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From Wisdom to Mystery through Love: Philosophy as Spiritual Itinerary to the Absolute, Vol. 35
Author/Editor: Macario Ofilada Mina
From Servant of YHWH to Being Considerate of the Wretched: The Figure David in the Reading Perspective of Psalms 35-41 MT, Vol. 305
Author/Editor: WILLEM A.M. BEUKEN
From Psychology to Spirituality / De la psychologie a la spiritualite, Vol. 7
Author/Editor: Judith Malette ,Martin Rovers ,Lakshmi Sundaram
From High Priest to Patriarch: History and Authority in the 'Ecclesiastical History' of Bar 'Ebroyo, Vol. 688
Author/Editor: Marianna MAZZOLA
From Ephphatha to Deaf Pastors: Deaf Pastoral Ministry, Vol. 46
Author/Editor: Marcel Broesterhuizen
From Conservation to Interpretation: Studies of Religious Art (c. 1100-c. 1800) in Northern and Central Europe
Author/Editor: Justin Kroesen ,Ebbe Nyborg ,Marie Louise Sauerberg
Fratries et relations adelphiques dans les cites grecques (IVe s. a.C. - IIe s. p.C.)
Fragments, Vol. 14
Author/Editor: Barbara Baert ,Stephanie Heremans
Fragmente eines Lebenswerks: Historischer Kommentar zur Universalgeschichte des Nikolaos von Damaskus, Vol. 362
Author/Editor: Tino SHAHIN
Fragile Biography: The Life Cycle of Ceramics and Refuse Disposal Patterns in Late Antique and Early Medieval Palestine, Vol. 35
Author/Editor: Itamar Taxel
Fouilles de Tel Yarmouth (1980-2009). Rapport final. Volume 1: Les fouilles sur l'acropole, Vol. 56
Author/Editor: Michaël Jasmin ,Pierre de Miroschedji ,Daniella E. Bar-Yosef Mayer ,Elisabetta Boaretto ,Baruch Brandl ,Simon J. M. Davis ,Yuval Goren ,Linda Herveux
The Fortune of Gertrud Bing (1892-1964): A Fragmented Memoir of a Phantomlike Muse, Vol. 16
Author/Editor: Laura Tack
Forts of North Omdurman
Author/Editor: Mariusz DRZEWIECKI ,Aneta CEDRO ,Paweł BĄCAL ,Agata BEBEL-NOWAK ,Andrzej OSTROWSKI ,Marta OSYPIŃSKA ,Olga SYTA ,Joanna THEN-OBŁUSKA ,Barbara WAGNER
The Flood: The Akkadian Sources: A New Edition, Commentary, and a Literary Discussion, Vol. 290
Author/Editor: Nathan Wasserman
Fins et commencements. Renvois et interactions: Melanges offerts a Michel Gourgues, Vol. 35
Filiation, entre Bible et cultures: Hommage a Roland Meynet, Vol. 17
Author/Editor: Massimo Grilli ,Jacek Oniszczuk ,André Wénin
Filiation du Fils unique et filiation des croyants dans le quatrieme evangile: A partir de l'etude de Jn 1,1-18 ; 3 ; 19,16b-42 ; 20,11-18, Vol. 86
Author/Editor: Agnès DE LAMARZELLE
Figures et fonctions du destinataire dans les Memoires et les romans-Memoires de l'epoque classique: Recit et verite a l'epoque classique (IV), Vol. 70
Author/Editor: Annabelle Bolot ,Coralie Bournonville ,Marc Hersant ,Catherine Ramond
Feminites hellenistiques: Voix, genre, representations, Vol. 25
Author/Editor: C. Cusset ,P. Belenfant ,C.-E. Nardone
The Feast of the Desert of Apa Shenoute: A Liturgical Procession from the White Monastery in Upper Egypt, Vol. 681
Author/Editor: Stephen J. DAVIS ,Daniel SCHRIEVER ,Mary FARAG ,Samuel MOAWAD
The Fayoum Survey Project: The Themistou Meris: Volume B: The Ceramological Survey, Vol. 9
Author/Editor: Donald M. BAILEY ,Rita Hartmann ,Gillian Pyke
The Fayoum Survey Project: The Themistou Meris: Volume A: The Archaeological and Papyrological Survey, Vol. 8
Author/Editor: Cornelia E. RÖMER ,Fatma Hamouda ,Ilka Klose ,Peter Kopp
Faience Figurines in their Archaeological and Museological Contexts (Egypt, Nubia, and the Levant, 2100-1550 BC): The Catalogue Raisonne
Author/Editor: Gianluca MINIACI
Fading Frontiers?: A Historical-Theological Investigation into the Notion of the 'Elementa Ecclesiae', Vol. 321
Author/Editor: SANDRA ARENAS