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Publicité de masse et masse publicitaire
Author/Editor: Côté, Luc; Daigle, Jean-Guy
P'tit train va loin
Author/Editor: Lemieux-Pépin, Madeleine
Psychologie clinique de la personne âgée
Author/Editor: Cappeliez, Philippe; Landreville, Philippe; Vézina, Jean
Présentation du Centre canadien d'études sur la culture traditionnelle / An introduction to the Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies
Author/Editor: Roy, Carmen
Proverbes haïtiens illustrés
Author/Editor: Préval, Guerdy
Proto-Algonquian Dictionary
Author/Editor: Aubin, George F
Protestantisme français au Québec, 1840-1919
Author/Editor: Ruddel, David T
Pro-Poor Land Reform
Author/Editor: Borras, Saturnino
Promoting Resilience in Child Welfare
Author/Editor: Flynn, Robert J.; Dudding, Peter M.; Barber, James G
Profession: Public Servant
Author/Editor: Ruth Hubbard
Proceedings of the second congress, Canadian Ethnology Society: Volume 1
Author/Editor: Freedman, Jim; Barkow, Jerome H
Proceedings of the second congress, Canadian Ethnology Society: Volume 2
Author/Editor: Freedman, Jim; Barkow, Jerome H
Proceedings of the first congress, Canadian Ethnology Society
Author/Editor: Barkow, Jerome H
Proceedings: Northern Athapaskan Conference, 1971: Volume 2
Author/Editor: McFadyen Clark, Annette
Proceedings: Northern Athapaskan Conference, 1971: Volume 1
Author/Editor: McFadyen Clark, Annette
Problématiques identitaires et discours de l'exil dans les littératures francophones
Author/Editor: Talahite-Moodley, Anissa
Probing the Bureaucratic Mind: About Canadian Federal Executives, Ed. 2
Author/Editor: Ruth Hubbard ,Gilles Paquet
Princess Point Complex
Author/Editor: Stothers, David Marvyn
The Priesthood of Science
Author/Editor: Leiss, William
Preliminary study of traditional Kutchin clothing in museums
Author/Editor: Thompson, Judy
Prehistory of the Aishihik-Kluane Area, Southwest Yukon Territory
Author/Editor: Workman, William B.; Lawhead, Stephen
Prehistory of Saglek Bay, Labrador
Author/Editor: Tuck, James A
Prehistory of Lake Athabasca
Author/Editor: Wright, James Vallière
Prehistoric Occupations of Black Lake, Northern Saskatchewan
Author/Editor: Minni, Sheila Joan
Prehistoric Cultural Change at Kitselas Canyon
Author/Editor: Coupland, Gary
Pre-Dorset Settlements at the Seahorse Gully Site
Author/Editor: Meyer, David A
Preceramic Occupations Along the North Shore of Lake Ontario
Author/Editor: Roberts, Arthur C. B
Practical Writing System and Short Dictionary of Kwakw'ala (Kwakiutl)
Author/Editor: Grubb, David McC
Practical Heiltsuk-English dictionary with a grammatical introduction: Volume 2
Author/Editor: Rath, John C
Practical Heiltsuk-English dictionary with a grammatical introduction: Volume 1
Author/Editor: Rath, John C
Practical dictionary of the Coast Tsimshian language
Author/Editor: Dunn, John Asher
Power and performance in Gros Ventre war expedition songs
Author/Editor: Hatton, Orin T
Pour sortir les allumettières de l’ombre: Les ouvrières de la manufacture d’allumettes E.B. Eddy de Hull (1854-1928)
Author/Editor: Kathleen Durocher
Potières du Buisson
Author/Editor: St-Pierre, Christian Gates
Potato Island Site, District of Kenora, Ontario
Author/Editor: Koezur, Polly; Wright, James Vallière
Portraits de traductrices
Author/Editor: Delisle, Jean
Portraits de traducteurs
Author/Editor: Delisle, Jean
The Politics of Translation in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
Author/Editor: Blumenfeld-Kosinski, Renate; von Flotow, Luise; Russell, Daniel
Poles Apart
Author/Editor: Lewkowicz, Antoni G
Author/Editor: Charron, Marc; Mayne, Seymour; Melançon, Christiane
Pluralisme et délibération
Author/Editor: Mellos, Koula; Savidan, Patrick
Pleistocene Bone Technology in the Beringian Refugium
Author/Editor: Bonnichsen, Robson
Planification de formations en santé: Guide des bonnes pratiques
Author/Editor: Pierre Jean
Place of refuge for all time
Author/Editor: Clifton, James A
Place-Making in the Pretty Harbour: The Archaeology of Port Joli, Nova Scotia
Author/Editor: Matthew Betts
Pioneering Women
Author/Editor: McMullen, Lorraine; Campbell, Sandra
Phonology, morphology, and classified word list for the Samish dialect of Straits Salish
Author/Editor: Galloway, Brent Douglas
Phonology, dictionary and listing of roots and lexical derivates of the Haisla language of Kitlope and Kitimaat, B.C.: Volume 2
Author/Editor: Lincoln, Neville J.; Rath, John C
Phonology, dictionary and listing of roots and lexical derivates of the Haisla language of Kitlope and Kitimaat, B.C.: Volume 1
Author/Editor: Lincoln, Neville J.; Rath, John C
Philosophical Theory and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Author/Editor: Sweet, William
Philosophical Apprenticeships
Author/Editor: Lampert, Jay; Robinson, Jason
Petun to Wyandot
Author/Editor: Garrad, Charles; Pilon, Jean-Luc; Fox, William
Petrological Analysis of Kettle Point Chert and its Spatial and Temporal Distribution in Regional Prehistory
Author/Editor: Janusas, Scarlett Emilie
Perspectives on Northern Northwest Coast Prehistory
Author/Editor: Cybulski, Jerome S
Persistent ceremonialism: the Plains Cree and Saulteaux
Author/Editor: Tarasoff, Koozma J
People of Tetlin, why are you singing?
Author/Editor: Guédon, Marie-Françoise
People of Sunlight, People of Starlight
Author/Editor: Gordon, Bryan H. C
People in the tobacco belt
Author/Editor: Dégh, Linda
Penser, lire, écrire
Author/Editor: Giroux, Aline; Forgette-Giroux, Renée
Pensée, idéologie et politique
Author/Editor: Labelle, Gilles; Houle, François
Patterns of Activity-Induced Pathology in a Canadian Inuit Population
Author/Editor: Merbs, Charles F
Patterns in transition
Author/Editor: Clayton-Gouthro, Cecile Michelle
Patrimonio cultural / Património cultural / Patrimoine culturel / Cultural heritage
Author/Editor: de la Borbolla, Daniel Rubin; Roger, J. M
Passion for the Past
Author/Editor: Wright, James Vallière; Pilon, Jean-Luc
Pasquinades in E: Slaughtering Some Sacred Cows, Ed. 2
Author/Editor: Gilles Paquet
Pasquinades en F: Essais à rebrousse-poil
Author/Editor: Gilles Paquet
Parliament of women
Author/Editor: Strong-Boag, Veronica Jane
Parcours jeunes et FLS
Author/Editor: Ambrosio, Laura; Hatabi, Miriam
Paradis du monde
Author/Editor: Galipeau, Pascale
Papers of the sixth Algonquian Conference, 1974
Author/Editor: Cowan, William
Papers in linguistics from the 1972 Conference on Iroquoian Research
Author/Editor: Foster, Michael K
Pantagruel in Canada
Author/Editor: Barbeau, Marius
Paleoecological Model for Northwest Coast Prehistory
Author/Editor: Fladmark, Knut R
Palaeoeskimo Occupations at Port Refuge, High Arctic Canada
Author/Editor: McGhee, Robert
Painting the Past with a Broad Brush
Author/Editor: Keenlyside, David L.; Pilon, Jean-Luc