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Decentralized Energy Access and the Millennium Development Goals: An analysis of the development benefits of micro hydropower in rural Nepal
Author/Editor: Gwénaëlle Legros,Kamal Rijal,Bahareh Seyedi,Kiran Man Singh,Bhuvan Keshar Sharma,Laurent Mathieu,Edgar Blaustein,Bhim Adhikari,Trilok Singh Papola,Gail Karlsson,Ines Havet
Expanding Energy Access in Developing Countries: The role of mechanical power
Author/Editor: Liz Bates,Steven Hunt,Smail Khennas,Nararya Sastrawinata
Food Regimes and Agrarian Questions
Author/Editor: Philip McMichael
From Vulnerability to Resilience: A framework for analysis and action to build community resilience
Author/Editor: Katherine Pasteur
Gender and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
Author/Editor: Caroline Sweetman,Louise Medland
Gender, Roads, and Mobility in Asia
Author/Editor: KusakabeKyoko
Grass Roots Injury Prevention: A guide for field workers
Author/Editor: Diana Samarakkody,Elizabeth Davis,Rod McClure
Hygiene Promotion: A Practical Manual for Relief and Development
Minimum Economic Recovery Standards 3rd Edition
Author/Editor: The SEEP Network
Normas mínimas para la recuperación económica 3rd Edition
Author/Editor: La Red SEEP
Normes minimales pour le relèvement économique 3rd Edition
Peasants and the Art of Farming: A Chayanovian Manifesto
Author/Editor: Jan Douwe van der Ploeg
Small-scale Rural Biogas Programmes: A handbook
Author/Editor: David Fulford
Small-scale Soapmaking: A handbook
Author/Editor: Peter Donkor
Supporting Rural Water Supply: Moving towards a Service Delivery Approach
Author/Editor: Harold Lockwood,Stef Smits
Sustainable Cities: Local Solutions in the Global South
Author/Editor: Mélanie Robertson
Uncertain Futures: Adapting development to a changing climate
Author/Editor: Jonathan Ensor
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Humanitarian Contexts: Reflections on current practice
Author/Editor: Richard C. Carter