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Disease Prevention Through Vector Control: Guidelines for relief organizations
Author/Editor: Madeleine C. Thomson
Disability, Equality and Human Rights
Author/Editor: Alison Harris,Sue Enfield
Development, Women and War
Author/Editor: Haleh Afshar,Deborah Eade,Deborah Eade
Development with Women
Author/Editor: Dorienne Rowan-Campbell,Deborah Eade
Development, NGOs and Civil Society
Author/Editor: Jenny Pearce,Deborah Eade
Development Methods and Approaches: Critical reflections
Author/Editor: Jo Rowlands,Deborah Eade
Development in States of War
Author/Editor: Stephen Commins,Deborah Eade
Development in Conflict
Author/Editor: Judy El Bushra,Eugenia Piza Lopez
Development and Social Diversity
Author/Editor: Mary B. Anderson,Deborah Eade
Development and Social Action
Author/Editor: Miloon Kothari,Deborah Eade
Development and Rights
Author/Editor: Firoze Manji,Deborah Eade
Development and Patronage: Selected articles from Development in Practice
Author/Editor: Melakou Tegegn,Deborah Eade
Development and Culture
Author/Editor: Thierry Verhelst,Wendy Tyndale,Deborah Eade
Development and Cities: Essays from Development and Practice
Author/Editor: David Westendorff,Deborah Eade,Deborah Eade
Development and Agroforestry: Scaling up the impacts of research
Author/Editor: Steven Franzel,Peter Cooper,Glenn L. Denning,Deborah Eade,Deborah Eade
Development and Advocacy
Author/Editor: Maria Teresa Diokno-Pascual,Deborah Eade
Developing and Managing Community Water Supplies
Author/Editor: Jan Davis,Gerry Garvey,Michael Wood