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At the Crossroads of Empires: Middlemen, Social Networks, and State-Building in Republican Shanghai
At the Chef's Table: Culinary Creativity in Elite Restaurants
As Light Before Dawn: The Inner World of a Medieval Kabbalist
Author/Editor: Eitan P. Fishbane
Asia's Regional Architecture: Alliances and Institutions in the Pacific Century
Author/Editor: Andrew Yeo
Architects of Austerity: International Finance and the Politics of Growth
Author/Editor: Aaron Major
Apostles of Modernity: Saint-Simonians and the Civilizing Mission in Algeria
Author/Editor: Osama W. Abi-Mershed
Apocalypse Management: Eisenhower and the Discourse of National Insecurity
Author/Editor: IRA CHERNUS
Antinuclear Citizens: Sustainability Policy and Grassroots Activism in Post-Fukushima Japan
Author/Editor: Akihiro Ogawa
Another Hungary: The Nineteenth-Century Provinces in Eight Lives
Author/Editor: Robert Nemes
Anonymous Life: Romanticism and Dispossession
Author/Editor: Jacques Khalip
Anonymous Agencies, Backstreet Businesses, and Covert Collectives: Rethinking Organizations in the 21st Century
Author/Editor: Craig R. Scott
Ancestral Tales: Reading the Buczacz Stories of S.Y. Agnon
Author/Editor: Alan Mintz
American Terror: The Feeling of Thinking in Edwards, Poe, and Melville
Author/Editor: PAUL HURH
Ambiguous Bodies: Reading the Grotesque in Japanese Setsuwa Tales
Author/Editor: Michelle Osterfeld Li
Amazonian Routes: Indigenous Mobility and Colonial Communities in Northern Brazil
Author/Editor: Heather F. Roller
The Alternative University: Lessons from Bolivarian Venezuela
Author/Editor: Mariya P. Ivancheva
Alone at the Altar: Single Women and Devotion in Guatemala, 1670-1870
Author/Editor: Brianna Leavitt-Alcántara
Alchemical Mercury: A Theory of Ambivalence
Author/Editor: Karen Pinkus
The Agony of Greek Jews, 1940–1945
Author/Editor: Steven B. Bowman
An Age of Melodrama: Family, Gender, and Social Hierarchy in the Turn-of-the-Century Japanese Novel
Author/Editor: Ken K. Ito
Against the Uprooted Word: Giving Language Time in Transatlantic Romanticism
Author/Editor: Tristram Wolff
After Yugoslavia: The Cultural Spaces of a Vanished Land
Author/Editor: Radmila Gorup
After the Fall of the Wall: Life Courses in the Transformation of East Germany
Author/Editor: Martin Diewald,Anne Goedicke,Karl Ulrich Mayer
After Secular Law
The Afterlife of Ottoman Europe: Muslims in Habsburg Bosnia Herzegovina
Author/Editor: Leyla Amzi-Erdoğdular
The Aesthetics of Hate: Far-Right Intellectuals, Antisemitism, and Gender in 1930s France
The Adversary First Amendment: Free Expression and the Foundations of American Democracy
Author/Editor: Martin H. Redish
Across Meridians: History and Figuration in Karen Tei Yamashita’s Transnational Novels
Author/Editor: Jinqi Ling
Accident Society: Fiction, Collectivity, and the Production of Chance
Author/Editor: Jason Puskar