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Mystik unterwegs: 'Theologia mystica' und 'revelationes' in kartausischen Handen, Vol. 49
Author/Editor: Marieke Abram ,Susanne Bernhardt ,Gilbert Fournier ,Balázs J. Nemes
Mysticism and/as Love Theory, Vol. 36
Author/Editor: Marc De Kesel ,Ad Poirters
The Mycenaean Collection of Ivory Combs at the National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Vol. 46
Music, Analysis, and the Body: Experiments, Explorations, and Embodiments, Vol. 6
Author/Editor: Nicholas Reyland ,Rebecca Thumpston
Moses Maimonides, dux neutrorum vel dubiorum, pars I, Vol. 17
Author/Editor: Diana Di Segni
The More Torah, The More Life: A Christian Commentary on Mishnah Avot, Vol. 8
Moral Realism and the Existence of God: Improving Parfit's Metaethics, Vol. 67
Author/Editor: Martin Jakobsen
Monks and the Hierarchical Church in Egypt and the Levant during Late Antiquity: With a Chapter on Persian Christians in Late Antiquity by Adam Izdebski, Vol. 40
Monastic Microtheologies: Religious Expressions and Imagery in the Monastic Letters from Western Thebes
Monastic Communities in Context: Monasteries, Economy, and Society in Late Antique Egypt, Vol. 41
Author/Editor: JOANNA WEGNER
The Monasteries and Monks of Nubia, Vol. 36
Modernity, Melancholy and Predestination: Cultural Historical, Philosophical and Psychoanalytical Perspectives on the Modern Religious Subject, Vol. 33
Author/Editor: Herman Westerink
Modeles et copies: Etude d'une formule des colophons de manuscrits armeniens (VIIIe-XIXe siecles), Vol. 698
Author/Editor: Emmanuel VAN ELVERDINGHE
MNHMH / MNEME. Past and Memory in the Aegean Bronze Age: Proceedings of the 17th International Aegean Conference, University of Udine, Department of Humanities and Cultural Heritage, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Department of Humanities, 17-21 April
Author/Editor: Elisabetta BORGNA ,Ilaria CALOI ,Filippo Maria CARINCI ,Robert LAFFINEUR
Missing Mothers: Maternal Absence in Antiquity, Vol. 22
Author/Editor: Sabine R. Huebner ,David M. Ratzan
Miniature Forms as Transformative Thresholds: Faience Figurines in Middle Bronze Age Egypt, Nubia and the Levant (2100-1550 BC)
Author/Editor: Gianluca MINIACI
The Mind of God and the Works of Nature: Laws and Powers in Naturalism, Platonism, and Classical Theism, Vol. 65
Author/Editor: James Orr
Middle and Mixed Arabic over Time and across Written and Oral Genres / Moyen arabe et arabe mixte a travers le temps et les genres ecrits et oraux: From Legal Documents to Television and Internet through Literature / Des documents legaux a la television e
Author/Editor: Jérôme LENTIN ,Jacques GRAND’HENRY
Author/Editor: Johannes C. de Moor
Metropolitan Maxim Hermaniuk, Vatican II and the Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church, Vol. 31
Author/Editor: Jaroslav Z. Skira ,Peter De Mey
Metrical Discourses on Faith by the Blessed Mar Ephrem: Translated, with Introduction and Notes, Vol. 4
Author/Editor: Andrew Hayes
Metaphysique et connaissance testimoniale: Une lecture figurale du Super Iohannem (Jn 1, 7) d'Albert le Grand, Vol. 11
Author/Editor: Julie Casteigt
Metal Jewellery of the Southern Levant and its Western Neighbours: Cross-Cultural Influences in the Early Iron Age Eastern Mediterranean, Vol. 53
Author/Editor: Josephine A. Verduci
Men, Spirituality, and Gender-specific Biblical Hermeneutics, Vol. 78
Author/Editor: Armin M. Kummer
Menschsein in Weisheit und Freiheit: Festschrift fur Thomas Kruger, Vol. 296
Author/Editor: Veronika Bachmann ,Annette Schellenberg ,Frank Ueberschaer
Memoires sur les colonies juives et les voyages en Palestine et en Syrie du premier octobre 1883 a la fin 1899: Presentes et edites par Simon Schwarzfuchs, Vol. 59
Author/Editor: Elie Scheid ,José Costa ,Alessandro Guetta ,Max Polonovski
Meister Eckhart, The Latin Works: Sermones et Lectiones super Ecclesiastici. Sermons and Lectures on Jesus Sirach: Introduction, Translation and Commentary
Author/Editor: Patricia Irene Impey
Meister Eckhart, The German Works: 64 Homilies for the Liturgical Year. 1. De tempore: Introduction, Translation and Notes, Vol. 9
Author/Editor: Loris Sturlese ,Markus Vinzent
Meister Eckhart, The German Works: 56 Homilies for the Liturgical Year. 2. De sanctis: Introduction, Translation and Notes, Vol. 12
Author/Editor: Loris Sturlese ,Markus Vinzent
Meister Eckhart and Thomas of Erfurt: Modism and the Philosophy of Grammar, Vol. 13
Author/Editor: Markus Vinzent ,Christopher M. Wojtulewicz
Medecine et christianisme: Sources et pratiques: Actes du colloque international de Paris, septembre 2016
Author/Editor: Alessia Guardasole ,Antonio Ricciardetto ,Véronique Boudon-Millot
Maxime Planoudes, Lettres: Traduction et annotation, Vol. 54
Author/Editor: Jean Schneider
Matiere et mediations metaphysiques: Etude des fonctions systematiques de la matiere au sein de la pensee philosophique de Saint Thomas d'Aquin, Vol. 66
Author/Editor: Julien LAMBINET
Mathematiques et Metaphysique dans la pensee de Nicolas de Cues: Actes du Colloque de Nice (sept. 2017) de la Societe francaise Cusanus, Vol. 69
Author/Editor: Jean-Michel COUNET
Material Cultures of Devotion in the Age of Reformations, Vol. 10
Author/Editor: Salvador Ryan ,Samantha L. Smith ,Laura Katrine Skinnebach
Material Culture of Mesopotamia and Beyond 1: People and their Material Environment in First Millennium BCE Babylonia
Marginality, Media, and Mutations of Religious Authority in the History of Christianity, Vol. 6
Author/Editor: Laura Feldt ,Jan N. Bremmer
Manuscripts & Precious Books in the Maurits Sabbe Library - KU Leuven
Author/Editor: Wim François ,Lieve Watteeuw ,Leo Kenis
Maniiu et la mythologie protozoroastrienne: Etude de textes vieil-avestiques, Vol. 59
Author/Editor: Éric PIRART
The Manifestation of God's Merciful Justice: A Theocentric Reading of Romans 3:21-26, Vol. 91
Author/Editor: Varghese P. Chiraparamban
The Mamluk Sultanate and its Periphery
Author/Editor: Frédéric BAUDEN