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Mythology and Values
Author/Editor: Spencer, Katherine
Muslim Women in War and Crisis
Author/Editor: Shirazi, Faegheh
Muslim Women Activists in North America
Author/Editor: Bullock, Katherine
Muslim Reformers in Iran and Turkey
Author/Editor: Tezcür, Günes Murat
Muslim Rap, Halal Soaps, and Revolutionary Theater
Author/Editor: van Nieuwkerk, Karin
The Music of Brazil
Author/Editor: Appleby, David P
Musical Ritual in Mexico City
Author/Editor: Pedelty, Mark
Murder Was Not a Crime
Author/Editor: Gaughan, Judy E
Multiculturalism and the Mouse
Author/Editor: Brode, Douglas
Multicultural Comics
Author/Editor: Aldama, Frederick Luis
Mouse Morality
Author/Editor: Ward, Annalee R
Mother Earth and Uncle Sam
Author/Editor: Steinzor, Rena I
Mortuary Landscapes of the Classic Maya
Author/Editor: Scherer, Andrew K
Morning Star
Author/Editor: Löwy, Michael
Monumentality in Etruscan and Early Roman Architecture
Author/Editor: Thomas, Michael; Meyers, Gretchen E
Monumental Ambivalence
Author/Editor: Breglia, Lisa C
Montana Ghost Dance
Author/Editor: Wright, John B
Monkey Business Theatre
Author/Editor: Laughlin, Robert M.; Sna Jtz'ibajom
Modernism Is the Literature of Celebrity
Author/Editor: Goldman, Jonathan
Moctezuma's Children
Author/Editor: Chipman, Donald E
Missing Mila, Finding Family
Author/Editor: Ward, Margaret E
The Misfortunes of Alonso Ramírez
Author/Editor: López Lázaro, Fabio
Midwives and Mothers
Michoacán and Eden
Author/Editor: Verástique, Bernardino
Mexico and Mexicans in the Making of the United States
Author/Editor: Tutino, John
Mexican Women in American Factories
Author/Editor: Tuttle, Carolyn
Mexican Women and the Other Side of Immigration
Author/Editor: Gordillo, Luz María
Mexican Political Biographies, 1935-2009
Author/Editor: Camp, Roderic Ai
The Mexican Aristocracy
Author/Editor: Nutini, Hugo G
Mexican Americans and the Question of Race
Author/Editor: Dowling, Julie A
Mexican American Fertility Patterns
Author/Editor: Bean, Frank D.; Swicegood, Gray
Mesoamerican Healers
Author/Editor: Huber, Brad R.; Sandstrom, Alan R
Men and Popular Music in Algeria
Author/Editor: Schade-Poulsen, Marc
Memory, Oblivion, and Jewish Culture in Latin America
Author/Editor: Agosín, Marjorie
The Medicine of Memory
Author/Editor: Murguía, Alejandro
Medicine and the Saints
Author/Editor: Amster, Ellen J
The Maya Tropical Forest
Author/Editor: Nations, James D
Maya Political Science
Author/Editor: Rice, Prudence M
Maya Palaces and Elite Residences
Author/Editor: Christie, Jessica Joyce
Maya Intellectual Renaissance
Author/Editor: Montejo, Victor D
Maya Figurines
Author/Editor: Halperin, Christina T
Maya Calendar Origins
Author/Editor: Rice, Prudence M
The Maya and Teotihuacan
Author/Editor: Braswell, Geoffrey E
Maya after War
Author/Editor: Burrell, Jennifer L
Mary, Mother and Warrior
Author/Editor: Hall, Linda B
Mario Vargas Llosa
Author/Editor: Williams, Raymond Leslie
Marianne Moore, Subversive Modernist
Author/Editor: Martin, Taffy
Author/Editor: Bruneau, Thomas; Dammert, Lucía; Skinner, Elizabeth
Mapping and Empire
Author/Editor: Reinhartz, Dennis; Saxon, Gerald D
Mano Dura
Author/Editor: Wolf, Sonja
Manhood in Hollywood from Bush to Bush
Author/Editor: Greven, David
Making Up the Difference
Author/Editor: Casanova, Erynn
The Making of the Mexican Border
Author/Editor: Mora-Torres, Juan
The Making of Arab Americans
Author/Editor: Bawardi, Hani J
Making Ecuadorian Histories
Author/Editor: Benavides, O. Hugo