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Future Indicative
Author/Editor: Moss, John
A Future for Economics: More Encompassing, More Institutional, More Practical
Author/Editor: Christopher Maule ,John Chant ,Ehsan Choudhri ,Steven Langdon ,Harvey Lithwick ,Don McFetridge ,Christopher Maule ,Gilles Paquet ,Georg Rich
From the Heart of the Heartland
Author/Editor: Moss, John
From the earth to beyond the sky
Author/Editor: Foster, Michael K
From Subjects to Citizens
Author/Editor: Boyer, Pierre; Cardinal, Linda; Headon, David
From Cognition to Being
Author/Editor: McHenry, Henry Davis
From chantre to djak
Author/Editor: Klymasz, Robert B
From boxkite to jet
Author/Editor: Stedman, E.W
From Arabye to Engelond
Author/Editor: Canitz, A. E. Christa; Weiland, Gernot R
Freedom, Nature, and World
Author/Editor: Loptson, Peter
Franklin Era in Canadian Arctic History, 1845-1859
Author/Editor: Sutherland, Patricia D
Francophonie, minorités et pédagogie
Author/Editor: Dalley, Phyllis; Roy, Sylvie
Author/Editor: Boily-Blanchette, Lise
Foucault and the Indefinite Work of Freedom
Author/Editor: Fillion, Réal
Fort Reliance, Yukon
Author/Editor: Clark, Donald Woodforde
The Forgotten Songs of the Newfoundland Outports
Author/Editor: Kearney Guigné, Anna
The Forgotten Peace
Author/Editor: Small, Michael
Forgeron de campagne
Author/Editor: Berube, Andre [et al.]
Forest and Other Gleanings
Author/Editor: Traill, Catherine Parr; Peterman, Michael; Ballstadt, Carl
Fondements des pratiques professionnelles des enseignants
Author/Editor: Maubant, Philippe; Martineau, Stéphane
Folk narrative among Ukrainian-Canadians in western Canada
Author/Editor: Klymasz, Robert B
Folk music of Canada's oldest Polish community / La musique traditionnelle de la plus ancienne communauté polonaise du Canada
Author/Editor: Glofcheskie, John Michael
Folk music in a Newfoundland outport
Author/Editor: Cox, Gordon Sidney Allister
Folk fiddling in Canada
Author/Editor: Gibbons, Roy W
Flora Lyndsay; or, Passages in an Eventful Life
Author/Editor: Moodie, Susanna; Peterman, Michael A
Finnish sauna in Manitoba
Author/Editor: Sutyla, Charles M
Financement de la santé et efficacité de l’aide internationale
Author/Editor: Barry, Mamadou; Sanni Yaya, Hachimi
Financement de la santé et efficacité de l’aide internationale
Author/Editor: Barry, Mamadou; Sanni Yaya, Hachimi
Fifty Years of Official Bilingualism: Challenges, Analyses and Testimonies, Ed. 2
Author/Editor: Richard Clément ,Pierre Foucher
Fiddle music in the Ottawa Valley
Author/Editor: Bégin, Carmelle
The Fictions of John Fowles
Author/Editor: Cooper, Pamela
Femmes francophones et pluralisme en milieu minoritaire
Author/Editor: Adam, Dyane
Femmes et politiques
Author/Editor: Masson, Dominique
Femmes de carrière, carrières de femmes
Author/Editor: Coderre, Cécile; Denis, Ann; Andrew, Caroline
Feminist Success Stories - Célébrons nos réussites féministes
Author/Editor: Blackford, Karen A.; Garceau, Marie-Luce; Kirby, Sandra
Faunal Remains from the Nodwell Site (Bchi-3) and from Four Other Sites in Bruce County, Ontario
Author/Editor: Stewart, Frances L
The Fate of Bonté III
Author/Editor: ALAIN POISSANT,Rob Twiss
Fascinating challenges
Author/Editor: Thompson, Judy; Hall, Judy; Tepper, Leslie H
Family origin histories
Author/Editor: Sapir, Edward; Swadesh, Morris; Thomas, Alexander
Famille et fragmentation
Author/Editor: Tahon, Marie-Blanche; Côté, Denyse
The Fallacy of Race and the Shoah
Author/Editor: Kramer, Naomi; Headland, Ronald
Factors influencing kamik production in Arctic Bay, Northwest Territories
Author/Editor: Oakes, Jill Elizabeth