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The 1940 Under the Volcano
Author/Editor: Lowry, Malcolm; Mota, Miguel; Tiessen, Paul
The 1956 Hungarian Revolution
Author/Editor: Christopher Adam,Tibor Egervari,Leslie Laczko,Judy Young
1975 and 1978 Rescue Excavations at the Draper Site
Author/Editor: Finlayson, William David
1978-1979 guide to departments of sociology, anthropology, archaelogy in universities and museums in Canada / Annuaire 1978-1979 des départements de sociologie, d'anthropologie, d'archéologie des universités et des musées au Canada
Author/Editor: Herman, Kathleen; Carstens, Peter
1981-1982 guide to departments of sociology, anthropology and archaeology in universities and museums in Canada / Annuaire 1981-1982 des départements de sociologie, d'anthropologie et d'archéologie des universités et des musées du Canada
Author/Editor: Herman, Kathleen; Carstens, Peter
Abenaki basketry
Author/Editor: Pelletier, Gaby
Aberdeen Site, Keewatin District, Northwest Territories
Author/Editor: Wright, James Vallière
Aboriginal Canada Revisited
Author/Editor: Kerstin Knopf
Aboriginal People and Other Canadians
Author/Editor: Martin Thornton,Roy Todd,D.N. Collins,G. Mercer,H.N. Nicholson,M. Thornton,R. Todd,D.S. Wall
The Academic Gateway
Author/Editor: Timothy M. Sibbald,Victoria Handford
Academic Writing for Military Personnel
Author/Editor: Adam Chapnick,Craig Stone
Acaoohkiwina and Acimowina
Author/Editor: Brightman, Robert A
Accessibilité et offre active
Author/Editor: Drolet, Marie; Bouchard, Pier; Savard, Jacinthe
Accessibility and Active Offer
Author/Editor: Drolet, Marie; Bouchard, Pier; Savard, Jacinthe
Accounting for Culture
Author/Editor: Caroline Andrew,Monica Gattinger,M. Sharon Jeannotte,Will Straw
Acute Resuscitation and Crisis Management
Author/Editor: Course Syllabus,David T. Neilipovitz
Air Board, Canadian Air Force and Royal Canadian Air Force
Author/Editor: Hitchins, F.H
Alain Robbe-Grillet
Author/Editor: Roger-Michel Allemand,Christian Milat
Alberta pottery industry, 1912-1990
Author/Editor: Hayward, Anne
Algonkians of Lake Nipigon
Author/Editor: Dawson, Kenneth C. A
Algonquin dialect relationships in Northwestern Quebec
Author/Editor: Gilstrap, Roger
Algonquin ethnobotany
Author/Editor: Black, Meredith Jean
Author/Editor: Clément, Daniel
Alice Munro’s Miraculous Art
Author/Editor: Janice Fiamengo,Gerald Lynch,Janice Fiamengo
Amériques transculturelles - Transcultural Americas
Author/Editor: Afef Benessaieh
Anahim Lake Archaeology and the Early Historic Chilcotin Indians — Vertebrate Faunal Remains from the Potlatch Site (FcSi-2) in South Central British Columbia
Author/Editor: Wilmeth, Roscoe Hall; Stewart, Frances L
Analyse linguistique et ethnocentrisme :essai sur la structure du mot en inuktitut
Author/Editor: Lowe, Ronald
Analysis of Artifacts from Four Duke Point Area Sites, Near Nanaimo, B.C
Author/Editor: Murray, Rebecca Anne Wukasch
Anne Hébert
Author/Editor: ANDRÉ BROCHU
Antonine Maillet : Les trésors cachés - Our Hidden Treasures
Author/Editor: Maillet, Antonine
Apperception, Knowledge, and Experience
Author/Editor: W. H. BOSSART
Apprendre à écouter et à parler
Author/Editor: Fitzpatrick, Élizabeth M.; Doucet, Suzanne P
Approaches to native history in Canada
Author/Editor: Muise, D. A
Archaeological Collections from Norutak Lake on the Kobuk-Alatna River Portage, Northwestern Alaska
Author/Editor: Clark, Donald Woodforde
Archaeological Investigations at the Atigun Site, Central Brooks Range, Alaska
Author/Editor: Wilson, Ian R
Archaeological Investigations in the Hecate Strait, Milbanke South Area of British Columbia
Author/Editor: Simonsen, Bjorn O
Archaeological Material from Creswell Bay, Northwest Territories, Canada
Author/Editor: Jr. Taylor, William Ewart; McGhee, Robert
Archaeological Reconnaissance at Great Bear Lake
Author/Editor: Clark, Donald Woodforde
Archaeological Reconnaissance in Northern Interior District of Mackenzie: 1969, 1970 and 1972
Author/Editor: Clark, Donald Woodforde
Archaeological Research at Calling Lake, Northern Alberta
Author/Editor: Gruhn, Ruth
Archaeological Research in the Lesser Slave Lake Region
Author/Editor: LeBlanc, Raymond Joseph
Archaeological Salvage Projects 1972
Author/Editor: Byrne, William J
Archaeological Salvage Projects 1973
Author/Editor: Byrne, William J
Archaeological Salvage Projects, 1974
Author/Editor: Wilmeth, Roscoe
Archaeological Survey Between Cape Parry and Cambridge Bay, Northwest Territories, Canada in 1963
Author/Editor: Taylor, William Ewart
Archaeological Survey of Canada: Annual Review 1972
Author/Editor: MacDonald, George F
Archaeological Survey of Canada: Annual Review 1973
Author/Editor: MacDonald, George F
Archaeological Survey of Canada Annual Review 1974
Author/Editor: MacDonald, George F
Archaeological Survey of Canada: Annual Review 1975 and 1976
Author/Editor: MacDonald, George F
Archaeological Survey of Canada Annual Review 1980-1981 / Commission archéologique du Canada, rapports annuels 1980-1981
Author/Editor: McGhee, Robert
Archaeological Survey of Canada Annual Reviews, 1977-1979
Author/Editor: Marois, Roger J. M
Archaeology and Ethnohistory in the Arrow Lakes, Southeastern British Columbia
Author/Editor: Turnbull, Christopher J
Archaeology and Prehistory of Southern Alberta as Reflected by Ceramics: Volume 3
Author/Editor: Byrne, William J
Archaeology and Prehistory of Southern Alberta as Reflected by Ceramics: Volume 1
Author/Editor: Byrne, William J
Archaeology and Prehistory of Southern Alberta as Reflected by Ceramics: Volume 2
Author/Editor: Byrne, William J
Archaeology of the Lake Harbour District, Baffin Island
Author/Editor: Maxwell, Moreau S
Archaic Sequence from the Strait of Belle Isle, Labrador
Author/Editor: McGhee, Robert; Tuck, James A
Around and about Marius Barbeau
Author/Editor: Smith, Gordon E; Jessup, Lynda; Nurse, Andrew
Artifacts from A coat of many colours :two centuries of Jewish life in Canada / Objets de l'exposition La tunique aux couleurs multiples : deux siècles de présence juive au Canada
Author/Editor: Weizman, Sandra Morton
Artifacts from the CCFCS collections
Author/Editor: Tilney, Philip V. R
Artisans de la modernité
Author/Editor: DIANE FARMER
Ashore and Afloat
Author/Editor: JULIAN GWYN
As it comes
Author/Editor: Gibbons, Roy W
Aspects of Inuit value socialization
Author/Editor: Briggs, Jean L
Assisted Suicide
Author/Editor: C. G. PRADO,Margaret P. Battin,Anne Mullens
Athapaskan women
Author/Editor: Cruikshank, Julie
Atlas de neuroanatomie fonctionnelle
Author/Editor: Hendelman, Walter J
Atlas historique des pratiques religieuses
Author/Editor: Louis Rousseau,Frank W. Remiggi,Jean-Guy Landry,Vicki Bennett,Frédéric Castel,Guy Mongrain
At the Speed of Light There is Only Illumination
Author/Editor: John Moss,Linda M. Morra
Au fil des ans
Author/Editor: ESTELLE HUNEAULT,Linda Cardinal
Au service du Canada
Author/Editor: Richard A. Preston,A.J.G.D. de Chastelain
Aux origines de l'identité franco-ontarienne
Author/Editor: CHAD GAFFIELD,Gilles Hénault,Lise Deniers
A basketful of Indian culture change
Author/Editor: Brasser, Theodore, J. C
Batza Tena, Trail to Obsidian
Author/Editor: Clark, Donald Woodforde; McFadyen Clark, Annette
Author/Editor: Carignan, Paul
Beads of life
Author/Editor: Labelle, Marie-Louise
Bear Lake Athapaskan kinship and task group formation
Author/Editor: Rushforth, Scott
Beckstead Site - 1977
Author/Editor: Pendergast, James F
Author/Editor: Blumstock, Robert
Bella Coola ceremony and art
Author/Editor: Stott, Margaret A
Bella Coola Indian music
Author/Editor: Kolstee, Anton F
Bella Coola language
Author/Editor: Nater, H. F
Bella Coola Valley
Author/Editor: Tepper, Leslie H
Belly River
Author/Editor: Quigg, J. Michael
Beluga Hunters
Author/Editor: McGhee, Robert
Beothuck Archaeology in Bonavista Bay
Author/Editor: Carignan, Paul
Beothuk bark canoes
Author/Editor: Marshall, Ingeborg
Between Actor and Presence
Author/Editor: George A. Maclean
Between Ports Alberni and Renfrew
Author/Editor: Arima, E. Y.; St. Claire, Denis; Clamhouse, Louis
Bible and the plough
Author/Editor: Brednich, Rolf Wilhelm
Bibliography for the study of British Columbia's domestic material history
Author/Editor: Careless, Virginia
A bibliography of the Athapaskan languages
Author/Editor: Parr, Richard T
Biological Relationships of Southern Ontario Woodland Peoples
Author/Editor: Molto, Joseph Eldon
The Black Hole of Public Administration
Black Pentecostal music in Windsor
Author/Editor: McIntyre, Paul
A Blanket Against Darkness
Author/Editor: Harton, Catherine
Bliss Carman
Author/Editor: Gerald Lynch
The Blue Shirts
Author/Editor: Hugues Théorêt,Ferdinanda van Gennip,Howard Scott
Boat building in Winterton, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland
Author/Editor: Taylor, David A
Boat building in Winterton, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland
Author/Editor: Taylor, David A
The Bold and the Brave
Bolder Flights
Author/Editor: Frank M. Tierney,Angela Robbeson
Bones of the Ancestors
Author/Editor: Williamson, Ronald F.; Pfeiffer, Susan
Boys Site and the Early Ontario Iroquois Tradition
Author/Editor: Reid, C. S
Author/Editor: ROBERT SMITH
Bruner-Colasanti Site
Author/Editor: Lennox, Paul Anthony
Building New Bridges - Bâtir de nouveaux ponts
Author/Editor: Jeff Keshen,Sylvie Perrier
Business and Government in Canada
Author/Editor: Jeffrey Roy
Cabinetmaker's art in Ontario, c. 1850-1900
Author/Editor: Koltun, L. A
Cactus Flower Site in Southeastern Alberta
Author/Editor: Brumley, John H
Cadzow Lake Site (Mjvi 1)
Author/Editor: Morlan, Richard E
Cahiers Charlevoix 10
Author/Editor: ; Bock, Michel; Pichette, Jean-Pierre
Cahiers Charlevoix 11
Author/Editor: ; Pichette, Jean-Pierre; Laflamme, Simon
Cahiers Charlevoix 12
Author/Editor: ; Pichette, Jean-Pierre; Laflamme, Simon
Cahiers Charlevoix 8
Author/Editor: Jean-Pierre Pichette,Simon Laflamme,Michel Bock,France Martineau
Cahiers Charlevoix 9
Author/Editor: Simon Laflamme,Michel Bock,Jean-Pierre Pichette
Calabrese folklore
Author/Editor: Augimeri, Maria C
Calling for Change
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Sheehy,Sheila McIntyre
Calvert Site
Author/Editor: Timmins, Peter Andrew
Canada and Aboriginal Canada Today - Le Canada et le Canada autochtone aujourd’hui
Author/Editor: Martin, Paul
Canada and Aboriginal Canada Today - Le Canada et le Canada autochtone aujourd’hui, BLL - Bilingual edition
Author/Editor: Paul Martin
Canada and the Challenges of International Development and Globalization
Author/Editor: Masaeli, Mahmoud; Munro, Lauchlan T
Canada’s Official Languages
Author/Editor: Gaspard, Helaina
Canada's Religions
Canadian Archaeological Radiocarbon Dates
Author/Editor: Wilmeth, Roscoe Hall
Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies annual review 1973
Author/Editor: Roy, Carmen
Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies annual review 1972
Author/Editor: Roy, Carmen
Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies annual review 1974
Author/Editor: Maclennan, G. W
The Canadian City
Author/Editor: Roger Kemble
Canadian craft and museum practice, 1900-1950
Author/Editor: Flood, Sandra
The Canadian Distinctiveness into the XXIst Century - La distinction canadienne au tournant du XXIe siecle
Author/Editor: Chad Gaffield,Karen L. Gould
Canadian Ethnology Service: Annual review 1974
Author/Editor: Reynolds, Barry
Canadian Ethnology Society: Papers from the fifth annual congress, 1978
Author/Editor: Ryan, Joan
Canadian Ethnology Society: Papers from the fourth annual congress, 1977
Author/Editor: Preston, Richard J
Canadian Ethnology Society: Papers from the sixth annual congress, 1979
Author/Editor: Guédon, Marie-Françoise; Hatt, D.G
Canadian Inuit literature
Author/Editor: McGrath, Robin
Canadian Migration Patterns from Britain and North America
Author/Editor: Barbara J. Messamore
The Canadian Modernists Meet
Author/Editor: Dean Irvine
Canadians and their environment
Author/Editor: Ruddel, David T
Canadian War Museum: annual review 1972
Author/Editor: McGuire, Frank
Canadian War Museum: annual review 1973
Author/Editor: Murray, Lee
Canadian War Museum: annual review 1974
Author/Editor: Murray, Lee
Canadian War Museum: annual review 1975
Author/Editor: Murray, Lee
Canoe construction in a Cree cultural tradition
Author/Editor: Taylor, James Garth
Caribou Hunters in the Western Arctic
Author/Editor: Morrison, David A
Caring and Curing
Author/Editor: Dianne Dodd,Deborah Gorham
Carson Site and the Late Ceramic Period in Passamaquoddy Bay, New Brunswick
Author/Editor: Sanger, David
Case and context in Inuktitut (Eskimo)
Author/Editor: Kalmár, Ivan
The Case for Centralized Federalism
Author/Editor: Gordon DiGiacomo,Maryantonett Flumian
The Case for Decentralized Federalism
Author/Editor: Ruth Hubbard,Gilles Paquet
CCFCS collection of musical instruments: Volume 1
Author/Editor: Gibbons, Roy W
CCFCS collection of musical instruments: Volume 2
Author/Editor: Gibbons, Roy W
CCFCS collection of musical instruments: Volume 3
Author/Editor: Gibbons, Roy W
Ce que la rivière nous procurait
Author/Editor: Bibeau, Pierre; Denton, David; Burroughs, André
Changing economic roles for Micmac men and women
Author/Editor: Gonzalez, Ellice Becker
Changing the Terms
Author/Editor: Sherry Simon,Paul St-Pierre
Charcot in Morocco
Author/Editor: Charcot, Jean-Martin
Charles-François Lirette
Author/Editor: Girard, Réal; Lirette, Léandre; Lirette-Charron, Jeanne
Charting the Future of Translation History
Checklist of Toronto cabinet and chair makers, 1800-1865
Author/Editor: MacKinnon, Joan
Chemical Analysis of Prehistoric Human Bone from Five Temporally Distinct Populations in Southern Ontario
Author/Editor: Katzenberg, Mary Anne
Chercheurs de dieux dans l'espace public - Frontier Religions in Public Space
Author/Editor: Pauline Côté,Eileen Barker,Jean Baubérot,James A. Beckford,Alain Bouchard,Roland Campiche,André Carbonneau,Pauline Côté,Lorne Dawson,Massimo Introvigne,Susan Palmer,James T. Richardson,Carolyn Wah
The Chevalier de Montmagny
Author/Editor: Jean-Claude Dubé,Elizabeth Rapley
The China Challenge
Author/Editor: Huhua Cao,Vivienne Poy
Chipewyan marriage
Author/Editor: Sharp, Henry S
Choosing Buddhism
Author/Editor: Mauro Peressini
Chronology of Canadian military aviation
Author/Editor: Halliday, H.A
Cities in the west
Author/Editor: McCormack, A. R.; Macpherson, Ian
Clifton Royal
Author/Editor: Baxter, Judith
Climate, Culture, Change
Author/Editor: TIMOTHY B. LEDUC
Author/Editor: Torres-Recinos, Julio; Molina Lora, Luis
Clyde Inuit adaptation and ecology :the organization of subsistence
Author/Editor: Wenzel, George W
Coast Salish gambling games
Author/Editor: Maranda, Lynn
The Collected Poems of Miriam Waddington
Author/Editor: Panofsky, Ruth; Waddington, Miriam
Colonial Systems of Control
Author/Editor: VIVIANE SALEH-HANNA,Chris Affor,Uju Agomoh,Biko Agozino,Clever Akporherhe,Sylvester Monday Anagaba,O. Oko Elechi,Osa Eribo,Mechthild Nagel,Igho Odibo,Julia Sudbury,Chukwuma Ume
Commission archéologique du Canada, rapports annuels, 1977-1979
Author/Editor: Marois, Roger J. M
Common ground
Author/Editor: ;
Communications Division: annual review, 1972-73
Author/Editor: Tyler, Barbara
Communications Division: annual review, 1973
Author/Editor: Tyler, Barbara
Communications Division: annual review, 1974
Author/Editor: Tyler, Barbara
The Complete Poems of Emile Nelligan
Author/Editor: Nelligan, Emile
Computer-Aided Translation Technology
Author/Editor: LYNNE BOWKER
A computer-generated dictionary of proto-Algonquian
Author/Editor: Hewson, John
A concise Nuxalk-English dictionary
Author/Editor: Nater, H. F
Confronting Discrimination and Inequality in China
Author/Editor: Erroi P. Mendes,Sakunthala Srighanthan
Conscience et enquête
Author/Editor: Tremblay, Marc-Adélard
Conscience subalterne, conscience identitaire
Author/Editor: Michaud, Jacinthe
Consciousness and inquiry
Author/Editor: Manning, Frank
Constructions identitaires et pratiques sociales
Contact in the 16th Century
Author/Editor: Loewen, Brad; Chapdelaine, Claude
Contes indiens de la basse côte nord du Saint Laurent Rémi Savard
Author/Editor: Savard, Rémi
Context North America
Author/Editor: Camille R. La Bossière
Context of the informant narrative performance
Author/Editor: Scollon, Ronald
Contextualizing Openness
Author/Editor: Chan, Leslie
Contextual studies of material culture
Author/Editor: Zimmerly, David W
A contextual study of the Caribou Eskimo kayak
Author/Editor: Arima, Eugene Yuji
Contrats de mariage à Québec, 1790-1812
Author/Editor: Dionee, Hélène
Contributions to Anthropology
Author/Editor: Hall Jr., Edwin S
Contributions to Canadian ethnology, 1975
Author/Editor: Carlisle, David Brez
Contributions to Canadian linguistics
Author/Editor: Hamp, Eric P.; Howren, Robert; King, Qunidel
Contributions to kayak studies
Author/Editor: Arima, E. Y.; Heath, John D.; Mary-Rousselière, Guy
Contributions to Physical Anthropology, 1978-1980
Author/Editor: Cybulski, Jerome S
Contributions to the Later Prehistory of Kodiak Island, Alaska
Author/Editor: Clark, Donald Woodforde; Milan, Frederick A
Contributions to the Study of the Dorset Palaeo-Eskimos
Author/Editor: Sutherland, Patricia D
Conversations with Trotsky
Author/Editor: BRUCE NESBITT,Dean Irvine
Copper and Caribou Inuit skin clothing production
Author/Editor: Oakes, Jill Elizabeth
The Copyright Pentalogy
Author/Editor: Geist, Michael
Country post
Author/Editor: Amyot, Chantal; Willis, John
Courrier est arrivé
Author/Editor: Amyot, Chantal; Willis, John
Cow Point
Author/Editor: Sanger, David
Crafting new traditions
Author/Editor: Egan, Melanie; Elder, Alan C.; Johnson, Jean
Crane Site and the Palaeoeskimo Period in the Western Canadian Arctic
Author/Editor: LeBlanc, Raymond Joseph
Crippling Epistemologies and Governance Failures
Author/Editor: Gilles Paquet
Croix de chemin
Author/Editor: Carpentier, Paul
Crowsnest Pass Archaeological Project
Author/Editor: Reeves, Brian O. K
Crowsnest Pass Archaeological Project
Author/Editor: Reeves, Brian O. K
Culture History of Kirkland Lake District, Northeastern Ontario
Author/Editor: Pollock, John William
Author/Editor: Leen d’Haenens,A. L. Cobb,M. J. Edwards,P. van Eecke,N. H. Faraqui,S. Garipis,L. d’Haenens,C. J. Hamelink,C. Haythornthwaite,N. Jankowski,D. Johnston,R. Kroetsch,C. Leeuwis,P. Martin,M. Noordhof,S. Proulx,J. van Rossum,L. Roth,I. Shubert,P. Timmers,K. Uyt
Dakah De’nin’s Village and the Dixthada Site
Author/Editor: Shinkwin, Anne D
Dans tous les sens du terme
Author/Editor: Quirion, Jean; Depecker, Loïc; Rousseau, Louis-Jean
Décrocher son diplôme (et l’emploi de ses rêves!)
Author/Editor: Klassen, Thomas R.; Dwyer, John A
Dear Marian, Dear Hugh
Author/Editor: Christl Verduyn
Death Sentences
Author/Editor: Myre, Suzanne
Author/Editor: Taylor, William Ewart; McGhee, Robert
Deep Cultural Diversity
Author/Editor: Gilles Paquet
Defending a Contested Ideal
Author/Editor: Luc Juillet,Ken Rasmussen
De France en Nouvelle-France
Author/Editor: Hubert Watelet,Cornélius J. Jaenen
De interpretatione recta - De la traduction parfaite
Author/Editor: Bruni, Leonardo
De la couleur des lois
Author/Editor: Constance Backhouse
De l’autre côté du Jourdain
Author/Editor: Laurence, Margaret
De l'écrit à l'écran
Dene spruce root basketry / Dene ts'ukegháí tene rahesi
Author/Editor: Marie, Suzan; Thompson, Judy
De Paris à Nuremberg
Author/Editor: Jesús Baigorri Jalón,Clara Foz
Des Écoles en mouvement
Author/Editor: Nathalie Bélanger,Hermann Duchesne
Des outils pour le changement
Author/Editor: Veltmeyer, Henry
Detailed inventory of the Barbeau Northwest Coast Files
Author/Editor: Cove, John J
Development and Distribution of Discontinuous Morphological Variation of the Human Infracranial Skeleton
Author/Editor: Saunders, Shelley Rae
Development of Caribou Eskimo Culture
Author/Editor: Clark, Brenda L
Diachronic Study of Dental Palaeopathology and Attritional Status of Prehistoric Ontario Pre-Iroquois and Iroquois Populations
Author/Editor: Patterson, J. R.; Kingsnorth, David
Diamond Jenness Collections from Bering Strait
Author/Editor: Morrison, David A
The Diary of Abraham Ulrikab
Dictionnaire des écrits de l'Ontario français
Author/Editor: Gaétan Gervais,Jean-Pierre Pichette
Dit des signes
Author/Editor: Faïk-Nzuji Madiya, C
Démocratie, idéologie, socialité
Author/Editor: Tahon, Marie-Blanche
Dominant Impressions
Author/Editor: Gerald Lynch,Angela Arnold Robbeson
Donc je suis
Author/Editor: Henrie, Maurice
The Doom Loop in the Financial Sector
Author/Editor: William Leiss
Dorset Occupations in the Vicinity of Port Refuge, High Arctic Canada
Author/Editor: McGhee, Robert
Author/Editor: Jarraway, David R
Double-Voicing the Canadian Short Story
Author/Editor: LAURIE KRUK
Droits et voix - Rights and Voices
Author/Editor: Véronique Strimelle,Françoise Vanhamme
Drugs and Crime
Author/Editor: Brochu, Serge; Brunelle, Natacha; Plourde, Chantal
Dry Water
Author/Editor: ROBERT J. C. STEAD,Neil Querengesser,Jean Horton
Du coq à l’âme
Author/Editor: Blanchette, Jean-François
Du corps des femmes
The Duncan Campbell Scott Symposium
Author/Editor: K. P. STICH
D'une écriture à l'autre
Author/Editor: Beaulieu, Jean-Philippe
D'un islam textuel vers un islam contextuel
Author/Editor: Naïma Dib
Dynamics of outport furniture design
Author/Editor: Peddle, Walter W
eAccess to Justice
Author/Editor: Jane Bailey; Valerie Steeves
Early Kachemak Phase on Kodiak Island at Old Kiavak
Author/Editor: Clark, Donald Woodforde
Early Paleo-Indian Site Near Parkhill, Ontario
Author/Editor: Ellis, Christopher; Deller, D. Brian
Echoing Silence
Author/Editor: JOHN MOSS
Edward Sapir's correspondence
Author/Editor: Dallaire, Louise
Effects of acculturation on Eskimo music of Cumberland Peninsula
Author/Editor: Lutz, Maija M
eGirls, eCitizens
Author/Editor: Bailey, Jane; Steeves, Valerie
E-Government in Canada
Author/Editor: Jeffrey Roy
Eighteenth-Century Western Cree and Their Neighbours
Author/Editor: Russell, Dale R
Eight Inuit myths / Inuit unipkaaqtuat pingasuniarvinilit
Eight Men Speak
Author/Editor: Filewod, Alan; Ryan, Oscar; Cecil-Smith, Edward
The E.J. Pratt Symposium
Author/Editor: Clever, Glenn
The End of Iceland's Innocence
Author/Editor: Daniel Chartier
Enduring hardship
Author/Editor: Hoe, Ban Seng
Engendering Genre
Enjeux contemporains de l'éducation scientifique et technologique
Enjeux et défis du développement international
Author/Editor: Pierre Beaudet,Paul A. Haslam
Enjeux interculturels des médias
Author/Editor: Michèle Garneau,Hans-Jürgen Lüsebrink,Walter Moser
Enseignement de la traduction et traduction dans l'enseignement
Author/Editor: Jean DELISLE,Hannelore LEE-JAHNKE,Maurice Pergnier
Entre lieux et mémoire
Author/Editor: Anne GILBERT,Michel BOCK,Joseph Yvon THÉRIAULT
Author/Editor: Desgent, Jean-Marc; Lanoue, Guy
Erving Goffman et le travail social
Author/Editor: Stéphanie Garneau,Dahlia Namian
Eskimo economics
Author/Editor: Jansen, William Hugh
Eskimo music by region
Author/Editor: Johnston, Thomas F
Esthétique et recyclages culturels
Author/Editor: Jean Klucinskas,Walter Moser
Estuary Bison Pound Site in Southwestern Saskatchewan
Author/Editor: Adams, Gary F
The Ethel Wilson Symposium
Ethical Deliberation in Multiprofessional Health Care Teams
Author/Editor: Hubert Doucet,Jean-Marc Larouche,Kenneth R. Melchin
Ethical Hacking
Author/Editor: Maurushat, Alana
Ethnobotany of the Blackfoot Indians
Author/Editor: Hellson, John C.; Gadd, Morgan
Ethnobotany of the Gitksan Indians of British Columbia
Author/Editor: Smith, Harlan Ingersoll; Compton, Brian D.; Rigsby, Bruce
Ethnohistoric study of eastern James Bay Cree social organization, 1700-1850
Author/Editor: Morantz, Toby
Ethnolinguistic profile of the Canadian Metis
Author/Editor: Douaud, Patrick C
Ethnology Division: Annual review 1972
Author/Editor: Reynolds, Barry
Ethnology Division: Annual review 1974
Author/Editor: Reynolds, Barry
Europe et traduction
Author/Editor: Michel Ballard
Evaluative ethno-historical bibliography of the Malecite Indians
Author/Editor: Herisson, Michel R. P
The Evolving Physiology of Government
Author/Editor: O. P. Dwivedi,Tim A. Mau,Byron Sheldrick
Examination of Prehistoric Copper Technology and Copper Sources in Western Arctic and Subarctic North America
Author/Editor: Franklin, U. M.; Badone, E.; Gotthardt, R
Excavation of Water-Saturated Archaeological Sites (Wet Sites) on the Northwest Coast of North America
Author/Editor: Croes, Dale R
The Existence of the External World
Experimental Study of Microwear Formation on Endscrapers
Author/Editor: Brink, John W
Explorer la capitale
Factors influencing kamik production in Arctic Bay, Northwest Territories
Author/Editor: Oakes, Jill Elizabeth
The Fallacy of Race and the Shoah
Author/Editor: Naomi Kramer,Ronald Headland
Famille et fragmentation
Family origin histories
Author/Editor: Sapir, Edward; Swadesh, Morris; Thomas, Alexander
Fascinating challenges
Author/Editor: Thompson, Judy; Hall, Judy; Tepper, Leslie H
The Fate of Bonté III
Author/Editor: ALAIN POISSANT,Rob Twiss
Faunal Remains from the Nodwell Site (Bchi-3) and from Four Other Sites in Bruce County, Ontario
Author/Editor: Stewart, Frances L
Feminist Success Stories - Célébrons nos réussites féministes
Author/Editor: Karen A. Blackford,Marie-Luce Garceau,Sandra Kirby
Femmes de carrière, carrières de femmes
Femmes et politiques
Author/Editor: Dominique Masson
Femmes francophones et pluralisme en milieu minoritaire
Author/Editor: DYANE ADAM
The Fictions of John Fowles
Author/Editor: Pamela Cooper,Linda Hutcheon
Fiddle music in the Ottawa Valley
Author/Editor: Bégin, Carmelle
Financement de la santé et efficacité de l’aide internationale
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Finnish sauna in Manitoba
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Flora Lyndsay; or, Passages in an Eventful Life
Author/Editor: Moodie, Susanna; Peterman, Michael A
Folk fiddling in Canada
Author/Editor: Gibbons, Roy W
Folk music in a Newfoundland outport
Author/Editor: Cox, Gordon Sidney Allister
Folk music of Canada's oldest Polish community / La musique traditionnelle de la plus ancienne communauté polonaise du Canada
Author/Editor: Glofcheskie, John Michael
Folk narrative among Ukrainian-Canadians in western Canada
Author/Editor: Klymasz, Robert B
Fondements des pratiques professionnelles des enseignants
Author/Editor: Philippe Maubant,Stéphane Martineau
Forest and Other Gleanings
Author/Editor: Michael A. Peterman,Carl Ballstadt
Forgeron de campagne
Author/Editor: Berube, Andre [et al.]
The Forgotten Peace
Author/Editor: MICHAEL SMALL
The Forgotten Songs of the Newfoundland Outports
Author/Editor: Kearney Guigné, Anna
Fort Reliance, Yukon
Author/Editor: Clark, Donald Woodforde
Foucault and the Indefinite Work of Freedom
Author/Editor: Réal Fillion
Author/Editor: Boily-Blanchette, Lise
Francophonie, minorités et pédagogie
Author/Editor: Phyllis Dalley,Sylvie Roy
Franklin Era in Canadian Arctic History, 1845-1859
Author/Editor: Sutherland, Patricia D
Freedom, Nature, and World
Author/Editor: PETER LOPTSON
From Arabye to Engelond
Author/Editor: A. E. Christa Canitz,Gernot R. Wieland
From boxkite to jet
Author/Editor: Stedman, E.W
From chantre to djak
Author/Editor: Klymasz, Robert B
From Cognition to Being
Author/Editor: Henry Davis McHenry Jr.
From Subjects to Citizens
Author/Editor: Pierre Boyer,Linda Cardinal,David Headon
From the earth to beyond the sky
Author/Editor: Foster, Michael K
From the Heart of the Heartland
Author/Editor: John Moss
Future Indicative
Author/Editor: John Moss
Gambling music of the Coast Salish Indians
Author/Editor: Stuart, Wendy Bross
The Gay[Grey Moose
Author/Editor: D.M.R. Bentley
Gender and Modernity in Central Europe
Author/Editor: Agatha Schwartz
Genealogica & Heraldica
Author/Editor: Auguste Vachon,Claire Boudreau,Daniel Cogné,Auguste Vachon,Claire Boudreau,Daniel Cogné,Linda Lauzon,Robert D. Watt,Paula Gornescu-Vachon,Augustinus P. Dierick
Germaine Guèvremont
Author/Editor: YVAN G. LEPAGE
Gilles Paquet
Author/Editor: Caroline Andrew,Ruth Hubbard,Jeffrey Roy
Glass manufacturing in Canada
Author/Editor: Rottenberg, Barbara Lang; Tomlin, Judith
Glenbrook Village Site
Author/Editor: Pendergast, James F
Glenrose Cannery Site
Author/Editor: Matson, R. G
God and Argument - Dieu et l'argumentation philosophique
Author/Editor: William Sweet
God and the Grounding of Morality
Author/Editor: KAI NIELSEN
The God of Gods: A Canadian Play
Gomery's Blinders and Canadian Federalism
Author/Editor: Ruth Hubbard,Gilles Paquet
Gouvernance et appropriation locale du développement
Author/Editor: Jacques Fisette,Marc Raffinot
Governance Through Social Learning
Author/Editor: Gilles Paquet
The Governor General’s Literary Awards of Canada
Author/Editor: Irvine, Andrew David
Gowen Sites: Cultural Responses to Climatic Warming on the Northern Plains (7500-5000 B.C.)
Author/Editor: Walker, Ernest Gordon
A grammar of Akwesasne Mohawk
Author/Editor: Bonvillain, Nancy
Grant Lake Site, Keewatin District, Northwest Territories
Author/Editor: Wright, James Vallière
Greeks of Vancouver
Author/Editor: Patterson, George James
Greenville Burial Ground
Author/Editor: Cybulski, Jerome S
The Grove Symposium
Author/Editor: JOHN NAUSE
Hahanudan Lake
Author/Editor: Clark, Donald Woodforde
Haida Burial Practices
Author/Editor: MacDonald, George F.; Cybulski, Jerome S
Harder Site
Author/Editor: Dyck, Ian G
Hare Indians and their world
Author/Editor: Hara, Hiroko S
Haïti aujourd'hui, Haïti demain
Author/Editor: d’Andrea Martinez,Pierre Beaudet,Stephen Baranyi
The Helping Relationship
Author/Editor: Augustine Meier,Martin Rovers
Hera, or Empathy
Author/Editor: Leiss, William
The Hermes Complex
Author/Editor: Le Blanc, Charles
Histoires de Kanatha - Histories of Kanatha
Author/Editor: Sioui, Georges
Histoires de Kanatha - Histories of Kanatha, BLL - Bilingual edition
Author/Editor: Georges E. P. Sioui,Dalie Giroux
Historique du nouvel emplacement du Musée national de l'Homme à Hull
Author/Editor: Brouseau, Francine
History Division: annual review, 1972
Author/Editor: Thorpe, F.J
History Division: annual review, 1973
Author/Editor: Thorpe, F. J
History Division: annual review, 1974
Author/Editor: Thorpe, F. J
History museum as an effective educational institution
Author/Editor: Wohler, J. Patrick
History of Atlantic Canada
Author/Editor: Rider, Peter E
History of the Native People of Canada
Author/Editor: Wright, James Vallière
History of the Native People of Canada
Author/Editor: Wright, James Vallière
History of the Native People of Canada, Volume III (A.D. 500 – European Contact)
Author/Editor: Wright, James Vallière
Author/Editor: Ellison, Jenny; Anderson, Jennifer
Hockey and Philosophy
Author/Editor: Normand Baillargeon,Christian Boissinot,Scott Irving
Home Ground and Foreign Territory
Author/Editor: Fiamengo, Janice
Homelessness & Health in Canada
Author/Editor: Guirguis-Younger, Manal; Hwang, Stephen W.; McNeil, Ryan
Author/Editor: Cynthia Sugars
Homo Interrogans
Author/Editor: JOHN BRUIN
Hood Site
Author/Editor: Lennox, Paul Anthony
Hooper Bay kayak construction
Author/Editor: Zimmerly, David W
How to Write a Précis
Hugh Garner's Best Stories
Author/Editor: Garner, Hugh; Robins Sharpe, Emily
Husserl and the Sciences
Author/Editor: RICHARD FEIST
Icelandic-Canadian memory lore
Author/Editor: Einarsson, Magnus
Icelandic-Canadian oral narratives
Author/Editor: Einarsson, Magnus
Icelandic-Canadian popular verse
Author/Editor: Einarsson, Magnus
Icon in Canada
Author/Editor: Klymasz, Robert B
Ideal world of Mrs. Widder's soirée musicale
Author/Editor: Guiguet, Kristina Marie
Identity of the Saint Francis Indians
Author/Editor: Day, Gordon M
Identity Theft and Fraud
Author/Editor: Archer, Norm; Sproule, Susan; Yuan, Yufei
Iglulualumiut Prehistory
Author/Editor: Morrison, David A
Images of Canadianness
Author/Editor: Leen d’Haenens,L. Balthazar,J. F. Conway,L. d’Haenens,J. S. Frideres,H. Ganzevoort,M. Hart,R. M. Hébert,C.J. Jaenen,D. Mitchell,J. Vrielinck,C. Remie,L. Roth
Implements of golf
Author/Editor: Stewart, William Lynnwood; Gray, David Robert
In an Iron Glove
Author/Editor: Martin, Claire
In Ballast to the White Sea
Author/Editor: Lowry, Malcolm; McCarthy, Patrick A
Index for the Urban History Review 1972-1977 / Index pour la revue d’histoire urbaine 1972-1977
Indices de manifestations culturelles de l'archaique
Author/Editor: Marois, Roger J. M.; Ribes, René
Individual in northern Dene thought and communication
Author/Editor: Christian, Jane; Gardner, Peter M
Author/Editor: Smith, David Merrill
In memoriam: Peter Lewis Paul, 1902-1989
Author/Editor: Teeter, Karl V
Innovating South-South Cooperation
Author/Editor: Gamil Besada, Hany; Evren Tok, Mohamed; McMillan Polonenko, Leah
An Insider's Guide to Canada's Capital
Interior Salish tribes of British Columbia
Author/Editor: Tepper, Leslie H
International Approaches to Professional Development for Mathematics Teachers
Author/Editor: Nadine Bednarz,Dario Fiorentini,Rongjin Huang
Interpreters as Diplomats
Author/Editor: Ruth A. ROLAND,Jean DELISLE
Interpreting the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal
Author/Editor: Kayoko Takeda
Interpretive contexts for traditional and current coast Tsimshian feasts
Author/Editor: Seguin, Margaret
In the shadow of the sun
Intérieurs domestiques des menuisiers et charpentiers de la région de Québec, 1810-1819
Author/Editor: Bernier, Jacques
Introduction aux études canadiennes
Author/Editor: Ewen, Geoffrey; Coates, Colin M
Introduction to the Ecology of Early Historic Communal Bison Hunting Among the Northern Plains Indians
Author/Editor: Arthur, George W
Introduction to the social history of Scots in Quebec (1780-1840)
Author/Editor: Price, Lynda
Inuit adoption
Author/Editor: Guemple, D. L
Inuit kayaks in Canada
Author/Editor: Arima, Eugene Yuji
Inuit language in southern Labrador from 1694-1785 / La langue inuit au Sud du Labrador de 1964 à 1785
Author/Editor: Dorais, Louis-Jacques
Inuit songs from Eskimo Point
Author/Editor: Pelinski, Ramon; Suluk, Luke; Amarook, Lucy
The Isabella Valancy Crawford Symposium
Author/Editor: Tierney, Frank M
Islam in the West
Author/Editor: Delic, Zijad
Is There a Canadian Philosophy?
Is Two-Tier Health Care the Future?
Author/Editor: Flood, Colleen M.; Thomas, Bryan
The Ivory Thought
Author/Editor: Gerald Lynch,Shoshannah Ganz,Josephene T. M. Kealey
Jacob Isaac Segal
Author/Editor: Anctil, Pierre
Jacob Isaac Segal: A Montreal Yiddish Poet and His Milieu
Author/Editor: Pierre Anctil,Vivian Felsen
Jacques Poulin
Author/Editor: PIERRE HÉBERT
Jouer la traduction
Author/Editor: Nolette, Nicole
A Journey in Translation
Author/Editor: Skallerup Bessette, Lee
Journey of a Thousand Miles
Author/Editor: Yu, Ruey J
Kalderas in eastern Canada
Author/Editor: Salo, Matt T.; Salo, Sheila M. G
Kierkegaard's Romantic Legacy
Author/Editor: Anoop Gupta
Kingston cabinetmakers, 1800-1867
Author/Editor: MacKinnon, Joan
Kitwanga Fort report
Author/Editor: MacDonald, George F
Knechtel I Site, Bruce County, Ontario
Author/Editor: Wright, James Vallière
Koniag-Pacific Eskimo Bibliography
Author/Editor: Clark, Donald Woodforde
Korean-Canadian folk song
Author/Editor: Song, Bang-Song
Koyukuk River culture
Author/Editor: McFadyen Clark, Annette
Kugaluk Site and the Nuvorugmiut
Author/Editor: Morrison, David A
Kyuquot way
Author/Editor: Kenyon, Susan M
Laïcité et humanisme
Author/Editor: Le Blanc, Charles
La céramique préhistorique canadienne / La ceramica prehistorica canadiense / Canadian prehistoric pottery
Author/Editor: Marois, Roger J. M
À la défense d'un idéal contesté
Author/Editor: Luc Juillet,Ken Rasmussen
La Démocratie à l'épreuve de la gouvernance
Author/Editor: Linda Cardinal,Caroline Andrew
La Dynamique multiculturelle et les fins de l'histoire
Author/Editor: Réal Fillion
La Formation et le développement professionnel des enseignants en sciences, technologie et mathématiques
Author/Editor: Christine Couture,Liliane Dionne
La Formation à la traduction professionnelle
Author/Editor: Geneviève MARESCHAL,Louise BRUNETTE,Zélie GUÉVEL,Egan VALENTINE
La Francophonie canadienne
Author/Editor: Michael D. Behiels,François Gauthier,Yolande Amzallag,Michel Buttiens,Yvan Dupuis,François Gauthier,Nicole Lavallée,Éric Poirier
La frontière au quotidien
Author/Editor: Gilbert, Anne; Veronis, Luisa; Brosseau, Marc
Lagoon Site (OjRI-3)
Author/Editor: Arnold, Charles D
La Gouvernance du système de santé canadien
Author/Editor: Tom McIntosh,Pierre-Gerlier Forest,Gregory P. Marchildon
La Gouvernance linguistique
Author/Editor: Jean-Pierre Wallot
La Jeunesse au Canada français
Author/Editor: Bock, Michel
Langages de l'interprétation personnalisées / The languages of live interpretation
Author/Editor: Blais, Jean-Marc
Language is the Key
Author/Editor: Jezak, Monika
Language Testing Reconsidered
Author/Editor: Janna Fox,Mari Wesche,Doreen Bayliss,Liying Cheng,Carolyn E. Turner,Christine Doe
La Photographie malgré l'image
Author/Editor: JEAN LAUZON
La rationalité pénale moderne
Author/Editor: Dubé, Richard; Garcia, Margarida; Rocha Machado, Maíra
L'archéologie des Kitselas d'après le site stratifié de Gitaus (GdTc:2) sur la rivière Skeena en Colombie-Britannique
Author/Editor: Allaire, Louis
L'archéologie des provinces de Québec et d'Ontario
Author/Editor: Marois, Roger J. M
La Reconnaissance professionnelle en éducation
Author/Editor: Anne Jorro
La Rénovation de l'héritage démocratique
Author/Editor: Anne Trépanier
La Tension tradition-modernité
Author/Editor: Andréa Martinez,Michèle Ollivier
Late Palaeo-Indian Great Lakes
Author/Editor: Jackson, Lawrence J.; Hinshelwood, Andrew
Late Prehistory of Point Pelee, Ontario and Environs
Author/Editor: Keenlyside, David L
Later Prehistory of the Middle Porcupine Drainage, Northern Yukon Territory
Author/Editor: Morlan, Richard E
La traduction en citations
Author/Editor: Delisle, Jean
La traduction raisonnée, 2e édition
Author/Editor: Delisle, Jean
La traduction raisonnée, 2e édition, 2
Author/Editor: JEAN DELISLE
La traduction raisonnée, 3e édition
Author/Editor: Delisle, Jean; Fiola, Marco A
La traduction raisonnée, 3e édition, Livre du maître
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La traduction raisonnée, 3e édition, NED - New edition, 3
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L’ Avenir fiscal du système de santé canadien
Author/Editor: Gregory P. Marchildon,Tom Mclntosh,Pierre-Gerlier Forest
L’aventure de la recherche qualitative
Author/Editor: Gaudet, Stéphanie; Robert, Dominique
La Violence, la peur et le crime
Author/Editor: Jacques Laplante
Law and the Sharing Economy
Author/Editor: McKee, Derek; Makela, Finn; Scassa, Teresa
Law, Privacy and Surveillance in Canada in the Post-Snowden Era
Author/Editor: Geist, Michael
Learning to Practise
Author/Editor: Heap, Ruby; Millar, Wyn; Smyth, Elizabeth
Le Bonheur et autres troubles
Author/Editor: Saidullah, Ahmad
Le Carnaval du quotidien
Author/Editor: Shields, Carol
Le Cerveau nomade
Author/Editor: Michelle Bourassa
Le Complexe d'Hermès
Author/Editor: Charles Le Blanc
Le Counselling
Le Débat qui n'a pas lieu
Author/Editor: Jean-Pierre Wallot
Le Deuil d'un pays imaginé
Author/Editor: MARCEL MARTEL
Le Dodécaèdre
Author/Editor: Paul Glennon
Le Droit de traduire
Author/Editor: Basalamah, Salah
Le Fédéralisme
Author/Editor: George Anderson
Legendary hunters
Author/Editor: Sapir, Edward; Swadesh, Morris; Thomas, Alexander
Le gisement Beaumier
Author/Editor: Marois, Roger J. M
Le ministère des Affaires extérieures du Canada
Author/Editor: Hilliker, John