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Taking Charge: Native American Self-Determination and Federal Indian Policy, 1975–1993
Author/Editor: George Pierre Castile
A Tale of Three Villages
Author/Editor: Frink, Liam
A Tale of Three Villages: Indigenous-Colonial Interactions in Southwestern Alaska, 1740–1950
Author/Editor: Liam Frink
Talking Indian
Author/Editor: Davis, Jenny L
Author/Editor: Fontana, Bernard L
Tarahumara: Where Night is the Day of the Moon
Author/Editor: Bernard L. Fontana,John P. Schaefer
Telling and Being Told
Author/Editor: Worley, Paul M
Telling and Being Told: Storytelling and Cultural Control in Contemporary Yucatec Maya Literatures
Author/Editor: PAUL M. WORLEY
Telling Stories the Kiowa Way
Author/Editor: GUS PALMER JR.
Ten Thousand Years of Inequality
Author/Editor: Kohler, Timothy A.; Smith, Michael E
Ten Thousand Years of Inequality: The Archaeology of Wealth Differences
Author/Editor: Timothy A. Kohler,Michael E. Smith
Tequila: A Natural and Cultural History
Tewa Tales
Author/Editor: Elsie Clews Parsons ,Barbara A. Babcock
Tewa Worlds: An Archaeological History of Being and Becoming in the Pueblo Southwest
Author/Editor: SAMUEL DUWE
Them Goon Rules
Author/Editor: Bey, Marquis
Them Goon Rules: Fugitive Essays on Radical Black Feminism
Author/Editor: MARQUIS BEY,Monica J. Casper,Tamura A. Lomax,Darnell L. Moore
Therapeutic Nations
Author/Editor: Million, Dian
Therapeutic Nations: Healing in an Age of Indigenous Human Rights
Author/Editor: DIAN MILLION,Jeffrey P. Shepherd,Myla Vicenti Carpio
There's a Bobcat in My Backyard
Author/Editor: Hanson, Jonathan
There’s a Bobcat in My Backyard: Living with and Enjoying Urban Wildlife
Author/Editor: Jonathan Hanson
There Was a River
Author/Editor: Berger, Bruce
Thinking en español
Author/Editor: Rosales, Jesús
Thinking en español: Interviews with Critics of Chicana/o Literature
Author/Editor: Jesús Rosales,Rolando Hinojosa-Smith
Thirty Years Into Yesterday
Author/Editor: Reid, Jefferson; Whittlesey, Stephanie
Thirty Years Into Yesterday: A History of Archaeology at Grasshopper Pueblo
Throwing Fire at the Sun, Water at the Moon
Thunderweavers/ Tejedoras de rayos
Author/Editor: Herrera, Juan Felipe
Time Commences in Xibalbá
Author/Editor: de Lión, Luis
Time of Grace
Author/Editor: Lamberton, Ken
Time of Grace: Thoughts on Nature, Family, and the Politics of Crime and Punishment
Author/Editor: Ken Lamberton
To Show Heart: Native American Self-Determination and Federal Indian Policy, 1960-1975
Author/Editor: George Pierre Castile
Toward a Behavioral Ecology of Lithic Technology
Author/Editor: Surovell, Todd A
Toward a Behavioral Ecology of Lithic Technology: Cases from Paleoindian Archaeology
Author/Editor: TODD A. SUROVELL
Tracking Prehistoric Migrations: Pueblo Settlers among the Tonto Basin Hohokam
Author/Editor: Jeffery J. Clark
Traditional Arid Lands Agriculture
Author/Editor: Ingram, Scott E.; Hunt, Robert C
Traditional Arid Lands Agriculture: Understanding the Past for the Future
Traditional, National, and International Law and Indigenous Communities
Trails to Tiburón
Author/Editor: McGee, W. J
Trails to Tiburón: The 1894 and 1895 Field Diaries of W J McGee
Author/Editor: WJ McGee,Hazel McFeely Fontana,Bernard L. Fontana
Transcontinental Dialogues
Author/Editor: Hernández Castillo, R. Aída; Hutchings, Suzi; Noble, Brian
Transcontinental Dialogues: Activist Alliances with Indigenous Peoples of Canada, Mexico, and Australia
Author/Editor: R. AÍDA HERNÁNDEZ CASTILLO,SUZI HUTCHINGS,BRIAN NOBLE,Jeffrey P. Shepherd,Myla Vicenti Carpio
Transformation by Fire
Author/Editor: Kuijt, Ian; Quinn, Colin P.; Cooney, Gabriel
Transformation by Fire: The Archaeology of Cremation in Cultural Context
Author/Editor: Ian Kuijt,Colin P. Quinn,Gabriel Cooney
Transforming Rural Water Governance: The Road from Resource Management to Political Activism in Nicaragua
Author/Editor: SARAH T. ROMANO
Translation and Ethnography: The Anthropological Challenge of Intercultural Understanding
Author/Editor: Tullio Maranhão ,Bernhard Streck ,Leland Searles
Transversal: Poems
Author/Editor: URAYOÁN NOEL
Tribal Policing: Asserting Sovereignty, Seeking Justice
Author/Editor: Eileen Luna-Firebaugh
Tribal Water Rights
Author/Editor: Thorson, John E.; Britton, Sarah; Colby, Bonnie G
Tribal Water Rights: Essays in Contemporary Law, Policy, and Economics
Author/Editor: John E. Thorson,Sarah Britton,Bonnie G. Colby
Author/Editor: Da', Laura
Trincheras Sites in Time, Space, and Society
Author/Editor: Fish, Suzanne K.; Fish, Paul R.; Villalpando, M. Elisa
Trust in the Land
Author/Editor: Middleton Manning, Beth Rose
Trust in the Land: New Directions in Tribal Conservation
Author/Editor: Beth Rose Middleton,Clifford Trafzer
Twelve Clocks
Author/Editor: Paegle, Julie Sophia