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La Gran Línea
Author/Editor: Rebert, Paula
Land, Livelihood, and Civility in Southern Mexico
Author/Editor: Cook, Scott
Land of Bright Promise
Author/Editor: Blodgett, Jan
The Language of the Inka since the European Invasion
Author/Editor: Mannheim, Bruce
La Pinta
Author/Editor: Olguín, B. V
La Revolución
Author/Editor: Benjamin, Thomas
The Last Cannibals
Author/Editor: Basso, Ellen B
The Last Civilized Place
Author/Editor: Messier, Ronald A.; Miller, James A
The Last Jews in Baghdad
Author/Editor: Rejwan, Nissim
The Late Archaic across the Borderlands
Author/Editor: Vierra, Bradley J
The Latina Advantage
Author/Editor: Bejarano, Christina E
Latin American Law
Author/Editor: Mirow, M. C
Latina/os and World War II
Author/Editor: Rivas-Rodriguez, Maggie; Olguín, B. V
Latino Images in Film
Author/Editor: Berg, Charles Ramírez
Latinos and American Law
Author/Editor: Soltero, Carlos R
Latin Politics, Global Media
Author/Editor: Fox, Elizabeth; Waisbord, Silvio
La ütz awäch?
Author/Editor: Brown, R. McKenna; Maxwell, Judith M.; Little, Walter E
The Laws of Slavery in Texas
Author/Editor: Campbell, Randolph B
Lexikon of the Hispanic Baroque
Author/Editor: Levy, Evonne; Mills, Kenneth
The Lieutenant Nun
Author/Editor: Velasco, Sherry
Life After Welfare
Author/Editor: Lein, Laura; Schexnayder, Deanna T
Life on the Hyphen
Author/Editor: Pérez Firmat, Gustavo
Life on the Hyphen, REV - Revised, 2
Author/Editor: Gustavo Pérez Firmat
Lightning Gods and Feathered Serpents
Author/Editor: Koontz, Rex
Lightning Warrior
Author/Editor: Looper, Matthew G
The Limits of Identity
Author/Editor: Hatfield, Charles
Literature, Analytically Speaking
Author/Editor: Swirski, Peter
Literature and Politics in the Central American Revolutions
Author/Editor: Beverley, John; Zimmerman, Marc
The Literatures of the U.S.-Mexican War
Author/Editor: Rodríguez, Jaime Javier
Living with Coyotes
Author/Editor: Ellins, Stuart R
Living with Lupus
Author/Editor: Miles, Ann
Living with Oil
Author/Editor: Breglia, Lisa
Lord Eight Wind of Suchixtlan and the Heroes of Ancient Oaxaca
Author/Editor: Williams, Robert Lloyd
The Los Angeles Plaza
Author/Editor: Estrada, William David
Lourdes Portillo
Author/Editor: Fregoso, Rosa Linda
Love and Politics in the Contemporary Spanish American Novel
Author/Editor: González, Aníbal
Lowrider Space
Author/Editor: Chappell, Ben
Luis Leal
Author/Editor: García, Mario T