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A basketful of Indian culture change
Author/Editor: Brasser, Theodore, J. C
Batza Tena, Trail to Obsidian
Author/Editor: Clark, Donald Woodforde; McFadyen Clark, Annette
Batza Tena, Trail to Obsidian: Archaeology at an Alaskan Obsidian Source
Author/Editor: Donald W. Clark,A. McFadyen Clark
Author/Editor: Carignan, Paul
Beaches: A Multi-Component Habitation Site in Bonavista Bay
Author/Editor: PAUL CARIGNAN
Beads of life
Author/Editor: Labelle, Marie-Louise
Bear Lake Athapaskan kinship and task group formation
Author/Editor: Rushforth, Scott
Beckstead Site - 1977
Author/Editor: Pendergast, James F
Author/Editor: Blumstock, Robert
Bekevar: Working papers on a Canadian prairie community
Bella Coola ceremony and art
Author/Editor: Stott, Margaret A
Bella Coola Indian music
Author/Editor: Kolstee, Anton F
Bella Coola Indian music: A study of the interaction between Northwest Coast Indian structures and their functional contex
Author/Editor: ANTON F. KOLSTEE
Bella Coola language
Author/Editor: Nater, H. F
Bella Coola Valley
Author/Editor: Tepper, Leslie H
Bella Coola Valley: Harlan I. Smith's fieldwork photographs, 1920-1924
Author/Editor: Leslie H. Tepper
Belly River
Author/Editor: Quigg, J. Michael
Belly River: Prehistoric Population Dynamics in a Northwestern Plains Transitional Zone
Author/Editor: J. MICHAEL QUIGG
Beluga Hunters
Author/Editor: McGhee, Robert
Beluga Hunters: An Archaeological Reconstruction of the History and Culture of the Mackenzie Delta Kittegaryumiut
Author/Editor: Robert McGhee,D.W. Laverie
Beothuck Archaeology in Bonavista Bay
Author/Editor: Carignan, Paul
Beothuk bark canoes
Author/Editor: Marshall, Ingeborg
Beothuk bark canoes: An analysis and comparative study
Between Actor and Presence
Author/Editor: MacLean, George
Between Ports Alberni and Renfrew
Author/Editor: Arima, E. Y.; St. Claire, Denis; Clamhouse, Louis
Beyond the Academic Gateway: Looking back on the Tenure-Track Journey
Author/Editor: Timothy M. Sibbald,Victoria Handford
Bible and the plough
Author/Editor: Brednich, Rolf Wilhelm
Bible and the plough: The lives of a Hutterite minister and a Mennonite farmer
Bibliography for the study of British Columbia's domestic material history
Author/Editor: Careless, Virginia
A bibliography of the Athapaskan languages
Author/Editor: Parr, Richard T
Biological Relationships of Southern Ontario Woodland Peoples
Author/Editor: Molto, Joseph Eldon
Biological Relationships of Southern Ontario Woodland Peoples: The Evidence of Discontinuous Cranial Morphology
The Black Hole of Public Administration
Author/Editor: Hubbard, Ruth; Paquet, Gilles
Black Pentecostal music in Windsor
Author/Editor: McIntyre, Paul
A Blanket Against Darkness
Author/Editor: Harton, Catherine
Bliss Carman
Author/Editor: Lynch, Gerald
The Blue Shirts
Author/Editor: Hugues Théorêt,Ferdinanda van Gennip,Howard Scott
Boat building in Winterton, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland
Author/Editor: Taylor, David A
Boat building in Winterton, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland
Author/Editor: Taylor, David A
The Bold and the Brave
Author/Editor: Frize, Monique
Bolder Flights
Author/Editor: Tierney, Frank; Arnold Robbeson, Angela
Bones of the Ancestors
Author/Editor: Williamson, Ronald F.; Pfeiffer, Susan
Bones of the Ancestors: The Archaeology and Osteobiography of the Moatfield Ossuary
Author/Editor: Ronald F. Williamson,Susan Pfeiffer
Author/Editor: Brunet-Jailly, Emmanuel
Borders, Culture, and Globalization: A Canadian Perspective
Author/Editor: Victor Konrad ,Melissa Kelly
Boys Site and the Early Ontario Iroquois Tradition
Author/Editor: Reid, C. S
Author/Editor: Smith?, Robert
Bruner-Colasanti Site
Author/Editor: Lennox, Paul Anthony
Bruner-Colasanti Site: An Early Late Woodland Component, Essex County, Ontario
Author/Editor: PAUL A. LENNOX
Building New Bridges - Bâtir de nouveaux ponts
Author/Editor: Keshen, Jeff; Perrier, Sylvie
Business and Government in Canada
Author/Editor: Roy, Jeffrey