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A Unique Banchado
Author/Editor: Young-woo, Han
Unbeaten Tracks in Japan: Revisiting Isabella Bird
Author/Editor: Kiyonori Kanasaka,Nicholas Pertwee
Towards Japan: A Personal Journey
Author/Editor: Arthur Stockwin
Tokyo Commute: Japanese Customs and Way of Life Viewed from the Odakyu Line
Author/Editor: A. Robert Lee,Yuriko Yamamoto
The Thames and I
Author/Editor: Naruhito, Crown Prince; Cortazzi, Sir Hugh
Technical Knowledge in Early Modern Japan
Author/Editor: Erich Pauer,Ruselle Meade
The State of the Japanese State
Author/Editor: McCormack, Gavan
The Rise and Evolution of Meiji Japan
Author/Editor: James L. Huffman
Richard Sorge, the GRU and the Pacific War
Author/Editor: John W. M. Chapman
Rhythms, Rites and Rituals
Author/Editor: Dorothy Britton
The Private Diplomacy of Shibusawa Eiichi
Author/Editor: Shibusawa Masahide
The Paintings of Korean Shaman Gods
Author/Editor: Tae-gon, Kim
Author/Editor: Platon A. Oyunski; Alina Nakhodkina; Vasily Ivanov
My Shanghai, 1942-1946
Author/Editor: Keiko Itoh
My Korea
Author/Editor: Kevin O'Rourke
Mediating Empire: An English Family in China, 1817-1927
Author/Editor: Andrew Hillier
Author/Editor: Agnita Tennant
A Life of Sir Harry Parkes: British Minister to Japan, China and Korea, 1865-1885
Author/Editor: Robert Morton
Letters to Another Room
Author/Editor: Ravil Bukharaev; John Farndon
Kyoto’s Renaissance: Ancient Capital for Modern Japan
Author/Editor: John Breen,Maruyama Hiroshi,Takagi Hiroshi
Korea 1905–1945: From Japanese Colonialism to Liberation and Independence, Vol. 2
Author/Editor: Ku Daeyeol
Japanese Studies in Britain
Author/Editor: Hugh Cortazzi; Peter Korniicki
The Japanese and German Economies in the 20th and 21st Centuries
Author/Editor: Kudo Akira
Isabella Bird and Japan
Author/Editor: Kiyonori Kansaka; Nicholas Pertwee
An Image of the Times
Author/Editor: Nils-Johan Jorgensen
The History of the Fujiwara House: A Study and Annotated Translation of the Toshi Kaden
Author/Editor: Mikaël Bauer
The History of Manchuria, 1840-1948, Vol. I & II
Author/Editor: Ian Nish
A History of Discriminated Buraku Communities in Japan
Author/Editor: IAN NEARY,TERAKI Nobuaki,KUROKAWA Midori
The Growing Power of Japan, 1967-1972
Author/Editor: Hugh Cortazzi
The Ghost of Namamugi
Author/Editor: Fletcher, Robert
Georges Bigot and Japan, 1882-1889
Author/Editor: Polak, Christian; Cortazzi, Hugh
Early Photography in Vietnam
Author/Editor: Terry Bennett
Culture, Power & Politics in Treaty Port Japan, 1854-1899: Key Papers, Press and Contemporary Writings
Author/Editor: Hoare, J.E
Consul in Japan, 1903-1941
Author/Editor: Hugo Read
China's Naval Operations in the South China Sea
Author/Editor: Elleman, Bruce
Carmen Blacker
Author/Editor: Hugh Cortazzi; James McMullen; Mary-Grace Browning
Cantankerous Essays
Author/Editor: Ron Dore
The Call of Japan: A Continuing Story-1950 to the Present Day
Author/Editor: Hans Brinckmann
British Royal and Japanese Imperial Relations, 1868-2018: 150 Years of Association, Engagement and Celebration
Author/Editor: Peter Kornicki,Antony Best,Hugh Cortazzi
British Foreign Secretaries and Japan, 1850-1990
Author/Editor: Best, Antony; Cortazzi, Hugh
British Extraterritoriality in Korea 1884 – 1910: A Comparison with Japan, Vol. 1
Author/Editor: Christopher Roberts
Britain & Japan: Biographical Portraits, Vol. X
Author/Editor: Hugh Cortazzi
Britain & Japan: Biographical Portraits, Vol. IX
Author/Editor: Cortazzi, Hugh
Anjin - The Life and Times of Samurai William Adams, 1564-1620
Author/Editor: Hiromi T. Roger
Across the Three Pagodas Pass
Author/Editor: Yoshihiko Futamatsu; Peter Davies; Ewart Escritt
A.B. Mitford and the Birth of Japan as a Modern State
Author/Editor: Robert Morton
The Abe Experiment and the Future of Japan
Author/Editor: Banno, Junji; Yamagouchi, Jirō; Stockwin, Arthur