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Hungry Hill
Author/Editor: Gaunt, Carole O'Malley
The Humane Metropolis
Author/Editor: Platt, Rutherford H
Author/Editor: Price, Roberta M
How Strange It Seems
Author/Editor: Hoberman, Michael
House Stories
Author/Editor: Luey, Beth
The Honor Dress of the Movement: A Cultural History of Hitler’s Brown Shirt Uniform, 1920–1933
The Honky Tonk on the Left: Progressive Thought in Country Music
Author/Editor: Mark Allan Jackson
The Holocaust and the Book
Author/Editor: Rose, Jonathan
History Repeating Itself
Author/Editor: Pfitzer, Gregory M
A History of the Smithsonian American Art Museum
Author/Editor: Fink, Lois Marie
A History of Hands
Author/Editor: Moore, Rod Val
History Is Bunk
Author/Editor: Swigger, Jessie
Historical Milton
Author/Editor: Fulton, Thomas
Herman Melville: Among the Magazines
Author/Editor: Graham Thompson
Here and Everywhere Else: Small-Town Maine and the World
Author/Editor: ANDREW WITMER
Heavier Than Air
Author/Editor: Caspers, Nona
Health and Efficiency: Fatigue, the Science of Work, and the Making of the Working-Class Body
Haywire: Discord in Maine's Logging Woods and the Unraveling of an Industry
Author/Editor: ANDREW EGAN
Haunted by Hitler
Author/Editor: Vials, Christopher
Harriet Hosmer
Author/Editor: Culkin, Kate
The Harlem Renaissance and the Idea of a New Negro Reader
Happily Sometimes After
Author/Editor: Tucher, Andie
Hanoi Journal, 1967
Author/Editor: McEldowney, Carol; McCormack, Suzanne Kelley; Mock, Elizabeth R
Handwriting in Early America: A Media History
Author/Editor: MARK ALAN MATTES ,Karen Sánchez-Eppler