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Aztecs, Moors, and Christians
Author/Editor: Harris, Max
Authorship in Film Adaptation
Author/Editor: Boozer, Jack
At Home with the Sapa Inca
Author/Editor: Nair, Stella
Aryan Cowboys
Author/Editor: Schlatter, Evelyn A
The Art of Professing in Bourbon Mexico
Author/Editor: Córdova, James M
The Art of Life
Author/Editor: Blasing, Mutlu Konuk
Art, Nature, and Religion in the Central Andes
Author/Editor: Strong, Mary
Art in the Cinematic Imagination
Author/Editor: Felleman, Susan
The Art and Archaeology of the Moche
Author/Editor: Bourget, Steve; Jones, Kimberly L
Art and Archaeology of Challuabamba, Ecuador
Author/Editor: Grieder, Terence; Farmer, James D.; Hill, David V
Art and Answerability
Author/Editor: Bakhtin, M. M.; Holquist, Michael
Art Against Dictatorship
Author/Editor: Adams, Jacqueline
Argentine, Mexican, and Guatemalan Photography
Author/Editor: Foster, David William
Architecture of Minoan Crete
Author/Editor: McEnroe, John C
Arabs in the Mirror
Author/Editor: Rejwan, Nissim
Arab Responses to Fascism and Nazism
Author/Editor: Gershoni, Israel
Arabian Oasis City
Author/Editor: Altorki, Soraya; Cole, Donald P
Arab-American Faces and Voices
Author/Editor: Boosahda, Elizabeth
Antiphon the Athenian
Author/Editor: Gagarin, Michael
Antiphon and Andocides
Anthropology, Economics, and Choice
Author/Editor: Chibnik, Michael
Another Steven Soderbergh Experience
Author/Editor: Gallagher, Mark
Ancient Origins of the Mexican Plaza
Author/Editor: Wagner, Logan; Box, Hal; Morehead, Susan Kline
Ancient Objects and Sacred Realms
Author/Editor: Reilly, F. Kent; Garber, James F
Ancient Maya Commoners
Author/Editor: Lohse, Jon C.; Valdez, Fred Jr
Anay's Will to Learn
Author/Editor: Hampton, Elaine
Analyzing World Fiction
Author/Editor: Aldama, Frederick Luis
Amá, Your Story Is Mine
Author/Editor: Cedeño, Ercenia Alice; Dixon, Susan
Among Women
Author/Editor: Rabinowitz, Nancy Sorkin; Auanger, Lisa
The American University of Beirut
Author/Editor: Anderson, Betty S
Americans in the Treasure House
Author/Editor: Ruiz, Jason
Americans All
Author/Editor: Sadlier, Darlene J
American Muslim Women, Religious Authority, and Activism
Author/Editor: Hammer, Juliane
The American Jewish Story through Cinema
Author/Editor: Goldman, Eric A
American Indian Literature and the Southwest
Author/Editor: Anderson, Eric Gary
American Indian Constitutional Reform and the Rebuilding of Native Nations
Author/Editor: Lemont, Eric D
American Folklife
Author/Editor: Yoder, Don
American Films of the 70s
Author/Editor: Lev, Peter
American Film Cycles
Author/Editor: Klein, Amanda Ann
Amazon Town TV
Author/Editor: Pace, Richard; Hinote, Brian P
Amazons, Wives, Nuns, and Witches
Author/Editor: Myscofski, Carole A
All Religions Are Good in Tzintzuntzan
Author/Editor: Cahn, Peter S
Alien Constructions
Author/Editor: Melzer, Patricia
Alfonso Reyes and Spain
Author/Editor: Aponte, Barbara Bockus
Alex and the Hobo
Author/Editor: Taylor, José Inez; Taggart, James M
Alexander Watkins Terrell
Author/Editor: Gould, Lewis L
Alexander’s Veterans and the Early Wars of the Successors
Author/Editor: Roisman, Joseph
Alexander’s Veterans and the Early Wars of the Successors
Author/Editor: Roisman, Joseph
Agent of Change: Adela Sloss-Vento, Mexican American Civil Rights Activist and Texas Feminist
Author/Editor: CYNTHIA E. OROZCO
After Revolution
Author/Editor: Babb, Florence E
After Hitchcock
Author/Editor: Boyd, David; Palmer, R. Barton
After-Dinner Conversation
Author/Editor: Silva, José Asunción
Author/Editor: González, Anita
Adoring the Saints
Author/Editor: Lastra, Yolanda; Sherzer, Joel; Sherzer, Dina