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Buxton: A Black Utopia in the Heartland, An Expanded Edition
Author/Editor: Dorothy Schwieder,Joseph Hraba,Elmer Schwieder
Author/Editor: Schwieder, Dorothy; Hraba, Joseph; Schwieder, Elmer
The Butterflies of Iowa
Author/Editor: Schlicht, Dennis W.; Downey, John C.; Nekola, Jeffrey C
Building Their Own Waldos: Emerson’s First Biographers and the Politics of Life-Writing in the Gilded Age
Author/Editor: ROBERT D. HABICH
Building Their Own Waldos
Author/Editor: Habich, Robert D
Buddhism for Western Children
Author/Editor: Allio, Kirstin
A Broken Thing: Poets on the Line
Author/Editor: Emily Rosko,Anton Vander Zee
A Broken Thing
Author/Editor: Rosko, Emily; Vander Zee, Anton
Broken Heartland: The Rise of America's Rural Ghetto
Author/Editor: Osha Gray Davidson
Broken Heartland
Author/Editor: Davidson, Osha Gray
A Brighter Word Than Bright: Keats at Work
A Brighter Word Than Bright
Author/Editor: Beachy-Quick, Dan
Brave New Words: How Literature Will Save the Planet
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Ammons
Brave New Words
Author/Editor: Ammons, Elizabeth
Botanical Companions: A Memoir of Plants and Place
Botanical Companions
Author/Editor: Knobloch, Frieda
Booming from the Mists of Nowhere: The Story of the Greater Prairie-Chicken
Author/Editor: GREG HOCH
Booming from the Mists of Nowhere
Author/Editor: Hoch, Greg
The Book of Jane
Author/Editor: Jennifer Habel
The Book of a Hundred Hands
Author/Editor: Swensen, Cole
Author/Editor: Roveto, Vanessa
The Body of Brooklyn
Author/Editor: Lazar, David
Bodies on the Line: Performance and the Sixties Poetry Reading
Author/Editor: Raphael Allison
Bodies on the Line
Author/Editor: Allison, Raphael
Black Eagle Child: The Facepaint Narratives
Author/Editor: Ray A. Young Bear,Albert E. Stone
Black Eagle Child
Author/Editor: Young Bear, Ray A
Biting through the Skin: An Indian Kitchen in America's Heartland
Biting through the Skin
Author/Editor: Furstenau, Nina Mukerjee
Birds of an Iowa Dooryard
Author/Editor: Sherman, Althea R
The Biographical Dictionary of Iowa
Author/Editor: Hudson, David; Bergman, Marvin; Horton, Loren
Between Urban and Wild: Reflections from Colorado
Author/Editor: ANDREA M. JONES,Holly Carver
Between Urban and Wild
Author/Editor: Jones, Andrea M
Between Gravity and What Cheer: Iowa Photographs
Author/Editor: Barry Phipps
Between Gravity and What Cheer
Author/Editor: Phipps, Barry
The Best Specimen of a Tyrant: The Ambitious Dr. Abraham Van Norstrand and the Wisconsin Insane Hospital
The Best Specimen of a Tyrant
Author/Editor: Doherty, Thomas
Benjamin Shambaugh and the Intellectual Foundations of Public Hisory
Author/Editor: Conard, Rebecca
Behind the Lines: War Resistance Poetry on the American Home Front since 1941
Author/Editor: PHILIP METRES
Behind the Lines
Author/Editor: Metres, Philip
Ball Hawks: The Arrival and Departure of the NBA in Iowa
Author/Editor: TIM HARWOOD
Ball Hawks
Author/Editor: Harwood, Tim
Bad Land Pastoralism in Great Plains Fiction
Author/Editor: Cella, Matthew J. C
Bachelor Bess: The Homesteading Letters of Elizabeth Corey, 1909-1919
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Corey,Philip L. Gerber,Paul Corey,Wayne Franklin
Bachelor Bess
Author/Editor: Gerber, Philip L