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Huntsman’s Quarry, Kemerton: A Late Bronze Age settlement and landscape in Worcestershire
Author/Editor: Robin Jackson,Alex Bayliss,Peter Bellamy,Christopher Bronk Ramsey,Roger C. P. Doonan,James Greig,Derek Hurst,Andrew Moss,Mike Napthan,Elizabeth Pearson,Stephanie Pinter-Bellows,Ian Tyers,David F. Williams,Ann Woodward,Laura Templeton,Carolyn Hunt,Steve Ri
Hunters, Fishers and Foragers in Wales: Towards a Social Narrative of Mesolithic Lifeways
Author/Editor: Malcolm Lillie
Hunter-Gatherer Ireland: Making Connections in an Island World
Author/Editor: Graeme Warren
Human Transformations of the Earth, Vol. 7
Author/Editor: Charles French
Human Paleoecology in the Levantine Corridor
Author/Editor: Naama Goren-Inbar,John D. Speth
Houses of the Dead
Author/Editor: Alistair Barclay,David Field,Jim Leary
The Houses of Hereford 1200-1700, Ed. 1st
Author/Editor: NIGEL BAKER,PAT HUGHES,RICHARD MORRISS,Ron Shoesmith,Bryan Byron,Ken Hoverd,James O. Davies,Nigel Baker
House of the Surgeon, Pompeii: Excavations in the Casa del Chirurgo (VI 1, 9-10.23)
Author/Editor: Michael A. Anderson,Damian Robinson,H. E. M. Cool,Richard Hobbs,Charlene Murphy,Jane Richardson,Robyn Veal,Helen White,Will Wootton,Rick Jones
Hopewell Ceremonial Landscapes of Ohio: More Than Mounds and Geometric Earthworks
Author/Editor: Mark J. Lynott
The Historic Landscape of Devon: A Study in Change and Continuity
Author/Editor: Lucy Ryder
Historic Gardens and Parks of Derbyshire: Challenging Landscapes, 1570-1920, Ed. 1st
Author/Editor: Dianne Barre
Highhays, Kilkenny: A Medieval Pottery Production Centre in South-East Ireland
Author/Editor: EMMA DEVINE ,CÓILÍN Ó DRISCEOIL ,Niamh Curtin ,Mary Dillon ,Mark Hounslow ,Michael J. Hughes ,Karin Ilseth ,Vassil Karloukovski ,Jimmy Lenehan
Heritage Under Pressure – Threats and Solution: Studies of Agency and Soft Power in the Historic Environment
Author/Editor: Michael Dawson,Edward James,Michael Nevell
Heritage Transformed
Author/Editor: Ian Baxter
Hedgerow History: Ecology, History and Landscape Character
Author/Editor: Gerry Barne,Tom Williamson
The Harmony of Symbols: The Windmill Hill causewayed enclosure, Wiltshire
Author/Editor: Alasdair Whittle ,Joshua Pollard ,Caroline Grigson ,Janet Ambers ,Don Brothwell ,Joanna Brück ,Caroline Cartwright ,Andrew David ,Andrew Fairbairn
A Handbook of Geoarchaeological Approaches to Settlement Sites and Landscapes
Author/Editor: Charles French
Hagia Sophia in Context: An Archaeological Re-examination of the Cathedral of Byzantine Constantinople