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Cyprus: The Post-Imperial Constitution
Author/Editor: Vassilis K. Fouskas,Alex O. Tackie
Cyber-Proletariat: Global Labour in the Digital Vortex
Author/Editor: Nick Dyer-Witheford,Jodi Dean,Joss Hands,Tim Jordan
Cyberchiefs: Autonomy and Authority in Online Tribes
Author/Editor: MATHIEU O’NEIL
Cut Out: Living Without Welfare
Author/Editor: Jeremy Seabrook
Cultures of Fear: A Critical Reader
Author/Editor: Uli Linke,Danielle Taana Smith,David L. Altheide,Noam Chomsky,Cynthia Cockburn,Cynthia Enloe,Henry A. Giroux,Nicholas Mirzoeff,Carolyn Nordstrom,Susan Sontag,Slavoj Žižek
Culture and Well-Being: Anthropological Approaches to Freedom and Political Ethics
Author/Editor: Alberto Corsín Jiménez
Cultural Offensive: America's Impact on British Art Since 1945
Author/Editor: John A. Walker
Cultural Cleansing in Iraq: Why Museums Were Looted, Libraries Burned and Academics Murdered
Cults, Martyrs and Good Samaritans: Religion in Contemporary English Political Discourse
Author/Editor: James Crossley
Cultivating Development: An Ethnography of Aid Policy and Practice
Author/Editor: David Mosse
The Cuban Revolution in the 21st Century
Author/Editor: George Lambie
Cruel Harvest: US Intervention in the Afghan Drug Trade
Author/Editor: Julien Mercille
Cruel and Unusual: Punishment and U.S. Culture
Author/Editor: Brian Jarvis
Crude Britannia: How Oil Shaped a Nation
Author/Editor: James Marriott ,Terry Macalister
Crucible of Resistance: Greece, the Eurozone and the World Economic Crisis
Author/Editor: Christos Laskos,Euclid Tsakalotos
The Crowned Harp: Policing Northern Ireland
Author/Editor: Graham Ellison,Jim Smyth
Critique of Exotica: Music, Politics and the Culture Industry
Author/Editor: John Hutnyk
A Critical History of Poverty Finance: Colonial Roots and Neoliberal Failures
Author/Editor: Nick Bernards
Crisis in Korea: America, China and the Risk of War
Author/Editor: Tim Beal
Crisis and Control: The Militarization of Protest Policing
Author/Editor: Lesley J. Wood
The Crimes of Empire: Rogue Superpower and World Domination
Author/Editor: Carl Boggs,Peter McLaren
The Credit Crunch: Housing Bubbles, Globalisation and the Worldwide Economic Crisis
Author/Editor: GRAHAM TURNER
Cracks in the Wall: Beyond Apartheid in Palestine/Israel
Author/Editor: Ben White
Crack Capitalism
Author/Editor: John Holloway
The Covert Colour Line: The Racialised Politics of Western State Intelligence
Author/Editor: Oliver Kearns
Courting Death: The Law of Mortality
Counterinsurgency and Collusion in Northern Ireland
Author/Editor: Mark McGovern
Counter-Colonial Criminology: A Critique of Imperialist Reason
Author/Editor: Biko Agozino,Stephen Pfohl
The Cost of Free Shipping: Amazon in the Global Economy
Author/Editor: Jake Alimahomed-Wilson,Ellen Reese
Cosmopolitan Ireland: Globalisation and Quality of Life
Corruption: Anthropological Perspectives
Author/Editor: Dieter Haller,Cris Shore
The Corporation That Changed the World: How the East India Company Shaped the Modern Multinational
Author/Editor: Nick Robins
Corporate Europe: How Big Business Sets Policies on Food, Climate and War
Author/Editor: David Cronin
Corporate Complicity in Israel's Occupation: Evidence from the London Session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine
Author/Editor: Asa Winstanley,Frank Barat,Alice Walker
Corporate Capitalism and Political Philosophy
Author/Editor: Suman Gupta
Cord of Blood: Possession and the Making of Voodoo
Author/Editor: Nadia Lovell
Copy, Rip, Burn: The Politics of Copyleft and Open Source
Author/Editor: DAVID M. BERRY
Cool Capitalism
Author/Editor: JIM McGUIGAN
Conversations on Violence: An Anthology
Author/Editor: Brad Evans,Adrian Parr
The Conundrum of Russian Capitalism: The Post-Soviet Economy in the World System
Author/Editor: Ruslan Dzarasov
Control and Subversion: Gender Relations in Tajikistan
Author/Editor: Colette Harris
Contesting Transformation: Popular Resistance in Twenty-First Century South Africa
Author/Editor: Marcelle C. Dawson,Luke Sinwell
Contesting Publics: Feminism, Activism, Ethnography
Author/Editor: Lynne Phillips,Sally Cole,Marie-Eve Carrier-Moisan,Erica Lagalisse,Vered Amit,Jon P. Mitchell
Contemporary Political Concepts: A Critical Introduction
Author/Editor: Georgina Blakeley,Valerie Bryson
Contemporary Northern Irish Society: An Introduction
Author/Editor: Colin Coulter
Contemporary Arab Thought: Studies in Post-1967 Arab Intellectual History
Author/Editor: Ibrahim M. Abu-Rabi‘
The Contemporary Arab Reader on Political Islam
Author/Editor: Ibrahim M. Abu-Rabi’
Constructing China: Clashing Views of the People’s Republic
Author/Editor: Mobo Gao
Constructed Situations: A New History of the Situationist International
Author/Editor: Frances Stracey,Esther Leslie,Michael Wayne
Conservatism: Burke, Nozick, Bush, Blair?
Author/Editor: Ted Honderich
Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich
Author/Editor: Guido Giacomo Preparata
The Condition of the Working Class in Turkey: Labour under Neoliberal Authoritarianism
Author/Editor: Çağatay Edgücan Şahin ,Mehmet Erman Erol
Comrade or Brother?: A History of the British Labour Movement
Author/Editor: MARY DAVIS
Compensation to Palestinian Refugees and the Search for Palestinian-Israeli Peace
Author/Editor: Rex Brynen,Roula El-Rifai
Community, Cosmopolitanism and the Problem of Human Commonality
Author/Editor: Vered Amit,Nigel Rapport,Vered Amit,Jon P. Mitchell
The Communist Manifesto
Author/Editor: Karl Marx,Friedrich Engels,Jodi Dean
The Communist Manifesto
Author/Editor: KARL MARX,FRIEDRICH ENGELS,David Harvey
Commoning with George Caffentzis and Silvia Federici
Author/Editor: Camille Barbagallo,Nicholas Beuret,David Harvie
Common Ground: Democracy and Collectivity in an Age of Individualism
Author/Editor: Jeremy Gilbert
Collective Action: A Bad Subjects Anthology
Author/Editor: Megan Shaw Prelinger,Joel Schalit
A Collection of Ranter Writings: Spiritual Liberty and Sexual Freedom in the English Revolution
Author/Editor: Nigel Smith,John Carey
The Cold War and After: Capitalism, Revolution and Superpower Politics
Author/Editor: Richard Saull
Clipped Coins, Abused Words, and Civil Government: John Locke's Philosophy of Money
Author/Editor: George Caffentzis ,Paul Rekret ,Harry Cleaver
Climate, Capitalism and Communities: An Anthropology of Environmental Overheating
Author/Editor: Astrid B. Stensrud,Thomas Hylland Eriksen
Clean Clothes: A Global Movement to End Sweatshops
Author/Editor: Liesbeth Sluiter
Class, Nation and Identity: The Anthropology of Political Movements
Author/Editor: Jeff Pratt
Class Matters: Inequality and Exploitation in 21st Century Britain
Author/Editor: Charles Umney
Classics in Film and Fiction
Author/Editor: Deborah Cartmell,I.Q. Hunter,Heidi Kaye,Imelda Whelehan
Claiming Individuality: The Cultural Politics of Distinction
Civil Resistance in Kosovo
Author/Editor: Howard Clark
Civilizing Money: Hume, his Monetary Project, and the Scottish Enlightenment
Author/Editor: George Caffentzis ,Peter Linebaugh
City Visions: Imagining Place, Enfranchising People
Author/Editor: Frank Gaffikin,Mike Morrissey
Citizenship and Social Class
Author/Editor: T.H. Marshall,Tom Bottomore,Robert Moore
Cities: Small Guides to Big Issues
Author/Editor: Jeremy Seabrook
Cities in the Anthropocene: New Ecology and Urban Politics
Author/Editor: Ihnji Jon
Choke Points: Logistics Workers Disrupting the Global Supply Chain
Author/Editor: Jake Alimahomed-Wilson,Immanuel Ness
China's Global Strategy: Towards a Multipolar World
Author/Editor: Jenny Clegg
China’s Engine of Environmental Collapse
Author/Editor: Richard Smith
China From the Inside Out: Fitting the People's Republic into the World
Author/Editor: RONALD C. KEITH
Children of the Welfare State: Civilising Practices in Schools, Childcare and Families
Author/Editor: Laura Gilliam,Eva Gulløv,Karen Fog Olwig,Dil Bach
Children of Other Worlds: Exploitation in the Global Market
Author/Editor: Jeremy Seabrook
Children of AIDS: Africa’s Orphan Crisis
Author/Editor: Emma Guest
Checkpoint, Temple, Church and Mosque: A Collaborative Ethnography of War and Peace
Author/Editor: Jonathan Spencer,Jonathan Goodhand,Shahul Hasbullah,Bart Klem,Benedikt Korf,Kalinga Tudor Silva,Vered Amit,Christina Garsten
The Chartists: The First National Workers Movement
Author/Editor: John Charlton
The Chaplin Machine: Slapstick, Fordism and the Communist Avant-Garde
Author/Editor: Owen Hatherley
Change the World Without Taking Power: The Meaning of Revolution Today
Author/Editor: JOHN HOLLOWAY
Change the World Without Taking Power: The Meaning of Revolution Today
Author/Editor: John Holloway
Change in Putin's Russia: Power, Money and People
Author/Editor: Simon Pirani
A Certain Amount of Madness: The Life, Politics and Legacies of Thomas Sankara
Author/Editor: Amber Murrey,Horace Campbell,Aziz Salmone Fall
A Century of State Murder?: Death and Policy in Twentieth Century Russia
Author/Editor: Michael Haynes,Rumy Husan
Cedric J. Robinson: On Racial Capitalism, Black Internationalism, and Cultures of Resistance
Author/Editor: Cedric J. Robinson,H. L. T. Quan,RUTH WILSON GILMORE
Caught Between Borders: Response Strategies of the Internally Displaced
Author/Editor: Marc Vincent,Birgitte Refslund Sorensen
Catching History on the Wing: Race, Culture and Globalisation
Author/Editor: A. SIVANANDAN,Colin Prescod
Caring Cash: Free Money and the Ethics of Solidarity in Kenya
Author/Editor: Tom Neumark
Captive Revolution: Palestinian Women’s Anti-Colonial Struggle within the Israeli Prison System
Author/Editor: Nahla Abdo
The Capitalist University: The Transformations of Higher Education in the United States since 1945
Author/Editor: Henry Heller
Capitalism's New Clothes: Enterprise, Ethics and Enjoyment in Times of Crisis
Author/Editor: COLIN CREMIN
Capitalism's Conscience: 200 Years of the Guardian
Author/Editor: Des Freedman ,Gary Younge ,Victoria Brittain ,Ghada Karmi ,Hannah Hamad ,Tom Mills ,Natalie Fenton ,Mike Berry ,Matt Kennard
Capitalism in the 21st Century: Through the Prism of Value
Author/Editor: Guglielmo Carchedi ,Michael Roberts
Capitalism and the Dialectic: The Uno-Sekine Approach to Marxian Political Economy
Author/Editor: John R. Bell
Capitalism and Its Economics: A Critical History
Author/Editor: Douglas Dowd
Capital, Class & Technology in Contemporary American Culture: Projecting Post-Fordism
Author/Editor: Nick Heffernan
The Capability of Places: Methods for Modelling Community Response to Intrusion and Change
Author/Editor: Sandra Wallman,Virginia Bond,Maria Alessia Montuori,Mai Vidali,Rossella Lo Conte
Can't Pay, Won't Pay: The Fight to Stop the Poll Tax
Author/Editor: Simon Hannah
The Cancer Stage of Capitalism: From Crisis to Cure
Author/Editor: John McMurtry
Cabin Crew Conflict: The British Airways Dispute 2009-11
Author/Editor: Phil Taylor,Sian Moore,Robert Byford,Len McCluskey,Duncan Holley,John Hendy