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The Writings of Carlos Fuentes
Author/Editor: Williams, Raymond Leslie
Writing Pancho Villa's Revolution
Author/Editor: Parra, Max
The Wounded Heart
Author/Editor: Yarbro-Bejarano, Yvonne
World War II and Mexican American Civil Rights
Author/Editor: Griswold del Castillo, Richard
The Worlds of the Moche on the North Coast of Peru
Author/Editor: Benson, Elizabeth P
Women Who Live Evil Lives
Author/Editor: Few, Martha
Women's Lives in Colonial Quito
Author/Editor: Gauderman, Kimberly
The Women of Karbala
Author/Editor: Aghaie, Kamran Scot
Women Legislators in Central America
Author/Editor: Saint-Germain, Michelle A.; Metoyer, Cynthia Chavez
Women in Contemporary Mexican Politics
Author/Editor: Rodríguez, Victoria E
Women, Gender, and the Palace Households in Ottoman Tunisia
Author/Editor: Kallander, Amy Aisen
Women Filmmakers in Mexico
Author/Editor: Rashkin, Elissa J
Women Embracing Islam
Author/Editor: van Nieuwkerk, Karin
Women, Celebrity, and Literary Culture between the Wars
Author/Editor: Hammill, Faye
Women and Power in Argentine Literature
Author/Editor: Díaz, Gwendolyn
Women and Men in Late Eighteenth-Century Egypt
Author/Editor: Marsot, Afaf Lutfi al-Sayyid
Woman with a Movie Camera
Author/Editor: Goldovskaya, Marina
With the Saraguros
Author/Editor: Syring, David
With Her Machete in Her Hand
Author/Editor: Esquibel, Catrióna Rueda
Witches, Whores, and Sorcerers
Author/Editor: Forrest, Satnam Mendoza
Witchcraft and Welfare
Author/Editor: Romberg, Raquel
William Knox
Author/Editor: Bellot, Leland J
William Faulkner, Letters & Fictions
Author/Editor: Watson, James G
William Faulkner
Author/Editor: Watson, James G
Wild Tongues
Author/Editor: Urquijo-Ruiz, Rita E
Wildlife Sanctuaries and the Audubon Society
Author/Editor: Anderson, John M. Frosty
Wicked Cinema
Author/Editor: Cutrara, Daniel S
Why the Humanities Matter
Author/Editor: Aldama, Frederick Luis
Whose School Is It?
Author/Editor: Halperin, Rhoda H
Who Guards the Guardians and How
Author/Editor: Bruneau, Thomas C.; Tollefson, Scott D
The White Shaman Mural
Author/Editor: Boyd, Carolyn E
White Metropolis
Author/Editor: Phillips, Michael
When the Center Is on Fire
Author/Editor: Harriford, Diane; Thompson, Becky
When States Kill
Author/Editor: Menjívar, Cecilia; Rodríguez, Néstor
When Mexicans Could Play Ball
Author/Editor: García, Ignacio M
What Women Watched
Author/Editor: Cassidy, Marsha F
Wetland and Riparian Areas of the Intermountain West
Author/Editor: McKinstry, Mark C.; Hubert, Wayne A.; Anderson, Stanley H
Western Window in the Arab World
Author/Editor: Blair, Leon Borden
Weaving Identities
Author/Editor: Hendrickson, Carol
Weaving and Dyeing in Highland Ecuador
Author/Editor: Rowe, Ann Pollard; Miller, Laura M.; Meisch, Lynn A
Water and Ritual
Author/Editor: Lucero, Lisa J
Watching the Traffic Go By
Author/Editor: Fotsch, Paul Mason
Watching Television Come of Age
Author/Editor: Gould, Lewis L
Warm Springs Millennium
Author/Editor: Baughman, Michael; Hadella, Charlotte
The War for the Heart and Soul of a Highland Maya Town
Author/Editor: Carlsen, Robert S
Walls of Empowerment
Author/Editor: Latorre, Guisela
Walking the Forest with Chico Mendes
Author/Editor: Rodrigues, Gomercindo