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Doing the Right Thing: A Value Based Economy
Author/Editor: Arjo Klamer
Doing the Right Thing
Author/Editor: Klamer, Arjo
Digital Classics Outside the Echo-Chamber: Teaching, Knowledge Exchange & Public Engagement
Author/Editor: Gabriel Bodard,Matteo Romanello
Digital Classics Outside the Echo-Chamber
Author/Editor: Bodard, Gabriel; Romanello, Matteo
The "Democratic Soldier": Comparing Concepts and Practices in Europe
Author/Editor: Sabine Mannitz
The Democratic Soldier
Author/Editor: Mannitz, Sabine
Dealing with the Past in Security Sector Reform
Author/Editor: Mayer-Rieckh, Alexander
DDR and SSR in War-to-Peace Transition
Author/Editor: von Dyck, Christopher
Dante and Aquinas: A Study of Nature and Grace in the Comedy
Author/Editor: Christopher Ryan,John Took
Dante and Aquinas
Author/Editor: Ryan, Christopher; Took, John
Dangerous Science: Science Policy and Risk Analysis for Scientists and Engineers
Author/Editor: Daniel J. Rozell