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Alive Inside the Wreck
Author/Editor: Joe Woodward
The Animals' Vegan Manifesto
Author/Editor: Coe, Sue
At the Tea Party
Author/Editor: Laura Flanders
Autobiography of Jenny X
Author/Editor: Lisa Dierbeck
Author/Editor: Andrew Smart
Beautiful Trouble
Author/Editor: Andrew Boyd; Dave Oswald Mitchell
Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution
Author/Editor: Andrew Boyd; Dave Oswald Mitchell
Beyond Zero and One
Author/Editor: Smart, Andrew
The Big Disconnect
Author/Editor: Sifry, Micah L
Blood Splatters Quickly
Author/Editor: Wood Jr., Edward D
Author/Editor: Guffey, Robert
Collected Fictions
Author/Editor: Gordon Lish
Author/Editor: Ross, Andrew
Cuba in Splinters
Author/Editor: Pardo Lazo, Orlando Luis; Gulley, Hillary
Author/Editor: Julian Assange; Jacob Applebaum
The Digital Critic
Author/Editor: Barekat, Houman; Barry, Robert; Winters, David
Dream of Doctor Bantam
Author/Editor: Jeanne Thornton
Drinking Mare's Milk on the Roof of the World
Author/Editor: Lutz, Tom
Fifty Shades of Louisa May
Author/Editor: Louisa May Anonymous
Author/Editor: Williams, Daniel
For the Many …
Author/Editor: Phipps, Mike; Loach, Ken; Lansman, Jon
Author/Editor: Jack Colhoun
Gay Propaganda
Author/Editor: Gessen, Masha; Huff-Hannon, Joseph; Kasparov, Garry
Going Rouge
Author/Editor: Richard Kim; Betsy Reed
Goldstone Recants
Author/Editor: Norman G. Finkelstein
The Gospel of Self
Author/Editor: Heaton, Terry
The Gulf
Author/Editor: Ross, Andrew
Hacking Politics
Author/Editor: David Moon; Patrick Ruffini
Author/Editor: Hastreiter, Kim
Hemingway Lives!
Author/Editor: Sigal, Clancy
How I Lost by Hillary Clinton
Author/Editor: Lauria, Joe; Assange, Julian
In Deep Water
Author/Editor: Peter Lehner; Bob Deans
Author/Editor: Eileen Myles
Istanbul Istanbul
Author/Editor: Sönmez, Burhan; Hussein, Ümit
I Told You So
Author/Editor: Jon Wiener
It Runs in the Family
Author/Editor: Berrigan, Frida
Author/Editor: Miles Klee
John the Posthumous
Author/Editor: Schwartz, Jason
Killer Care
Author/Editor: James B.Lieber
Knowing Too Much
Author/Editor: Norman Finkelstein
Lean Out
Author/Editor: Elissa Shevinsky
The Lost Tetrads of Mashall McLuhan
Author/Editor: McLuhan, Marshall; McLuhan, Eric
Love In the Anthropocene
Author/Editor: Dale Jamieson; Bonnie Nadzam
Mad Science
Author/Editor: Joseph Mangano
Method and Madness
Author/Editor: Norman Finkelstein
Midnight on the Mavi Marmara
Author/Editor: Bayoumi, Moustafa
A Narco History
Author/Editor: Carmen Boullosa; Mike Wallace
Nights at Rizzoli
Author/Editor: Picano, Felice
Occupying Wall Street
Author/Editor: Writers for the 99%
Old Wine, Broken Bottle
Author/Editor: Finkelstein, Norman G
President Trump Unveiled
Author/Editor: Wilson, John K
The Price of Experience
Author/Editor: Marqusee, Mike
Program or be Programmed
Author/Editor: Rushkoff, Douglas; Purvis, Leland
Rare Earth
Author/Editor: Mason, Paul
Rich People Things
Author/Editor: Lehmann, Chris; Arkle, Peter
Rude Pundit's Almanack 2012 Edition
Author/Editor: Lee Papa
Author/Editor: Salma, Rajathi; Longinotto, Kim
Author/Editor: Malcomson, Scott
The Strangest
Author/Editor: Seidlinger, Michael J
Ten Days that Shook the World
Author/Editor: Reed, John; Laibman, David
Torture Report
Author/Editor: Larry Siems
True False
Author/Editor: Klee, Miles
Weakness and Deceit
Author/Editor: Bonner, Raymond
Welcome to Dystopia
Author/Editor: Van Gelder, Gordon
Welcome to the Greenhouse
Author/Editor: Gordon Van Gelder
What Gandhi Says
Author/Editor: Norman G. Finkelstein
What's Yours Is Mine
Author/Editor: Tom Slee
When Google Met WikiLeaks
Author/Editor: Julian Assange
Who Killed Che?
Author/Editor: Michael Ratner; Michael Steven Smith
Why the Olympics Aren't Good for Us, and How They Can Be
Author/Editor: Mark Perryman
WikiLeaks and the Age of Transparency
Author/Editor: Sifry, Micah L
Women, Whistleblowing, WikiLeaks
Author/Editor: Avila, Renata; Harrison, Sarah; Richter, Angela