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An Abundance of Flowers: More Great Flower Breeders of the Past
Author/Editor: Judith M. Taylor
Access with Attitude
Author/Editor: Marburger, David; Idsvoog, Karl
Africa Every Day: Fun, Leisure, and Expressive Culture on the Continent, Vol. 94
Author/Editor: Oluwakemi M. Balogun ,Lisa Gilman ,Melissa Graboyes ,Habib Iddrisu
African Asylum at a Crossroads
Author/Editor: Berger, Iris; Redeker Hepner, Tricia; Lawrance, Benjamin N
African Intellectuals and Decolonization
Author/Editor: Creary, Nicholas M
African Miracle, African Mirage: Transnational Politics and the Paradox of Modernization in Ivory Coast
Author/Editor: Abou B. Bamba
African Video Movies and Global Desires
Author/Editor: Garritano, Carmela
After Tears
Author/Editor: Mhlongo, Niq
Age of Concrete: Housing and the Shape of Aspiration in the Capital of Mozambique
Author/Editor: DAVID MORTON
Ailing in Place: Environmental Inequities and Health Disparities in Appalachia
Author/Editor: Michele Morrone
Albert Luthuli
Author/Editor: Robert Trent Vinson
Alexander Robey Shepherd: The Man Who Built the Nation’s Capital
Author/Editor: John P. Richardson ,Tony Williams
All about Flowers: James Vick's Nineteenth-Century Seed Company
Alternative Models of Sports Development in America: Solutions to a Crisis in Education and Public Health
Author/Editor: B. David Ridpath ,Tom Farrey
Ambivalent: Photography and Visibility in African History
Amy Biehl’s Last Home: A Bright Life, a Tragic Death, and a Journey of Reconciliation in South Africa
Author/Editor: Steven D. Gish
Amy Levy
Author/Editor: Hetherington, Naomi; Valman, Nadia
The Anatomy of a South African Genocide
Author/Editor: Adhikari, Mohamed
Ancient Creek: A Folktale
Author/Editor: GURNEY NORMAN
The ANC Youth League
Author/Editor: Glaser, Clive
Anglophone Poetry in Colonial India, 1780–1913
Author/Editor: Gibson, Mary Ellis
Animal Purpose: Poems
Author/Editor: Michelle Y. Burke
Anxiety in and about Africa: Multidisciplinary Perspectives and Approaches
Author/Editor: Andrea Mariko Grant ,Yolana Pringle
Apartheid’s Leviathan: Electricity and the Power of Technological Ambivalence
Author/Editor: Faeeza Ballim
Appalachia in the Classroom
Author/Editor: Burriss, Theresa L.; Gantt, Patricia M
Appalachian Mushrooms: A Field Guide
Author/Editor: Walter E. Sturgeon
ArtBreak: A Creative Guide to Joyful and Productive Classrooms
Author/Editor: Katherine Ziff
The Art of Life in South Africa
The Art of Occupation: Crime and Governance in American-Controlled Germany, 1944–1949
Author/Editor: Thomas J. Kehoe
Asylum on the Hill: History of a Healing Landscape
Author/Editor: KATHERINE ZIFF ,Samuel T. Gladding ,Shawna Bolin ,Joseph C. Shields
Athens and Jerusalem, Ed. NED - New edition, 2
Author/Editor: LEV SHESTOV ,Bernard Martin ,Ramona Fotiade
The Audible and the Evident: Poems
Author/Editor: Julie Hanson
The Autobiography of Daniel Parker, Frontier Universalist
Author/Editor: DANIEL PARKER ,David Torbett
Bad Boys, Bad Times: The Cleveland Indians and Baseball in the Prewar Years, 1937–1941
Author/Editor: Scott H. Longert
Barns of the Midwest, Ed. NED - New edition, 1
Author/Editor: Allen G. Noble ,Hubert G. H. Wilhelm ,Timothy C. Anderson
The Bassett Women
Author/Editor: Grace McClure
Beep: Inside the Unseen World of Baseball for the Blind
Author/Editor: David Wanczyk
The Bellwether: Why Ohio Picks the President
Author/Editor: KYLE KONDIK
Author/Editor: Davis, Dick
Between Frontiers
Author/Editor: Ishikawa, Noboru
Between the Brown and the Red
Author/Editor: Kunicki, Mikołaj Stanisław
Between You and I
Author/Editor: Stawarska, Beata
The Birth of Sense: Generative Passivity in Merleau-Ponty’s Philosophy, Vol. 52
Author/Editor: Don Beith
Black Box: Poems
Author/Editor: FRANK X WALKER
Bleak Houses
Author/Editor: Surridge, Lisa
Blood and Capital
Author/Editor: Hristov, Jasmin
Blood of the Prodigal: An Amish Country Mystery
Author/Editor: P. L. Gaus
Boko Haram
Author/Editor: Brandon Kendhammer ,Carmen McCain
The Book Keeper: A Memoir of Race, Love, and Legacy
Author/Editor: Julia McKenzie Munemo
The Borders of Integration
Author/Editor: McCook, Brian
Brides in the Sky: Stories and a Novella
Author/Editor: CARY HOLLADAY
Burma’s Mass Lay Meditation Movement
Author/Editor: Jordt, Ingrid
Burma’s Mass Lay Meditation Movement, 1
Author/Editor: Ingrid Jordt
Buying Time: Debt and Mobility in the Western Indian Ocean
Author/Editor: Thomas F. McDow
Camp Life Is Paradise for Freddy: A Childhood in the Dutch East Indies, 1933–1946
Author/Editor: Fred Lanzing ,Marjolijn de Jager ,William H. Frederick
Capitol Punishment: An Andy Hayes Mystery
Cartography and the Political Imagination: Mapping Community in Colonial Kenya
Author/Editor: Julie MacArthur
Cases of Circumstantial Evidence
Author/Editor: Lewis, Janet
Cast Out
Author/Editor: Beier, A. L.; Ocobock, Paul
Charity and Condescension
Author/Editor: Siegel, Daniel
Children in Slavery through the Ages
Author/Editor: Campbell, Gwyn; Miers, Suzanne; Miller, Joseph C
The Children of Africa Confront AIDS
Author/Editor: Singhal, Arvind; Howard, Steve
Children of Hope: The Odyssey of the Oromo Slaves from Ethiopia to South Africa
Children’s Literature in Hitler’s Germany: The Cultural Policy of National Socialism
Child Slaves in the Modern World
Author/Editor: Campbell, Gwyn; Miers, Suzanne; Miller, Joseph C
Christianity and Public Culture in Africa
Author/Editor: Englund, Harri
The Cincinnati Human Relations Commission: A History, 1943–2013
Author/Editor: Phillip J. Obermiller ,Thomas E. Wagner ,Michael E. Maloney
Cinematic Hamlet
Author/Editor: Cook, Patrick J
Author/Editor: Schmiel, Eugene D
Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, Cleveland’s Free Stamp
Author/Editor: Edward J. Olszewski
The Clash of Moral Nations
Author/Editor: Plach, Eva
Coffee Is Not Forever: A Global History of the Coffee Leaf Rust
Author/Editor: Stuart McCook
Collaborative Dickens: Authorship and Victorian Christmas Periodicals
Author/Editor: Melisa klimaszewski
The Collected Letters of Henry Northrup Castle
Author/Editor: Castle, Henry Northrup; Mead, George Herbert; Mead, Helen Castle
Colonial Fantasies, Imperial Realities: Race Science and the Making of Polishness on the Fringes of the German Empire, 1840–1920
Author/Editor: Lenny A. Ureña Valerio
Colonial Rosary
Author/Editor: Lake, Alison
Come Buy, Come Buy
Author/Editor: Lysack, Krista
Comic Shop: The Retail Mavericks Who Gave Us a New Geek Culture
Author/Editor: Dan Gearino ,Tom Spurgeon
The Common Lot and Other Stories: The Published Short Fiction, 1908–1921
The Community Table: Effective Fundraising through Events
Compass and Clock: Poems
Author/Editor: David Sanders
Conflict Zone, Comfort Zone: Ethics, Pedagogy, and Effecting Change in Field-Based Courses
Congress and the Crisis of the 1850s
Author/Editor: Finkelman, Paul; Kennon, Donald R
Congress and the People’s Contest: The Conduct of the Civil War
Author/Editor: Paul Finkelman ,Donald R. Kennon
Connecting Continents: Archaeology and History in the Indian Ocean World
Author/Editor: Krish Seetah
The Constant Listener: Henry James and Theodora Bosanquet—An Imagined Memoir
Author/Editor: Susan Herron Sibbet ,Lady Borton
Constructing Black Education at Oberlin College
Author/Editor: Baumann, Roland M
Contours of White Ethnicity
Author/Editor: Anagnostou, Yiorgos
Converging on Cannibals: Terrors of Slaving in Atlantic Africa, 1509–1670
Author/Editor: Jared Staller
A Conversation about Ohio University and the Presidency, 1975–1994
Author/Editor: Ping, Charles J
Counting Down: A Memoir of Foster Parenting and Beyond
Author/Editor: Deborah Gold ,Michael M.
Count the Wings: The Life and Art of Charley Harper
Author/Editor: Michelle Houts
Cracks in the Invisible
Author/Editor: Kampa, Stephen
Crazy Quilts: A Beginner’s Guide
The Crisis of Meaning and the Life-World: Husserl, Heidegger, Arendt, Patočka, Vol. 49
Author/Editor: L’UBICA UČNÍK
Cultivating the Colonies
Author/Editor: Ax, Christina Folke; Brimnes, Niels; Jensen, Niklas Thode
The Cultural Production of Matthew Arnold
Author/Editor: Harrison, Antony H
The Cut of His Coat
Author/Editor: Shannon, Brent
Cy Young: An American Baseball Hero
Author/Editor: Scott H. Longert
Dams, Displacement and the Delusion of Development
Author/Editor: Isaacman, Allen F.; Isaacman, Barbara S
Dance of Life
Author/Editor: Fincham, Gail
Dancing out of Line
Author/Editor: Engelhardt, Molly
Dead Letters to Nietzsche, or the Necromantic Art of Reading Philosophy
Author/Editor: Faulkner, Joanne
Dear Regime
Author/Editor: Sedarat, Roger
A Death in Bali: A Jenna Murphy Mystery
Author/Editor: Nancy Tingley
Dedan Kimathi on Trial: Colonial Justice and Popular Memory in Kenya’s Mau Mau Rebellion
Author/Editor: Julie Macarthur ,Willy Mutunga ,Mĩcere Gĩthae Mũgo ,Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o
Degrees of Allegiance
Author/Editor: DeWitt, Petra
The Demographics of Empire
Author/Editor: Ittmann, Karl; Cordell, Dennis D.; Maddox, Gregory H
Devils & Islands
Author/Editor: Cassity, Turner
Doctoring the Novel
Author/Editor: Pamboukian, Sylvia A
Dolores Huerta Stands Strong: The Woman Who Demanded Justice
Author/Editor: Marlene Targ Brill
Doubtful Harbor: Poems
Author/Editor: Idris Anderson
Dragging Wyatt Earp
Author/Editor: Rebein, Robert
The Dred Scott Case
Author/Editor: Konig, David Thomas; Finkelman, Paul; Bracey, Christopher Alan
Driven toward Madness: The Fugitive Slave Margaret Garner and Tragedy on the Ohio
Author/Editor: Nikki M. Taylor
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Author/Editor: Pamela Scully
Emergent Masculinities: Gendered Power and Social Change in the Biafran Atlantic Age
Author/Editor: Ndubueze L. Mbah
Empire in Africa
Author/Editor: Birmingham, David
Empowering the Public-Private Partnership: The Future of America’s Local Government
Author/Editor: George V. Voinovich ,R. Gregory Browning ,Hunter Morrison ,Hunter Morrison
Enchanted Ground: The Spirit Room of Jonathan Koons
Author/Editor: Sharon Hatfield
Ending the Civil War and Consequences for Congress
Author/Editor: Paul Finkelman ,Donald R. Kennon
Environmental Imaginaries of the Middle East and North Africa
Author/Editor: Davis, Diana K.; Burke III, Edmund
Environment at the Margins
Author/Editor: Caminero-Santangelo, Byron; Myers, Garth
Author/Editor: Phillips, Howard
Ethnicity, Identity, and Conceptualizing Community in Indian Ocean East Africa
Author/Editor: Daren E. Ray
The Exile Mission
Author/Editor: Jaroszyńska-Kirchmann, Anna D
Exiting the Fragility Trap: Rethinking Our Approach to the World’s Most Fragile States
Author/Editor: David Carment ,Yiagadeesen Samy
Eye to Eye: Sports Journalist Christine Brennan
Author/Editor: Julie K. Rubini
Failed States and Fragile Societies
Author/Editor: Trauschweizer, Ingo; Miner, Steven M
Fall or Fly: The Strangely Hopeful Story of Foster Care and Adoption in Appalachia
Author/Editor: WENDY WELCH
Fatal Judgment: An Andy Hayes Mystery
Feeding Globalization: Madagascar and the Provisioning Trade, 1600–1800
Author/Editor: JANE HOOPER
Feminism and the Legacy of Revolution
Author/Editor: Kampwirth, Karen
A Field Guide to the Poetry of Theodore Roethke
Fifty Must-Try Craft Beers of Ohio
Author/Editor: Rick Armon
Finding Dr. Livingstone: A History in Documents from the Henry Morton Stanley Archives
Author/Editor: Mathil de Leduc-Grimaldi ,James L. Newman
Fire in the Big House: America’s Deadliest Prison Disaster
Author/Editor: Mitchel P. Roth
Fire Is Your Water: A Novel
Author/Editor: Jim Minick
Following the Ball: The Migration of African Soccer Players across the Portuguese Colonial Empire, 1949–1975, Vol. 16
Author/Editor: Todd Cleveland
Following the Barn Quilt Trail
Author/Editor: Suzi Parron ,Donna Sue Groves
The Food We Eat, the Stories We Tell: Contemporary Appalachian Tables
Author/Editor: Elizabeth S. D. Engelhardt ,Lora E. Smith ,Ronni Lundy
Football and Colonialism: Body and Popular Culture in Urban Mozambique
Author/Editor: Nuno Domingos ,Harry G. West
The Forger’s Tale
Author/Editor: Newell, Stephanie
The Forger’s Tale, 1
Author/Editor: Stephanie Newell
Forget Me Not
Author/Editor: Harris, Katherine D
Framing the Polish Home
Author/Editor: Shallcross, Bożena
From Disarmament to Rearmament: The Reversal of US Policy toward West Germany, 1946–1955
Author/Editor: Sheldon A. Goldberg ,Ingo Trauschweizer
From Mastery to Mystery
Author/Editor: Bannon, Bryan E
From Sleep Unbound
Author/Editor: Chedid, Andre
The Game of Conservation
Author/Editor: Cioc, Mark
The Gender of Piety
Author/Editor: Urban-Mead, Wendy
Generations Past
Author/Editor: Burton, Andrew; Charton-Bigot, Hélène
Ghazal Games
Author/Editor: Sedarat, Roger
The Ghost of Monsieur Scarron
Author/Editor: Lewis, Janet
Gibbons v. Ogden, Law, and Society in the Early Republic
Author/Editor: Cox, Thomas H
The Golden Age of Phenomenology at the New School for Social Research, 1954–1973, Vol. 50
Gone Dollywood: Dolly Parton’s Mountain Dream
Author/Editor: Graham Hoppe
Good-bye, Son and Other Stories
Author/Editor: JANET LEWIS
Goshen Road: A Novel
Author/Editor: Bonnie Proudfoot
The Gospel According to James and Other Plays
Author/Editor: Smith, Charles R
Govan Mbeki
Author/Editor: Bundy, Colin
Gravel and Hawk
Author/Editor: Norwood, Nick
Guerrillas and Terrorists
Author/Editor: Clutterbuck, Richard L
Guerrillas & Terrorists
Author/Editor: Clutterbuck, Richard
The Gun in Central Africa: A History of Technology and Politics
Author/Editor: Giacomo Macola
Hanging by a Thread
Author/Editor: Moseley, William G.; Gray, Leslie C
Hatred at Home
Author/Editor: Welsh-Huggins, Andrew
A Head in Cambodia: A Jenna Murphy Mystery
Author/Editor: Nancy Tingley
Healing the Herds
Author/Editor: Brown, Karen; Gilfoyle, Daniel
Healing Traditions
Author/Editor: Flint, Karen E
Hero of the Angry Sky
Author/Editor: Rossano, Geoffrey L
Hip-Hop in Africa: Prophets of the City and Dustyfoot Philosophers, Vol. 18
Author/Editor: Msia Kibona Clark ,Quentin Williams ,Akosua Adomako Ampofo
The History of Blood Transfusion in Sub-Saharan Africa
Author/Editor: Schneider, William H
The History of Indiana Law
Author/Editor: Bodenhamer, David J.; Shepard, Randall T
A History of Tourism in Africa: Exoticization, Exploitation, and Enrichment
Author/Editor: Todd Cleveland
Home Front to Battlefront: An Ohio Teenager in World War II
Author/Editor: Frank Lavin ,Henry A. Kissinger
Hometown for an Hour
Author/Editor: Rose, Jennifer
How Fire Runs: A Novel
The Hunt: An Andy Hayes Mystery
The Illustrated Letters of Richard Doyle to His Father, 1842–1843
Author/Editor: Doyle, Richard; Scott, Grant F
Indian Angles
Author/Editor: Gibson, Mary Ellis
Indigenous Knowledge and the Environment in Africa and North America
Author/Editor: Gordon, David M.; Krech III, Shepard
In Essentials, Unity: An Economic History of the Grange Movement
Author/Editor: JENNY BOURNE
Ingrid Jonker
Author/Editor: Viljoen, Louise
The Intentional Spectrum and Intersubjectivity
Author/Editor: Barber, Michael D
Internal Frontiers: African Nationalism and the Indian Diaspora in Twentieth-Century South Africa
Author/Editor: Jon Soske
In the Balance of Power
Author/Editor: Ali, Omar H
In the Balance of Power: Independent Black Politics and Third-Party Movements in the United States, Ed. REV - Revised, 1
Author/Editor: OMAR H. ALI ,Eric Foner ,Jacqueline Salit
In the House of Wilderness: A Novel
In the Shade of the Shady Tree
Author/Editor: Kinsella, John
In the Shadow of Freedom
Author/Editor: Finkelman, Paul; Kennon, Donald R
Intrusive Beauty: Poems
Author/Editor: Joseph J. Capista
Inventing Pollution
Author/Editor: Thorsheim, Peter
Inventing Pollution: Coal, Smoke, and Culture in Britain since 1800
Author/Editor: Peter Thorsheim
Invisible Agents
Author/Editor: Gordon, David M
Isaac Murphy: I Dedicate This Ride, Ed. NED - New edition, 1
Author/Editor: FRANK X WALKER
The Jacksonian Conservatism of Rufus P. Ranney: The Politics and Jurisprudence of a Northern Democrat from the Age of Jackson to the Gilded Age
Author/Editor: DAVID M. GOLD ,Rufus P. Ranney
Jail Speak
Author/Editor: Ben Langston
The Jerrie Mock Story: The First Woman to Fly Solo around the World
Author/Editor: Nancy Roe Pimm
Jihād in West Africa during the Age of Revolutions
Author/Editor: Paul E. Lovejoy
Josie Mpama/Palmer: Get Up and Get Moving
Author/Editor: Robert R. Edgar
Julius Nyerere
Author/Editor: Paul Bjerk
The Jury in Lincoln’s America
Author/Editor: McDermott, Stacy Pratt
The Jury in Lincoln’s America, 1
Justice and Legal Change on the Shores of Lake Erie
Author/Editor: Finkelman, Paul; Alexander, Roberta Sue
Keeping Heart
Author/Editor: Trotter, Otis
Keep On Fighting
Author/Editor: Christenson, Dorothy H
Ken Saro-Wiwa
Author/Editor: Roy Doron ,Toyin Falola
The Krio of West Africa
Author/Editor: Cole, Gibril R
The Land beyond the Mists
Author/Editor: Newbury, David
Land for the People
Author/Editor: Lucas, Anton; Warren, Carol
Land, Memory, Reconstruction, and Justice
Author/Editor: Walker, Cherryl; Bohlin, Anna; Hall, Ruth
The Law of the Looking Glass
Author/Editor: Skaff, Sheila
Legacy: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Personal History
Author/Editor: Linda Spence
Lincoln, Congress, and Emancipation
Author/Editor: Paul Finkelman ,Donald R. Kennon
Literary Cincinnati
Author/Editor: Brown, Dale Patrick
Lit from Within
Author/Editor: Haworth, Kevin; Moore, Dinty W
Little Otter Learns to Swim
Living with Nkrumahism: Nation, State, and Pan-Africanism in Ghana
Author/Editor: Jeffrey S. Ahlman
The Locavore’s Kitchen
Author/Editor: Suszko, Marilou K
The Locavore’s Kitchen, 1
Author/Editor: MARILOU K. SUSZKO
Lyrical Liberators: The American Antislavery Movement in Verse, 1831–1865
Author/Editor: Monica Pelaez
Mad Dogs and Meerkats
Author/Editor: Brown, Karen
The Madness of Vision
Author/Editor: Buci-Glucksmann, Christine
Maggie Boylan
Author/Editor: Michael Henson
Making a World after Empire: The Bandung Moment and Its Political Afterlives, Ed. ENL - Enlarged, 2
Author/Editor: Christopher J. Lee ,Vijay Prashad
Making Money: Life, Death, and Early Modern Trade on Africa’s Guinea Coast
Author/Editor: Colleen E. Kriger
Making the Mark: Gender, Identity, and Genital Cutting
Author/Editor: Miroslava Prazak
Making Words Matter
Author/Editor: Hai, Ambreen
The Man Who Created Paradise: A Fable
Author/Editor: GENE LOGSDON ,Gregory Spaid ,Wendell berry
The Many Lives of Eddie Rickenbacker
Author/Editor: Andrew Speno
Author/Editor: Alexander, Peter; Lekgowa, Thapelo; Mmope, Botsang
Market Encounters: Consumer Cultures in Twentieth-Century Ghana
Author/Editor: Bianca Murillo
Marriage by Force?: Contestation over Consent and Coercion in Africa
Marta: A Novel
Author/Editor: Eliza Orzeszkowa ,Anna Gąsienica Byrcyn ,Stephanie Kraft ,Grażyna J. Kozaczka
Melodramatic Imperial Writing
Author/Editor: Hultgren, Neil
The Message of the City: Dawn Powell’s New York Novels, 1925–1962
Author/Editor: Patricia E. Palermo
Metaphor and the Slave Trade in West African Literature
Author/Editor: Murphy, Laura T
Meter Matters
Author/Editor: Hall, Jason David
Michael Field: Decadent Moderns
Author/Editor: MICHAEL FIELD ,Sarah Parker ,Ana Parejo Vadillo
Michigan’s War: The Civil War in Documents
Author/Editor: JOHN W. QUIST
Author/Editor: Dawes, Kwame
The Midwestern Pastoral
Author/Editor: Barillas, William
Militarizing Marriage: West African Soldiers’ Conjugal Traditions in Modern French Empire
Author/Editor: Sarah J. Zimmerman
Ministers of Fire
Author/Editor: Saunders, Mark Harril
Modernism and the Women’s Popular Romance in Britain, 1885–1925
Author/Editor: Hipsky, Martin
Modernism and the Women’s Popular Romance in Britain, 1885–1925
Author/Editor: Hipsky, Martin
Modernist Art in Ethiopia
Modern Muslims: A Sudan Memoir
Author/Editor: Steve Howard
Monsoon Postcards: Indian Ocean Journeys
Author/Editor: David H. Mould
Motivation and the Primacy of Perception: Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology of Knowledge, Vol. 54
Author/Editor: Peter Antich
Mountains of Injustice
Author/Editor: Morrone, Michele; Buckley, Geoffrey L
The Moxon Tennyson: A Landmark in Victorian Illustration
Author/Editor: Simon Cooke
Mozambique’s Samora Machel: A Life Cut Short
Author/Editor: Allen F. Isaacman ,Barbara S. Isaacman ,Albie Sachs
Mrs. Shaw
Author/Editor: Wa Ngugi, Mukoma
Music Hall and Modernity
Author/Editor: Faulk, Barry J
Nation on Board: Becoming Nigerian at Sea
Author/Editor: Lynn Schler
Nature and History in Modern Italy
Author/Editor: Armiero, Marco; Hall, Marcus
Natures of Colonial Change
Author/Editor: Tropp, Jacob A
Nature’s Suit
Author/Editor: Hardy, Lee
Nature’s Suit
Author/Editor: Hardy, Lee
A Necessary Luxury
Author/Editor: Fromer, Julie E
Negotiating a Perilous Empowerment
Author/Editor: Locklear, Erica Abrams
New Stories from the Midwest
Author/Editor: Brown, Jason Lee; Prefontaine, Jay
Night Garden: A Novel
No Money, No Beer, No Pennants: The Cleveland Indians and Baseball in the Great Depression
Author/Editor: Scott H. Longert
No Second Eden
Author/Editor: Cassity, Turner
Not Out of Hate: A Novel of Burma
Author/Editor: Margaret Aung-Thwin ,Anna Allott ,Robert E. Vore ,William H. Frederick
Not White Enough, Not Black Enough
Author/Editor: Adhikari, Mohamed
Obama and Kenya: Contested Histories and the Politics of Belonging
Author/Editor: Matthew Carotenuto ,Katherine Luongo
Ohio Canal Era
Author/Editor: Scheiber, Harry N
Ohio’s Kingmaker
Author/Editor: Horner, William T
Ohio’s Kingmaker
Author/Editor: Horner, William T
Once I Too Had Wings
Author/Editor: Miles, Emma Bell; Cox, Steven
On the Desire to Levitate
Author/Editor: Powell, Alison
On the Plains in ’65: The 6th West Virginia Volunteer Cavalry in the West
Author/Editor: George H. Holliday ,Glenn V. Longacre
The Ontology of Becoming and the Ethics of Particularity
Author/Editor: Dillon, M. C.; Hass, Lawrence
The Origins of Modern Polish Democracy
Author/Editor: Biskupski, M. B. B.; Pula, James S.; Wróbel, Piotr J
Oscar Wilde and Modern Culture
Author/Editor: Bristow, Joseph
Out of Nowhere: New and Selected Poems
Author/Editor: Mary Ann Taylor-Hall
Out of the Mountains
Author/Editor: Willis, Meredith Sue
Pachakutik and the Rise and Decline of the Ecuadorian Indigenous Movement
Author/Editor: Mijeski, Kenneth J.; Beck, Scott H
Paper Sons and Daughters
Author/Editor: Ho, Ufrieda
Paris on the Potomac
Author/Editor: Field, Cynthia R.; Gournay, Isabelle; Somma, Thomas P
Passionate Revolutions: The Media and the Rise and Fall of the Marcos Regime
Author/Editor: Talitha Espiritu
Paths toward the Nation
Author/Editor: Venosa, Joseph L
Paying Calls in Shangri-La: Scenes from a Woman’s Life in American Diplomacy
Author/Editor: JUDITH M. HEIMANN
Pearls, People, and Power: Pearling and Indian Ocean Worlds
Author/Editor: Pedro Machado ,Steve Mullins ,Joseph Christensen
Peasants in Arms
Author/Editor: Horton, Lynn
Penumbra: Poems
Author/Editor: Michael Shewmaker
Peoples of the Inland Sea: Native Americans and Newcomers in the Great Lakes Region, 1600–1870
The Phenomenology of Pain, Vol. 53
Author/Editor: Saulius Geniusas
Photographing Eden
Author/Editor: Gray, Jason
Placing Aesthetics
Author/Editor: Wood, Robert E
Planted by the Signs: Poems
Author/Editor: Misty Skaggs
Players, Teams, and Stadium Ghosts: Bob Hunter on Sports
Author/Editor: Bob Hunter
The Plot Thickens: Illustrated Victorian Serial Fiction from Dickens to Du Maurier
The Politics of Disease Control: Sleeping Sickness in Eastern Africa, 1890–1920
Author/Editor: Mari K. Webel
Populist Seduction in Latin America
Author/Editor: Torre, Carlos de la
Power, Change, and Gender Relations in Rural Java
Author/Editor: Tickamyer, Ann R.; Kusujiarti, Siti
Powerful Frequencies: Radio, State Power, and the Cold War in Angola, 1931–2002
Author/Editor: Marissa J. Moorman
Power in the Blood
Author/Editor: Tate, Linda
The Power to Name
Author/Editor: Newell, Stephanie
Preaching Prevention
Author/Editor: Boyd, Lydia
Prophetic Politics
Author/Editor: Harold, Philip J
Prosperity Far Distant
Author/Editor: Wiltse, Charles M.; Birkner, Michael J
Protecting the Empire’s Frontier
Author/Editor: Baule, Steven M
Protecting the Empire’s Frontier
Author/Editor: Baule, Steven M
The Quarry
Author/Editor: Lechay, Dan
The Quick-Change Artist
Author/Editor: Holladay, Cary
Race, Resistance, and the Boy Scout Movement in British Colonial Africa
Author/Editor: Parsons, Timothy H
Radical Utu: Critical Ideas and Ideals of Wangari Muta Maathai, Vol. 95
Author/Editor: Besi Brillian Muhonja
Reading for Health
Author/Editor: Wright, Erika
Reading Victorian Deafness
Author/Editor: Esmail, Jennifer
Recasting the Past
Author/Editor: Peterson, Derek R.; Macola, Giacomo
Reel Pleasures: Cinema Audiences and Entrepreneurs in Twentieth-Century Urban Tanzania
Author/Editor: LAURA FAIR
Religion, Media, and Marginality in Modern Africa
Author/Editor: Felicitas Becker ,Joel Cabrita ,Marie Rodet
Religious Imaginaries
Author/Editor: Dieleman, Karen
The Rescue of Joshua Glover
Author/Editor: Baker, H. Robert
Research as More Than Extraction: Knowledge Production and Gender-Based Violence in African Societies
Resistance on the National Stage
Author/Editor: Bodden, Michael H
The Return of the Galon King
Author/Editor: Aung–Thwin, Maitrii
The Riddle of Malnutrition: The Long Arc of Biomedical and Public Health Interventions in Uganda
Author/Editor: Jennifer Tappan
Robert Mugabe
Author/Editor: Sue Onslow ,Martin Plaut
Rome’s Most Faithful Daughter
Author/Editor: Pease, Neal
Rome’s Most Faithful Daughter, 1
Author/Editor: Neal Pease
A Room of His Own
Author/Editor: Black, Barbara
The Room Within
Author/Editor: Moran, Moore
Rust Belt Burlesque: The Softer Side of a Heavy Metal Town
The Sacred Door and Other Stories
Author/Editor: Makuchi
Safari Nation: A Social History of the Kruger National Park
Author/Editor: Jacob S. T. Dlamini
The Sage in the Cathedral of Books
Author/Editor: Yang, Yang
San Rock Art
Author/Editor: Lewis-Williams, J.D
A Saturnalia of Bunk: Selections from The Free Lance, 1911–1915
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Saving Seeds, Preserving Taste
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Screening Morocco
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Searching for Soul
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Seeing Like a Citizen: Decolonization, Development, and the Making of Kenya, 1945–1980
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Selected Poems
Author/Editor: Gerlach, Lee
Shakespeare the Illusionist: Magic, Dreams, and the Supernatural on Film
Author/Editor: NEIL FORSYTH
Sharp and Dangerous Virtues
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A Short History of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart
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Sino–Malay Trade and Diplomacy from the Tenth through the Fourteenth Century
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Slavery, Agriculture, and Malaria in the Arabian Peninsula
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Slavery and Reform in West Africa
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Slow Burn: An Andy Hayes Mystery
Smoky, the Dog That Saved My Life: The Bill Wynne Story
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Solving for X
Author/Editor: Shaw, Robert B
Soulful Bobcats
Author/Editor: Walker, Carl H.; Hollow, Betty
South Africa’s Struggle for Human Rights
Author/Editor: Dubow, Saul
South Africa’s Struggle for Human Rights
Author/Editor: Dubow, Saul
South Africa’s Suspended Revolution
Author/Editor: Habib, Adam
South Africa’s Suspended Revolution
Author/Editor: Habib, Adam
South × South
Author/Editor: Hood, Charles
South × South
Author/Editor: Hood, Charles
South x South
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Spirituality and the Writer: A Personal Inquiry
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Sports in Africa, Past and Present
Squatters and the Roots of Mau Mau, 1905–1963
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Staging the Amistad: Three Sierra Leonean Plays
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Steve Biko
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Subversive Lives: A Family Memoir of the Marcos Years
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The Surface of the Lit World
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Taken In Faith
Author/Editor: Pinkerton, Helen
Taking Liberties
Author/Editor: Filipowicz, Halina
Taking Root
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Tales of the Metric System: A Novel
Talkative Polity: Radio, Domination, and Citizenship in Uganda
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A Taste of the Hocking Hills
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Technologies of Suspicion and the Ethics of Obligation in Political Asylum
Television, Nation, and Culture in Indonesia
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The Tenets of Cognitive Existentialism
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Terminal Diagrams
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Thabo Mbeki
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Theater and Martial Arts in West Sumatra
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Then & Now
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Thinking between Deleuze and Merleau-Ponty, Vol. 51
Thinking Outside the Girl Box
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The Third Brother: An Andy Hayes Mystery
Threatening Others
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The Tiki King
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Traitors and True Poles
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Transported to Botany Bay: Class, National Identity, and the Literary Figure of the Australian Convict
Transversal Rationality and Intercultural Texts
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A Trick of Sunlight
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Triumph of the Expert
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Trustee for the Human Community
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Twins Talk
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An Uncertain Age: The Politics of Manhood in Kenya
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The Uncoiling Python
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Under the Heel of the Dragon
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Unsettled Accounts
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The Untried Life
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The Victorian Novel of Adulthood
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Viet Nam: Tradition and Change
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Virginia Hamilton: America’s Storyteller
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The Wake of Wellington
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Wangari Maathai
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Wartime in Burma
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Water Brings No Harm: Management Knowledge and the Struggle for the Waters of Kilimanjaro
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We Are All Zimbabweans Now
Author/Editor: Kilgore, James
We Are Fighting the World
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We Do Not Have Borders: Greater Somalia and the Predicaments of Belonging in Kenya
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Welcome to the Neighborhood: An Anthology of American Coexistence
Author/Editor: SARAH GREEN ,David Baker
When Grandma Gatewood Took a Hike
Author/Editor: Michelle Houts ,Erica Magnus
When Sugar Ruled
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Wielding the Ax
Author/Editor: Sunseri, Thaddeus
The Wife of Martin Guerre
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The Wolf at Number 4: A Novel
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Women in the Shadows: Gender, Puppets, and the Power of Tradition in Bali
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Women’s Perspectives on Human Security: Violence, Environment, and Sustainability
The Wright Company
Author/Editor: Roach, Edward J
Writing an Icon: Celebrity Culture and the Invention of Anaïs Nin
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Writing the Polish American Woman in Postwar Ethnic Fiction
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X Marks the Spot
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Yellow Stonefly: A Novel
Author/Editor: TIM POLAND
Your Madness, Not Mine
Author/Editor: Makuchi