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Voices from the Global Margin
Author/Editor: Mitchell, William P
Vital Enemies
Author/Editor: Santos-Granero, Fernando
The Virgin's Children
Author/Editor: Madsen, William
Violent Acts and Urban Space in Contemporary Tel Aviv
Author/Editor: Hatuka, Tali
Violence and Activism at the Border
Author/Editor: Staudt, Kathleen
Vintage Moquegua
Author/Editor: Rice, Prudence M
Vietnam Veteranos
Author/Editor: Ybarra, Lea
The Viceregency of Antonio María Bucareli in New Spain, 1771–1779
Author/Editor: Bobb, Bernard E
Vestal Virgins, Sibyls, and Matrons
Author/Editor: Takács, Sarolta A
Vergil, Philodemus, and the Augustans
Author/Editor: Armstrong, David; Fish, Jeffrey; Johnston, Patricia A
Veni, Vidi, Video
Author/Editor: Wasser, Frederick
Varieties of Liberalism in Central America
Author/Editor: Colburn, Forrest D.; Cruz S., Arturo
Valorizing the Barbarians
Author/Editor: Adler, Eric
Valley Interfaith and School Reform
Author/Editor: Shirley, Dennis