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Myth, Symbol, and Colonial Encounter
Author/Editor: Reid, Jennifer
Myths We Live By
Author/Editor: Grant, Colin
My old people say: Part 2
Author/Editor: McClellan, Catharine
My old people say: Part 1
Author/Editor: McClellan, Catharine
My Life
Author/Editor: Tolstaya, Sofia Andreevna; Donskov, Andrew
Musique traditionnelle pour violon
Author/Editor: Bégin, Carmelle
Musique traditionnelle pour accordéon diatonique
Author/Editor: Bégin, Carmelle
Music of the Netsilik Eskimo: Volume 2
Author/Editor: Cavanagh, Beverley
Music of the Netsilik Eskimo: Volume 1
Author/Editor: Cavanagh, Beverley
Musical traditions of the Labrador coast Inuit
Author/Editor: Lutz, Maija M
Musical life of the Blood Indians
Author/Editor: Witmer, Robert
Author/Editor: Zimmerly, David W
Multiculturalism and Integration
Author/Editor: Regan, Vera; Lemée, Isabelle; Conrick, Maeve
Multicultural Dynamics and the Ends of History
Author/Editor: Fillion, Réal
Moving Images of Eternity: George Grant’s Critique of Time, Teaching, and Technology
Author/Editor: William F. Pinar
More than words
Author/Editor: Willis, John
Moose-Deer Island house people
Author/Editor: Smith, David M
Mon village, la côte, Ed. NED - New edition
Monde fantastique de la Beauce québécoise
Author/Editor: Dupont, Jean-Claude
Modernité en transit - Modernity in Transit
Author/Editor: Dubé, Richard; Gin, Pascal; Moser, Walter
Moderato cantabile: Toward principled governance for Canada’s immigration regime
Author/Editor: Gilles Paquet
Models for Deriving Cultural Information from Stone Tools
Author/Editor: Bonnichsen, Robson
Mobilités culturelles - Cultural Mobilities
Author/Editor: Gin, Pascal; Moser, Walter
Mingan au 19e siècle
Author/Editor: Frenette, Jacques
Mi'kmaq and Maliseet cultural ancestral material
Author/Editor: Augustine, Stephen Joseph
Mike Starr of Oshawa
Author/Editor: Momryk, Myron
Migrating Texts and Traditions
Author/Editor: Sweet, William
Author/Editor: Gordon, Bryan H. C
Mid forests wild
Author/Editor: Dahl, Edward H
Middle ground
Author/Editor: Savishinsky, Joel S.; Frimmer, Susan B
Micmac texts
Author/Editor: DeBlois, Albert D
Micmac lexicon
Author/Editor: DeBlois, Albert D.; Metallic, Alphonse
Micmac dictionary
Author/Editor: DeBlois, Albert D
Michel Bastarache: Ce que je voudrais dire à mes enfants
Author/Editor: Michel Bastarache,Antoine Trépanier,Antonine Maillet
Meta Incognita project
Author/Editor: Alsford, Stephen
Meta Incognita: a discourse of discovery - volume 2
Author/Editor: Symons, Thomas H.B.; Alsford, Stephen; Kitzan, Chris
Meta Incognita: a discourse of discovery - volume 1
Author/Editor: Symons, Thomas H.B.; Alsford, Stephen; Kitzan, Chris
Mes conversations avec Claude
Author/Editor: ROBERT MAJOR
Mennonite folklife and folklore
Author/Editor: Brednich, Rolf Wilhelm
Author/Editor: MICHEL PICARD
Meet Me on the Barricades
Mediterranean reconsidered
Author/Editor: Peressini, Mauro; Hadj-Moussa, Ratiba
Médée protéiforme
Author/Editor: Carrière, Marie
Médecine et religion populaires / Folk medicine and religion
Author/Editor: Crépeau, Pierre
McIntyre Site
Author/Editor: Johnston, Richard B
The McCluskey Site
Author/Editor: Dawson, Kenneth C. A
Mathematical Modelling of Zombies
Author/Editor: Smith?, Robert
Material Traces of War: Stories of Canadian Women and Conflict, 1914—1945
Author/Editor: Stacey J. Barker ,Krista Cooke ,Molly McCullough
Material history bulletin no. 2 / Bulletin d'histoire de la culture matérielle no 2
Author/Editor: Watt, Robb; Riley, Barbara
Material history bulletin no. 1 / Bulletin d'histoire de la culture matérielle no 1
Author/Editor: Watt, Robb; Riley, Barbara
Martin Frobisher's northwest venture, 1576-1581
Author/Editor: Hogarth, D.D.; Boreham, P.W.; Mitchell, J.G
Marriage Patterns in an Archaic Population
Author/Editor: Kennedy, Brenda Valerie Elkins
Marius Barbeau’s Vitalist Ethnology, Ed. NED - New edition, 1
Author/Editor: Frances M. Slaney ,Linda R. Sioui
Marius Barbeau's photographic collection
Author/Editor: Riley, Linda
Margaret Laurence
Author/Editor: Staines, David
Margaret Atwood
Author/Editor: Kozakewich, Tobi; Moss, John
Maquette de Québec
Author/Editor: Pothier, Bernard
Many voices
Author/Editor: Carpenter, Carole Henderson
Many are strong among the strangers
Author/Editor: Karp, Ellen
Manuel de rédaction à l’usage des militaires
Author/Editor: Ouellet, Éric; Pahlavi, Pierre; Chapnick, Adam
Manuel de rédaction à l’usage des militaires
Author/Editor: Ouellet, Éric; Pahlavi, Pierre; Chapnick, Adam
Man Should Rejoice, by Hugh MacLennan
Author/Editor: Hill, Colin; MacLennan, Hugh
Managing Diversity
Author/Editor: Cardinal, Linda; Brown, Nicholas
Maliseet-Passamaquoddy verb morphology
Author/Editor: Sherwood, David Fairchild
Malcolm Lowry's Poetics of Space
Author/Editor: Lane, Richard J.; Mota, Miguel
Making and metaphor
Author/Editor: Hickey, Gloria A
Majorville Cairn and Medicine Wheel Site, Alberta
Author/Editor: Calder, James M
Author/Editor: Gendreau, Bianca