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Myth and Materiality
Author/Editor: John Waddell
Myth and History: Ethnicity & Politics in the First Millennium British Isles
Author/Editor: Stephen J. Yeates
My Life as a Replica: St John's Cross, Iona
Moving on in Neolithic Studies: Understanding Mobile Lives
Author/Editor: Jim Leary,Thomas Kador
Movement, Exchange and Identity in Europe in the 2nd and 1st Millennia BC: Beyond Frontiers, Ed. 1st
Mount Grace Priory: Excavations of 1957–1992
Author/Editor: Glyn Coppack ,Laurence Keen ,Colin Hayfield ,Andrew Saunders ,Jackie Hall ,Mark Dinnin ,Andrew Jones ,Brian Irvine ,Kevin Leahy
Mountains of Silver and Rivers of Gold: The Phoenicians in Iberia
Author/Editor: ANN NEVILLE,R. J. A. Wilson
Motherhood and Infancies in the Mediterranean in Antiquity
Author/Editor: Margarita Sánchez Romero,Rosa Mª Cid López
More than Meets the Eye: Studies on Upper Palaeolithic Diversity in the Near East
Author/Editor: A. Nigel Goring-Morris,Anna Belfer-Cohen
Monuments in the Making: Raising the Great Dolmens in Early Neolithic Northern Europe
Author/Editor: Vicki Cummings ,Colin Richards
Monumental Times: Pasts, Presents, and Futures in the Prehistoric Construction Projects of Northern and Western Europe
Author/Editor: Richard Bradley
Monumentalising Life in the Neolithic: Narratives of Continuity and Change
Monastic Archaeology
Author/Editor: Graham Keevill,Mick Aston,Teresa Hall
Molluscs in Archaeology: Methods, Approaches and Applications
Author/Editor: Michael J. Allen
Mobility, Meaning and Transformations of Things: shifting contexts of material culture through time and space
Author/Editor: Hans Peter Hahn,Hadas Weiss
Mining and Quarrying in Neolithic Europe: A Social Perspective
Author/Editor: Anne Teather,Peter Topping,Jon Baczkowski
Metals, Minds and Mobility: Integrating Scientific Data with Archaeological Theory
Mesolithic Settlement in the North Sea Basin: A Case Study from Howick, North-East England
Author/Editor: Clive Waddington,Geoff Bailey,Alex Bayliss,Alan Biggins,Ian Boomer,Christopher Bronk Ramsey,Ann Clarke,Jacqui Cotton,Derek Hamilton,Karen Hardy,Nicky Milner,Kristian Pedersen,Robert Shiel,Tony Stevenson,Ben Johnson,James Brightman
Memory and Mourning: Studies on Roman Death
Author/Editor: Valerie M. Hope,Janet Huskinson
Megalithic Tombs in Western Iberia: Excavations at the Anta da Lajinha
The Megalithic Architectures of Europe
Author/Editor: Luc Laporte,Chris Scarre
The Mediterranean from 50,000 to 25,000 BP: Turning Points and New Directions
Author/Editor: Marta Camps,Carolyn Szmidt
Mediterranean Archaeologies of Insularity in an Age of Globalization
Author/Editor: Anna Kouremenos,Jody Michael Gordon
A Medieval Woman's Companion: Women's Lives in the European Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Susan Signe Morrison
Medieval Rural Settlement: Britain and Ireland, AD 800-1600
Author/Editor: Neil Christie,Paul Stamper
The Medieval Peasant House in Midland England
Author/Editor: Nat Alcock,Dan Miles,John Chenevix Trench,Christopher Currie,Chris Dyer,Bob Laxton,Cliff Litton
Medieval Money Matters
Author/Editor: Diana Wood
The Medieval Kirk, Cemetery and Hospice at Kirk Ness, North Berwick: the Scottish Seabird centre Excavations 1999-2006
Author/Editor: Thomas Addyman,Tanja Romankiewicz,Kenneth Macfadyen,Alasdair Ross,Nicholas Uglow,John Borland,Stewart Brown,Stuart Campbell,Ruby Cerón-Carrasco,Carol Christiansen,Simon Colebrook,Rosemary Cramp,Michael Donnelly,Julie Franklin,George Haggarty,Derek Hamilto
Medieval Floor Tiles of Northern England: Pattern and purpose: production between the 13th and 16th centuries
Author/Editor: J. Stopford
Medieval Devon and Cornwall: Shaping an Ancient Countryside
Author/Editor: Sam Turner
Medieval Childhood: Archaeological Approaches
Author/Editor: D. M. Hadley,K. A. Hemer
The Medieval Broadcloth: Changing Trends in Fashions, Manufacturing and Consumption
Author/Editor: Kathrine Vestergård Pedersen,Marie-Louise B. Nosch
Medieval Bridges of Middle England
Author/Editor: Marshall G. Hall
Medieval Adaptation, Settlement and Economy of a Coastal Wetland: The Evidence from Around Lydd, Romney Marsh, Kent
Author/Editor: Luke Barber,Greg Priestley-Bell,Mark Gardiner,Sheila Sweetinburgh
Medicine, Healing and Performance
Author/Editor: Effie Gemi-Iordanou,Stephen Gordon,Robert Matthew,Ellen McInnes,Rhiannon Pettitt
Medicine and Healing in the Ancient Mediterranean
Author/Editor: Demetrios Michaelides
Material Mnemonics: Everyday Memory in Prehistoric Europe
Author/Editor: Katina T. Lillios,Vasileios Tsamis
The Materiality of Magic: An artifactual investigation into ritual practices and popular beliefs
Author/Editor: Ceri Houlbrook,Natalie Armitage
Materiality and Social Practice: Transformative Capacities of Intercultural Encounters
Author/Editor: Joseph Maran,Philipp W. Stockhammer
Materialitas: Working Stone, Carving Identity
Author/Editor: Blaze O’Connor,Gabriel Cooney,John Chapman,Michael J. Allen,David McOmish
Materialising Roman Histories
Author/Editor: Astrid Van Oyen,Martin Pitts
Material Cultures in Public Engagement: Re-inventing Public Archaeology within Museum collections
Author/Editor: Anastasia Christophilopoulou
Material Approaches to Roman Magic: Occult Objects and Supernatural Substances
Author/Editor: Adam Parker,Stuart Mckie,Sergio González Sánchez
The Marriage Bed of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York: A Masterpiece of Tudor Craftsmanship
Author/Editor: Peter N. Lindfield
Marking Place: New perspectives on early Neolithic enclosures, Vol. 14
Author/Editor: Jonathan Last
Markets in Early Medieval Europe: Trading and 'Productive' Sites, 650-850
Author/Editor: Tim Pestel,Katharina Ulmschneider
Markets and Exchanges in Pre-Modern and Traditional Societies, Vol. 1
Author/Editor: Juan Carlos Moreno García
Market as Place and Space of Economic Exchange: Perspectives from Archaeology and Anthropology
Author/Editor: Hans Peter Hahn,Geraldine Schmitz
Maritime Archaeology on Dry Land: Special Sites along the Coasts of Britain and Ireland from the First Farmers to the Atlantic Bronze Age
Author/Editor: Richard Bradley
A Maritime Archaeology of Ships: Innovation and Social Change in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe
Author/Editor: Jonathan Adams
Mari: Capital of Northern Mesopotamia in the Third Millennium. The archaeology of Tell Hariri on the Euphrates
Author/Editor: Jean-Claude Margueron
Manufactured Bodies: The Impact of Industrialisation on London Health
Author/Editor: Gaynor Western,Jelena Bekvalac
Managing Archaeological Landscapes in Northumberland: Till Tweed Studies Volume 1
Author/Editor: David G. Passmore,Clive Waddington,Alex Bayliss,Jacqui Cotton,Basil Davies,Alison Deegan,Tim Gates,Alex Gibson,Derek Hamilton,Richard Hewitt,Steve Houghton,Jacqui Huntley,Harry Kenward,Eniko Magyari,Peter Marshall,David Smith,Emma Tetlow,Tim van der Schri
Making Textiles in pre-Roman and Roman Times: People, Places, Identities
Author/Editor: Margarita Gleba,Judit Pásztókai-Szeőke
Making One's Way in the World: The Footprints and Trackways of Prehistoric People
Author/Editor: Martin Bell
Making Journeys: Archaeologies of Mobility
Making a Mark: Image and Process in Neolithic Britain and Ireland
Author/Editor: Andrew Meirion Jones,Marta Díaz-Guardamino,Ian Dawson,Louisa Minkin,Joshua Pollard,Dale Sarjeantson,Antonia Thomas
Made for Trade: A New View of Icenian Coinage, Ed. 1st
Author/Editor: JOHN TALBOT
The Macedonians in Athens, 322-229 B.C.: Proceedings of an International Conference held at the University of Athens, May 24-26, 2001
Author/Editor: Olga Palagia,Stephen V. Tracy