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Fêting the Queen: Civic Entertainments and the Elizabethan Progress
Author/Editor: JOHN M. ADRIAN
From Union Halls to the Suburbs: Americans for Democratic Action and the Transformation of Postwar Liberalism
Author/Editor: SCOTT KAMEN
From the Dance Hall to Facebook
Author/Editor: Thiel-Stern, Shayla
From the Civil War to the Apocalypse
Author/Editor: Parrish, Timothy
From Storefront to Monument
Author/Editor: Burns, Andrea A
From Page to Place
Author/Editor: Harris, Jennifer; Lowe, Hilary Iris
From Liberation to Conquest
Author/Editor: Miller, Bonnie M
From Codex to Hypertext
Author/Editor: Lang, Anouk
From Bondage to Belonging
Author/Editor: McCarthy, B. Eugene; Doughton, Thomas L
From Betty Crocker to Feminist Food Studies
Author/Editor: Avakian, Arlene Voski; Haber, Barbara
Freak Weather
Author/Editor: Kuryla, Mary
Framing the Sixties
Author/Editor: von Bothmer, Bernard
Four by Euripides
Author/Editor: Euripides,Robert Bagg
"For the Good of Their Souls": Performing Christianity in Eighteenth-Century Mohawk Country
Author/Editor: WILLIAM B. HART
Forms of Association
Author/Editor: Yachnin, Paul; Eberhart, Marlene
For Might and Right: Cold War Defense Spending and the Remaking of American Democracy
For Jobs and Freedom
Author/Editor: Kersten, Andrew E.; Lucander, David
Forever Vietnam
Author/Editor: Kieran, David
Forever Doo-Wop: Race, Nostalgia, and Vocal Harmony
Forever DooWop
Author/Editor: Runowicz, John Michael
For a Short Time Only
Author/Editor: Peter Benes
Food for Dissent
Author/Editor: McGrath, Maria
The Fires of New England
Author/Editor: Morser, Eric J
Fine Dreams
Author/Editor: LINDA N. MASI
Finding Thoreau: The Meaning of Nature in the Making of an Environmental Icon
Author/Editor: RICHARD W. JUDD
Field Guide to Tidal Wetland Plants of the Northeastern United States and Neighboring Canada
Author/Editor: Tiner, Ralph W
Feeling Godly: Religious Affections and Christian Contact in Early North America
The FBI and the Catholic Church, 19351962
Author/Editor: Rosswurm, Steve
Faraway Women and the "Atlantic Monthly"
Famous Long Ago
Author/Editor: Mungo, Raymond
"Fame Is Not Just for the Fellas": Female Renown and the Childhood of Famous Americans Series
Author/Editor: Gregory M. Pfitzer