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Turf Wars: Territory and Citizenship in the Contemporary State
Author/Editor: BETTINA NG’WENO
Trust, but Verify: The Politics of Uncertainty and the Transformation of the Cold War Order, 1969-1991
Author/Editor: Martin Klimke,Reinhild Kreis,Christian F. Ostermann
True to Her Word: The Faithful Maiden Cult in Late Imperial China
Author/Editor: WEIJING LU
Trial of Modernity: Judicial Reform in Early Twentieth-Century China, 1901-1937
Author/Editor: XIAOQUN XU
Trauma and Transformation: The Political Progress of John Bunyan
Author/Editor: VERA J. CAMDEN
Trauma and Memory: Reading, Healing, and Making Law
Author/Editor: Austin Sarat,Nadav Davidovitch,Michal Alberstein
Translation, Subjectivity, and Culture in France and England, 1600-1800
Author/Editor: Julie Candler Hayes
Transformative Beauty: Art Museums in Industrial Britain
A Transformation Gap?: American Innovations and European Military Change
Author/Editor: Terry Terriff,Frans Osinga,Theo Farrell
Transcolonial Maghreb: Imagining Palestine in the Era of Decolonization
Author/Editor: Olivia C. Harrison
Toward an Anthropology of the Will
Author/Editor: Keith M. Murphy,C. Jason Throop
Tough Choices: Bearing an Illegitimate Child in Japan
Totalitarianism and Political Religion: An Intellectual History
Author/Editor: A. JAMES GREGOR
To Live to Work: Factory Women in Colonial Korea, 1910-1945
Author/Editor: JANICE C. H. KIM
To Belong in Buenos Aires: Germans, Argentines, and the Rise of a Pluralist Society
Author/Editor: Benjamin Bryce
The Time of the Crime: Phenomenology, Psychoanalysis, Italian Film
Author/Editor: Domietta Torlasco
Tiger, Tyrant, Bandit, Businessman: Echoes of Counterrevolution from New China
Author/Editor: Brian DeMare
Thought’s Wilderness: Romanticism and the Apprehension of Nature
Author/Editor: Greg Ellermann
This Perversion Called Love: Reading Tanizaki, Feminist Theory, and Freud
Thinking Its Presence: Form, Race, and Subjectivity in Contemporary Asian American Poetry
Author/Editor: Dorothy J. Wang
Thinking Allegory Otherwise
Author/Editor: Brenda Machosky
These Islands Are Ours: The Social Construction of Territorial Disputes in Northeast Asia
Author/Editor: Alexander Bukh
The Theater of Truth: The Ideology of (Neo)Baroque Aesthetics
Author/Editor: William Egginton
Theater of State: Parliament and Political Culture in Early Stuart England
Author/Editor: Chris R. Kyle
Testaments of Toluca
Author/Editor: Caterina Pizzigoni
Technology Change and the Rise of New Industries
Author/Editor: JEFFREY L. FUNK
A Taste for Home: The Modern Middle Class in Ottoman Beirut
Tales of Futures Past: Anticipation and the Ends of Literature in Contemporary China
Author/Editor: PAOLA IOVENE