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A World of Insecurity: Anthropological Perspectives on Human Security
Author/Editor: Thomas Hylland Eriksen,Ellen Bal,Oscar Salemink
World in Crisis: The End of the American Century
Author/Editor: Gabriel Kolko
The World Has Forgotten Us: Sinjar and the Islamic State’s Genocide of the Yezidis
Author/Editor: Thomas Schmidinger ,Michael Schiffmann
World Development: An Introduction
Author/Editor: Prodromos Panayiotopoulos,Gavin Capps
The World Bank: A Critical Primer
Author/Editor: ERIC TOUSSAINT,Elizabeth Anne,Vicki Briault,Bertrand Declercq,Sushovan Dhar,Judith Harris,Raghu Krishnan,Marie Lagatta,Christine Pagnoulle,Véronique Renard,Gillian Sloane-Seale,Diren Valayden,Sylvain Dropsy
The World Bank: A Critical History
Author/Editor: ÉRIC TOUSSAINT ,Camille Bruneau ,Gilbert Achcar
Work, Sex and Power: The Forces that Shaped Our History
Author/Editor: Willie Thompson
Working the Phones: Control and Resistance in Call Centres
Author/Editor: Jamie Woodcock,Peter Alexander,Immanuel Ness,Tim Pringle,Malehoko Tshoaedi
Working-Class Queers: Time, Place and Politics
Author/Editor: Yvette Taylor
Workers of the Earth: Labour, Ecology and Reproduction in the Age of Climate Change
Author/Editor: Stefania Barca
Workers' Inquiry and Global Class Struggle: Strategies, Tactics, Objectives
Author/Editor: Robert Ovetz
Workers Can Win: A Guide to Organising at Work
Author/Editor: Ian Allinson ,Colin Revolting
Work and the Carceral State
Author/Editor: Jon Burnett
Women’s Rights: Small Guides to Big Issues
Author/Editor: Geraldine Terry
Women's Rights At Work: A Handbook of Employment Law
Author/Editor: Alison Clarke
Women, Public Life and Democracy
Author/Editor: Joni Lovenduski,Rosie Campbell,Jacqui Sampson-Jacent
Women and Work: Feminism, Labour, and Social Reproduction
Author/Editor: Susan Ferguson
The Woman in the Muslin Mask: Veiling and Identity in Postcolonial Literature
Author/Editor: Daphne Grace
Wobblies of the World: A Global History of the IWW
Author/Editor: Peter Cole,David Struthers,Kenyon Zimmer
Witchcraft, Power and Politics: Exploring the Occult in the South African Lowveld
Author/Editor: Isak Niehaus,Eliazaar Mohlala,Kally Shokane,David Philip
The Will of the Many: How the Alterglobalisation Movement is Changing the Face of Democracy
William Godwin: A Political Life
Author/Editor: Richard Gough Thomas
Why Turkey is Authoritarian: From Atatürk to Erdoğan
Author/Editor: Halil Karaveli
Who Rules the Waves?: Piracy, Overfishing and Mining the Oceans
Author/Editor: Denise Russell
White Identities: A Critical Sociological Approach
Where the Other Half Lives: Lower Income Housing in a Neoliberal World
Author/Editor: SARAH GLYNN
Where Grieving Begins: Building Bridges after the Brighton Bomb - a Memoir
Author/Editor: Patrick Magee,Jo Berry
When the State Fails: Studies on Intervention in the Sierra Leone Civil War
Author/Editor: Tunde Zack-Williams
When Protest Becomes Crime: Politics and Law in Liberal Democracies
Author/Editor: Carolijn Terwindt
What We Are Fighting For: A Radical Collective Manifesto
Author/Editor: Federico Campagna,Emanuele Campiglio
What is Modern Israel?
Author/Editor: Yakov M. Rabkin,Fred A. Reed
What is Islamophobia?: Racism, Social Movements and the State
Author/Editor: Narzanin Massoumi,Tom Mills,David Miller
What is Anthropology?
Author/Editor: Thomas Hylland Eriksen
What is Anthropology?
Author/Editor: Thomas Hylland Eriksen
What Happened to History?
Author/Editor: Willie Thompson
Whatever Happened to Antisemitism?: Redefinition and the Myth of the 'Collective Jew'
Author/Editor: Antony Lerman
We the Peoples of Europe
Author/Editor: Susan George
We the Elites: Why the US Constitution Serves the Few
Author/Editor: Robert Ovetz
The West Bank Wall: Unmaking Palestine
Author/Editor: Ray Dolphin,Graham Usher
We Sell Our Time No More: Workers’ Struggles Against Lean Production in the British Car Industry
Author/Editor: Paul Stewart,Mike Richardson,Andy Danford,Ken Murphy,Tony Richardson,Vicki Wass,John Cooper,Tony Lewis,Gary Lindsay,Mick Whitley,John Fetherston,Steve Craig,Pat Doyle,Terry Myles
We Make Our Own History: Marxism and Social Movements in the Twilight of Neoliberalism
Author/Editor: Laurence Cox,Gunvald Nilsen
Weber: Sociologist of Empire, Ed. 2
Author/Editor: Kieran Allen
W.E.B. Du Bois: Revolutionary Across the Color Line
Author/Editor: Bill V. Mullen
We Are 'Nature' Defending Itself: Entangling Art, Activism and Autonomous Zones
Author/Editor: Isabelle Fremeaux ,Jay Jordan
Weapon of the Strong: Conversations on US State Terrorism
Author/Editor: Cihan Aksan,Jon Bailes
The Wealth of (Some) Nations: Imperialism and the Mechanics of Value Transfer
Author/Editor: Zak Cope
Watershed Politics and Climate Change in Peru
Author/Editor: Astrid B. Stensrud
A War Too Far: Iraq, Iran and the New American Century
Author/Editor: Paul Rogers
War Reporters Under Threat: The United States and Media Freedom
Author/Editor: Chris Paterson
A War on Terror: Afghanistan and After
Author/Editor: Paul Rogers
The War on Drugs and the Global Colour Line
Author/Editor: Kojo Koram
War No More: Eliminating Conflict in the Nuclear Age
Author/Editor: Robert Hinde,Joseph Rotblat,Robert S. McNamara
The Warehouse: Workers and Robots at Amazon
Author/Editor: Alessandro Delfanti
The War Correspondent
Author/Editor: Greg McLaughlin
War and Empire: The American Way of Life
Author/Editor: Paul L. Atwood
War Against the People: Israel, the Palestinians and Global Pacification
Author/Editor: Jeff Halper
Walter Benjamin: Overpowering Conformism
Author/Editor: Esther Leslie