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Zig-Zag-and-Swirl: Alfred W. Lawson's Quest for Greatness
Author/Editor: LYELL D. HENRY JR.
Author/Editor: Henry, Lyell D
The Year of the Femme
Author/Editor: Donish, Cassie
A Year of Iowa Nature: Discovering Where We Live
Author/Editor: CARL KURTZ
A Year of Iowa Nature
Author/Editor: Kurtz, Carl
Writing Vietnam, Writing Life: Caputo, Heinemann, O'Brien, Butler
Author/Editor: Tobey C. Herzog
Writing Vietnam, Writing Life
Author/Editor: Herzog, Tobey C
Writing the Trail: Five Women's Frontier Narratives
Author/Editor: Deborah Lawrence
Writing the Trail
Author/Editor: Lawrence, Deborah
Writing the Lost Generation: Expatriate Autobiography and American Modernism
Author/Editor: CRAIG MONK
Writing the Lost Generation
Author/Editor: Monk, Craig
Writing Not Writing: Poetry, Crisis, and Responsibility
Author/Editor: Tom Fisher
Writing Not Writing
Author/Editor: Fisher, Tom
A Wrestling Life: The Inspiring Stories of Dan Gable
A Wrestling Life 2: More Inspiring Stories of Dan Gable
A Wrestling Life 2
Author/Editor: Gable, Dan
A Wrestling Life
Author/Editor: Gable, Dan; Schulte, Scott
The WPA Guide to 1930s Iowa
Author/Editor: Federal Writers Project, Joseph Frazier
Author/Editor: Schiff, Robyn
Workshops of Empire: Stegner, Engle, and American Creative Writing during the Cold War
Author/Editor: ERIC BENNETT
Workshops of Empire
Author/Editor: Bennett, Eric
Women, Money, and the Law: Nineteenth-Century Fiction, Gender, and the Courts
Author/Editor: Joyce W. Warren
Women, Money, and the Law
Author/Editor: Warren, Joyce W
Women in Agriculture: Professionalizing Rural Life in North America and Europe, 1880-1965
Author/Editor: Linda M. Ambrose,Joan M. Jensen
Women in Agriculture
Author/Editor: Ambrose, Linda M.; Jensen, Joan M
Women Adapting: Bringing Three Serials of the Roaring Twenties to Stage and Screen
Author/Editor: Bethany Wood
Women Adapting
Author/Editor: Wood, Bethany
Woman Suffrage and Citizenship in the Midwest, 1870-1920
Author/Editor: Egge, Sara
Wm & H'ry: Literature, Love, and the Letters between Wiliam and Henry James
Author/Editor: J. C. HALLMAN
Wm & H'ry
Author/Editor: Hallman, J. C
With Wings Extended: A Leap into the Wood Duck's World
Author/Editor: greg hoch
Wildflowers of the Tallgrass Prairie: The Upper Midwest
Author/Editor: Sylvan T. Runkel,Dean M. Roosa,Thomas Rosburg,John Madson
Wildflowers of the Tallgrass Prairie
Author/Editor: Runkel, Sylvan T.; Roosa, Dean M
Wildflowers of Iowa Woodlands
Author/Editor: Runkel, Sylvan T.; Bull, Alvin F
Wildflowers and Other Plants of Iowa Wetlands, 2nd edition
Author/Editor: Runkel, Sylvan T.; Roosa, Dean M
Whose World Is This?
Author/Editor: Montgomery, Lee
Whitman's Drift: Imagining Literary Distribution
Author/Editor: MATT COHEN
Whitman's Drift
Author/Editor: Cohen, Matt
Whitman Noir: Black America and the Good Gray Poet
Author/Editor: IVY G. WILSON
Whitman Noir
Author/Editor: Wilson, Ivy
Whitman East and West: New Contexts for Reading Walt Whitman
Author/Editor: ED FOLSOM
Whitman East and West
Author/Editor: Folsom, Ed
Whitman & Dickinson: A Colloquy
Author/Editor: Éric Athenot,Cristanne Miller
Whitman & Dickinson
Author/Editor: Athenot, Éric; Miller, Cristanne
A Whitman Chronology
Author/Editor: Krieg, Joann P
Whitman and the Irish
Author/Editor: Krieg, Joann P
Whitman among the Bohemians
Author/Editor: Levin, Joanna; Whitley, Edward
Where The Sky Began: Land of the Tallgrass Prairie
Author/Editor: JOHN MADSON,Dycie Madson
Where The Sky Began
Author/Editor: Madson, John
Where Do Birds Live?
Author/Editor: McGehee, Claudia
When You Learn the Alphabet
Author/Editor: Allen, Kendra
When War Becomes Personal: Soldiers' Accounts from the Civil War to Iraq
Author/Editor: Donald Anderson
When War Becomes Personal
Author/Editor: Anderson, Donald
When Mystical Creatures Attack!
Author/Editor: Founds, Kathleen
What Is Your Quest?: From Adventure Games to Interactive Books
Author/Editor: Anastasia Salter
What Is Your Quest?
Author/Editor: Salter, Anastasia
What Happens Next?: Matters of Life and Death
Author/Editor: Douglas Bauer
What Happens Next?
Author/Editor: Bauer, Douglas
What Counts as Love
Author/Editor: Crotty, Marian
Wet Places at Noon
Author/Editor: Abbott, Lee K
The West Side of Any Mountain: Place, Space, and Ecopoetry
Author/Editor: J. Scott Bryson
The West Side of Any Mountain
Author/Editor: Bryson, J. Scott
We Have All Gone Away
Author/Editor: Harnack, Curtis
Weaving a Future: Tourism, Cloth, and Culture on an Andean Island
Author/Editor: ELAYNE ZORN
Weaving a Future
Author/Editor: Zorn, Elayne
Weathering Winter: A Gardener's Daybook
Author/Editor: Carl H. Klaus
Weathering Winter
Author/Editor: Klaus, Carl H
A Watershed Year: Anatomy of the Iowa Floods of 2008
Author/Editor: Cornelia F. Mutel
A Watershed Year
Author/Editor: Mutel, Cornelia F
The Water Diviner and Other Stories
Author/Editor: Pietersz Vilhauer, Ruvanee
Warblers in Your Pocket: A Guide to Wood-Warblers of the Upper Midwest
Author/Editor: Dana Gardner
Warblers in Your Pocket
Author/Editor: Gardner, Dana
Walt Whitman: The Correspondence, Volume VII
Author/Editor: Ted Genoways,Ed Folsom
Walt Whitman: The Centennial Essays
Author/Editor: Ed Folsom,Guido Villa
Walt Whitman's Songs of Male Intimacy and Love: "Live Oak, with Moss" and "Calamus"
Author/Editor: Betsy Erkkila,ED FOLSOM
Walt Whitman's Songs of Male Intimacy and Love
Author/Editor: Erkkila, Betsy; Whitman, Walt
Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself": A Mosaic of Interpretations
Walt Whitman's Song of Myself
Author/Editor: Miller, Edwin Haviland
Walt Whitman's Selected Journalism
Author/Editor: Whitman, Walt; Noverr, Douglas A.; Stacy, Jason
Walt Whitman's Reconstruction: Poetry and Publishing between Memory and History
Author/Editor: Martin T. Buinicki
Walt Whitman's Reconstruction
Author/Editor: Buinicki, Martin T
Walt Whitman and the World
Author/Editor: Allen, Gay Wilson; Folsom, Ed
Walt Whitman and the Earth: A Study of Ecopoetics
Walt Whitman and the Earth
Author/Editor: Killingsworth, M. Jimmie
Walt Whitman and the Class Struggle
Author/Editor: Lawson, Andrew
Walt Whitman
Author/Editor: Genoways, Ted
Walt Whitman
Author/Editor: Folsom, Ed
Wallace Stevens And The Apocalyptic Mode
Author/Editor: Woodland, Malcolm
Waking Sleeping Beauty: Feminist Voices in Children's Novels
Waking Sleeping Beauty
Author/Editor: Trites, Roberta S
The Waiting
Author/Editor: Johnson, Megan
Voices Cast Out to Talk Us In
Author/Editor: Roberson, Ed
A Vocabulary of Thinking: Gertrude Stein and Contemporary North American Women's Innnovative Writing
Author/Editor: Deborah M. Mix
A Vocabulary of Thinking
Author/Editor: Mix, Deborah M
Vivid and Continuous: Essays and Exercises for Writing Fiction
Author/Editor: JOHN McNALLY
Vivid and Continuous
Author/Editor: McNally, John
Visits with the Amish: Impressions of the Plain Life
Author/Editor: Linda Egenes,Mary Azarian
Visits with the Amish
Author/Editor: Egenes, Linda
Visible Dissent: Latin American Writers, Small U.S. Presses, and Progressive Social Change
Visible Dissent
Author/Editor: Longo, Teresa V
Violet America: Regional Cosmopolitanism in U.S. Fiction
Author/Editor: JASON ARTHUR
Violet America
Author/Editor: Arthur, Jason
The Victorian Marionette Theatre
Author/Editor: Mccormick, John
The Vascular Plants of Iowa: An Annotated Checklist and Natural History
Author/Editor: Lawrence J. Eilers,Dean M. Roosa
The Vascular Plants of Iowa
Author/Editor: Eilers, Lawrence J.; Roosa, Dean M
The Vanishing Messiah: The Life and Resurrections of Francis Schlatter
Author/Editor: David N. Wetzel
The Vanishing Messiah
Author/Editor: Wetzel, David N
Up on the River: People and Wildlife of the Upper Mississippi
Author/Editor: JOHN MADSON,Dycie Madson
Up on the River
Author/Editor: Madson, John
Up in Here: Jailing Kids on Chicago's Other Side
Author/Editor: MARK DOSTERT
Up in Here
Author/Editor: Dostert, Mark
Up a Country Lane Cookbook
Author/Editor: Birkby, Evelyn
The University of Iowa Guide to Campus Architecture, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Scott, John Beldon; Lehnertz, Rodney P
The University of Iowa Guide to Campus Architecture
Author/Editor: Scott, John Beldon; Lehnertz, Rodney P
Unfriendly Fire: A Mother's Memoir
Author/Editor: Peg Mullen,Albert E. Stone
Unfriendly Fire
Author/Editor: Mullen, Peg
Uncertainty and Plenitude: Five Contemporary Poets
Author/Editor: Peter Stitt
Uncertainty and Plenitude
Author/Editor: Stitt, Peter
Author/Editor: Hanson, Julie
Twelve Millennia: Archaeology of the Upper Mississippi River Valley
Author/Editor: James L. Theler,Robert F. Boszhardt
Twelve Millennia
Author/Editor: Theler, James L; Boszhardt, Robert F
Twain in His Own Time: A Biographical Chronicle of His Life, Drawn from Recollections, Interviews, and Memoirs by Family, Friends, and Associates
Author/Editor: Gary Scharnhorst,Joel Myerson
Twain in His Own Time
Author/Editor: Scharnhorst, Gary
Twain, Alcott, and the Birth of the Adolescent Reform Novel
Author/Editor: Trites, Roberta S
Turtles in Your Pocket: A Guide to Freshwater and Terrestrial Turtles of the Upper Midwest
Author/Editor: Terry VanDeWalle,Suzanne L. Collins
Turtles in Your Pocket
Author/Editor: VanDeWalle, Terry; Collins, Suzanne L
Truth in Nonfiction: Essays
Author/Editor: DAVID LAZAR
Truth in Nonfiction
Author/Editor: Lazar, David
The True Story of Alice B. Toklas: A Study of Three Autobiographies
Author/Editor: Anna Linzie
The True Story of Alice B. Toklas
Author/Editor: Linzie, Anna
The Trouble with Sauling Around: Conversion in Ethnic American Autobiography, 1965-2002
The Trouble with Sauling Around
Author/Editor: Walker, Madeline Ruth
Author/Editor: Potts, Randall
Trespasses: A Memoir
Author/Editor: Lacy M. Johnson
Author/Editor: Johnson, Lacy M
Tremulous Hinge
Author/Editor: Giannelli, Adam
Trees in Your Pocket: A Guide to Trees of the Upper Midwest
Trees in Your Pocket
Author/Editor: Rosburg, Thomas
Tree of Heaven
Author/Editor: Mckean, James
Travels and Archaeology in South Chile
Author/Editor: Bird, Junius B.; Hyslop, John
Traveler, There Is No Road: Theatre, the Spanish Civil War, and the Decolonial Imagination in the Americas
Author/Editor: Lisa Jackson-Schebetta
Traveler, There Is No Road
Author/Editor: Jackson-Schebetta, Lisa
A Trauma Artist: Tim O'Brien and the Fiction of Vietnam
Author/Editor: Mark A. Heberle
A Trauma Artist
Author/Editor: Heberle, Mark A
Translingual Poetics: Writing Personhood Under Settler Colonialism
Author/Editor: Sarah Dowling
Translingual Poetics
Author/Editor: Dowling, Sarah
Transcendental Meditation in America: How a New Age Movement Remade a Small Town in Iowa
Author/Editor: JOSEPH WEBER
Transcendental Meditation in America
Author/Editor: Weber, Joseph
Transatlantic Stowe: Harriet Beecher Stowe and European Culture
Author/Editor: Denise Kohn,Sarah Meer,Emily B. Todd
Transatlantic Stowe
Author/Editor: Kohn, Denise; Meer, Sarah; Todd, Emily B
Transatlantic Connections: Whitman U.S., Whitman U.K.
Author/Editor: M. Wynn Thomas
Transatlantic Connections
Author/Editor: Thomas, M. Wynn
Transaction Histories
Author/Editor: Stonecipher, Donna
Trace of One
Author/Editor: Goodman, Joanna
Author/Editor: Martone, Michael
Time of Beauty, Time of Fear: The Romantic Legacy in the Literature of Childhood
Time of Beauty, Time of Fear
Author/Editor: McGavran, James Holt
Tight Spaces
Author/Editor: Scott, Kesho; Muhanji, Cherry; High, Egyirba
Tied to the Great Packing Machine: The Midwest and Meatpacking
Author/Editor: WILSON J. WARREN
Tied to the Great Packing Machine
Author/Editor: Warren, Wilson J
Ticket to Minto: Stories of India and America
Author/Editor: Sohrab Homi Fracis
Ticket to Minto
Author/Editor: Fracis, Sohrab Homi
Thus I Lived with Words: Robert Louis Stevenson and the Writer's Craft
Author/Editor: Annette R. Federico
Thus I Lived with Words
Author/Editor: Federico, Annette R
Through Amazonian Eyes: The Human Ecology of Amazonian Populations
Author/Editor: Emilio F. Moran
Through Amazonian Eyes
Author/Editor: Moran, Emilio F
Thoreaus Sense of Place: Essays in American Environmental Writing
Author/Editor: RICHARD J. SCHNEIDER,Lawrence Buell
Thoreaus Sense of Place
Author/Editor: Schneider, Richard J
Thoreau in His Own Time: A Biographical Chronicle of His Life, Drawn from Recollections, Interviews, and Memoirs by Family, Friends, and Associates
Author/Editor: Sandra Harbert Petrulionis
Thoreau in His Own Time
Author/Editor: Petrulionis, Sandra Harbert
This Vast Book of Nature: Writing the Landscape of New Hampshire's White Mountains, 1784-1911
Author/Editor: PAVEL CENKL
This Vast Book of Nature
Author/Editor: Cenkl, Pavel
This State of Wonders: The Letters of an Iowa Frontier Family, 1858-1861
Author/Editor: John Kent Folmar
This State of Wonders
Author/Editor: Folmar, John Kent
"This Mighty Convulsion": Whitman and Melville Write the Civil War
This Day in History
Author/Editor: Varallo, Anthony
The Thin Tear In The Fabric Of Space
Author/Editor: Trevor, Douglas
Things Kept, Things Left Behind
Author/Editor: Tomlinson, Jim
Thieves' Latin
Author/Editor: Shippy, Peter Jay
These Boys and Their Fathers
Author/Editor: Waters, Don
There Goes the Neighborhood: Rural School Consolidation at the Grass Roots in Early Twentieth-Century Iowa
Author/Editor: DAVID R. REYNOLDS
There Goes the Neighborhood
Author/Editor: Reynolds, David R
The The Long White
Author/Editor: Dilworth, Sharon
Theatres of Independence: Drama, Theory, and Urban Performance in India since 1947
Author/Editor: Aparna Bhargava Dharwadker
Theatres of Independence
Author/Editor: Dharwadker, Aparna Bhargava
Theatre Is More Beautiful Than War: German Stage Directing in the Late Twentieth Century
Theatre Is More Beautiful Than War
Author/Editor: Carlson, Marvin
Theatre, Community, and Civic Engagement in Jacobean London
Author/Editor: Bayer, Mark
Theatre and Identity in Imperial Russia
Author/Editor: Schuler, Catherine A
Thank You for Being Concerned and Sensitive
Author/Editor: Henry, Jim
Tell This Silence: Asian American Women Writers and the Politics of Speech
Author/Editor: Patti Duncan
Tell This Silence
Author/Editor: Duncan, Patti
Tell Everyone I Said Hi
Author/Editor: Simpson, Chad
Technomodern Poetics: The American Literary Avant-Garde at the Start of the Information Age
Author/Editor: TODD F. TIETCHEN
Technomodern Poetics
Author/Editor: Tietchen, Todd F
Teaching Tainted Lit: Popular American Fiction in Today's Classroom
Author/Editor: JANET G. CASEY
Teaching Tainted Lit
Author/Editor: Casey, Janet G
Teaching Life: Letters from a Life in Literature
Author/Editor: DALE SALWAK
Teaching Life
Author/Editor: Salwak, Dale
The Tallgrass Prairie Reader
Author/Editor: Price, John T
The Tallgrass Prairie Center Guide to Seed and Seedling Identification in the Upper Midwest
Author/Editor: Williams, Dave
The Tallgrass Prairie Center Guide to Prairie Restoration in the Upper Midwest
Author/Editor: Smith, Daryl; Williams, Dave; Houseal, Greg
Tales of an Old Horsetrader: The First Hundred Years
Author/Editor: Leroy Judson Daniels,Helen S. Herrick
Tales of an Old Horsetrader
Author/Editor: Daniels, Leroy Judson; Herrick, Helen S
Tales of an American Hobo
Author/Editor: Fox, Charles Elmer
Tales from an Uncertain World: What Other Assorted Disasters Can Teach Us About Climate Change
Author/Editor: L. S. Gardiner
Tales from an Uncertain World
Author/Editor: Gardiner, L. S
Take Nothing With You
Author/Editor: Schweig, Sarah V
System of Ghosts
Author/Editor: Tigue, Lindsay
Sweet Will
Author/Editor: Levine, Philip
Swaying: Essays on Intercultural Love
Author/Editor: Jessie Carroll Grearson,Lauren B. Smith
Author/Editor: Grearson, Jessie Carroll
Susan Glaspell's Poetics and Politics of Rebellion
Author/Editor: Jouve, Emeline
Supply Chain
Author/Editor: Triplett, Pimone
Supplement to “Walt Whitman: A Descriptive Bibliography"
Author/Editor: Joel Myerson
Supplement to “Walt Whitman
Author/Editor: Myerson, Joel
Supplement to “Walt Whitman
Author/Editor: Myerson, Joel
Superhero Thought Experiments
Author/Editor: Gavaler, Chris; Goldberg, Nathaniel
Sunday Houses the Sunday House
Author/Editor: Hughey, Elizabeth
Sum of the Parts: The Mathematics and Politics of Region, Place, and Writing
Author/Editor: kent c. ryden,wayne franklin
Sum of the Parts
Author/Editor: Ryden, Kent C
A Sugar Creek Chronicle: Observing Climate Change from a Midwestern Woodland
Author/Editor: CORNELIA F. MUTEL
A Sugar Creek Chronicle
Author/Editor: Mutel, Cornelia F
Study for Necessity
Author/Editor: Kwiatek, JoEllen
Struggling With Iowas Pride: Labor Relations, Unionism, and Politics in the Rural Midwest since 1877
Author/Editor: WILSON J. WARREN
Struggling With Iowas Pride
Author/Editor: Warren, Wilson J
Strange Duets: Impresarios and Actresses in the American Theatre, 1865-1914
Author/Editor: KIM MARRA
Strange Duets
Author/Editor: Marra, Kim
Straight Korean Female Fans and Their Gay Fantasies
Author/Editor: Kwon, Jungmin
Stowe in Her Own Time: A Biographical Chronicle of Her Life, Drawn from Recollections, Interviews, and Memoirs by Family, F
Author/Editor: Susan Belasco
Stowe in Her Own Time
Author/Editor: Belasco, Susan
Stories We Tell Ourselves: "Dream Life" and "Seeing Things"
Author/Editor: Michelle Herman
Stories We Tell Ourselves
Author/Editor: Herman, Michelle
Stories From Under The Sky
Author/Editor: Madson, John
A Store Almost in Sight: The Economic Transformation of Missouri from the Lousiana Purchase to the Civil War
Author/Editor: JEFF BREMER
A Store Almost in Sight
Author/Editor: Bremer, Jeff
Status and Conservation of Midwestern Amphibians
Author/Editor: Lannoo, Michael J
Star Ledger
Author/Editor: Hull, Lynda
Star Attractions: Twentieth-Century Movie Magazines and Global Fandom
Stanton in Her Own Time: A Biographical Chronicle of Her Life, Drawn from Recollections, Interviews, and Memoirs by Family, Friends, and Associates
Author/Editor: Noelle A. Baker
Stanton in Her Own Time
Author/Editor: Baker, Noelle A
Standards of Value: Money, Race, and Literature in America
Author/Editor: Michael Germana
Standards of Value
Author/Editor: Germana, Michael
Stamford '76: A True Story of Murder, Corruption, Race, and Feminism in the 1970s
Author/Editor: JoeAnn Hart
Stamford '76
Author/Editor: Hart, JoeAnn
Staging Postcommunism: Alternative Theatre in Eastern and Central Europe after 1989
Author/Editor: Vessela S. Warner,Diana Manole
Stagestruck Filmmaker: D. W. Griffith and the American Theatre
Author/Editor: David Mayer
Stagestruck Filmmaker
Author/Editor: Mayer, David
Squee from the Margins: Fandom and Race
Author/Editor: RUKMINI PANDE
Squee from the Margins
Author/Editor: Pande, Rukmini
Author/Editor: Volkman, Karen
A Sourcebook of Nasca Ceramic Iconography: Reading a Culture through Its Art
Author/Editor: DONALD A. PROULX
A Sourcebook of Nasca Ceramic Iconography
Author/Editor: Proulx, Donald A
Song of Myself: With a Complete Commentary
Author/Editor: Walt Whitman,Ed Folsom,Christopher Merrill
Song of Myself
Author/Editor: Whitman, Walt
Something We Have That They Don't: British and American Poetic Relations since 1925
Something We Have That They Don't
Author/Editor: Clark & Ford, Steve & Mark
something has to happen next
Author/Editor: roberts, andrew michael
(some of) The Adventures of Carlyle, My Imaginary Friend
Author/Editor: Hazners, Dainis
Solidarity and Survival: An Oral History of Iowa Labor in the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Shelton Stromquist
Solidarity and Survival
Author/Editor: Stromquist, Shelton
Soldiers Once and Still: Ernest Hemingway, James Salter, and Tim O'Brien
Soldiers Once and Still
Author/Editor: Vernon, Alex
Soldier Boy: The Civil War Letters of Charles O. Musser, 29th Iowa
Author/Editor: Barry Popchock
Soldier Boy
Author/Editor: Popchock, Barry
Soft Canons: American Women Writers
Author/Editor: Karen L. Kilcup
Soft Canons
Author/Editor: Kilcup, Karen L
Social Responsibilities of the Businessman
Author/Editor: Bowen, Howard R
Snakes and Lizards in Your Pocket: A Guide to Reptiles of the Upper Midwest
Author/Editor: Terry VanDeWalle,Suzanne L. Collins
Snakes and Lizards in Your Pocket
Author/Editor: VanDeWalle, Terry
The Small-Town Midwest: Resilience and Hope in the Twenty-First Century
The Small-Town Midwest
Author/Editor: Couch, Julianne
Small Boat
Author/Editor: Lewis, Lesle
Slavery in American Children's Literature, 1790-2010
Author/Editor: Connolly, Paula T
Sky Dance of the Woodcock: The Habits and Habitats of a Strange Little Bird
Author/Editor: greg hoch
Sky Dance of the Woodcock
Author/Editor: Hoch, Greg
Skull in the Ashes: Murder, a Gold Rush Manhunt, and the Birth of Circumstantial Evidence in America
Author/Editor: PETER KAUFMAN
Skull in the Ashes
Author/Editor: Kaufman, Peter
Sitting In: Selected Writings on Jazz, Blues, and Related Topics
Sitting In
Author/Editor: Carruth, Hayden
Signs in America's Auto Age: Signatures of Landscape and Place
Signs in America's Auto Age
Author/Editor: Jakle & Sculle, John A. & Keith A
Shrubs and Vines of Iowa
Author/Editor: van der Linden, Peter J.; Farrar, Donald R
Shiny Objects
Author/Editor: Benedict, Dianne
Sherlock's World: Fan Fiction and the Reimagining of BBC's Sherlock
Author/Editor: Ann K. McClellan
Sherlock's World
Author/Editor: McClellan, Ann K
A Shared Life
Author/Editor: Soniat, Katherine
The Shape of Inca History: Narrative and Architecture in an Andean Empire
Author/Editor: Susan A. Niles
The Shape of Inca History
Author/Editor: Niles, Susan A
Shakespeare on the American Yiddish Stage
Author/Editor: Berkowitz, Joel
Shakespeare and Chekhov in Production and Reception: Theatrical Events and Their Audiences
Author/Editor: John Tulloch
Shakespeare and Chekhov in Production and Reception
Author/Editor: Tulloch, John
Shadow Girl: A Memoir Of Attachment
Author/Editor: Deb Abramson
Shadow Girl
Author/Editor: Abramson, Deb
Sex for Sale: Six Progressive-Era Brothel Dramas
Author/Editor: Katie N. Johnson
Sex for Sale
Author/Editor: Johnson, Katie N
Seven Wheelchairs: A Life beyond Polio
Author/Editor: Gary Presley
Seven Wheelchairs
Author/Editor: Presley, Gary
Service in a Time of Suspicion: Experiences of Muslims Serving in the U.S. Military Post-9/11
Service in a Time of Suspicion
Author/Editor: Sandhoff, Michelle
Sentimental Readers: The Rise, Fall, and Revival of a Disparaged Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Faye Halpern
Sentimental Readers
Author/Editor: Halpern, Faye
A Self Made of Words: Crafting a Distinctive Persona in Nonfiction Writing
Author/Editor: CARL H. KLAUS
A Self Made of Words
Author/Editor: Klaus, Carl H
Selected Letters of Walt Whitman
Author/Editor: Miller, Edwin Haviland
The Selected Letters of Elizabeth Stoddard
Author/Editor: Putzi, Jennifer; Stockton, Elizabeth
See You in the Streets: Art, Action, and Remembering the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
Author/Editor: RUTH SERGEL
See You in the Streets
Author/Editor: Sergel, Ruth
A Secret To Be Burried: Diary Emily Hawley Gillespie
Author/Editor: Judy Nolte Lensink
A Secret To Be Burried
Author/Editor: Lensink, Judy Nolte
Seasons of Plenty: Amana Communal Cooking
Seasons of Plenty
Author/Editor: Hoppe, Emilie
Screenwriting for Neurotics: A Beginner's Guide to Writing a Feature-Length Screenplay from Start to Finish
Screenwriting for Neurotics
Author/Editor: Sublett, Scott Winfield
The Scientific Nomenclature of Birds in the Upper Midwest
Author/Editor: Sandrock, James; Prior, Jean C
The Sawdust Trail: Billy Sunday in His Own Words
Author/Editor: William A. “Billy” Sunday,Robert F. Martin
The Sawdust Trail
Author/Editor: Sunday, William A
Sarah's Seasons: An Amish Diary and Conversation
Author/Editor: Martha Moore Davis
Sarah's Seasons
Author/Editor: Davis, Martha Moore
Salt Lantern: Traces of an American Family
Author/Editor: William Towner Morgan
Salt Lantern
Author/Editor: Morgan, William Towner
Salem Is My Dwelling Place: Life Of Nathaniel Hawthorne
Author/Editor: Edwin Haviland Miller
Salem Is My Dwelling Place
Author/Editor: Miller, Edwin Haviland
Salamanders in Your Pocket: A Guide to Caudates of the Upper Midwest
Author/Editor: Terry VanDeWalle,Suzanne L. Collins
Salamanders in Your Pocket
Author/Editor: VanDeWalle, Terry
Safe as Houses
Author/Editor: Bertino, Marie-Helene
The Sacred Cause of Union: Iowa in the Civil War
Author/Editor: THOMAS R. BAKER
The Sacred Cause of Union
Author/Editor: Baker, Thomas R
A Ruth Suckow Omnibus
Author/Editor: Suckow, Ruth
Running to the Fire: An American Missionary Comes of Age in Revolutionary Ethiopia
Author/Editor: Tim Bascom
Running to the Fire
Author/Editor: Bascom, Tim
Rows of Memory: Journeys of a Migrant Sugar-Beet Worker
Author/Editor: SAÚL SÁNCHEZ
Rows of Memory
Author/Editor: Sanchez, Saul
The Roots of Theatre: Rethinking Ritual and Other Theories of Origin
Author/Editor: ELI ROZIK
The Roots of Theatre
Author/Editor: Rozik, Eli
Rooted: Seven Midwest Writers of Place
Author/Editor: DAVID R. PICHASKE,Wayne Franklin
Author/Editor: Pichaske, David R
Roman Holidays: American Writers and Artists in Nineteenth-Century Italy
Author/Editor: Robert K. Martin,Leland S. Person
Roman Holidays
Author/Editor: Martin, Robert K.; Person, Leland S
The Rise of Women Farmers and Sustainable Agriculture
Author/Editor: Sachs, Carolyn; Barbercheck, Mary; Braiser, Kathryn
Richard Ford and the Ends of Realism
Author/Editor: McGuire, Ian
Author/Editor: Schiff, Robyn
Return to Warden's Grove: Science, Desire, and the Lives of Sparrows
Author/Editor: Christopher Norment
Return to Warden's Grove
Author/Editor: Norment, Christopher
Restoring the Tallgrass Prairie: An Illustrated Manual for Iowa and the Upper Midwest
Author/Editor: Shirley Shirley
Restoring the Tallgrass Prairie
Author/Editor: Shirley, Shirley
Representing the Past: Essays in Performance Historiography
Representing the Past
Author/Editor: Canning, Charlotte M.; Postlewait, Thomas
Reinventing the Peabody Sisters
Author/Editor: Elbert, Monika M.; Hall, Julie E.; Rodier, Katharine
Rehearsing Revolutions: The Labor Drama Experiment and Radical Activism in the Early Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Mary McAvoy,HEATHER S. NATHANS
Rehearsing Revolutions
Author/Editor: McAvoy, Mary
Reforming the World: Social Activism and the Problem of Fiction in Nineteenth-Century America
Author/Editor: María Carla Sánchez
Reforming the World
Author/Editor: Sanchez, Maria Carla
Reflecting the Audience: London Theatregoing, 1840-1880
Reflecting the Audience
Author/Editor: Davis, Jim; Emeljanow, Victor
Redstart: An Ecological Poetics
Author/Editor: Gander, Forrest; Kinsella, John
Rediscovering The New World: Inter-American Literature in a Comparative Context
Author/Editor: Earl E. Fitz
Rediscovering The New World
Author/Editor: Fitz, Earl E
Rediscovering Nancy Drew
Author/Editor: Dyer, Carolyn Stewart
The Recurrence of Fate: Theatre and Memory in Twentieth-Century Russia
Author/Editor: SPENCER GOLUB
The Recurrence of Fate
Author/Editor: Golub, Spencer Jay
Reconstituting Authority: American Fiction in the Province of the Law, 1880-1920
Author/Editor: William E. Moddelmog
Reconstituting Authority
Author/Editor: Moddelmog, William E
Reading The Social Body
Author/Editor: Burroughs, Catherine B
Reading the Middle Generation Anew: Culture, Community, and Form in Twentieth-Century American Poetry
Author/Editor: Eric Haralson
Reading the Middle Generation Anew
Author/Editor: Haralson, Eric
Reading Project: A Collaborative Analysis of William Poundstone's Project for Tachistoscope (Bottomless Pit)
Reading Project
Author/Editor: Pressman, Jessica; Marino, Mark C.; Douglass, Jeremy
Reading Inca History
Author/Editor: Julien, Catherine
Reading Duncan Reading: Robert Duncan and the Poetics of Derivation
Author/Editor: Stephen Collis,Graham Lyons
Reading Duncan Reading
Author/Editor: Collis, Stephen; Lyons, Graham
Reading Capitalist Realism
Author/Editor: Shonkwiler, Alison; La Berge, Leigh Claire
Reading as Therapy: What Contemporary Fiction Does for Middle-Class Americans
Author/Editor: TIMOTHY AUBRY
Reading as Therapy
Author/Editor: Aubry, Timothy
Reading as Collective Action: Text as Tactics
Author/Editor: Nicholas Hengen Fox
Reading as Collective Action
Author/Editor: Hengen Fox, Nicholas
Raymond Carver: An Oral Biography
Author/Editor: Sam Halpert
Raymond Carver
Author/Editor: Halpert, Sam
Raw Goods Inventory
Author/Editor: Rosko, Emily
The Raptors of Iowa
Author/Editor: Roosa, Dean M; Stravers, Jon W.; Ehresman, Bruce
Author/Editor: McCollough, Aaron
The Rainy Season: Three Lives in the New South Africa
The Rainy Season
Author/Editor: Messitt, Maggie
RAGBRAI: Everyone Pronounces It Wrong
Author/Editor: John Karras,Ann Karras
Author/Editor: Karras, John; Karras, Ann
Radical Vernacular: Lorine Niedecker and the Poetics of Place
Radical Vernacular
Author/Editor: Willis, Elizabeth
Race Sounds: The Art of Listening in African American Literature
Race Sounds
Author/Editor: Furlonge, Nicole Brittingham
Race and Time: American Women's Poetics from Antislavery to Racial Modernity
Author/Editor: Janet Gray
Race and Time
Author/Editor: Gray, Janet
Questions of Poetics: Language Writing and Consequences
Author/Editor: Barrett Watten
Questions of Poetics
Author/Editor: Watten, Barrett
Queerbaiting and Fandom: Teasing Fans through Homoerotic Possibilities
Author/Editor: Joseph Brennan
The Quack's Daughter: A True Story about the Private Life of a Victorian College Girl, Revised Edition
Author/Editor: Greta Nettleton
The Quack's Daughter
Author/Editor: Nettleton, Greta
Pynchon's California
Author/Editor: McClintock, Scott; Miller, John
Purple Passages: Pound, Eliot, Zukofsky, Olson, Creeley, and the Ends of Patriarchal Poetry
Purple Passages
Author/Editor: DuPlessis, Rachel Blau
Pulp and Paper
Author/Editor: Rolnick, Josh
Provincial Inca: Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Assessment of the Impact of the Inca State
Provincial Inca
Author/Editor: Malpass, Michael A
The Promise of Failure: One Writer's Perspective on Not Succeeding
Author/Editor: JOHN McNALLY
The Promise of Failure
Author/Editor: McNally, John
A Projectile Point Guide for the Upper Mississippi River Valley
Author/Editor: Boszhardt, Robert F
The Prairie Winnows Out Its Own: The West River Country of South Dakota in the Years of Depression and Dust
Author/Editor: Paula M. Nelson
The Prairie Winnows Out Its Own
Author/Editor: Nelson, Paula M
A Prairie Populist: The Memoirs of Luna Kellie
A Prairie Populist
Author/Editor: Nelsen, Jane Taylor
The Prairie in Seed: Identifying Seed-Bearing Prairie Plants in the Upper Midwest
Author/Editor: DAVE WILLIAMS
The Prairie in Seed
Author/Editor: Williams, Dave
Prairie City, Iowa: Three Seasons at Home
Author/Editor: Douglas Bauer
Prairie City, Iowa
Author/Editor: Bauer, Douglas
Prairie: A North American Guide
Author/Editor: Suzanne Winckler
Author/Editor: Winckler, Suzanne
The Pragmatic Whitman: Reimaining American Democracy
The Pragmatic Whitman
Author/Editor: Mack, Stephen John
A Practical Guide to Prairie Reconstruction
Author/Editor: Kurtz, Carl
Power Ballads
Author/Editor: Boast, Will
Poverty and Charity in Early Modern Theater and Performance
Author/Editor: Henke, Robert
A Potter's Workbook
Author/Editor: Illian, Clary
Postmodern/Postwar and After: Rethinking American Literature
Postmodern/Postwar and After
Author/Editor: Gladstone, Jason; Hoberek, Andrew; Worden, Daniel
The Portrait and the Book: Illustration and Literary Culture in Early America
Author/Editor: Megan Walsh
The Portrait and the Book
Author/Editor: Walsh, Megan
Politics, Desire, and the Hollywood Novel
Author/Editor: Rhodes, Chip
Poisonous Muse: The Female Poisoner and the Framing of Popular Authorship in Jacksonian America
Author/Editor: SARA L. CROSBY
Poisonous Muse
Author/Editor: Crosby, Sara L
A Point Is Which Has No Part
Author/Editor: Waldner, Liz
Poetry Matters: Neoliberalism, Affect, and the Posthuman in Twenty-First Century North American Feminist Poetics
Author/Editor: HEATHER MILNE
Poetry Matters
Author/Editor: Milne, Heather
Poetics of the Hive: Insect Metaphor in Literature
Poetics of the Hive
Author/Editor: Hollingsworth, Cristopher
Poetics of Emergence: Affect and History in Postwar Experimental Poetry
Author/Editor: Benjamin Lee
Poetics and Praxis 'After' Objectivism
Author/Editor: Howard, W. Scott; Rossell, Broc
Poetic Obligation: Ethics in Experimental American Poetry after 1945
Poetic Obligation
Author/Editor: Jenkins, Matthew G
Poems of the American Empire: The Lyric Form in the Long Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Jen Hedler Phillis
Poe in His Own Time: A Biographical Chronicle of His Life, Drawn from Recollections, Interviews, and Memoirs by Family, Friends, and Associates
Author/Editor: Benjamin F. Fisher
Poe in His Own Time
Author/Editor: Fisher, Benjamin F
Poe Abroad: Influence Reputation Affinities
Poe Abroad
Author/Editor: Vines, Lois Davis
Playing Fans: Negotiating Fandom and Media in the Digital Age
Author/Editor: PAUL BOOTH
Playing Fans
Author/Editor: Booth, Paul
Playful Song Called Beautiful
Author/Editor: Blair, John
Playful Letters: A Study in Early Modern Alphabetics
Author/Editor: Erika Mary Boeckeler
Playful Letters
Author/Editor: Boeckeler, Erika Mary
Planned Solstice
Author/Editor: Greenberg, David Micah
Plain and Ugly Janes: The Rise of the Ugly Woman in Contemporary American Fiction
Author/Editor: Charlotte M. Wright
Plain and Ugly Janes
Author/Editor: Wright, Charlotte M
Places of Quiet Beauty: Parks, Preserves, and Environmentalism
Author/Editor: Rebecca Conard
Places of Quiet Beauty
Author/Editor: Conard, Rebecca
Places in the Making: A Cultural Geography of American Poetry
Author/Editor: JIM COCOLA
Places in the Making
Author/Editor: Cocola, Jim
A Place Of Sense: Essays In Search Of Midwest
Author/Editor: Michael Martone,David Plowden
A Place Of Sense
Author/Editor: Martone, Michael
A Place for Humility: Whitman, Dickinson, and the Natural World
Author/Editor: Christine Gerhardt
A Place for Humility
Author/Editor: Gerhardt, Christine
A Place for Dialogue: Language, Land Use, and Politics in Southern Arizona
A Place for Dialogue
Author/Editor: Stevens, Sharon McKenzie
Pink Pirates: Contemporary American Women Writers and Copyright
Author/Editor: CAREN IRR
Pink Pirates
Author/Editor: Irr, Caren
Pikillacta: The Wari Empire in Cuzco
Author/Editor: GORDON F. McEWAN
Author/Editor: McEwan, Gordon F
The Phantom Unmasked: America's First Superhero
Author/Editor: KEVIN PATRICK
The Phantom Unmasked
Author/Editor: Patrick, Kevin
Permanent Visitors
Author/Editor: Moffett, Kevin
Performing Whitely in the Postcolony: Afrikaners in South African Theatrical and Public Life
Author/Editor: MEGAN LEWIS
Performing Whitely in the Postcolony
Author/Editor: Lewis, Megan
Performing the Progressive Era: Immigration, Urban Life, and Nationalism on Stage
Performing the Progressive Era
Author/Editor: Shulman, Max; Westgate, J. Chris
Performing History: Theatrical Representations of the Past in Conetmporary Theatre
Author/Editor: Freddie Rokem
Performing History
Author/Editor: Rokem, Freddie
The Performance of Power: Theatrical Discourse and Politics
Author/Editor: Sue-Ellen Case,Janelle Reinelt
The Performance of Power
Author/Editor: Case, Sue-Ellen; Reinelt, Janelle G
A Perfect Picture of Hell: Eyewitness Accounts by Civil War Prisoners from the 12th Iowa
A Perfect Picture of Hell
Author/Editor: Genoways, Ted; Genoways, Hugh H
The People's Forests
Author/Editor: Marshall, Robert
The People of Denendeh: Ethnohistory of the Indians of Canada's Northwest Territories
Author/Editor: June Helm,Teresa S. Carterette,Nancy O. Lurie
The People of Denendeh
Author/Editor: Helm, June
P.E.O. Cookbook
Author/Editor: Schoonover, David E
The Penelope Project: An Arts-Based Odyssey to Change Elder Care
The Penelope Project
Author/Editor: Basting, Anne; Towey, Maureen; Rose, Ellie
Pella Dutch: Portrait of a Language in an Iowa Community, An Expanded Edition
Author/Editor: Philip E. Webber
Pella Dutch
Author/Editor: Webber, Philip E
A Peculiar People: Iowa's Old Order Amish
Author/Editor: Elmer Schwieder,Dorothy Schwieder,Thomas J. Morain
A Peculiar People
Author/Editor: Schwieder, Elmer; Schwieder, Dorothy
Patient Listening: A Doctor's Guide
Author/Editor: Loreen Herwaldt
Patient Listening
Author/Editor: Herwaldt, Loreen
Paracritical Hinge: Essay, Talks, Notes, Interviews
Paracritical Hinge
Author/Editor: Mackey, Nathaniel
Outside Is the Ocean
Author/Editor: Lansburgh, Matthew
Out of This World: A Journey of Healing
Author/Editor: MARY SWANDER
Out of This World
Author/Editor: Swander, Mary
Out Home
Author/Editor: Madson, John; McIntosh, Michael
Others Had It Worse: Sour Dock, Moonshine, and Hard Times in Davis County, Iowa
Author/Editor: Vetra Melrose Padget Covert,Chris D. Baker
Others Had It Worse
Author/Editor: Covert, Vetra Melrose Padget; Baker, Chris D
Othello and Interpretive Traditions
Author/Editor: Pechter, Edward
Origins Of Magnetospheric Physics: An Expanded Edition
Author/Editor: James A. Van Allen