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Waken, Lords and Ladies Gay
Author/Editor: Pacey, Desmond; Tierney, Frank M
Walker Site — The Hamilton Site: A Late Historic Neutral Town
Author/Editor: Wright, Milton J.; Lennox, Paul A
Warring Sovereignties: Church Control and State Pressure at the University of Ottawa
Author/Editor: adam p. strömbergsson-denora
Author/Editor: Yorga, Brian Willard David
Waste Heritage
Author/Editor: Baird, Irene; Hill, Colin
The Way Ahead
Author/Editor: Brzustowski, Tom
West Coast logging, 1840-1910
Author/Editor: Shakespeare, Mary; Pain, Rodney H
Western Abenaki Dictionary: Volume 1
Author/Editor: Day, Gordon M
Western Abenaki dictionary: Volume 2
Author/Editor: Day, Gordon M
Western Canadian history
Author/Editor: Richeson, D. R
Whadoo tehmi / Long-ago people's packsack
Author/Editor: Marie, Suzan; Thompson, Judy
Whence They Came
Author/Editor: Roberts, Barbara
Who Lived in this House?
Author/Editor: McFadyen Clark, Annette
Why faith healing?
Author/Editor: Jones, Michael Owen
Wilderness and storytelling
Author/Editor: Staples, Lindsay
Wild plant use by the Woods Cree (Nihithawak) of east-central Saskatchewan
Author/Editor: Leighton, Anna L
William E. Logan's 1845 survey of the Upper Ottawa Valley
Author/Editor: Smith, Charles H.; Dyck, Ian
Window on the past
Author/Editor: Blackman, Margaret Berlin
Windows and Words
Author/Editor: Hudson, Aïda; Cooper, Susan-Ann
A Woman in Engineering: Memoirs of a Trailblazer. An Autobiography by Monique (Aubry) Frize
Author/Editor: Monique (Aubry) Frize,Ruby Heap
Women and Political Representation in Canada
Author/Editor: Tremblay, Manon; Andrew, Caroline
Women in Radio: Unfiltered Voices from Canada
Author/Editor: Geneviève A. Bonin-Labelle
Worlding Sei Shônagon
Author/Editor: Henitiuk, Valerie
The Worlds of Carol Shields
Author/Editor: Staines, David
Worlds of Wonder
Author/Editor: Leroux, Jean-François; La Bossière, Camille
The Wrong World
Author/Editor: Brooker, Bertram; Betts, Gregory