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Robert Lowell in Love
Author/Editor: Jeffrey Meyers
Robert E. Sherwood
Author/Editor: Alonso, Harriet Hyman
The Riot Report and the News
Author/Editor: Thomas J. Hrach
Right Here I See My Own Books
Author/Editor: Wadsworth, Sarah; Wiegand, Wayne A
Rewriting America: New Essays on the Federal Writers' Project
Revolutions at Home: The Origin of Modern Childhood and the German Middle Class
Author/Editor: EMILY C. BRUCE
The Reverend Jacob Bailey, Maine Loyalist
Author/Editor: Leamon, James S
Rescuing Ellisville Marsh: The Long Fight to Restore Lost Connections
Author/Editor: Eric P. Cody
Rescued from Oblivion: Historical Cultures in the Early United States
Author/Editor: ALEA HENLE
Remember Little Rock
Author/Editor: Devlin, Erin Krutko
Remembering the Revolution
Author/Editor: McDonnell, Michael A.; Corbould, Clare; Clarke, Frances M
Remembering the Forgotten War
Author/Editor: Van Wagenen, Michael S
Remapping Black Germany
Author/Editor: Lennox, Sara
Religious Liberty in America
Author/Editor: Murray, Bruce T
Reimagining To Kill a Mockingbird
Author/Editor: Sarat, Austin; Umphrey, Martha Merrill
Rediscovering the Maine Woods
Author/Editor: Kucich, John J
Redefining Science
Author/Editor: Rubinson, Paul
Reclaiming American Cities
Author/Editor: Platt, Rutherford H
Recasting the Machine Age
Author/Editor: Segal, Howard P
Rebels in Paradise
Author/Editor: Laurie, Bruce
Reading Places
Author/Editor: Pawley, Christine
Reading in Time
Author/Editor: Miller, Cristanne
Reading Emily Dickinson's Letters
Author/Editor: Eberwein, Jane Donahue; MacKenzie, Cynthia
Reading America
Author/Editor: Matthews, Kristin L
Ralph Ellison and the Genius of America
Author/Editor: Parrish, Timothy
Ralph Adams Cram
Author/Editor: ShandTucci, Douglass
Ragged Revolutionaries
Author/Editor: Mills, Nathaniel
Race in the Crucible of War: African American Servicemen and the War in Vietnam
Author/Editor: GERALD F. GOODWIN