirits of Reform and ghosts from the past
Author/Editor: Heeren van ,Katinka
Contemporary Encounters with Ancient Metaphysics
Author/Editor: Greenstine ,Abraham,Johnson ,Ryan
Contemporary Culture : New Directions in Arts and Humanities Research
Contemporary Carioca : Technologies of Mixing in a Brazilian Music Scene
Author/Editor: Moehn ,Frederick
Contemporary Australian Literature : A World Not Yet Dead
Author/Editor: Birns ,Nicholas
Contemporary Asian Art and Exhibitions
Author/Editor: Antoinette ,Michelle,Turner ,Caroline
Contagion and Enclaves : Tropical Medicine in Colonial India
Author/Editor: Bhattacharya ,Nandini
Consumptiebeleid voor de werkgelegenheid : Preadviezen bij het rapport Vernieuwingen in het arbeidsbeste
Author/Editor: Ours van ,J.C.
Consuming Life in Post-Bubble Japan
Consuming Beauty - Körper, Schönheit und Geschlecht in Tanah Karo, Nord-Sumatra
Author/Editor: Klenke, Karin
Consumer data protection in Brazil, China and Germany - a comparative study
Author/Editor: Metz, Rainer,Binding, Jörg,Haifeng, Pan,Huber, Florian,German Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection,State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People's Republic of China,National Consumer Secretariat, Ministry of Justice of the Fe
Consumer-Citizens of China : The Role of Foreign Brands in the Imagined Future China
Author/Editor: Tian ,Kelly,Dong ,Lily
Construire les Carpates: L’Institutionnalisation d’une Éco-Region
Author/Editor: Gaberell ,Simon
Constructs of Meaning and Religious Transformation : Current Issues in the Psychology of Religion
Constructions of Cultural Identities in Newsreel Cinema and Television after 1945
Constructing Muslims in France - Discourse, Public Identity, and the Politics of Citizenship
Author/Editor: Fredette ,Jennifer
Constitutionalism and democratic transitions
Author/Editor: Federico, Veronica,Fusaro, Carlo
The Conservatives in crisis
Author/Editor: Garnett ,Mark,Lynch ,Philip
Conservation of Natural and Cultural Heritage in Kenya
Author/Editor: Deisser ,Anne-Marie,Njuguna ,Mugwima
Consequences of the Global Financial Crisis
Author/Editor: Grant ,Wyn,Wilson K. ,Graham
The Consequences of Chaos : Syria's Humanitarian Crisis and the Failure to Protect
Author/Editor: Ferris ,Elizabeth,Kirisci ,Kemal
The Conscience of Cinema
Author/Editor: Waugh ,Thomas
The Conscience of Cinema
Author/Editor: Waugh ,Thomas
Conquering the Highlands : A history of the afforestation of the Scottish uplands
Author/Editor: Oosthoek ,Jan
Connection, consumer, citizens - 27
Author/Editor: Hancher ,L.,Boersma ,T.
Connecting Grammaticalisation
Author/Editor: Nørgård-Sørensen ,Jens,Heltoft ,Lars,Schøsler ,Lene
Connected Worlds : History in Transnational Perspective
Author/Editor: Lake ,Marilyn,Curthoys ,Ann
A Connected Curriculum for Higher Education
Author/Editor: Fung ,Dilly
Connected and Disconnected in Viet Nam: Remaking Social Relations in a Post-socialist Nation
Author/Editor: Taylor ,Philip
Con la razón y la fuerza: La Rebelión Popular y la Subjetividad Comunista en los ‘80
Author/Editor: Bravo ,Viviana
Confucian Role Ethics : A Moral Vision for the 21st Century?
Confronting the "Good Death" : Nazi Euthanasia on Trial, 1945-1953
Author/Editor: Bryant ,Michael S.
Confronting Fiji Futures
Author/Editor: Akram-Lodhi Haroon ,A.
Confronting Discrimination and Inequality in China : Chinese and Canadian Perspectives
Author/Editor: Mendes P. ,Errol,Srighanthan ,Sakunthala
Conflitti, paci e vendette nell'Italia comunale
Author/Editor: Zorzi, Andrea
Conflict, Security and the Reshaping of Society : The Civilization of War
Author/Editor: Dal Lago ,Alessandro,Palidda ,Salvatore
The Conflict of the Faculties. Perspectives on Artistic Research and Academia
Author/Editor: Borgdorff ,Henk
Conflict and Resource Development in the Southern Highlands of PNG
Author/Editor: Haley ,Nicole,May ,Ron
Concepten en objecten
The concept and measurement of violence against women and men
Author/Editor: Walby ,Sylvia,Palmer ,Emma,Stöckl ,Heidi,Strid ,Sofia,Towers ,Jude,Balderston ,Susan,Corradi ,Consuelo,Francis ,Brian,Heiskanen ,Markku,Helweg-Larsen ,Karin,Mergaert ,Lut,Olive ,Phillipa
Conceiving the Goddess : Transformation and Appropriation in Indic Religions
Author/Editor: Bapat ,Jayant Bhalchandra,Mabbett ,Ian
Computers, Literature and Philology CLiP 2003
Author/Editor: Nicolas Martinez, Carlota,Moneglia, Massimo
Computerkriminalität im Europäischen Strafrecht : Kompetenzverteilung, Harmonisierungen und Kooperationsperspektiven
Author/Editor: Haase ,Adrian
Computational Modelling of the Steps Involved in Photodynamic Therapy
Author/Editor: Bergendahl ,L. Therese,Paterson ,Martin J.
Computational Analysis and Integration of MeDIP-seq Methylome Data
Author/Editor: Wilson ,Gareth A.,Beck ,Stephan
Comprendre et apprendre dans l’interaction. Les séquences d’explication en classe de français langue seconde
Author/Editor: Lauzon Fasel ,Virginie
Comprehending Columbine
Author/Editor: Larkin ,Ralph
Composing the Party Line - Music and Politics in Early Cold War Poland and East Germany
Author/Editor: Tompkins G. ,David
Complex Science for a Complex World : Exploring Human Ecosystems with Agents
Author/Editor: Perez ,Pascal,Batten ,David
Complexity, Security and Civil Society in East Asia: Foreign Policies and the Korean Peninsula
Competition Law and Economic Regulation : Addressing Market Power in Southern Africa
Author/Editor: Kaira ,Thula,das Nair ,Reena,Montmasson-Clair ,Gaylor,Tausha ,Isaac,Zengeni ,Tatenda,Simbanegavi ,Witness,Klaaren ,Jonathan,Roberts ,Simon,Valodia ,Imraan,Maphwanya ,Ratshidaho,Sitko ,Nicholas,Chisanga ,Brian,Paelo ,Anthea,Robb ,Genna,Vilakazi ,Thando,Muz
Competition and Cooperation in Social and Political Sciences Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, Depok, Indonesia, November 7-9, 2016 : Topics in Social and Political Sciences
Competition and Cooperation in Economics and Business : Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, Depok, Indonesia, November 7-9, 2016 : Topics in Economics and Business
Compassion in primary and community healthcare
Author/Editor: Hordern ,Joshua
A Comparison of American and Dutch Immigration and Integration Experiences
Author/Editor: Loo van het ,M.,Spiegeleire de ,S.,Kahan ,J.P.,Lindstrom ,G.,Vernez ,G.
The Company that Changed Itself : R&D and the Transformations of DSM
Author/Editor: Rooij van ,Arjan
A Companion to Philosophy in Australia and New Zealand (Second Edition)
Author/Editor: Oppy ,Graham,Trakakis ,N. N.
A Companion to Andrei Platonov's "The Foundation Pit"
Author/Editor: Seifrid ,Thomas
Communautairrechtelijke toelaatbaarheid van nationale inkomenssteun in de landbouw: een eerste verkenning
Author/Editor: Feenstra ,J.J.,Mortelmans ,K.J.M.
Commons : Für eine neue Politik jenseits von Markt und Staat
Author/Editor: Helfrich ,Silke,Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung
Commercial Republicanism in the Dutch Golden Age : The Political Thought of Johan & Pieter de la Court
Author/Editor: Weststeijn ,Arthur
Commercialised History: Popular History Magazines in Europe
Author/Editor: Popp ,Susanne,Schumann ,Jutta,Hannig ,Miriam
Commercial Communication in the Digital Age : Information or Disinformation?
Author/Editor: Siegert ,Gabriele,Rimscha ,Björn,Grubenmann ,Stephanie
Commentaries, Catenae and Biblical Tradition : Papers from the Ninth Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament : in association with the COMPAUL project
Commentaar op de Salasilah van Koetai
Author/Editor: Kern ,W.
Commentaar op de nota Contouren van een toekomstig onderwijsbeste
Author/Editor: WRR
Commentaar op de Discussienota Sectorraden wetenschapsbeleid
Author/Editor: WRR
Coming of Age in Byzantium : Adolescence and Society
Author/Editor: Ariantzi ,Despoina
“Colonised by Wankers” : Postcolonialism and Contemporary Scottish Fiction
Author/Editor: Homberg-Schramm ,Jessica
Colonial Systems of Control : Criminal Justice in Nigeria
Author/Editor: Saleh-Hanna ,Viviane
Colonialism, Institutional Change, and Shifts in Global Labour Relations
Colonial Caring : A History of Colonial and Post-colonial Nursing
Colonial and Post-Colonial Governance of Islam : Continuities and Ruptures
Collaborative Production in the Creative Industries
Collaborative Governance : A new era of public policy in Australia?
Author/Editor: O'Flynn ,Janine,Wanna ,John
Coleridge's Laws : A Study of Coleridge in Malta
Author/Editor: Hough ,Barry,Davis ,Howard,Kooy John , Micheal
Cold War Anthropology
Author/Editor: Price H. ,David
Cohabitation and Marriage in the Americas: Geo-historical Legacies and New Trends
Coastal Themes: An Archaeology of the Southern Curtis Coast, Queensland : An Archaeology of the Southern Curtis Coast, Queensland
Author/Editor: Ulm ,Sean
Coastal Management in Australia
Author/Editor: Caton ,Brian,Harvey ,Nick
Coastal Landscapes of South Australia
Author/Editor: Bourman P. ,Robert,Murray-Wallace V. ,Colin,Harvey ,Nick
Coastal Lagoons in Europe : Integrated Water Resource Strategies
Coal in Our Veins : A Personal Journey
Author/Editor: Thomas ,Erin Ann
Close Encounters : Essays on Russian Literature
Author/Editor: Jackson ,Robert Louis
Clio’s Lives : Biographies and Autobiographies of Historians
Climate Strategy : Between Ambition and Realism
Author/Editor: Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid
Climate Change as a Threat to Peace : Impacts on Cultural Heritage and Cultural Diversity
Climate change and the oil industry: Common problem, different strategies
Author/Editor: Skjaerseth ,Jon,Skodvin ,Tora
Cleanliness and culture: Indonesian histories
Author/Editor: Dijk van ,Kees,Taylor ,Jean Gelman
The Classic Short Story, 1870-1925 : Theory of a Genre
Author/Editor: Goyet ,Florence
CLARIN in the Low Countries
Clamor Schürmann's Barngarla grammar: A commentary on the first section of A vocabulary of the Parnkalla language
Author/Editor: Clendon ,Mark
Civil Society and International Governance : The Role of Non-State Actors in the EU, Africa, Asia and Middle East
Author/Editor: Armstrong ,David,Bello ,Valeria,Gilson ,Julie,Spini ,Debora
Civic Insecurity: Law, Order and HIV in Papua New Guinea
Author/Editor: Luker ,Vicki,Dinnen ,Sinclair
City of Strangers : Gulf Migration and the Indian Community in Bahrain
Author/Editor: Gardner ,Andrew M.
City of Darkness, City of Light : Emigré Filmmakers in Paris 1929-1939
Author/Editor: Phillips ,Alastair
City of Crisis : The Multiple Contestation of Southern European Cities
Author/Editor: Eckhardt (Ed.) ,Frank,Sánchez (Ed.) ,Javier Ruiz
City of Crisis : The Multiple Contestation of Southern European Cities
City in Sight : Dutch Dealings with Urban Change
Cittadinanze nella storia dello Stato contemporaneo
Author/Editor: Aglietti ,Marcella,Calabrò ,Carmelo
Citoyenneté et réconciliation au Rwanda
Author/Editor: Junod ,Roland,Rutayisire ,Paul
Citizenship Policies in the New Europe : Expanded and Updated Edition
Citizenship Policies in the New Europe
Citizenship in the Arab World : Kin, Religion and Nation-State
Author/Editor: Parolin ,Gianluca P.
Citizenship in Question : Evidentiary Birthright and Statelessness
Citizens and the legitimacy of the European Union - 19
Author/Editor: Thomassen ,J.
Citizen Outsider : Children of North African Immigrants in France
Author/Editor: Beaman ,Jean
Cities Full of Symbols : A Theory of Urban Space and Culture
Author/Editor: Nas ,Peter J.M.
Circulating Cultures
Author/Editor: Harris ,Amanda
Cinephilia : Movies, Love and Memory
Cinema, Trance and Cybernetics
Author/Editor: Holl ,Ute
The Cinema of Attractions Reloaded
Cinema at the End of Empire : A Politics of Transition in Britain and India
Author/Editor: Jaikumar ,Priya
Cinema against Spectacle: Technique and Ideology Revisited
Author/Editor: Comolli ,Jean-Louis
Cicero, On Pompey's Command (De Imperio), 27-49: Latin Text, Study Aids with Vocabulary, Commentary, and Translation
Author/Editor: Gildenhard ,Ingo,Hodgson ,Louise
Cicero, Against Verres, 2.1.53–86 : Latin Text with Introduction, Study Questions, Commentary and English Translation
Author/Editor: Gildenhard ,Ingo
Ciaran Carson
Author/Editor: Alexander ,Neal
The Chronicle of Seert: Christian Historical Imagination in Late Antique Iraq
Author/Editor: Wood ,Philip
Christianity, Islam, and Oriṣa Religion: Three Traditions in Comparison and Interaction
Author/Editor: Peel ,J.D.Y.
Christianity, Democracy, and the Shadow of Constantine
Author/Editor: Demacopoulos ,George E.,Papanikolaou ,Aristotle
Christelike etiek in 'n sekulariserende samelewing
Author/Editor: Vorster ,J.M.
Chloor in duurzaam perspectief
Author/Editor: Jong de ,W.M.
Chinese Women and the Cyberspace
Chinese Surplus : Biopolitical Aesthetics and the Medically Commodified Body
Author/Editor: Heinrich ,Ari Larissa
Chinese Poetry in Times of Mind, Mayhem and Money
Author/Editor: Crevel van ,M.
Chinese Historical Thinking : An Intercultural Discussion
Chinese Heritage in the Making
Chinese Cultural Heritage in the Making : Experiences, Negotiations and Contestations
China: Twenty Years of Economic Reform
Author/Editor: Garnaut ,Ross,Song ,Ligang
China: The Next Twenty Years of Reform and Development
Author/Editor: Garnaut ,Ross,Song ,Ligang,Golley ,Jane
China's New Sources of Economic Growth: Vol. 1. Reform, Resources and Climate Change
China's New Sources of Economic Growth : Human Capital, Innovation and Technological Change Vol. 2
China's New Place in a World in Crisis : Economic, Geopolitical and Environmental Dimensions
Author/Editor: Woo ,Wing Thye,Garnaut ,Ross,Song ,Ligang
China's iGeneration - Cinema and Moving Image Culture for the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Johnson D. ,Matthew,Wagner B. ,Keith,Yu ,Tianqui,Vulpiani ,Luke
China's Domestic Transformation in a Global Context
Author/Editor: Song ,Ligang,Garnaut ,Ross,Fang ,Cai,Johnston ,Lauren
China's Dilemma: Economic Growth, the Environment and Climate Change
Author/Editor: Woo ,Wing Thye,Song ,Ligang
China: Promise or Threat? : A Comparison of Culture
Author/Editor: Helle ,Horst J.
China: New Engine of World Growth
Author/Editor: Garnaut ,Ross,Song ,Ligang
China - Linking Markets for Growth
Author/Editor: Garnaut ,Ross,Song ,Ligang
The China Challenge : Sino-Canadian Relations in the 21st Century
Author/Editor: Cao ,Huhua,Poy ,Vivienne
The China Boom and its Discontents
Author/Editor: Garnaut ,Ross,Song ,Ligang
China & ANU
Author/Editor: Sima ,William
China: A New Model for Growth and Development
Author/Editor: Garnaut ,Ross,Song ,Ligang
China and the West : Music, Representation, and Reception
Author/Editor: Yang ,Hon-Lun,Saffle ,Michael
China 2002: WTO entry and world recession
Author/Editor: Garnaut ,Ross,Song ,Ligang
Child’s Play : Multi-Sensory Histories of Children and Childhood in Japan
Children As Caregivers : The Global Fight Against Tuberculosis and HIV in Zambia
Author/Editor: Hunleth ,Jean
Child Poverty, Evidence and Policy : Mainstreaming Children in International Development
Author/Editor: Jones ,Nicola,Sumner ,Andy
Childhood in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance : The Results of a Paradigm Shift in the History of Mentality
Author/Editor: Classen ,Albrecht
Childhood in the Late Ottoman Empire and After
Author/Editor: Fortna ,B.C.
The Chernobyl Herbarium: Fragments of an Exploded Consciousness
Author/Editor: Marder ,Michael,Tondeur ,Anaïs
Chercheurs de dieux dans l'espace public - Frontier Religions in Public Space
Author/Editor: Pauline ,Côté
The Chatter of the Visible
Author/Editor: McBride C. ,Patrizia
Charting the Future of Translation History
Author/Editor: Bandia F. ,Paul,Bastin L. ,Georges
Charge Carrier Dynamics in Organometal Halide Perovskite Probed by Time-Resolved Electrical Measurements
Author/Editor: Ponseca ,Carlito S.
Chapter 9. From Equal Citizens to Unequal Groups : The Post-Yugoslav Citizenship Regimes
Chapter 8 - Quarantine sanitization, colonialism and the construction of the ‘contagious Arab’ in the Mediterranean, 1830s–1900
Author/Editor: Chircop ,John
Chapter 8. Enemies : Citizenship as a Trigger of Violence
Chapter 7. Where is My State? Citizenship as a Factor in Yugoslavia’s Disintegration
Chapter 6 - Prevention and stigma : the sanitary control of Muslim pilgrims from the Balkans, 1830–1914
Author/Editor: Promitzer ,Christian
Chapter 6. Partners into Competitors : Divisive Democracy and Conflicting Conceptions of Citizenship
Chapter 5. The Bridges Over the Miljacka : The Long Farewell to Yugoslav Citizenship
Chapter 5 : Subsidies : Fuel for the Media
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Chapter 4 'She sleeps well and eats an egg’: convalescent care in early modern England
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Chapter 3 ‘Ordering the infant’ : caring for newborns in early modern England
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Chapter 2. Revolutionary Brothers : The Communist Formula for Yugoslavia
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Chapter 10 : Media and Democracy : A Couple Walking Hand in Hand?
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Challenges to the East
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Capacity adequacy in the Nordic electricity market
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