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Author/Editor: Blankenship, Judy
Caesar in Gaul and Rome
Author/Editor: Riggsby, Andrew M
Café con leche
Author/Editor: Wright, Winthrop R
Califia Women
Author/Editor: Pomerleau, Clark A
Capitalism, Slavery, and Republican Values
Author/Editor: Kaufman, Allen
The Captive Woman's Lament in Greek Tragedy
Author/Editor: Dué, Casey
Career Movies
Author/Editor: Boozer, Jack
Carnival and Other Christian Festivals
Author/Editor: Harris, Max
The Cast of Character
Author/Editor: Worman, Nancy
Author/Editor: García, Mario T
Cattle in the Backlands
Author/Editor: Wilcox, Robert W
Celluloid Vampires
Author/Editor: Abbott, Stacey
Charles Brockden Brown
Author/Editor: Axelrod, Alan
Chersonesan Studies 1
Author/Editor: Posamentir, Richard
Chicanas and Chicanos in School
Author/Editor: Pizarro, Marcos
Chicano Rap
Author/Editor: McFarland, Pancho
Chiefs, Scribes, and Ethnographers
Author/Editor: Howe, James
Children of Afghanistan
Author/Editor: Heath, Jennifer; Zahedi, Ashraf
The Chora of Croton 1
Author/Editor: Morter, Jon; Robb, John
The Chora of Metaponto 2
Author/Editor: Bökönyi, Sándor; Gál, Erika; Bartosiewicz, László
The Chora of Metaponto 5
Author/Editor: Catti, Elisa Lanza; Swift, Keith; Carter, Joseph Coleman
The Chora of Metaponto 6
Author/Editor: Silvestrelli, Francesca; Edlund-Berry, Ingrid E. M.; Carter, Joseph Coleman
The CIA in Hollywood
Author/Editor: Jenkins, Tricia
Cinema and the Sandinistas
Author/Editor: Buchsbaum, Jonathan
Author/Editor: de la Mora, Sergio
Cinema, Slavery, and Brazilian Nationalism
Author/Editor: Gordon, Richard A
Citizens and Sportsmen
Author/Editor: Elsey, Brenda
Citizen's Primer for Conservation Activism
Author/Editor: Perlman, Judith
The City Moves West
Author/Editor: Martin, Robert L
City of Suppliants
Author/Editor: Tzanetou, Angeliki
Climate and Culture Change in North America AD 900–1600
Author/Editor: Foster, William C
Colonialism and Christianity in Mandate Palestine
Author/Editor: Robson, Laura
The Colonial Spanish-American City
Author/Editor: Kinsbruner, Jay
Colonias and Public Policy in Texas and Mexico
Author/Editor: Ward, Peter M
Col. William N. Selig, the Man Who Invented Hollywood
Author/Editor: Erish, Andrew A
Coming Attractions
Author/Editor: Kernan, Lisa
Communicating with Brazilians
Author/Editor: Novinger, Tracy
The Community Forests of Mexico
Author/Editor: Bray, David Barton; Merino-Pérez, Leticia; Barry, Deborah
The Compensations of War
Author/Editor: Bowerman, Guy Emerson Jr.; Carnes, Mark C
Competitive Archaeology in Jordan
Author/Editor: Corbett, Elena
Concept and Controversy
Author/Editor: Rostow, W. W
The Concubine, the Princess, and the Teacher
Conquistadores de la Calle
Author/Editor: Offit, Thomas A
The Conscience of the University, and Other Essays
Author/Editor: Ransom, Harry Huntt; Ransom, Hazel H
Conspiracy Theory in Latin Literature
Author/Editor: Pagán, Victoria
Constructing Identities in Mexican-American Political Organizations
Author/Editor: Marquez, Benjamin
Constructing the Image of the Mexican Revolution
Author/Editor: Pick, Zuzana M
Consuming Grief
Author/Editor: Conklin, Beth A
Contemporary Maya Spirituality
Author/Editor: Molesky-Poz, Jean
Contemporary Theatre in Mayan Mexico
Author/Editor: Underiner, Tamara L
The Contemporáneos Group
Author/Editor: Oropesa, Salvador A
Contesting Trade in Central America
Author/Editor: Spalding, Rose J
Conversations Across Our America
Author/Editor: Mendoza, Louis G
Corporate Crops
Author/Editor: Pechlaner, Gabriela
Cosmopolitanism in Mexican Visual Culture
Author/Editor: Fernández, María
Cosmopolitan Minds
Author/Editor: Weik von Mossner, Alexa
Counting-Out Rhymes
Author/Editor: Abrahams, Roger D.; Rankin, Lois
C. P. Snow and the Struggle of Modernity
Author/Editor: de la Mothe, John
Crafting Tradition
Author/Editor: Chibnik, Michael
Creating Outdoor Classrooms
Author/Editor: Johnson, Lauri Macmillan
Creole Economics
Author/Editor: Browne, Katherine E
Crossing Borders, Reinforcing Borders
Author/Editor: Vila, Pablo
Cuba and the Politics of Passion
Author/Editor: Fernández, Damián J
Cuban Youth and Revolutionary Values
Author/Editor: Blum, Denise F
Cultural Logics and Global Economies
Author/Editor: Fischer, Edward F
Cultural Memory
Author/Editor: Rodriguez, Jeanette; Fortier, Ted
Culture of Empire
Author/Editor: González, Gilbert G
The Culture of Migration in Southern Mexico
Author/Editor: Cohen, Jeffrey H
Cultures of Migration
Author/Editor: Cohen, Jeffrey H.; Sirkeci, Ibrahim