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Access with Attitude
Author/Editor: Marburger, David; Idsvoog, Karl
Access with Attitude, 1
Author/Editor: David Marburger,Karl Idsvoog,Doug Clifton
African Asylum at a Crossroads
Author/Editor: Berger, Iris; Redeker Hepner, Tricia; Lawrance, Benjamin N
African Asylum at a Crossroads, 1
Author/Editor: Iris Berger,Tricia Redeker Hepner,Benjamin N. Lawrance,Joanna T. Tague,Meredith Terretta,Penelope Andrews,Fallou Ngom
African Intellectuals and Decolonization
Author/Editor: Creary, Nicholas M
African Intellectuals and Decolonization, 1
Author/Editor: Nicholas M. Creary
African Video Movies and Global Desires
Author/Editor: Garritano, Carmela
After Tears
Author/Editor: Mhlongo, Niq
After Tears, 1
Author/Editor: NIQ MHLONGO
Amy Levy
Author/Editor: Hetherington, Naomi; Valman, Nadia
Amy Levy, 1
Author/Editor: Naomi Hetherington,Nadia Valman
The Anatomy of a South African Genocide
Author/Editor: Adhikari, Mohamed
The ANC Youth League
Author/Editor: Glaser, Clive
Anglophone Poetry in Colonial India, 1780–1913
Author/Editor: Gibson, Mary Ellis
Anglophone Poetry in Colonial India, 1780–1913, 1
Author/Editor: Mary Ellis Gibson
Appalachia in the Classroom
Author/Editor: Burriss, Theresa L.; Gantt, Patricia M
Author/Editor: Davis, Dick
Belonging, 1
Author/Editor: DICK DAVIS
Between Frontiers
Author/Editor: Ishikawa, Noboru
Between Frontiers, 1
Author/Editor: Noboru Ishikawa
Between the Brown and the Red
Author/Editor: Kunicki, Mikołaj Stanisław
Between the Brown and the Red, 1
Author/Editor: Mikołaj Stanisław Kunicki
Between You and I
Author/Editor: Stawarska, Beata
Between You and I, 1
Bleak Houses
Author/Editor: Surridge, Lisa
Bleak Houses, 1
Author/Editor: LISA SURRIDGE
Blood and Capital
Author/Editor: Hristov, Jasmin
Blood and Capital, 1
Author/Editor: Jasmin Hristov
The Borders of Integration
Author/Editor: McCook, Brian
The Borders of Integration, 1
Author/Editor: Brian McCook,John J. Bukowczyk
Burma’s Mass Lay Meditation Movement
Author/Editor: Jordt, Ingrid
Burma’s Mass Lay Meditation Movement, 1
Author/Editor: Ingrid Jordt
Cases of Circumstantial Evidence
Author/Editor: Lewis, Janet
Cast Out
Author/Editor: Beier, A. L.; Ocobock, Paul
Cast Out, 1
Author/Editor: A. L. Beier,Paul Ocobock
Charity and Condescension
Author/Editor: Siegel, Daniel
Charity and Condescension, 1
Author/Editor: DANIEL SIEGEL
Children in Slavery through the Ages
Author/Editor: Campbell, Gwyn; Miers, Suzanne; Miller, Joseph C
Children in Slavery through the Ages, 1
Author/Editor: Gwyn Campbell,Suzanne Miers,Joseph C. Miller
The Children of Africa Confront AIDS
Author/Editor: Singhal, Arvind; Howard, Steve
The Children of Africa Confront AIDS, 1
Author/Editor: Arvind Singhal,W. Stephen Howard,Farid Esack
Child Slaves in the Modern World
Author/Editor: Campbell, Gwyn; Miers, Suzanne; Miller, Joseph C
Child Slaves in the Modern World, 1
Author/Editor: Gwyn Campbell,Suzanne Miers,Joseph C. Miller
Christianity and Public Culture in Africa
Author/Editor: Englund, Harri
Christianity and Public Culture in Africa, 1
Author/Editor: Harri Englund
Cinematic Hamlet
Author/Editor: Cook, Patrick J
Cinematic Hamlet, 1
Author/Editor: PATRICK J. COOK
Author/Editor: Schmiel, Eugene D
Citizen-General, 1
Author/Editor: Eugene D. Schmiel,Ingo Trauschweizer,David J. Ulbrich
The Clash of Moral Nations
Author/Editor: Plach, Eva
The Clash of Moral Nations, 1
Author/Editor: Eva Plach
The Collected Letters of Henry Northrup Castle
Author/Editor: Castle, Henry Northrup; Mead, George Herbert; Mead, Helen Castle
Colonial Rosary
Author/Editor: Lake, Alison
Colonial Rosary, 1
Author/Editor: Alison Lake
Come Buy, Come Buy
Author/Editor: Lysack, Krista
Come Buy, Come Buy, 1
Author/Editor: Krista Lysack
Congress and the Crisis of the 1850s
Author/Editor: Finkelman, Paul; Kennon, Donald R
Congress and the Crisis of the 1850s, 1
Author/Editor: Paul Finkelman,Donald R. Kennon
Constructing Black Education at Oberlin College
Author/Editor: Baumann, Roland M
Constructing Black Education at Oberlin College, 1
Author/Editor: ROLAND M. BAUMANN
Contours of White Ethnicity
Author/Editor: Anagnostou, Yiorgos
Contours of White Ethnicity, 1
A Conversation about Ohio University and the Presidency, 1975–1994
Author/Editor: Ping, Charles J
Cracks in the Invisible
Author/Editor: Kampa, Stephen
Cracks in the Invisible, 1
Author/Editor: Stephen Kampa
Cultivating the Colonies
Author/Editor: Ax, Christina Folke; Brimnes, Niels; Jensen, Niklas Thode
Cultivating the Colonies, 1
Author/Editor: Christina Folke Ax,Niels Brimnes,Niklas Thode Jensen,Karen Oslund
The Cultural Production of Matthew Arnold
Author/Editor: Harrison, Antony H
The Cultural Production of Matthew Arnold, 1
Author/Editor: Antony H. Harrison
The Cut of His Coat
Author/Editor: Shannon, Brent
The Cut of His Coat, 1
Author/Editor: BRENT SHANNON
Dams, Displacement and the Delusion of Development
Author/Editor: Isaacman, Allen F.; Isaacman, Barbara S
Dance of Life
Author/Editor: Fincham, Gail
Dance of Life, 1
Author/Editor: Gail Fincham
Dancing out of Line
Author/Editor: Engelhardt, Molly
Dancing out of Line, 1
Author/Editor: Molly Engelhardt
Dead Letters to Nietzsche, or the Necromantic Art of Reading Philosophy, 1
Dead Letters to Nietzsche, or the Necromantic Art of Reading Philosophy
Author/Editor: Faulkner, Joanne
Dear Regime
Author/Editor: Sedarat, Roger
Dear Regime, 1
Author/Editor: Roger Sedarat
Degrees of Allegiance
Author/Editor: DeWitt, Petra
Degrees of Allegiance, 1
The Demographics of Empire
Author/Editor: Ittmann, Karl; Cordell, Dennis D.; Maddox, Gregory H
The Demographics of Empire, 1
Author/Editor: Karl Ittmann,Dennis D. Cordell,Gregory H. Maddox
Devils & Islands
Author/Editor: Cassity, Turner
Devils & Islands, 1
Doctoring the Novel
Author/Editor: Pamboukian, Sylvia A
Doctoring the Novel, 1
Dragging Wyatt Earp
Author/Editor: Rebein, Robert
The Dred Scott Case
Author/Editor: Konig, David Thomas; Finkelman, Paul; Bracey, Christopher Alan
The Dred Scott Case, 1
Empire in Africa
Author/Editor: Birmingham, David
Empire in Africa, 1
Author/Editor: David Birmingham
Environmental Imaginaries of the Middle East and North Africa, 1
Author/Editor: Diana K. Davis,Edmund Burke III,Timothy Mitchell
Environmental Imaginaries of the Middle East and North Africa
Author/Editor: Davis, Diana K.; Burke III, Edmund
Environment at the Margins
Author/Editor: Caminero-Santangelo, Byron; Myers, Garth
Environment at the Margins, 1
Author/Editor: Byron Caminero-Santangelo,Garth Myers
Author/Editor: Phillips, Howard
Epidemics, 1
Author/Editor: Howard Phillips
The Exile Mission
Author/Editor: Jaroszyńska-Kirchmann, Anna D
The Exile Mission, 1
Author/Editor: Anna D. Jaroszyńska-Kirchmann
Failed States and Fragile Societies
Author/Editor: Trauschweizer, Ingo; Miner, Steven M
Failed States and Fragile Societies, 1
Author/Editor: Ingo Trauschweizer,Steven M. Miner
Feminism and the Legacy of Revolution
Author/Editor: Kampwirth, Karen
Feminism and the Legacy of Revolution, 1
Author/Editor: Karen Kampwirth
The Forger’s Tale
Author/Editor: Newell, Stephanie
The Forger’s Tale, 1
Author/Editor: Stephanie Newell
Forget Me Not
Author/Editor: Harris, Katherine D
Forget Me Not, 1
Framing the Polish Home
Author/Editor: Shallcross, Bożena
Framing the Polish Home, 1
Author/Editor: Bożena Shallcross
From Mastery to Mystery
Author/Editor: Bannon, Bryan E
From Sleep Unbound
Author/Editor: Chedid, Andre
The Game of Conservation
Author/Editor: Cioc, Mark
The Gender of Piety
Author/Editor: Urban-Mead, Wendy
The Gender of Piety, 1
Generations Past
Author/Editor: Burton, Andrew; Charton-Bigot, Hélène
Generations Past, 1
Author/Editor: Andrew Burton,Hélène Charton-Bigot
Ghazal Games
Author/Editor: Sedarat, Roger
Ghazal Games, 1
Author/Editor: ROGER SEDARAT
The Ghost of Monsieur Scarron
Author/Editor: Lewis, Janet
Gibbons v. Ogden, Law, and Society in the Early Republic
Author/Editor: Cox, Thomas H
Gibbons v. Ogden, Law, and Society in the Early Republic, 1
Author/Editor: THOMAS H. COX
The Gospel According to James and Other Plays
Author/Editor: Smith, Charles R
The Gospel According to James and Other Plays, 1
Author/Editor: Charles R. Smith
Govan Mbeki
Author/Editor: Bundy, Colin
Gravel and Hawk
Author/Editor: Norwood, Nick
Gravel and Hawk, 1
Author/Editor: Nick Norwood
Guerrillas and Terrorists
Author/Editor: Clutterbuck, Richard L
Guerrillas & Terrorists
Author/Editor: Clutterbuck, Richard
Hanging by a Thread
Author/Editor: Moseley, William G.; Gray, Leslie C
Hanging by a Thread, 1
Author/Editor: William G. Moseley,Leslie C. Gray
Hatred at Home
Author/Editor: Welsh-Huggins, Andrew
Hatred at Home, 1
Author/Editor: Andrew Welsh-Huggins
Healing the Herds
Author/Editor: Brown, Karen; Gilfoyle, Daniel
Healing the Herds, 1
Author/Editor: Karen Brown,Daniel Gilfoyle
Healing Traditions
Author/Editor: Flint, Karen E
Healing Traditions, 1
Author/Editor: Karen E. Flint,Jean Allman,Allen Isaacman
Hero of the Angry Sky
Author/Editor: Rossano, Geoffrey L
The History of Blood Transfusion in Sub-Saharan Africa
Author/Editor: Schneider, William H
The History of Blood Transfusion in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1
Author/Editor: William H. Schneider,James L. A. Webb Jr.
The History of Indiana Law
Author/Editor: Bodenhamer, David J.; Shepard, Randall T
The History of Indiana Law, 1
Author/Editor: David J. Bodenhamer,Randall T. Shepard,Paul Finkelman
Hometown for an Hour
Author/Editor: Rose, Jennifer
Hometown for an Hour, 1
Author/Editor: Jennifer Rose
The Illustrated Letters of Richard Doyle to His Father, 1842–1843
Author/Editor: Doyle, Richard; Scott, Grant F
Indian Angles
Author/Editor: Gibson, Mary Ellis
Indian Angles, 1
Author/Editor: Mary Ellis Gibson
Indigenous Knowledge and the Environment in Africa and North America
Author/Editor: Gordon, David M.; Krech III, Shepard
Indigenous Knowledge and the Environment in Africa and North America, 1
Author/Editor: David M. Gordon,Shepard Krech III
Ingrid Jonker
Author/Editor: Viljoen, Louise
The Intentional Spectrum and Intersubjectivity
Author/Editor: Barber, Michael D
The Intentional Spectrum and Intersubjectivity, 1
Author/Editor: MICHAEL D. BARBER
In the Balance of Power
Author/Editor: Ali, Omar H
In the Balance of Power, 1
Author/Editor: OMAR H. ALI,Eric Foner
In the Shade of the Shady Tree
Author/Editor: Kinsella, John
In the Shade of the Shady Tree, 1
Author/Editor: John Kinsella
In the Shadow of Freedom
Author/Editor: Finkelman, Paul; Kennon, Donald R
In the Shadow of Freedom, 1
Author/Editor: Paul Finkelman,Donald R. Kennon,Donald R. Kennon
Inventing Pollution
Author/Editor: Thorsheim, Peter
Inventing Pollution, 1
Author/Editor: Peter Thorsheim
Invisible Agents
Author/Editor: Gordon, David M
Invisible Agents, 1
Author/Editor: David M. Gordon,Jean Allman,Allen Isaacman
The Jury in Lincoln’s America
Author/Editor: McDermott, Stacy Pratt
The Jury in Lincoln’s America, 1
Justice and Legal Change on the Shores of Lake Erie
Author/Editor: Finkelman, Paul; Alexander, Roberta Sue
Justice and Legal Change on the Shores of Lake Erie, 1
Author/Editor: Paul Finkelman,Roberta Sue Alexander,Solomon Oliver Jr.,Paul Finkelman,L. Diane Barnes
Keeping Heart
Author/Editor: Trotter, Otis
Keeping Heart, 1
Author/Editor: Otis Trotter,Joe William Trotter Jr.,Marie Tedesco,Chris Green,Elizabeth S. D. Engelhardt
Keep On Fighting
Author/Editor: Christenson, Dorothy H
Keep On Fighting, 1
Author/Editor: Dorothy H. Christenson,Mary E. Frederickson
The Krio of West Africa
Author/Editor: Cole, Gibril R
The Land beyond the Mists
Author/Editor: Newbury, David
The Land beyond the Mists, 1
Author/Editor: David Newbury,Jan Vansina
Land for the People
Author/Editor: Lucas, Anton; Warren, Carol
Land, Memory, Reconstruction, and Justice
Author/Editor: Walker, Cherryl; Bohlin, Anna; Hall, Ruth
Land, Memory, Reconstruction, and Justice, 1
The Law of the Looking Glass
Author/Editor: Skaff, Sheila
The Law of the Looking Glass, 1
Author/Editor: Sheila Skaff
Literary Cincinnati
Author/Editor: Brown, Dale Patrick
Literary Cincinnati, 1
Lit from Within
Author/Editor: Haworth, Kevin; Moore, Dinty W
Lit from Within, 1
The Locavore’s Kitchen
Author/Editor: Suszko, Marilou K
The Locavore’s Kitchen, 1
Author/Editor: MARILOU K. SUSZKO
Mad Dogs and Meerkats
Author/Editor: Brown, Karen
Mad Dogs and Meerkats, 1
Author/Editor: Karen Brown
The Madness of Vision
Author/Editor: Buci-Glucksmann, Christine
Making Words Matter
Author/Editor: Hai, Ambreen
Making Words Matter, 1
Author/Editor: Ambreen Hai
Author/Editor: Alexander, Peter; Lekgowa, Thapelo; Mmope, Botsang
Melodramatic Imperial Writing
Author/Editor: Hultgren, Neil
Metaphor and the Slave Trade in West African Literature
Author/Editor: Murphy, Laura T
Metaphor and the Slave Trade in West African Literature, 1
Author/Editor: LAURA T. MURPHY
Meter Matters
Author/Editor: Hall, Jason David
Meter Matters, 1
Author/Editor: Dawes, Kwame
Midland, 1
Author/Editor: Kwame Dawes
The Midwestern Pastoral
Author/Editor: Barillas, William
The Midwestern Pastoral, 1
Ministers of Fire
Author/Editor: Saunders, Mark Harril
Ministers of Fire, 1
Modernism and the Women’s Popular Romance in Britain, 1885–1925, 1
Author/Editor: Martin Hipsky
Modernism and the Women’s Popular Romance in Britain, 1885–1925
Author/Editor: Hipsky, Martin
Mountains of Injustice
Author/Editor: Morrone, Michele; Buckley, Geoffrey L
Mountains of Injustice, 1
Author/Editor: Michele Morrone,Geoffrey L. Buckley,Donald Edward Davis,Jedediah S. Purdy
Mrs. Shaw
Author/Editor: Wa Ngugi, Mukoma
Mrs. Shaw, 1
Author/Editor: MUKOMA wa NGUGI
Music Hall and Modernity
Author/Editor: Faulk, Barry J
Music Hall and Modernity, 1
Author/Editor: Barry J. Faulk
Nature and History in Modern Italy
Author/Editor: Armiero, Marco; Hall, Marcus
Nature and History in Modern Italy, 1
Author/Editor: Marco Armiero,Marcus Hall,Donald Worster
Natures of Colonial Change
Author/Editor: Tropp, Jacob A
Natures of Colonial Change, 1
Author/Editor: Jacob A. Tropp
Nature’s Suit
Author/Editor: Hardy, Lee
A Necessary Luxury
Author/Editor: Fromer, Julie E
A Necessary Luxury, 1
Author/Editor: JULIE E. FROMER
Negotiating a Perilous Empowerment
Author/Editor: Locklear, Erica Abrams
Negotiating a Perilous Empowerment, 1
Author/Editor: ERICA ABRAMS LOCKLEAR,Marie Tedesco
New Stories from the Midwest
Author/Editor: Brown, Jason Lee; Prefontaine, Jay
No Second Eden
Author/Editor: Cassity, Turner
No Second Eden, 1
Not White Enough, Not Black Enough
Author/Editor: Adhikari, Mohamed
Not White Enough, Not Black Enough, 1
Author/Editor: Mohamed Adhikari
Ohio Canal Era
Author/Editor: Scheiber, Harry N
Ohio Canal Era, 1
Author/Editor: HARRY N. SCHEIBER,Lawrence M. Friedman
Ohio’s Kingmaker
Author/Editor: Horner, William T
Ohio’s Kingmaker, 1
Author/Editor: William T. Horner
Once I Too Had Wings
Author/Editor: Miles, Emma Bell; Cox, Steven
On the Desire to Levitate
Author/Editor: Powell, Alison
The Ontology of Becoming and the Ethics of Particularity
Author/Editor: Dillon, M. C.; Hass, Lawrence
The Ontology of Becoming and the Ethics of Particularity, 1
The Origins of Modern Polish Democracy
Author/Editor: Biskupski, M. B. B.; Pula, James S.; Wróbel, Piotr J
The Origins of Modern Polish Democracy, 1
Author/Editor: M. B. B. Biskupski,James S. Pula,Piotr J. Wróbel
Oscar Wilde and Modern Culture
Author/Editor: Bristow, Joseph
Oscar Wilde and Modern Culture, 1
Out of the Mountains
Author/Editor: Willis, Meredith Sue
Out of the Mountains, 1
Author/Editor: Meredith Sue Willis
Pachakutik and the Rise and Decline of the Ecuadorian Indigenous Movement, 1
Author/Editor: Kenneth J. Mijeski,Scott H. Beck
Pachakutik and the Rise and Decline of the Ecuadorian Indigenous Movement
Author/Editor: Mijeski, Kenneth J.; Beck, Scott H
Paper Sons and Daughters
Author/Editor: Ho, Ufrieda
Paper Sons and Daughters, 1
Author/Editor: Ufrieda Ho
Paris on the Potomac
Author/Editor: Field, Cynthia R.; Gournay, Isabelle; Somma, Thomas P
Paths toward the Nation
Author/Editor: Venosa, Joseph L
Peasants in Arms
Author/Editor: Horton, Lynn
Peasants in Arms, 1
Author/Editor: Lynn Horton
Photographing Eden
Author/Editor: Gray, Jason
Photographing Eden, 1
Author/Editor: Jason Gray
Placing Aesthetics
Author/Editor: Wood, Robert E
Placing Aesthetics, 1
Author/Editor: Robert E. Wood
Populist Seduction in Latin America
Author/Editor: Torre, Carlos de la
Populist Seduction in Latin America, 2
Author/Editor: Carlos de la Torre
Power, Change, and Gender Relations in Rural Java
Author/Editor: Tickamyer, Ann R.; Kusujiarti, Siti
Power, Change, and Gender Relations in Rural Java, 1
Author/Editor: Ann R. Tickamyer,Siti Kusujiarti
Power in the Blood
Author/Editor: Tate, Linda
Power in the Blood, 1
Author/Editor: LINDA TATE
The Power to Name
Author/Editor: Newell, Stephanie
Preaching Prevention
Author/Editor: Boyd, Lydia
Prophetic Politics
Author/Editor: Harold, Philip J
Prophetic Politics, 1
Author/Editor: PHILIP J. HAROLD
Prosperity Far Distant
Author/Editor: Wiltse, Charles M.; Birkner, Michael J
Prosperity Far Distant, 1
Author/Editor: CHARLES M. WILTSE,Michael J. Birkner,GENE LOGSDON
Protecting the Empire’s Frontier
Author/Editor: Baule, Steven M
The Quarry
Author/Editor: Lechay, Dan
The Quarry, 1
Author/Editor: Dan Lechay
The Quick-Change Artist
Author/Editor: Holladay, Cary
The Quick-Change Artist, 1
Author/Editor: CARY HOLLADAY
Race, Resistance, and the Boy Scout Movement in British Colonial Africa
Author/Editor: Parsons, Timothy H
Race, Resistance, and the Boy Scout Movement in British Colonial Africa, 1
Reading for Health
Author/Editor: Wright, Erika
Reading for Health, 1
Author/Editor: Erika Wright
Reading Victorian Deafness
Author/Editor: Esmail, Jennifer
Reading Victorian Deafness, 1
Recasting the Past
Author/Editor: Peterson, Derek R.; Macola, Giacomo
Recasting the Past, 1
Author/Editor: Derek R. Peterson,Giacomo Macola
Religious Imaginaries
Author/Editor: Dieleman, Karen
Religious Imaginaries, 1
The Rescue of Joshua Glover
Author/Editor: Baker, H. Robert
The Rescue of Joshua Glover, 1
Author/Editor: H. ROBERT BAKER
Resistance on the National Stage
Author/Editor: Bodden, Michael H
Resistance on the National Stage, 1
Author/Editor: MICHAEL H. BODDEN
The Return of the Galon King
Author/Editor: Aung–Thwin, Maitrii
The Return of the Galon King, 1
Author/Editor: Maitrii Aung-Thwin
Rome’s Most Faithful Daughter
Author/Editor: Pease, Neal
Rome’s Most Faithful Daughter, 1
Author/Editor: Neal Pease
A Room of His Own
Author/Editor: Black, Barbara
The Room Within
Author/Editor: Moran, Moore
The Room Within, 1
Author/Editor: moore moran
The Sacred Door and Other Stories
Author/Editor: Makuchi
The Sacred Door and Other Stories, 1
Author/Editor: Makuchi,Isidore Okpewho
The Sage in the Cathedral of Books
Author/Editor: Yang, Yang
The Sage in the Cathedral of Books, 1
Author/Editor: YangYang,ZhangYing
San Rock Art
Author/Editor: Lewis-Williams, J.D
Saving Seeds, Preserving Taste
Author/Editor: Best, Bill
Screening Morocco
Author/Editor: Orlando, Valérie K
Screening Morocco, 1
Author/Editor: Valérie K. Orlando
Searching for Soul
Author/Editor: Tyler, Bobbe
Searching for Soul, 1
Selected Poems, 1
Author/Editor: LEE GERLACH,Harry Thomas
Sharp and Dangerous Virtues
Author/Editor: Moody, Martha
Sharp and Dangerous Virtues, 1
Author/Editor: martha moody
Sino–Malay Trade and Diplomacy from the Tenth through the Fourteenth Century, 1
Author/Editor: Derek Heng
Sino–Malay Trade and Diplomacy from the Tenth through the Fourteenth Century
Author/Editor: Heng, Derek
Slavery, Agriculture, and Malaria in the Arabian Peninsula
Author/Editor: Reilly, Benjamin
Slavery and Reform in West Africa
Author/Editor: Getz, Trevor R
Slavery and Reform in West Africa, 1
Author/Editor: Trevor R. Getz
Solving for X
Author/Editor: Shaw, Robert B
Solving For X, 1
Author/Editor: Robert B. Shaw
Soulful Bobcats
Author/Editor: Walker, Carl H.; Hollow, Betty
Soulful Bobcats, 1
Author/Editor: Carl H. Walker,Betty Hollow,Roderick J. McDavis
South Africa’s Struggle for Human Rights
Author/Editor: Dubow, Saul
South Africa’s Struggle for Human Rights, 1
Author/Editor: Saul Dubow
South Africa’s Suspended Revolution
Author/Editor: Habib, Adam
South × South
Author/Editor: Hood, Charles
South x South
Author/Editor: Hood, Charles
Squatters and the Roots of Mau Mau, 1905–1963
Author/Editor: Kanogo, Tabitha
Squatters and the Roots of Mau Mau, 1905–1963, 1
Author/Editor: Tabitha Kanogo
Steve Biko
Author/Editor: Wilson, Lindy
Steve Biko, 1
Author/Editor: Lindy Wilson
The Surface of the Lit World
Author/Editor: Seely, Shane
The Surface of the Lit World, 1
Author/Editor: Shane Seely
Taken In Faith
Author/Editor: Pinkerton, Helen
Taken In Faith, 1
Author/Editor: Helen Pinkerton,Timothy Steele
Taking Liberties
Author/Editor: Filipowicz, Halina
Taking Liberties, 1
Author/Editor: Halina Filipowicz
Taking Root
Author/Editor: Agosín, Marjorie
Taking Root, 1
Author/Editor: Marjorie Agosín
Television, Nation, and Culture in Indonesia
Author/Editor: Kitley, Philip
The Tenets of Cognitive Existentialism
Author/Editor: Ginev, Dimitri
The Tenets of Cognitive Existentialism, 1
Author/Editor: DIMITRI GINEV
Terminal Diagrams
Author/Editor: Davis, Garrick
Terminal Diagrams, 1
Author/Editor: Garrick Davis
Theater and Martial Arts in West Sumatra
Author/Editor: Pauka, Kirstin
Theater and Martial Arts in West Sumatra, 1
Author/Editor: Kirstin Pauka
Then & Now
Author/Editor: Cummins, James
Then & Now, 1
Author/Editor: James Cummins
Thinking Outside the Girl Box
Author/Editor: Spatig, Linda; Amerikaner, Layne
Threatening Others
Author/Editor: Sandoval-Garcia, Carlos
Threatening Others, 1
Author/Editor: Carlos Sandoval-García
The Tiki King
Author/Editor: Tintocalis, Stacy
The Tiki King, 1
Author/Editor: Stacy Tintocalis
Traitors and True Poles
Author/Editor: Majewski, Karen
Traitors and True Poles, 1
Author/Editor: Karen Majewski
Transversal Rationality and Intercultural Texts
Author/Editor: Jung, Hwa Yol
Transversal Rationality and Intercultural Texts, 1
Author/Editor: HWA YOL JUNG
The Trial of Sören Qvist
Author/Editor: Lewis, Janet
A Trick of Sunlight
Author/Editor: Davis, Dick
A Trick of Sunlight, 1
Author/Editor: Dick Davis
Triumph of the Expert
Author/Editor: Hodge, Joseph Morgan
Triumph of the Expert, 1
Author/Editor: Joseph Morgan Hodge
Trustee for the Human Community
Author/Editor: Hill, Robert A.; Keller, Edmond J
Trustee for the Human Community, 1
Author/Editor: Robert A. Hill,Edmond J. Keller
Twins Talk
Author/Editor: Davis, Dona Lee
Twins Talk, 1
Author/Editor: Dona Lee Davis
The Uncoiling Python
Author/Editor: Scheub, Harold
The Uncoiling Python, 1
Author/Editor: Harold Scheub
Under the Heel of the Dragon
Author/Editor: Kaltman, Blaine
Under the Heel of the Dragon, 1
Author/Editor: Blaine Kaltman
Unsettled Accounts
Author/Editor: Wells, Will
Unsettled Accounts, 1
Author/Editor: Will Wells
The Untried Life
Author/Editor: Fritsch, James T
The Untried Life, 1
Author/Editor: JAMES T. FRITSCH
The Victorian Novel of Adulthood
Author/Editor: Rainof, Rebecca
The Victorian Novel of Adulthood, 1
Author/Editor: Rebecca Rainof
Author/Editor: Byrne, Sean; Senehi, Jessica
Violence, 1
Author/Editor: Sean Byrne,Jessica Senehi
The Wake of Wellington
Author/Editor: Sinnema, Peter W
The Wake of Wellington, 1
Author/Editor: Peter W. Sinnema
Author/Editor: Rhoades, Nancy L.; Bailey, Lucy E
Wanted—Correspondence, 1
Author/Editor: Nancy L. Rhoades,Lucy E. Bailey
Wartime in Burma
Author/Editor: Wa, Theippan Maung; Bagshawe, L. E.; Allott, Anna J
Wartime in Burma, 1
Author/Editor: Theippan Maung Wa,U Sein Tin,L. E. Bagshawe,Anna J. Allott
We Are All Zimbabweans Now
Author/Editor: Kilgore, James
We Are All Zimbabweans Now, 1
Author/Editor: JAMES KILGORE
We Are Fighting the World
Author/Editor: Kynoch, Gary
We Are Fighting the World, 1
Author/Editor: Gary Kynoch
When Sugar Ruled
Author/Editor: Juarez-Dappe, Patricia
When Sugar Ruled, 1
Author/Editor: Patricia Juarez-Dappe
Wielding the Ax
Author/Editor: Sunseri, Thaddeus
Wielding the Ax, 1
Author/Editor: Thaddeus Sunseri,James L. A. Webb Jr.
The Wife of Martin Guerre
Author/Editor: Lewis, Janet
The Wright Company
Author/Editor: Roach, Edward J
X Marks the Spot
Author/Editor: Norcia, Megan A
X Marks the Spot, 1
Author/Editor: Megan A. Norcia
Your Madness, Not Mine
Author/Editor: Makuchi
Your Madness, Not Mine, 1
Author/Editor: Makuchi,Eloise A. Brière