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I Ask for Justice
Author/Editor: Carey, David Jr
Identity Politics on the Israeli Screen
Author/Editor: Loshitzky, Yosefa
Imaginary Lines
Author/Editor: Ettinger, Patrick
Imagining Identity in New Spain
Author/Editor: Carrera, Magali M
Imagining Literacy
Author/Editor: Fernandez, Ramona
The Impact of Global Warming on Texas
Author/Editor: Schmandt, Jurgen; North, Gerald R.; Clarkson, Judith
Impunity, Human Rights, and Democracy
Author/Editor: Wright, Thomas C
Indian Stereotypes in TV Science Fiction
Author/Editor: Adare, Sierra S
Indie, Inc
Author/Editor: Perren, Alisa
Indigenous Movements, Self-Representation, and the State in Latin America
Author/Editor: Warren, Kay B.; Jackson, Jean E
Inequity in the Technopolis
Author/Editor: Straubhaar, Joseph; Spence, Jeremiah; Tufekci, Zeynep
The Informal and Underground Economy of the South Texas Border
Author/Editor: Richardson, Chad; Pisani, Michael J
Intercultural Communication
Author/Editor: Novinger, Tracy
Intergovernmental Relations in the American Administrative State
Author/Editor: Welborn, David M.; Burkhead, Jesse
Intimate Commerce
Author/Editor: Wohl, Victoria
The Invention of the Jewish Gaucho
Author/Editor: Freidenberg, Judith Noemí
Invisible City
Author/Editor: Gilderbloom, John I
Iranians in Texas
Author/Editor: Mobasher, Mohsen M
Ireland and the Classical World
Author/Editor: Freeman, Philip
Irene Rice Pereira
Author/Editor: Bearor, Karen A
Islamism and Modernism
Author/Editor: Rajaee, Farhang
Islands of Empire
Author/Editor: Fojas, Camilla
Isocrates I
Isocrates II
Israeli and Palestinian Postcards
Author/Editor: Semmerling, Tim Jon
Israeli Cinema
Author/Editor: Talmon, Miri; Peleg, Yaron
Israeli Culture between the Two Intifadas
Author/Editor: Peleg, Yaron