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Pyrrhonian Skepticism in Diogenes Laertius
Author/Editor: Katja Maria Vogt
Pyrrhic Progress: The History of Antibiotics in Anglo-American Food Production
Author/Editor: Claas Kirchhelle,Janet Golden,Rina D. Apple
Pynchon’s Sound of Music
Author/Editor: Christian Hänggi
Pynchon and Philosophy: Wittgenstein, Foucault and Adorno
Author/Editor: Martin Paul Eve
P.Y. Galperin's Development of Human Mental Activity: Lectures in Educational Psychology
Author/Editor: Irina Engeness
På vei til å bli skrivelærer
På vandring og på flukt: Migrasjon i historisk perspektiv
Putting Rehearsals to the Test: Practices of Rehearsal in Fine Arts, Film, Theater, Theory, and Politics
Author/Editor: Ilse Lafer,Constanze Ruhm,Sabeth Buchmann
Putting Purpose Into Practice: The Economics of Mutuality
Author/Editor: Colin Mayer,Bruno Roche
Putting PIRLS to Use in Classrooms Across the Globe: Evidence-Based Contributions for Teaching Reading Comprehension in a Multilingual Context
Author/Editor: Marian Bruggink,Nicole Swart,Annelies van der Lee,Eliane Segers
Putting Inequality in Context: Class, Public Opinion, and Representation in the United States
Author/Editor: Christopher Ellis
Putting Citizens First: Engagement in Policy and Service Delivery for the 21st Century
Author/Editor: Lindquist A. ,Evert,Vincent ,Sam,Wanna ,John
Putting a Face on It
Putni tovaruš. Ana Katarina Zrinska und der Ozaljski krug
Author/Editor: Inge Lehmann
Push und Pull in der Markenpolitik: Ein Beitrag zur modellgestuetzten Marketingplanung am Beispiel des Reifenmarktes
Author/Editor: Michael Szeliga
Пушкинская эпоха = Pushkin’s Era
Author/Editor: Roman Leibov,Nikita Okhotin
Pushing the KIT 2 MW Coaxial-Cavity Short-Pulse Gyrotron Towards a DEMO Relevant Design
Author/Editor: Sebastian Ruess
Pursuing Whiteness in the Colonies: Private Memories from the Congo Freestate and German East Africa (1884–1914) (Volume 3)
Author/Editor: Diana Miryong Natermann
Pursuing Livelihoods, Imagining Development Smallholders in Highland Lampung, Indonesia
Author/Editor: Kusworo ,Ahmad
Pursuing Justice in Africa: Competing Imaginaries and Contested Practices
Author/Editor: Jessica Johnson,George Hamandishe Karekwaivanane
The Purpose of the First World War: War Aims and Military Strategies
Author/Editor: Holger Afflerbach
Purpose-driven Organizations: Management Ideas for a Better World
Author/Editor: Carlos Rey,Miquel Bastons,Phil Sotok
Purity and the Forming of Religious Traditions in the Ancient Mediterranean World and Ancient Judaism
Author/Editor: Christian Frevel,Christophe Nihan
Purines as Transmitter Molecules: Electrophysiological Studies on Purinergic Signalling in Different Cell Systems
Author/Editor: Elisabetta COPPI
Purified by Blood
A Pure Mind in a Clean Body
Pure Leiblichkeit: Brasiliens Neokonkretismus (1957-1967)
Author/Editor: Pauline Bachmann
Punti di vista – Punti di contatto. Studi di letteratura e linguistica tedesca
Punkt, Punkt, Komma, Strich?: Geste, Gestalt und Bedeutung philosophischer Zeichensetzung
Author/Editor: Christine Abbt,Tim Kammasch
Punishment and Political Order
Author/Editor: Keally McBride
Punishing the Criminal Corpse, 1700-1840: Aggravated Forms of the Death Penalty in England
Author/Editor: Peter King
Pulp fictions of medieval England: Essays in popular romance
Author/Editor: McDonald ,Nicola
Pulling Together or Pulling Apart?: Perspectives on Nationhood, Identity, and Belonging in Europe
Author/Editor: Susana Bayó Belenguer,Nicola Brady
Puškin i Goldsmith v kontekste russkoj Goldsmithiana'y (k postanovke voprosa)
Author/Editor: Vladimir N. Toporov
Pueblo Mapuche: Ensayos por un Chile plurinacional
Author/Editor: Augusto Samaniego Mesías
Publizistische Freiheit und Persönlichkeitsschutz - zu den Grenzen der Verwertbarkeit realer Biografien
Author/Editor: Martin, Marc-Oliver
Publishing Sacrobosco’s De sphaera in Early Modern Europe: Modes of Material and Scientific Exchange
Author/Editor: Matteo Valleriani,Andrea Ottone
Publishing Research in English as an Additional Language: Practices, Pathways and Potentials
Publishing Blackness: Textual Constructions of Race Since 1850
Author/Editor: George B. Hutchinson,John K. Young
Publishing Addiction Science : A Guide for the Perplexed
Publishing Addiction Science
Publikationsberatung an Universitäten: Ein Praxisleitfaden zum Aufbau publikationsunterstützender Services
Author/Editor: Karin Lackner,Lisa Schilhan,Christian Kaier
The Public Value of Anthropology : Engaging Critical Social Issues Through Ethnography
Author/Editor: Sorgoni ,Barbara,Klocke-Daffa ,Sabine,Tesăr ,Cătălina,Henrici ,Jane,Weissensteiner ,Monika
The Public Value of Anthropology
Public Systems Modeling: Methods for Identifying and Evaluating Alternative Plans and Policies
Author/Editor: Daniel P. Loucks
Public Support for the Euro: Essays on Labor Productivity, Monetary Economics, and Political Economy, Vol. 2
Author/Editor: Felix Roth
Public Space in Transition: Co-production and Co-management of Privately Owned Public Space in Seoul and Berlin
Author/Editor: Dahae Lee
The Public Service Media and Public Service Internet Manifesto
Author/Editor: Klaus Unterberger,Christian Fuchs
Public Sector Governance in Australia
Author/Editor: Edwards ,Meredith,Halligan ,John,Horrigan ,Bryan,Nicoll ,Geoffrey
Public Sector Employment in the 21st Century
Author/Editor: Weeks ,Phillipa,Pittard ,Marilyn
Public Private Partnerships und oeffentliche Verschuldung: PPP-Modelle im Licht deutscher und europaeischer Verschuldungsregeln und ihre Transparenz in den oeffentlichen Haushalten
Author/Editor: Nicolas Gatzke
Public Private Partnerships in International Construction: Learning from case studies
Author/Editor: Albert P.C. Chan,Esther Cheung
Public-Private Dynamics in Higher Education: Expectations, Developments and Outcomes
Author/Editor: Jürgen Enders,Ben Jongbloed
Public Policy: Why ethics matters
Author/Editor: Boston ,Jonathan,Bradstock ,Andrew,Eng ,David
Public policies and food systems in Latin America
Author/Editor: Jean-François Le Coq,Catia Grisa,Stéphane Guéneau,Paulo Niederle
Public Participation, Science and Society: Tools for Dynamic and Responsible Governance of Research and Innovation
Author/Editor: Mikko Rask,Saulė Mačiukaitė-Žvinienė,Loreta Tauginienė,Vytautas Dikčius,Kaisa Matschoss,Timo Aarrevaara,Luciano d’Andrea
Public Leadership: Perspectives and practices
Author/Editor: `t Hart ,Paul,Uhr ,John
Public Justice and the Criminal Trial in Late Medieval Italy: Reggio Emilia in the Visconti Age
Author/Editor: Joanna Carraway Vitiello
Public Istanbul: Spaces and Spheres of the Urban
Author/Editor: Frank Eckardt,Kathrin Wildner
Public Involvement in Knowledge Generation: Citizen Science Opportunities in the Dutch Water Sector
Author/Editor: Stijn Brouwer,Timo Maas
Public interests in the implementation of the EU ETS in the Netherlands: stakeholder perspectives - 61
Author/Editor: Salm van der ,F.,Stam ,E.,Marijs ,C.,Vries de ,G.
Public History of Education: riflessioni, testimonianze, esperienze
Author/Editor: Gianfranco Bandini,STEFANO OLIVIERO
Public Health in Asia during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Global Health Governance, Migrant Labour, and International Health Crises
Author/Editor: Anoma van der Veere,Florian Schneider,Catherine Lo
Public Health Humanitarian Responses to Natural Disasters
Author/Editor: Emily Ying Yang Chan
Public Health Ethics: Cases Spanning the Globe
Author/Editor: Drue H. Barrett,Leonard W. Ortmann,Angus Dawson,Carla Saenz,Andreas Reis,Gail Bolan
Public Goods Provision in the Early Modern Economy: Comparative Perspectives from Japan, China, and Europe
Author/Editor: Masayuki Tanimoto,R. Bin Wong
Public Goods and Public Allocation Policy
Public Debt, Inequality, and Power: The Making of a Modern Debt State
Author/Editor: Hager Brian ,Sandy
Public Debt, Inequality, and Power: The Making of a Modern Debt State
The Public Core of the Internet: An international Agenda for Internet Governance
Author/Editor: Broeders ,Dennis
Public and Private Welfare in Modern Europe: Productive Entanglements
Author/Editor: Fabio Giomi,Célia Keren,Morgane Labbé
Public and Private in Ancient Mediterranean Law and Religion
Author/Editor: Clifford Ando,Jörg Rüpke
Public Administration in Germany
Author/Editor: Sabine Kuhlmann,Isabella Proeller,Dieter Schimanke,Jan Ziekow
Public Administration in Ethiopia: Case Studies and Lessons for Sustainable Development
Author/Editor: Bacha Kebede Debela,Geert Bouckaert,Meheret Ayenew Warota,Dereje Terefe Gemechu
Public Administration, Competitiveness and Sustainable Development
Public Administration, Competitiveness and Sustainable Development
Author/Editor: Arena, Gregorio,Chiti, Mario P.
Public Actors in International Investment Law
Author/Editor: Catharine Titi
The Psychosomatic Assessment
Author/Editor: G.A. Fava,N. Sonino
The Psychosocial Reality of Digital Travel: Being in Virtual Places
Author/Editor: Ingvar Tjostheim,John A. Waterworth
Psychosocial Experiences of African Migrants in Six European Countries: A Mixed Method Study
Author/Editor: Erhabor Idemudia,Klaus Boehnke
Psychosen: eine Herausforderung für die Psychoanalyse: Strukturen - Klinik - Produktionen
Author/Editor: Peter Widmer,Michael Schmid
Psychopolitical Anaphylaxis: Steps Towards a Metacosmics
Author/Editor: Bernard Stiegler
Author/Editor: Aage A. Hansen-Löve
psycho movie: Zur Konstruktion psychischer Störung im Spielfilm
Author/Editor: Markus Fellner
Psychometric Framework for Modeling Parental Involvement and Reading Literacy
Author/Editor: Annemiek Punter,Cees A. W. Glas,Martina R. M. Meelissen
The Psychology of Study Success in Universities
Author/Editor: Kaarina Maatta,Satu Uusiautti
The Psychology of Silicon Valley: Ethical Threats and Emotional Unintelligence in the Tech Industry
Author/Editor: Katy Cook
The Psychology of Human Thought: An Introduction
Author/Editor: Robert J. Sternberg,Joachim Funke
The Psychology of Fake News: Accepting, Sharing, and Correcting Misinformation
Author/Editor: Rainer Greifeneder,Mariela Jaffe,Eryn Newman,Norbert Schwarz
The Psychology of Becoming a Successful Worker : Research on the changing nature of achievement at work
Author/Editor: Uusiautti ,Satu,Määttä ,Kaarina
The Psychology of Becoming a Successful Worker
Psychology in Edgar Allan Poe
Author/Editor: Gerardo Del Guercio
Psychology and Politics: Intersections of Science and Ideology in the History of Psy-Sciences
Author/Editor: Anna Borgos,Júlia Gyimesi,Ferenc Erős
The psychology and economics of attitudes in The Netherlands - 18
Author/Editor: Prast ,H.
Psychological Assessment in South Africa: Research and applications
Author/Editor: Sumaya Laher,Kate Cockcroft
The Psychodynamics of Enlightened Leadership: Coping with Chaos
Author/Editor: Ian I. Mitroff,Ralph H. Kilmann
Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Puberty and Adolescents: The Inner World of Teenagers and their Parents
Author/Editor: Gertraud Diem-Wille
Psychoanalysis – the Promised Land?: The History of Psychoanalysis in Poland 1900–1989. Part I. The Sturm und Drang Period. Beginnings of Psychoanalysis in the Polish Lands during the Partitions 1900–1918
Author/Editor: Paweł Dybel
Psychische Erkrankungen in der Arbeitswelt : Analysen und Ansätze zur therapeutischen und betrieblichen Bewältigung
Author/Editor: Alsdorf ,Nora,Engelbach ,Ute,Flick ,Sabine,Haubl ,Rolf,Voswinkel ,Stephan
Psychische Erkrankungen in der Arbeitswelt
Psychiatry of Parkinson's Disease
Author/Editor: K.P. Ebmeier,J.T. O'Brien,J.-P. Taylor
Psychiatry and Decolonisation in Uganda
Author/Editor: Yolana Pringle
Psychiatrische landschaften: Die Psychiatrie und ihre Patientinnen und Patienten im historischen Raum Tirol seit 1830
Author/Editor: E. Dietrich-Daum,H. J. W. Kuprian,S. Clementi,M. Heidegger,M. Ralser
The Pseudo-Democrat's Dilemma : Why Election Observation Became an International Norm
Author/Editor: Hyde ,Susan D.
The Pseudo-Democrat's Dilemma
Psaltyr' 1683 goda v perevode Avramija Firsova
Author/Editor: Elena A. Celunova
Psalterium Demetrii Sinaitici et Folia Medicinalia (Monasterii sanctae Catharinae codex slavicus NF 3): NF3_MedFol
Psalterium Demetrii Sinaitici et Folia Medicinalia (Monasterii sanctae Catharinae codex slavicus NF 3): NF3_Dokumentation
Psalterium Demetrii Sinaitici et Folia Medicinalia (Monasterii sanctae Catharinae codex slavicus NF 3): NF3_PsDem_rgb
Psalterium Demetrii Sinaitici et Folia Medicinalia (Monasterii sanctae Catharinae codex slavicus NF 3): Editio critica
Psalterium Demetrii Sinaitici et Folia Medicinalia (Monasterii sanctae Catharinae codex slavicus NF 3): NF3_PsDem_sectral
Psalterium Demetrii Sinaitici et Folia Medicinalia (Monasterii sanctae Catharinae codex slavicus NF 3): NF3_Beschreibung Bildmaterial
Präventive Tendenzen in Staat und Gesellschaft zwischen Sicherheit und Freiheit - Ein deutsch-japanisches Symposium Ehrenpromotion von Keiichi Yamanaka
Author/Editor: Yamanaka, Keiichi,Schorkopf, Frank,Jehle, Jörg-Martin
Präventionsarbeit der Polizei als pädagogische Herausforderung: Empirische Rekonstruktionen im Umgang mit Kindern und Jugendlichen
Author/Editor: Jürgen Kepura
Prozesssicherheit von Laserschneidmaschinen: Auflagemessung und Schachtelung
Author/Editor: Frederick Struckmeier
Prozessintelligenz: Business-Process-Management-Studie – Status quo und Erfolgsmuster
Author/Editor: Elke Brucker-Kley,Denisa Kykalová,Thomas Keller
Proximity Violence in Migration Times: A Focus in some Regions of Italy, France and Spain
Author/Editor: Ignazia Maria BARTHOLINI
A Proximate Remove: Queering Intimacy and Loss in The Tale of Genji (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Reginald Jackson
Provozierte Bewunderung
Author/Editor: Kim Hagedorn,Tim Hofmann,Sarah Möller
Provokante Kommunikation: Strategien im politischen Umgang mit transnationalem Terrorismus
Author/Editor: Sebastian Lange
The Provocative Joan Robinson: The Making of a Cambridge Economist
Author/Editor: Nahid Aslanbeigui
Provincialising nature: multidisciplinary approaches to the politics of the environment in Latin America
Author/Editor: Michela Coletta,Malayna Raftopoulos
Providing orbit information with predetermined bounded accuracy
Author/Editor: Vitali Braun
The Provide training course: Contents, Methodology, Evaluation
Author/Editor: Bartholini Ignazia
Proust Cinématographe: Wie Raoul Ruiz Proust las
Author/Editor: Joanna Jaritz
Proust and America : The Influence of American Art, Culture, and Literature on A la recherche du temps perdu
Author/Editor: Murphy ,Michael
Proust and America
Prototyping Society: Zur vorauseilenden Technologisierung der Zukunft
Author/Editor: Sascha Dickel
Prototypen – Schemata – Konstruktionen: Untersuchungen zur deutschen Morphologie und Syntax
Author/Editor: Anja Binanzer,Jana Gamper,Verena Wecker
Protokolle des Ministerrates der Zweiten Republik der Republik Österreich, Kabinett Leopold Figl I, Band 8 (25. November 1947 bis 20. Jänner 1948): Kabinett Leopold Figl I 20. Dezember 1945 bis 8. November 1949
Author/Editor: Gertrude Enderle-Burcel,Wolfgang Mueller,Rudolf Jerábek
Protokolle des Ministerrates der Zweiten Republik der Republik Österreich, Kabinett Leopold Figl I, Band 9 (27. Jänner 1948 bis 23. März 1948): Kabinett Leopold Figl I 20. Dezember 1945 bis 8. November 1949
Author/Editor: Gertrude Enderle-Burcel,Wolfgang Mueller,Rudolf Jerábek
Protokolle des Ministerrates der Zweiten Republik der Republik Österreich, Kabinett Leopold Figl I, Band 7 (9. September 1947 bis 18. November 1947): Kabinett Leopold Figl I 20. Dezember 1945 bis 8. November 1949
Author/Editor: Gertrude Enderle-Burcel,Wolfgang Mueller,Rudolf Jerábek
Protokolle des Ministerrates der Ersten Republik, Kabinett Dr. Kurt Schuschnigg, Band 8 (4. Juni 1937 – 21. Februar 1938)
Author/Editor: Enderle-Burcel ,Gertrude,Neubauer-Czettl ,Alexandra
Proto-Fula–Sereer: Lexicon, morphophonology, and noun classes
Author/Editor: Konstantin Pozdniakov
Protocols for Pre-Field Screening of Mutants for Salt Tolerance in Rice, Wheat and Barley
Author/Editor: Souleymane Bado,Brian P. Forster,Abdelbagi M.A. Ghanim,Joanna Jankowicz-Cieslak,Günter Berthold,Liu Luxiang
Protest und Selbstbeschreibung: Selbstbezüglichkeit und Umweltverhältnisse sozialer Bewegungen
Author/Editor: Luca Tratschin
Protest twittern -- Eine medienlinguistische Untersuchung von Straßenprotesten
Author/Editor: Mark Dang-Anh
Protest Movements in Asylum and Deportation
Author/Editor: Sieglinde Rosenberger,Verena Stern,Nina Merhaut
Protest der Physiker : Die "Göttinger Erklärung" von 1957
Author/Editor: Lorenz ,Robert
Protest der Physiker
Protestant Textuality and the Tamil Modern: Political Oratory and the Social Imaginary in South Asia
Author/Editor: Bernard Bate,E. Annamalai,Francis Cody,Malarvizhi Jayanth,Constantine V. Nakassis
Protestantismus bei den Slowenen / Protestantizem pri slovencih
Author/Editor: Gerhard U.A. Neweklowsky
Protest and Democracy
Author/Editor: Moisés Arce,Roberta Rice
Proteins as possible targets for antitumor metal complexes: biophysical studies of their interactions
Author/Editor: Chiara Gabbiani
Protein Phosphorylation in Human Health
Protegierte und Protektoren: Asymmetrische politische Beziehungen zwischen Partnerschaft und Dominanz (16. bis frühes 20. Jahrhundert)
Author/Editor: Tilman Haug,Nadir Weber
Protect, Serve, and Deport: The Rise of Policing as Immigration Enforcement
Protect, Serve, and Deport: The Rise of Policing as Immigration Enforcement
Author/Editor: Armenta ,Amada
Protection of intellectual, biological & cultural property in Papua New Guinea
Author/Editor: Whimp ,Kathy,Busse ,Mark
Protecting the Rights of People with Autism in the Fields of Education and Employment: International, European and National Perspectives
Author/Editor: Valentina Della Fina,Rachele Cera
Protecting the Fatherland: Lawsuits and Political Debates in Jülich, Hesse-Cassel and Brittany (1642-1655)
Author/Editor: Christel Annemieke Romein
Protecting the Body in War and Combat
Protecting Children Online? : Cyberbullying Policies of Social Media Companies
Author/Editor: Milosevic ,Tijana
Protecting Children Online?
Protected Area Governance and Management
Author/Editor: Worboys L. ,Graeme,Lockwood ,Michael,Kothari ,Ashish,Feary ,Sue,Pulsford ,Ian
Pro TBB: C++ Parallel Programming with Threading Building Blocks
Author/Editor: Michael Voss,Rafael Asenjo,James Reinders
Protagonists of War: Spanish Army Commanders and the Revolt in the Low Countries
Author/Editor: Raymond Fagel
Prostitution und Menschenhandel als Verwaltungsproblem
Prostitution und Menschenhandel als Verwaltungsproblem : Eine qualitative Untersuchung über den beruflichen Habitus
Author/Editor: Vorheyer ,Claudia
Prosthetic Body Parts in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture
Author/Editor: Ryan Sweet
Prospettive nello studio del lessico italiano: Atti del IX Congresso SILFI
Author/Editor: Emanuela CRESTI
Prospettive di parità nella formazione e nel mercato del lavoro: Strumenti e ricerche
Author/Editor: Adele Bianco,Mara Maretti
Prosperity in Rural Africa?: Insights into Wealth, Assets, and Poverty from Longitudinal Studies in Tanzania
Author/Editor: Dan Brockington,Christine Noe
Prosperity ethics: Habits and virtues of smart people in a changing world
Author/Editor: Johann Walters,J.M. Vorster
Prosperity: China Story Yearbook 2018
Author/Editor: Jane Golley,Linda Jaivin
Prosopon Rhomaikon: Ergänzende Studien zur Prosopographie der mittelbyzantinischen Zeit
Author/Editor: Alexander Beihammer,Bettina Krönung,Claudia Ludwig
Prosodie und Konstruktionsgrammatik
Author/Editor: Wolfgang Imo,Jens Philipp Lanwer
Prosodic detail in Neapolitan Italian
Author/Editor: Cangemi ,Francesco
Prose Fiction: An Introduction to the Semiotics of Narrative
Author/Editor: Ignasi Ribó
Prosa: Theorie, Exegese, Geschichte
Author/Editor: Sina Dell’Anno,Achim Imboden,Ralf Simon,Jodok Trösch
The pros and cons of 'closer coöperation' within the EU. Argumentation and recommendations
Author/Editor: Philippart ,E.,Sie Dhian Ho ,M.
Prosaics and Other Provocations : Empathy, Open Time, and the Novel
Author/Editor: Morson ,Gary Saul
Prosaics and Other Provocations
Prosa: Geschichte, Poetik, Theorie
Author/Editor: Michael Gamper,Svetlana Efimova
Proposition pour une rythmologie de la mobilité et des sociétés contemporaines
Author/Editor: Guillaume Simon Joseph Drevon
Pro-Poor Land Reform : A Critique
Author/Editor: Borras ,Saturnino
Pro-Poor Land Reform
Prophet of Discontent: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Critique of Racial Capitalism
Author/Editor: Jared Loggins,Andrew J. Douglas
Property in Social Continuity
Property in Social Continuity
Author/Editor: Benda-Beckmann von ,F.
The Propaganda Model Today: Filtering Perception and Awareness
Author/Editor: Joan Pedro-Carañana,Daniel Broudy,Jeffery Klaehn
Propaganda and Conflict: War, Media and Shaping the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Mark Connelly,Jo Fox,Stefan Goebel,Ulf Schmidt
Proofs of Genius: Collected Editions from the American Revolution to the Digital Age
Author/Editor: Amanda Gailey
Proof and Proving in Mathematics Education: The 19th ICMI Study
Author/Editor: Gila Hanna,Michael de Villiers
Promuovere il dialogo sociale: Le conseguenze dell'Europa sulla regolazione del lavoro
Author/Editor: Franca Alacevich
Promoting Statistical Practice and Collaboration in Developing Countries
Author/Editor: O. Olawale Awe,Kim Love,Eric A. Vance
Promoting Social Dialogue in European Organizations: Human Resources Management and Constructive Conflict Management
Author/Editor: Martin Euwema,Lourdes Munduate,Patricia Elgoibar,Erica Pender,Ana Belén García
Promoting Heritage Language in Northwest Russia
Author/Editor: Laura Siragusa
Promoting Active Citizenship: Markets and Choice in Scandinavian Welfare
Author/Editor: Karl Henrik Sivesind,Jo Saglie
Promoters, Planters, and Pioneers: The Course and Context of Belgian Settlement in Western Canada
Author/Editor: Cornelius J. Jaenen
Promissory Notes: On the Literary Conditions of Debt
Author/Editor: Robin Truth Goodman
The Promise of Prosperity
Author/Editor: Judith Bovensiepen
The Promise of Higher Education: Essays in Honour of 70 Years of IAU
Author/Editor: Hilligje van't Land,Andreas Corcoran,Diana-Camelia Iancu
A Prometheus on a Human Scale – Ignacy Łukasiewicz
Author/Editor: Piotr Franaszek,Paweł Grata,Kozicka-Kołaczkowska Anna,Mariusz Ruszel,Grzegorz Zamoyski
Prometheus and the Liver: through Art and Medicine
Author/Editor: Julia van Rosmalen,Merel van Gulik,Belle van Rosmalen,Thomas van Gulik
“Proletarian Hegemony” in the Chinese Revolution and the Canton Commune of 1927
Author/Editor: S. Bernard Thomas
Projet en partage, partage sans projet: Les dimensions sociales et territoriales du projet
Author/Editor: Pauline Bosredon,Frédéric Dumont
Projekt- und Teamarbeit in der digitalisierten Arbeitswelt: Herausforderungen, Strategien und Empfehlungen
Author/Editor: Susanne Mütze-Niewöhner,Winfried Hacker,Thomas Hardwig,Simone Kauffeld,Erich Latniak,Manuel Nicklich,Ulrike Pietrzyk
Projektionsfläche Natur. Zum Zusammenhang von Naturbildern und gesellschaftlichen Verhältnissen
Author/Editor: Ludwig Fischer
Projekt ‚Integration‘: Berliner Stadtteilmütterprojekte als Aushandlungsraum städtischer Integrationspolitik
Author/Editor: Sulamith Hamra
Projection-Based Clustering through Self-Organization and Swarm Intelligence: Combining Cluster Analysis with the Visualization of High-Dimensional Data
Author/Editor: Michael Christoph Thrun
Progress in Molecular and Environmental Bioengineering - From Analysis and Modeling to Technology Applications
Progress in Commutative Algebra 2: Closures, Finiteness and Factorization
Author/Editor: Sean M. Sather-Wagstaff,Christopher Francisco,Lee Klingler,Janet C. Vassilev
Progress in Commutative Algebra 1: Combinatorics and Homology
Author/Editor: Sean Sather-Wagstaff,Christopher Francisco,Lee Klingler,Janet C. Vassilev
Progress and pathology: Medicine and culture in the nineteenth century
Author/Editor: Melissa Dickson,Emilie Taylor-Brown,Sally Shuttleworth
Programming Persistent Memory: A Comprehensive Guide for Developers
Author/Editor: Steve Scargall
Programming Languages and Systems: 31st European Symposium on Programming, ESOP 2022, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2022, Munich, Germany, April 2–7, 2022, Proceedings
Author/Editor: Ilya Sergey
Programming Languages and Systems: 30th European Symposium on Programming, ESOP 2021, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2021, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, March 27 – April 1, 2021, Proceedings
Author/Editor: Nobuko Yoshida
Programming Languages and Systems: 29th European Symposium on Programming, ESOP 2020, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2020, Dublin, Ireland, April 25–30, 2020, Proceedings
Author/Editor: Peter Müller
Programming Languages and Systems: 28th European Symposium on Programming, ESOP 2019, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2019, Prague, Czech Republic, April 6–11, 2019, Proceedings
Author/Editor: Luís Caires
Programming Languages and Systems: 27th European Symposium on Programming, ESOP 2018, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2018, Thessaloniki, Greece, April 14-20, 2018, Proceedings
Author/Editor: Amal Ahmed
Programming for Computations - Python: A Gentle Introduction to Numerical Simulations with Python
Author/Editor: Svein Linge,Hans Petter Langtangen
Programming for Computations - Python: A Gentle Introduction to Numerical Simulations with Python 3.6
Author/Editor: Svein Linge,Hans Petter Langtangen
Programming for Computations - MATLAB/Octave
Author/Editor: Svein Linge,Hans Petter Langtangen
Prognose makrooekonomischer Zeitreihen: Ein Vergleich linearer Modelle mit neuronalen Netzen
Author/Editor: Wolfgang Koller
Pro Git (Second Edition)
Author/Editor: Scott Chacon,Ben Straub
Progetto di paesaggio. Arte e città: Il rapporto tra interventi artistici e trasformazione dei luoghi urbani
Author/Editor: Serena Francini
Progetti di territorio: La costruzione di nuove tecniche di rappresentazione nei Sistemi Informativi Territoriali
Author/Editor: Massimo Carta
Progettare parchi agricoli nei territori intermedi: Cinque scenari per la piana fiorentina
Author/Editor: Maria Rita Gisotti
Progettare paesaggi di limite
Author/Editor: Valentini, Antonella
Progettare "paesaggi di limite"
Author/Editor: Antonella Valentini
Progettando città: Riflessioni sul metodo della Progettazione Urbana
Author/Editor: Antonio Capestro
The Profit Doctrine : Economists of the Neoliberal Era
Author/Editor: Chernomas ,Robert,Hudson ,Ian
The Profit Doctrine
Profili di contrattualizzazione a finalità successoria
Author/Editor: Federico Venturini
Profile: Interdisziplinäre Beiträge
Author/Editor: Martin Degeling,Julius Othmer,Andreas Weich
Professoren mit Migrationshintergrund: Benachteiligte Minderheit oder Protagonisten internationaler Exzellenz
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Professionsbezogene Wirkungen einer Lehr-Lern-Labor-Veranstaltung
Author/Editor: René Dohrmann
Professionelles Schreiben in mehreren Sprachen: Strategien, Routinen und Sprachen im Schreibprozess
Author/Editor: Sabine Dengscherz
Professione insegnante: Idee e modelli di formazione
Author/Editor: Perla Loredana,Berta Martini
Profession and Performance: Aspects of oratory in the Greco-Roman world
Author/Editor: Christos Kremmydas,Jonathan Powell,Lene Rubinstein
Professional Values and Practice
Author/Editor: James Arthur,Jon Davidson,Malcolm Lewis
Professional Social Work in Australia
Author/Editor: Lawrence ,R.J.
Professional Practice in Child Protection and the Child’s Right to Participate
Author/Editor: Asgeir Falch-Eriksen,Karmen Toros
Professional Learning in Education
Professionalism in the Information and Communication Technology Industry
Author/Editor: Weckert ,John,Lucas ,Richard
Professionalisierung von Grundschullehrkräften: Kontext, Bedingungen und Herausforderungen
Author/Editor: Ingelore Mammes,Carolin Rotter
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Professionalisierung im Lehramtsstudium Deutsch: Ueberzeugungen, Wissen, Defragmentierung
Author/Editor: Nicole Masanek,Jörg Kilian
Professionalisierung der wissenschaftlichen Politikberatung? : Interaktions- und professionssoziologische Perspektiven
Author/Editor: Buchholz ,Kai
Professionalisierung der wissenschaftlichen Politikberatung?
Professional Emotions in Court: A Sociological Perspective
Author/Editor: Stina Bergman Blix,Åsa Wettergren
Professional Competence And Higher Education
Author/Editor: Richard Winter,Maire Maisch
Profesjon og ledelse i Den norske kirke: Organisering av arbeid i en kirke i endring
Author/Editor: Stephen Sirris
Proeve van een Bulische spraakkunst
Proeve van een Bulische spraakkunst
Author/Editor: Maan ,G.
Pro-ecological Restructuring of Companies: Case Studies
Author/Editor: Aleksandra Gąsior
Produzione poetica e storia nella prassi e nella teoria greca di età classica
Author/Editor: Emilia Cucinotta
Produzione dell'Architettura tra tecniche e progetto / Architectural Planning between build and design techniques: Ricerca e innovazione per il territorio / Glocal oriented research and innovation Materiali del V Seminario OsDotta
Author/Editor: Massimo LAURIA
Produktprogrammoptimierung mit Preisbuendelung: Produktdesign, Buendelkonfiguration und Preisfindung
Author/Editor: Niels Becker
Produktivitätsmanagement 4.0: Praxiserprobte Vorgehensweisen zur Nutzung der Digitalisierung in der Industrie
Author/Editor: Tim Jeske,Tim Jeske,Frank Lennings,Frank Lennings
Produktivitaetsentwicklung in Deutschland
Author/Editor: Jochen Wiegmann
Produktions- und Beschaeftigungseffekte neuer Technologien: Am Beispiel der Biotechnologie
Author/Editor: Sven Wydra
Produktie, werkgelegenheid, sectorstudie en betalingsbalans in Nederland 1960-1985. Modelstudie bij het rapport Plaats en toekomst van de Nederlandse industrie
Author/Editor: Driehuis ,W.,Noord van den ,P.J.
Product Recommendations in E-Commerce Retailing Applications
Author/Editor: Nicolas Knotzer
Productive Fandom
Author/Editor: Nicolle Lamerichs
The Production of Lateness: Old Age and Creativity in Contemporary Narrative
Author/Editor: Rahel Rivera Godoy-Benesch
The Production of Consumer Society: Cultural-Economic Principles of Distinction
Author/Editor: Ernst Mohr
"Production Ergonomics : Designing Work Systems to Support Optimal Human Performance"
Product Development within Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Legal Risk: Exemplary for Safe Autonomous Vehicles
Author/Editor: Thomas Winkle
Producción horizontal del conocimiento
Author/Editor: Sarah Corona Berkin
A Prodigy of Universal Genius: Robert Leslie Ellis, 1817-1859
Author/Editor: Lukas M. Verburgt
Proclus and his Legacy
Author/Editor: Danielle Layne,David D. Butorac
Process simulation of wet compression moulding for continuous fibre-reinforced polymers
Author/Editor: Christian Timo Poppe
Process Mining Workshops: ICPM 2021 International Workshops, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, October 31 – November 4, 2021, Revised Selected Papers
Author/Editor: Jorge Munoz-Gama,Xixi Lu
Process Mining Handbook
Author/Editor: Wil M. P. van der Aalst,Josep Carmona
Processing of Heavy Crude Oils: Challenges and Opportunities
Author/Editor: Ramasamy Marappa Gounder
Processing Choreography: Thinking with William Forsythe's Duo
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Waterhouse
Processes of Spatialization in the Americas: Configurations and Narratives
Author/Editor: Gabriele Pisarz-Ramirez,Hannes Warnecke-Berger
Process Control of Activated Sludge Plants by Microscopic Investigation
Author/Editor: Eikelboom H. ,Dick
Proceedings of the VIIth GSCP International Conference: Speech and Corpora
Author/Editor: Massimo Pettorino,Heliana Mello,Tommaso Raso
Proceedings of the UNC CBE Summit 2017
Proceedings of the UNC CBE Summit 2017
Proceedings of the third International Workshop of the IFIP WG5.7: Special interest group on Advanced techniques in production planning & control. 24-25 February 2000, Florence, Italy
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Proceedings of the Australian Summer Study on Energy Productivity
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Civil Engineering
Author/Editor: Guangliang Feng
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Business and Finance
Proceedings of the 21st Conference on Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design – FMCAD 2021
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Proceedings of the 20th Conference on Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design – FMCAD 2020
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The Proceedings of the 12th International Congress on Mathematical Education: Intellectual and attitudinal challenges
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Proceedings of the 11th Toulon-Verona International Conference on Quality in Services: Higher Education, Health Care, Local Government, Tourism, Banking
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Proceedings - 31. Workshop Computational Intelligence : Berlin, 25. - 26. November 2021
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Procedures en problemen op de markt voor reïntegratiedienstverlening - 54
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Procedure concorsuali e governo dell'impresa artigiana in Toscana
Author/Editor: Passeri, Riccardo,Quagliotti, Leonardo,Simoni, Christian
Procedure concorsuali e governo dell'impresa artigiana in Toscana
Procedural Justice and Relational Theory: Empirical, Philosophical, and Legal Perspectives
Author/Editor: Denise Meyerson,Catriona Mackenzie,Therese MacDermott
Problem Solving in Mathematics Education
Author/Editor: Peter Liljedahl,Manuel Santos-Trigo,Uldarico Malaspina,Regina Bruder
Problem solving activities in post-editing and translation from scratch: A multi-method study
Author/Editor: Jean Nitzke
The Problem of Enforcement in International Law: Countermeasures, the Non-Injured State and the Idea of International Community
Author/Editor: Elena Katselli Proukaki
Probleme europaeischer Kleinsprachen: Sorbisch und Buendnerromanisch
Author/Editor: Roland Marti
Probleme einer Umweltpolitik mit Abgaben
Author/Editor: Klaus Eckhardt
Probleme der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung Albaniens: Untersuchung des oekonomischen und soziooekonomischen Wandlungsprozesses von 1912/13 bis in die Gegenwart
Author/Editor: Hans-Joachim Pernack
Probleme der Textlinguistik: Gemeinschaftsarbeit von Wissenschaftlern der Partneruniversitaeten Bochum und Minsk
Author/Editor: Helmut Jachnow,Adam E. Suprun
Probleme der Regionalpolitik im Zuge der Vollendung des Europaeischen Binnenmarktes: Eine oekonomische Analyse
Author/Editor: Karin Beckmann
Probleme der finanzpolitischen Willensbildung in Europa: Eine kritische Analyse der europaeischen Haushalts- und Finanzverfassung
Author/Editor: Antje Draheim
Probleme bei der Uebersetzung phraseologischer Einheiten aus dem Russischen ins Deutsche: Anhand von Werken V. F. Panovas
Author/Editor: Gerlinde Kammer
Problematising Local Indigenous Community Research: Afro-Sensed Perspectives
Author/Editor: Keleco J.N. Karel,Mogomme A. Masoga,Liliana Mammino,Allucia L. Shokane,Dennis N. Ocholla,Kelly J. Gross,Mahlapahlapana Themane,Soul Shava,Anthony Mapaura,Cryto Zazu
Probability in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: An Application-Driven Course
Author/Editor: Jean Walrand
Probabilistic Parametric Curves for Sequence Modeling
Author/Editor: Ronny Hug
Probabilistic Motion Planning for Automated Vehicles
Author/Editor: Maximilian Naumann
Probabilistic Models and Inference for Multi-View People Detection in Overlapping Depth Images
Author/Editor: Johannes Wetzel
Privilegi librari nell’Italia del Rinascimento
Author/Editor: Erika Squassina,Andrea Ottone
Privileged Precarities: An Organizational Ethnography of Early Career Workers at the United Nations (Volume 19)
Author/Editor: Linda Martina Mülli
Privilege and Property
Privatisierte Weiblichkeit: Genealogien und Einbettungsstrategien feministischer Kritik im postsozialistischen Polen
Author/Editor: Nina Seiler
Privatheit wider Willen? : Verhinderung informationeller Preisgabe im Internet nach deutschem und US-amerikanischem Verfassungsrecht
Author/Editor: Sandfuchs ,Barbara
Privatheit wider Willen?
Private Yokoi's War and Life on Guam, 1944–1972: The Story of the Japanese Imperial Army's Longest WWII Survivor in the Field and Later Life
Author/Editor: Omi Hatashin
Private World(s): Gender and Informal Learning of Adults
Private verzekering van sociale risico's
Author/Editor: Bekkering ,J.M.
Private/Public in 18th-Century Scandinavia
Author/Editor: Sari Nauman,Helle Vogt
Privately Empowered : Expressing Feminism in Islam in Northern Nigerian Fiction
Author/Editor: Edwin ,Shirin
Privately Empowered
Private Lives in Public Places
Author/Editor: Dianne Willcocks,Sheila Peace,Leonie Kellaher
Private leefvormen, publieke gevolgen; naar een overheidsbeleid met betrekking tot individualisering
Author/Editor: Jansweijer ,R.M.A.
Private food law: Governing food chains through contract law, self-regulation, private standards, audits and certification schemes
Author/Editor: van der Meulen ,Bernd
Private Enterprise in China
Author/Editor: Garnaut ,Ross,Song ,Ligang,Yao ,Yang,Wang ,Xiaolu
Private Daten: Unsere Spuren in der digitalen Welt
Author/Editor: Barbara Wiesner
Privatdozenten im Schatten der Georgia Augusta. Zur älteren Privatdozentur (1734 bis 1831) Teil II - Biographische Materialien zu den Privatdozenten des Sommersemesters 1812
Privatdozenten im Schatten der Georgia Augusta. Zur älteren Privatdozentur (1734 bis 1831) Teil I - Statutenrecht und Alltagspraxis
Privatdozenten im Schatten der Georgia Augusta. Zur älteren Privatdozentur (1734 bis 1831) Teil I - Statutenrecht und Alltagspraxis
Author/Editor: Tütken, Johannes
Privatdozenten im Schatten der Georgia Augusta. Zur älteren Privatdozentur (1734 bis 1831) Teil II - Biographische Materialien zu den Privatdozenten des Sommersemesters 1812
Author/Editor: Tütken, Johannes
Privacy on the Line: The Politics of Wiretapping and Encryption
Author/Editor: Whitfield Diffie,Susan Landau
Privacy en vormen van ‘intelligente’ mobiliteit: de impact van ICT-applicaties voor de weg en het spoor - 59
Author/Editor: Griffioen ,H.
Privacy en vormen van 'intelligente' mobiliteit
The Privacy Engineer's Manifesto: Getting from Policy to Code to QA to Value
Author/Editor: Michelle Finneran Dennedy,Jonathan Fox,Thomas R. Finneran
Prisons in the Late Ottoman Empire : Microcosms of Modernity
Author/Editor: Schull ,Kent F.
Prisons in the Late Ottoman Empire
The Prison of Democracy: Race, Leavenworth, and the Culture of Law
Author/Editor: Sara M. Benson
Prison, Architecture and Humans
The Priority of Locomotion in Aristotle’s Physics
Author/Editor: Odzuck ,Sebastian
The Priority of Locomotion in Aristotle’s Physics
Prioritering, styring og likebehandling. Utfordringer i norsk helsetjeneste
Prioritering og progresjon i skolematematikken
Print, Publicity and Radicalism in the 1790s
Author/Editor: Mee ,Jon
Printing Spinoza: A Descriptive Bibliography of the Works Published in the Seventeenth Century
Author/Editor: Jeroen M.M. van de Ven
Printing and Publishing Chinese Religion and Philosophy in the Dutch Republic, 1595–1700: The Chinese Imprint
Author/Editor: Trude Dijkstra
Printing and Prophecy
Print and Power in Early Modern Europe (1500–1800)
Author/Editor: Nina Lamal,Jamie Cumby,Helmer J. Helmers
Principles of Security and Trust: 8th International Conference, POST 2019, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2019, Prague, Czech Republic, April 6–11, 2019, Proceedings
Author/Editor: Flemming Nielson,David Sands
Principles of Security and Trust: 7th International Conference, POST 2018, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2018, Thessaloniki, Greece, April 14-20, 2018, Proceedings
Author/Editor: Lujo Bauer,Ralf Küsters
Principles of Mechanics: Fundamental University Physics
Author/Editor: Salma Alrasheed
Principles of Islamic International Criminal Law : A Comparative Search
Author/Editor: Malekian ,Farhad
Principles of Islamic International Criminal Law
Principles of Decoration in the Roman World
Author/Editor: Annette Haug,M. Taylor Lauritsen
Principles and Practice of Case-based Clinical Reasoning Education: A Method for Preclinical Students
Author/Editor: Olle ten Cate,Eugène J.F.M. Custers,Steven J. Durning
Principles and Pedagogies in Jewish Education
Author/Editor: Barry Chazan
The Principle of Unrest : Activist Philosophy in the Expanded Field
Author/Editor: Massumi ,Brian
The Principle of Unrest
The Principle of Loyalty in EU Law
Author/Editor: Klamert ,Marcus
The Principle of Equality in Diverse States: Reconciling Autonomy with Equal Rights and Opportunities
Author/Editor: Eva Maria Belser,Thea Bächler,Sandra Egli,Lawrence Zünd
The Principle of Effective Legal Protection in Administrative Law: A European Perspective
Author/Editor: Zoltán Szente,Konrad Lachmayer
Principled Pragmatism: VOC Interaction with Makassar 1637-68 and the Nature of Company Diplomacy
Author/Editor: Feddersen Fredrik ,Carl
Principi contro i totalitarismi e rifondazione costituzionale: Volume III
Author/Editor: Ugo De Siervo
The Principal Pauline Epistles: A Collation of Old Latin Witnesses
Author/Editor: H.A.G Houghton,C.M. Kreinecker,R.F MacLachlan,C.J. Smith
Princeps et episcopus: Studien zur Funktion und zum Selbstverständnis der nordwestdeutschen Fürstbischöfe nach dem Westfälischen Frieden (Volume 230, Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Bettina Braun
Prince, Pen, and Sword: Eurasian Perspectives
Author/Editor: Maaike van Berkel,Maaike van Berkel,Jeroen Duindam,Jeroen Duindam
Princely India Re-imagined: A Historical Anthropology of Mysore from 1799 to the present
Author/Editor: Aya Ikegame
Primus Truber - Schoepfer der slovenischen Schriftsprache?: Versuch einer Antwort unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung seines Satzbaus
Author/Editor: Elisabeth Seitz
Primavera di Praga, risveglio europeo
Author/Editor: Cecilia Veracini,PAOLO AGNELLI
Primate Cytogenetics and Comparative Genomics
Author/Editor: Luca Sineo,Roscoe Stanyon
Primary Sources and Asian Pasts
Author/Editor: Peter C. Bisschop,Elizabeth A. Cecil
Primary Angioplasty: A Practical Guide
Author/Editor: Timothy J Watson,Paul JL Ong,James E Tcheng
Primary and Secondary Education During Covid-19: Disruptions to Educational Opportunity During a Pandemic
Author/Editor: Fernando M. Reimers
Pride Parades and LGBT Movements
Author/Editor: Abby Peterson,Mattias Wahlström,Magnus Wennerhag
Pride, Not Prejudice: National Identity as a Pacifying Force in East Asia
Author/Editor: Eunbin Chung
The Price of Uncertainty in Present-Biased Planning
Author/Editor: Albers ,Susanne,Kraft ,Dennis
Prähistorische Textilkunst in Mitteleuropa: Geschichte des Handwerkes und Kleidung vor den Römern
Author/Editor: Karina Grömer
Prevenzione del mal di schiena di origine meccanica con attività motoria e comportamentale: Approfondimenti di patomeccanica e biomeccanica rachidea
Author/Editor: Elena Anna Rita MARTINELLI
Prevention and Treatment of Atherosclerosis: Improving State-of-the-Art Management and Search for Novel Targets
Author/Editor: Arnold von Eckardstein,Christoph J. Binder
Author/Editor: Christine Cynn
Preventing HIV Among Young People in Southern and Eastern Africa: Emerging Evidence and Intervention Strategies
Author/Editor: Kaymarlin Govender,Nana K Poku
The Prevent Duty in Education: Impact, Enactment and Implications
Author/Editor: Joel Busher,Lee Jerome
Author/Editor: Celina Jeffery,Levi S. Bryant
Preterit Expansion and Perfect Demise in Porteño Spanish and Beyond: A Critical Perspective on Cognitive Grammaticalization Theory
Author/Editor: Guro Nore Fløgstad
Pre-suppression Jesuit Activity in the British Isles and Ireland: Brill's Research Perspectives in Jesuit Studies
Author/Editor: Thomas M. McCoog
Pressione turistica sul Centro Storico di Firenze - sito UNESCO: Un modello per la valutazione dell'impatto percettivo
Author/Editor: Ilenia Maria ROMANO
Preserving and Exhibiting Media Art: Challenges and Perspectives
The Presence of the Prophet in Early Modern and Contemporary Islam: Volume 2, Heirs of the Prophet: Authority and Power
Author/Editor: Rachida Chih,David Jordan,Stefan Reichmuth
The Presence of the Prophet in Early Modern and Contemporary Islam: Volume 1, The Prophet Between Doctrine, Literature and Arts: Historical Legacies and Their Unfolding
Author/Editor: Denis Gril,Stefan Reichmuth,Dilek Sarmis
Presbeia Theotokou
Preparing Urban Water Use Efficiency Plans: A Best Practice Guide
Author/Editor: Michelle Maddaus,Lisa Maddaus,William Maddaus
Preparing Students for College and Careers: Theory, Measurement, and Educational Practice
Author/Editor: Katie Larsen McClarty,Krista D. Mattern,Matthew N. Gaertner
Preparing for Life in a Digital World: IEA International Computer and Information Literacy Study 2018 International Report
Author/Editor: Julian Fraillon,John Ainley,Wolfram Schulz,Tim Friedman,Daniel Duckworth
Preparing for Life in a Digital Age: The IEA International Computer and Information Literacy Study International Report
Author/Editor: Julian Fraillon,John Ainley,Wolfram Schulz,Tim Friedman,Eveline Gebhardt
Preparing for Digital Disruption
Author/Editor: Erik Schrijvers,Corien Prins,Reijer Passchier
Premodern Experience of the Natural World in Translation
Author/Editor: Katja Krause,Maria Auxent,Dror Weil
Prelude to Genocide: Arusha, Rwanda, and the Failure of Diplomacy
Author/Editor: David Rawson
Prekäres Erzählen: Narrative Ordnungen bei Robert Walser, Franz Kafka und Theodor Fontane
Author/Editor: Lukas Gloor
Prekäre Arbeit, prekäre Liebe: Über Anerkennung und unsichere Lebensverhältnisse
Author/Editor: Christine Wimbauer,Mona Motakef
Preis- und Mengeneffekte im Gesundheitswesen: Eine Ausgabenanalyse von GKV-Behandlungsarten
Author/Editor: Volker Ulrich
Prehistory of the Indo-Malaysian Archipelago : Revised Edition
Author/Editor: Bellwood ,Peter
Prehistoric Myths in Modern Political Philosophy
Author/Editor: Widerquist ,Karl,McCall ,Grant
Prehistoric Myths in Modern Political Philosophy
The Prehistoric Maritime Frontier of Southeast China: Indigenous Bai Yue and Their Oceanic Dispersal
Author/Editor: Chunming Wu
Prehistoric Marine Resource Use in the Indo-Pacific Regions
Author/Editor: Ono ,Rintaro,Morrison ,Alex,Addison ,David
A Pregnant Past: The Dutch Seventeenth Century in the Global Twenty-first
Author/Editor: Schwartz ,Gary
Pre-Field Screening Protocols for Heat-Tolerant Mutants in Rice
Author/Editor: Fatma Sarsu,Ivan Ingelbrecht,Abdelbagi M.A. Ghanim,Priyanka Das,Rajeev N. Bahuguna,Paul Mbogo Kusolwa,Muhammed Ashraf,Sneh L. Singla-Pareek,Ashwani Pareek,Brian P. Forster
Predigt und Politik im frühmittelalterlichen Bayern: Arn von Salzburg, Karl der Große und die Salzburger Sermones-Sammlung
Author/Editor: Maximilian Diesenberger
Predicting the Past: The Paradoxes of American Literary History
Author/Editor: Michael Boyden
Predicatori nelle terre slavo-orientali (XI-XIII sec.): Retorica e strategie comunicative
Preclinical MRI of the Kidney: Methods and Protocols
Author/Editor: Andreas Pohlmann,Thoralf Niendorf
Precision Oncology and Cancer Biomarkers: Issues at Stake and Matters of Concern
Author/Editor: Anne Bremer,Roger Strand
Precision Agriculture Technology for Crop Farming
Author/Editor: Qin Zhang
Precedence: Social Differentiation in the Austronesian World
Author/Editor: Vischer P. ,Michael
Precarity in European Film: Depictions and Discourses
Author/Editor: Elisa Cuter,Guido Kirsten,Hanna Prenzel
Precarious Professionals: Gender, Identities and Social Change in Modern Britain
Author/Editor: Heidi Egginton,Zoë Thomas
Precarious Lives: Forced labour, exploitation and asylum
Author/Editor: Hannah Lewis,Peter Dwyer,Stuart Hodkinson,Louise Waite
A Precarious Game: The Illusion of Dream Jobs in the Video Game Industry
Author/Editor: Ergin Bulut
Precarious Crossings: Immigration, Neoliberalism, and the Atlantic
Author/Editor: Alexandra Perisic
Precarious Creativity: Global Media, Local Labor
Author/Editor: Curtin ,Michael,Sanson ,Kevin
Precarious Creativity: Global Media, Local Labor
Precarious Claims: The Promise and Failure of Workplace Protections in the United States
Author/Editor: Gleeson ,Shannon
Precarious Claims: The Promise and Failure of Workplace Protections in the United States
Prácticas lingüísticas heterogéneas: Nuevas perspectivas para el estudio del español en contacto con lenguas amerindias (Volume 4)
Author/Editor: Santiago Sánchez Moreano,Élodie Blestel
Pray for Brother Alexander
Author/Editor: Constantin Noica,Octavian Gabor
Praxistheorien und Religionswissenschaft: Neuere Theoriediskussionen in der empirischen Religionsforschung
Author/Editor: Katharina Limacher,Rafael Walthert
Praxistheorie: Ein soziologisches Forschungsprogramm
Author/Editor: Hilmar Schäfer
Praxisleitfaden Organspende: Umsetzung der BÄK-Richtlinie „Spendererkennung“ in der Praxis
Author/Editor: Klaus Hahnenkamp,Gerold Söffker,Eckhard Rickels,Wiebke Abel,Claus-Dieter Middel
Praxishandbuch Online - Fundraising : Wie man im Internet und mit Social Media erfolgreich Spenden sammelt
Author/Editor: Lampe ,Björn,Ziemann ,Kathleen,Ullrich ,Angela
Praxishandbuch Online - Fundraising
Praxishandbuch Männergesundheit: Interdisziplinärer Beratungs- und Behandlungsleitfaden
Author/Editor: Elmar Brähler,Wolfgang Harth
Praxishandbuch Forschungsdatenmanagement
Author/Editor: Heike Neuroth,Markus Putnings,Janna Neumann
Praxis der Individualisierung: Wie multiprofessionelle Klassenteams Fördersituationen für Kinder im Schulalltag etablieren
Author/Editor: Patrik Widmer-Wolf
Praxisbuch Ethik in der Notfallmedizin: Orientierungshilfen für kritische Entscheidungen
Author/Editor: Fred Salomon
Praxeologie in der Historischen Bildungsforschung. Möglichkeiten und Grenzen eines Forschungsansatzes
Author/Editor: Andreas Hoffmann-Ocon,Andrea De Vincenti,Norbert Grube
Praxeologie in der Historischen Bildungsforschung: Möglichkeiten und Grenzen eines Forschungsansatzes
Author/Editor: Andreas Hoffmann-Ocon,Andrea De Vincenti,Norbert Grube
Pravne razsežnosti prepovedi nadlegovanja
Pravne razsežnosti prepovedi nadlegovanja
Author/Editor: Maučec ,Gregor
Pratiques de l'intime
Author/Editor: Muriel Andrin,Stéphanie Loriaux,Charlotte Maria,Andrea Oberhuber,Obst,Stéphanie Loriaux,Éléonore Antzenberger,Fabrice Bourlez,Véronique Danneels,Camille Delon,Sandrine Ferret,Émilie Guillerez,Annick Houel
Praktiken der (Im-)Mobilisierung: Lager, Sammelunterkünfte und Ankerzentren im Kontext von Asylregimen
Author/Editor: Julia Devlin,Tanja Evers,Simon Goebel
Praktijken van beleidsgerichte toekomstverkenning: een inventarisatie - 44
Author/Editor: Molen van der ,F.
Praktičeskaja funkcional'naja grammatika russkogo jazyka
Author/Editor: Tat'jana V. Parmenova
Praksisnær undervisning: i praksis og teori
Author/Editor: Yngve Troye Nordkvelle,Lene Nyhus,Anne Røisehagen,Randi Hojem Røthe
The Prague School and Theories of Structure: Interfacing Science, Literature, and the Humanities / ACUME 2: Volume 1
Author/Editor: Vita Fortunati,Elena Agazzi
Pragmatics and Prosody: Illocution, Modality, Attitude, Information Patterning and Speech Annotation
Author/Editor: Heliana Mello,Alessandro Panunzi,Tommaso Raso
Pragmatic Realism, Religious Truth, and Antitheodicy: On Viewing the World by Acknowledging the Other
Author/Editor: Sami Pihlström
Pragmatic Philanthropy: Asian Charity Explained
Author/Editor: Ruth A. Shapiro,Manisha Mirchandani,Heesu Jang
Pragmatic Approaches to Drama: Studies in Communication on the Ancient Stage
Author/Editor: Gunther Martin,Federica Iurescia,Severin Hof,Giada Sorrentino
Practising Citizenship and Heterogeneous Nationhood
Practicing Sovereignty: Digital Involvement in Times of Crises
Author/Editor: Bianca Herlo,Daniel Irrgang,Gesche Joost,Andreas Unteidig
Practicing Safe Sects: Religious Reproduction in Scientific and Philosophical Perspective
Author/Editor: F.LeRon Shults
Practicing Decoloniality in Museums: A Guide with Global Examples
Author/Editor: Csilla Ariese,Magdalena Wróblewska
Practicing Biomedicine at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital 1913-1965: Ideas and Improvisations
Author/Editor: Tizian Zumthurm
Practices of Wealth Depositing in the 1st–9th Century AD Eastern Baltic
Author/Editor: Ester Oras
Practices of Speculation: Modeling, Embodiment, Figuration
Author/Editor: Jeanne Cortiel,Jeanne Cortiel,Christine Hanke,Christine Hanke,Jan Simon Hutta,Jan Simon Hutta,Colin Milburn,Colin Milburn
The Practices of Happiness: Political Economy, Religion and Wellbeing
Author/Editor: Ian Steedman,John R Atherton,Elaine Graham
The Practices of Happiness
Practices of Comparing: Towards a New Understanding of a Fundamental Human Practice
Author/Editor: Angelika Epple,Walter Erhart,Johannes Grave
Practices of Citizenship in East Africa: Perspectives from Philosophical Pragmatism
Author/Editor: Katariina Holma,Tiina Kontinen
The Practice of Texts: Education and Healing in South India (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Anthony Cerulli
The Practice of Sheep Veterinary Medicine
Author/Editor: Kym Abbott
The Practice of Philology in the Nineteenth-Century Netherlands
Author/Editor: Huib Zuidervaart,Ton van Kalmthout
The Practice of Industrial Policy: Government—Business Coordination in Africa and East Asia
The Practical Origins of Ideas: Genealogy as Conceptual Reverse-Engineering
Author/Editor: Matthieu Queloz
Practically Invisible: Coastal Ecuador, Tourism, and the Politics of Authenticity
Author/Editor: Kimbra Smith
A Practical Guide to TPM 2.0: Using the New Trusted Platform Module in the New Age of Security
Author/Editor: Will Arthur,David Challener,Kenneth Goldman
Practical Economics: Economic Transformation and Government Reform in Georgia 2004–2012
Author/Editor: Nika Gilauri
Power to Teach
Author/Editor: Wendy Robinson
the Powers of the Head of State in the Legislative and Executive Branch in Former Socialist Systems
Author/Editor: Dubrovnik ,Tadej,Kobal ,Aleš
Powers of Protection: The Buddhist Tradition of Spells in the Dhāraṇīsaṃgraha Collections
Author/Editor: Gergely Hidas
Powers of Divergence: An Experimental Approach to Music Performance
Author/Editor: Lucia D'Errico
Powers, inequalities and vulnerabilities: Impact of globalisation on children, youth and families and on the mission of the church
Author/Editor: J.M. Vorster,J.M. Vorster,Johannes J. Knoetze,Johannes J. Knoetze,Valentin Kozhuharov,Valentin Kozhuharov,John Baxter-Brown,Alfred R. Brunsdon,Greg W. Burch
Power shifts in a changing world order
Author/Editor: WRR/AIV/ Eerste Kamer der Staten-Generaal/ Instituut Clingendael
Power Relations in Black Lives: Reading African American Literature and Culture with Bourdieu and Elias (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Christa Buschendorf
Power, Protection and Magic in Thailand: The Cosmos of a Southern Policeman
Author/Editor: Craig J. Reynolds
The Power of Your Life: The Sanlam Century of Insurance Empowerment, 1918-2018
Author/Editor: Grietjie Verhoef
The Power of the In-Between: Intermediality as a Tool for Aesthetic Analysis and Critical Reflection
Author/Editor: Sonya Petersson,Christer Johansson,Magdalena Holdar,Sara Callahan
The Power of Systems
The power of standards: Kommentare zu den neutestamentlichen Briefen: Hebräerbrief – Katholische Briefe
Author/Editor: Jean-Christophe Graz
The power of prophecy; Prince Dipanagara and the end of an old order in Java, 1785-1855
Author/Editor: Carey ,Peter
The Power of One on One: Human Libraries and the challenges of antiracism work
Author/Editor: Tanja Dreher,Jemima Mowbray
The Power of Music: An Exploration of the Evidence
Author/Editor: Susan Hallam,Evangelos Himonides
The Power of Economic Ideas: The origins of macroeconomic management in Australia 1929?39
Author/Editor: Millmow ,Alex
The Power of Conferences: Stories of serendipity, innovation and driving social change
Author/Editor: Deborah Edwards,Carmel Foley,Cheryl Malone
Power, Knowledge and Feminist Scholarship: An Ethnography of Academia
Author/Editor: Maria do Mar Pereira
Power in the Land: The Ramsdens and their Huddersfield Estate, 1542−1920 Essays to commemorate the centenary of the purchase of the estate by Huddersfield Corporation in 1920
Author/Editor: Edward Royle,Edward Royle,Brian Haigh,David Griffiths,John Halstead,Christopher Webster,Stephen Caunce,Meriel Buxton
Powering a Learning Society During an Age of Disruption
Author/Editor: Sungsup Ra,Shanti Jagannathan,Rupert Maclean
Powerful Prose: How Textual Features Impact Readers
Author/Editor: R. L. Victoria Pöhls,R. L. Victoria Pöhls,Mariane Utudji
Power, Culture, Economy (CAEPR 30)
Power and Status in the Roman Empire, AD 193-284
Author/Editor: Mennen ,Inge
Power and Status in the Roman Empire, AD 193-284
Power and Responsibility in Chinese Foreign Policy
Author/Editor: Zhang ,Yongjin,Austin ,Greg
Power and Religion in Baroque Rome : Barberini Cultural Policies
Author/Editor: Rietbergen ,Peter
Power and Religion in Baroque Rome
Power and Prosecution - Challenges and opportunities for international criminal justice in Sub-Saharan Africa
Author/Editor: Ambos, Kai,Maunganidze, Ottilia A.
Power and Principle