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The Roots, Rituals, and Rhetorics of Change: North American Business Schools After the Second World War
Author/Editor: Mie Augier,James G. March
Romantic Nationalism in Eastern Europe: Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian Political Imaginations
Author/Editor: Serhiy Bilenky
Romantic Intimacy
Author/Editor: NANCY YOUSEF
Robinson Jeffers and the American Sublime
Author/Editor: ROBERT ZALLER
Roads to Utopia: The Walking Stories of the Zohar
Author/Editor: David Greenstein
The River People in Flood Time: The Civil Wars in Tabasco, Spoiler of Empires
Author/Editor: Terry Rugeley
Risen from Ruins: The Cultural Politics of Rebuilding East Berlin
Author/Editor: Paul Stangl
The Rise and Fall of Urban Economies: Lessons from San Francisco and Los Angeles
Author/Editor: Michael Storper,Thomas Kemeny,Naji Philip Makarem,Taner Osman
Rights, Deportation, and Detention in the Age of Immigration Control
Author/Editor: Tom K. Wong
Riding the Black Ram: Law, Literature, and Gender
The Ridiculous Jew: The Exploitation and Transformation of a Stereotype in Gogol, Turgenev, and Dostoevsky
Author/Editor: Gary Rosenshield
Rhinestones, Religion, and the Republic: Fashioning Jewishness in France
Author/Editor: Kimberly A. Arkin
The Rhetoric of Error from Locke to Kleist
Author/Editor: Zachary Sng
The Rewards of Punishment: A Relational Theory of Norm Enforcement
Author/Editor: Christine Horne
Revolution within the Revolution: Cotton Textile Workers and the Mexican Labor Regime, 1910-1923
Author/Editor: JEFFREY BORTZ
Revolution in the Terra do Sol: The Cold War in Brazil
Author/Editor: Sarah Sarzynski
Reputation-Based Governance
Author/Editor: Lucio Picci
Remainders: American Poetry at Nature's End
Author/Editor: Margaret Ronda
Reluctant Restraint: The Evolution of China's Nonproliferation Policies and Practices, 1980-2004
Author/Editor: Evan S. Medeiros
Reliability and Risk: The Challenge of Managing Interconnected Infrastructures
Author/Editor: Emery Roe,Paul R. Schulman
Regulating Prostitution in China: Gender and Local Statebuilding, 1900-1937
Author/Editor: Elizabeth J. Remick
Refugees, Women, and Weapons: International Norm Adoption and Compliance in Japan
Reframing Finance: New Models of Long-Term Investment Management
Author/Editor: Ashby Monk,Rajiv Sharma,Duncan L. Sinclair
Refiguring Speech: Late Victorian Fictions of Empire and the Poetics of Talk
Author/Editor: AMY R. WONG
The Re-Enchantment of the World: Secular Magic in a Rational Age
Reconstructing Bodies: Biomedicine, Health, and Nation-Building in South Korea Since 1945
Author/Editor: John P. DiMoia
Reconstructing Ashkenaz: The Human Face of Franco-German Jewry, 1000–1250
Author/Editor: David Malkiel
Rebranding China: Contested Status Signaling in the Changing Global Order
Author/Editor: Xiaoyu Pu
Rebel Mexico: Student Unrest and Authoritarian Political Culture During the Long Sixties
Author/Editor: Jaime M. Pensado
Rebellion Now and Forever: Mayas, Hispanics, and Caste War Violence in Yucatan, 1800–1880
Author/Editor: Terry Rugeley
Reading Rio de Janeiro: Literature and Society in the Nineteenth Century
Author/Editor: ZEPHYR L. FRANK
Radical Equality: Ambedkar, Gandhi, and the Risk of Democracy
Author/Editor: Aishwary Kumar
The Radical Enlightenment of Solomon Maimon: Judaism, Heresy, and Philosophy
Author/Editor: Abraham P. Socher
Rabbis and Revolution: The Jews of Moravia in the Age of Emancipation
Author/Editor: Michael Laurence Miller