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eAccess to Justice
Author/Editor: Jane Bailey; Valerie Steeves
Early Kachemak Phase on Kodiak Island at Old Kiavak
Author/Editor: Clark, Donald Woodforde
Early Paleo-Indian Site Near Parkhill, Ontario
Author/Editor: Ellis, Christopher; Deller, D. Brian
Echoing Silence
Author/Editor: Moss, John
Edward Sapir's correspondence
Author/Editor: Dallaire, Louise
Effects of acculturation on Eskimo music of Cumberland Peninsula
Author/Editor: Lutz, Maija M
eGirls, eCitizens
Author/Editor: Bailey, Jane; Steeves, Valerie
E-Government in Canada
Author/Editor: Roy, Jeffrey
Eighteenth-Century Western Cree and Their Neighbours
Author/Editor: Russell, Dale R
Eight Inuit myths / Inuit unipkaaqtuat pingasuniarvinilit
Author/Editor: ALEX SPALDING
Eight Men Speak
Author/Editor: Filewod, Alan; Ryan, Oscar; Cecil-Smith, Edward
The E.J. Pratt Symposium
Author/Editor: Clever, Glenn
The Elective Mind: Philosophy and the Undergraduate Degree, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: RÉAL FILLION
The End of Iceland's Innocence
Author/Editor: Chartier, Daniel
Enduring hardship
Author/Editor: Hoe, Ban Seng
Engendering Genre
Author/Editor: Nischik, Reingard M
Enjeux contemporains de l'éducation scientifique et technologique
Author/Editor: Hasni, Abdelkrim; Lebeaume, Joël
Enjeux et défis du développement international
Author/Editor: Beaudet, Pierre; Caouette, Dominique; Haslam, Paul
Enjeux et défis du développement international
Author/Editor: Beaudet, Pierre; Haslam, Paul
Enjeux interculturels des médias
Author/Editor: Garneau, Michèle; Lüsebrink, Hans-Jürgen; Moser, Walter
Enseignement de la traduction et traduction dans l'enseignement
Author/Editor: Delisle, Jean; Lee-Jahnke, Hannelore
Entre lieux et mémoire
Author/Editor: Gilbert, Anne; Bock, Michel; Thériault, Joseph-Yvon
The Entrepreneurial Effect: Practical Ideas from Your Own Virtual Board of Advisors
Author/Editor: Terry Matthews ,James Bowen
The Entrepreneurial Effect: Waterloo: Practical Advice from your own Virtual Board of Advisors
Author/Editor: James Bowen
Author/Editor: Desgent, Jean-Marc; Lanoue, Guy
Erving Goffman et le travail social
Author/Editor: Stéphanie Garneau,Dahlia Namian
Eskimo economics
Author/Editor: Jansen, William Hugh
Eskimo music by region
Author/Editor: Johnston, Thomas F
Esthétique et recyclages culturels
Author/Editor: Klucinskas, Jean; Moser, Walter
Estuary Bison Pound Site in Southwestern Saskatchewan
Author/Editor: Adams, Gary F
The Ethel Wilson Symposium
Author/Editor: McMullen, Lorraine
Ethical Deliberation in Multiprofessional Health Care Teams
Author/Editor: Doucet, Hubert; Larouche, Jean-Marc; Melchin, Kenneth R
Ethical Hacking
Author/Editor: Maurushat, Alana
Ethnobotany of the Blackfoot Indians
Author/Editor: Hellson, John C.; Gadd, Morgan
Ethnobotany of the Gitksan Indians of British Columbia
Author/Editor: Smith, Harlan Ingersoll; Compton, Brian D.; Rigsby, Bruce
Ethnohistoric study of eastern James Bay Cree social organization, 1700-1850
Author/Editor: Morantz, Toby
Ethnolinguistic profile of the Canadian Metis
Author/Editor: Douaud, Patrick C
Ethnology Division: Annual review 1972
Author/Editor: Reynolds, Barry
Ethnology Division: Annual review 1974
Author/Editor: Reynolds, Barry
Europe et traduction
Author/Editor: Ballard, Michel
Evaluative ethno-historical bibliography of the Malecite Indians
Author/Editor: Herisson, Michel R. P
The Evolved Self: Mapping an Understanding of Who We Are
Author/Editor: Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson
The Evolving Physiology of Government
Author/Editor: Dwivedi, O. P.; Mau, Tim A.; Sheldrick, Byron M
Examination of Prehistoric Copper Technology and Copper Sources in Western Arctic and Subarctic North America
Author/Editor: Franklin, U. M.; Badone, E.; Gotthardt, R
Excavation of Water-Saturated Archaeological Sites (Wet Sites) on the Northwest Coast of North America
Author/Editor: Croes, Dale R
The Existence of the External World
Author/Editor: Vernes, Jean-René
Experimental Study of Microwear Formation on Endscrapers
Author/Editor: Brink, John W
Explorer la capitale