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The Avant-Garde and the Popular in Modern China: Tian Han and the Intersection of Performance and Politics
Author/Editor: Liang Luo
The Avant-Garde and the Popular in Modern China
Author/Editor: Luo, Liang
Available Surfaces: Essays on Poesis
Author/Editor: T. R. Hummer
Available Surfaces
Author/Editor: Hummer, T.R
Automobiles and the Future: Competition, Cooperation, and Change
Author/Editor: Robert E. Cole
Autistic Disturbances: Theorizing Autism Poetics from the DSM to Robinson Crusoe
Autistic Disturbances
Author/Editor: Rodas, Julia M
The Augustinian Epic, Petrarch to Milton
Author/Editor: Warner, J. Christopher
Atrocity, Deviance, and Submarine Warfare: Norms and Practices during the World Wars
Author/Editor: NACHMAN BEN-YEHUDA,Patrick Thaddeus Jackson
Atrocity, Deviance, and Submarine Warfare
Author/Editor: Ben-Yehuda, Nachman
As If: An Autobiography
Author/Editor: HERBERT BLAU
As If
Author/Editor: Blau, Herbert
Asian American X: An Intersection of Twenty-First Century Asian American Voices
Author/Editor: HanArar,HsuJohn
Asian American X
Author/Editor: Han, Arar; Hsu, John
The Art of Economic Persuasion: Positive Incentives and German Economic Diplomacy
Author/Editor: Patricia A. Davis
The Art of Economic Persuasion
Author/Editor: Davis, Patricia A
Arthur Miller's Global Theater
Author/Editor: Brater, Enoch
Arthur Miller's America: Theater and Culture in a Time of Change
Author/Editor: Enoch Brater,Enoch Brater
Arthur Miller's America
Author/Editor: Brater, Enoch
Artaud and His Doubles
Author/Editor: Jannarone, Kimberly
Art and the Market: Roger Fry on Commerce in Art, Selected Writings, Edited with an Interpretation
Author/Editor: Craufurd D. Goodwin,Asa Briggs
Art and the Market
Author/Editor: Goodwin, Craufurd D
Arguments with Silence: Writing the History of Roman Women
Author/Editor: AMY RICHLIN
Arguments with Silence
Author/Editor: Richlin, Amy
Are We There Yet?: Virtual Travel and Victorian Realism
Author/Editor: Alison Byerly
Are We There Yet?
Author/Editor: Byerly, Alison
Are We Not New Wave?: Modern Pop at the Turn of the 1980s
Author/Editor: Theo Cateforis,LORI BURNS,JOHN COVACH,ALBIN ZAK
Are We Not New Wave?
Author/Editor: Cateforis, Theo
Archiving Sovereignty: Law, History, Violence
Author/Editor: Stewart Motha,Martha Minow,Austin Sarat
Archiving Sovereignty
Author/Editor: Motha, Stewart
Archives, Documentation, and Institutions of Social Memory
Author/Editor: Blouin, Francis X.; Rosenberg, William G
Archives, Documentation, and Institutions of Social Memory: Essays from the Sawyer Seminar
Author/Editor: Francis X. Blouin Jr.,William G. Rosenberg
Architecture and Modern Literature
Author/Editor: Spurr, David
Architecture and Modern Literature
Author/Editor: Spurr, David A
Archimedes and the Roman Imagination
Author/Editor: Jaeger, Mary
The Archaeology of the Sierra Blanca Region of Southeastern New Mexico
An Archaeological Survey of the Keban Reservoir Area of East-Central Turkey
Archaeological Settlement Pattern Data from the Chalco, Xochimilco, Ixtapalapa, Texcoco and Zumpango Regions, Mexico
Author/Editor: Jeffrey R. Parsons,Keith W. Kintigh,Susan A. Gregg
Archaeological Investigations in Northeastern Xuzestan, 1976
Author/Editor: Henry T. Wright,Mohammed Ismael Bayani,Haydeh Eqbal,Yahya Kossary,Richard W. Redding,Mansur Sajjidi,Elahe Shahideh,Henry T. Wright,Ismael Yaghma’i
Appropriation and Representation: Feng Menglong and the Chinese Vernacular Story
Author/Editor: Shuhui Yang
Antisthenes of Athens: Texts, Translations, and Commentary
Author/Editor: Susan Prince
Antisthenes of Athens
Author/Editor: Prince, Susan
Antiquarianism and Intellectual Life in Europe and China, 1500-1800
Author/Editor: Miller, Peter N; Louis, Francois
Anti-Imperialist Modernism: Race and Transnational Radical Culture from the Great Depression to the Cold War
Author/Editor: Benjamin Balthaser
Anti-Imperialist Modernism
Author/Editor: Balthaser, Benjamin
Another Part of a Long Story: Literary Traces of Eugene O'Neill and Agnes Boulton
Author/Editor: William Davies King
Another Part of a Long Story
Author/Editor: King, William D
Anonymous Connections: The Body and Narratives of the Social in Victorian Britain
Author/Editor: ChoiTina Young
Anonymous Connections
Author/Editor: Choi, Tina Y
An Annotated Bibliography of Chinese Painting Catalogues and Related Texts
Author/Editor: Hin-cheung Lovell
Anne Carson: Ecstatic Lyre
Author/Editor: Joshua Marie Wilkinson
Anne Carson
Author/Editor: Wilkinson, Joshua M
Animal Acts: Performing Species Today
Author/Editor: Una Chaudhuri,Holly Hughes,Una Chaudhuri,Robert Vorlicky
Animal Acts
Author/Editor: Chaudhuri, Una; Hughes, Holly
Angry Public Rhetorics: Global Relations and Emotion in the Wake of 9/11
Author/Editor: Celeste Michelle Condit
Angry Public Rhetorics
Author/Editor: Condit, Celeste Michelle
Ancient Law, Ancient Society
Author/Editor: Kehoe, Dennis P.; McGinn, Thomas
Anatomy of a Civil War: Sociopolitical Impacts of the Kurdish Conflict in Turkey
Author/Editor: Mehmet Gurses
Anatomy of a Civil War
Author/Editor: Gurses, Mehmet
Anatomy of a Civil War
Author/Editor: Gurses, Mehmet
Anatomizing Civil War: Studies in Lucan's Epic Technique
Author/Editor: MARTIN T. DINTER
Anatomizing Civil War
Author/Editor: Dinter, Martin
Among the Lowest of the Dead: The Culture of Capital Punishment
Author/Editor: DAVID VON DREHLE,Martha Minow,Elaine Scarry,Austin Sarat
Among the Lowest of the Dead
Author/Editor: Von Drehle, David
America's Japan and Japan's Performing Arts: Cultural Mobility and Exchange in New York, 1952-2011
America's Japan and Japan's Performing Arts
Author/Editor: Thornbury, Barbara E
The American Wife
Author/Editor: Ford, Elaine
The American Voter Revisited
Author/Editor: Lewis-Beck, Michael S.; Norpoth, Helmut; Jacoby, William
The American Stravinsky: The Style and Aesthetics of Copland's New American Music, the Early Works, 1921-1938
Author/Editor: Gayle Murchison
The American Stravinsky
Author/Editor: Murchison, Gayle
The American Stravinsky
Author/Editor: Murchison, Gayle
American Socialist Triptych: The Literary-Political Work of Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Upton Sinclair, and W. E. B. Du Bois
Author/Editor: Mark W. Van Wienen,Amy Schrager Lang,Bill V. Mullen
American Socialist Triptych
Author/Editor: Van Wienen, Mark
Americans, Congress, and Democratic Responsiveness: Public Evaluations of Congress and Electoral Consequences
Author/Editor: David R. Jones,Monika L. McDermott
Americans, Congress, and Democratic Responsiveness
Author/Editor: Jones, David R; McDermott, Monika L
American Public Opinion on the Iraq War
Author/Editor: Holsti, Ole Rudolf
American Prophet: The Life and Work of Carey McWilliams
American Prophet
Author/Editor: Richardson, Peter
American Power and International Theory at the Council on Foreign Relations, 1953-54
Author/Editor: David M. McCourt
American Poetry in Performance: From Walt Whitman to Hip Hop
Author/Editor: Tyler Hoffman
American Poetry in Performance
Author/Editor: Hoffman, Tyler
American Lobotomy: A Rhetorical History
Author/Editor: Jenell Johnson
American Lobotomy
Author/Editor: Johnson, Jenell
American Jewish Identity Politics
Author/Editor: Moore, Deborah D
The Americanist
Author/Editor: Aaron, Daniel
American Homes
Author/Editor: Ridge, Ryan
American Homes
Author/Editor: Ridge, Ryan
The American Automobile Industry: Rebirth or Requiem?
Author/Editor: Robert E. Cole
American Audacity: Literary Essays North and South
Author/Editor: Christopher Benfey
American Audacity
Author/Editor: Benfey, Christopher
America Beyond Black and White: How Immigrants and Fusions Are Helping Us Overcome the Racial Divide
Author/Editor: Ronald Fernandez,Alan Wolfe
America Beyond Black and White
Author/Editor: Fernandez, Ronald
America at Risk: Threats to Liberal Self-Government in an Age of Uncertainty
Author/Editor: Robert Faulkner,Susan Shell,Thomas E. Schneider,Alan Wolfe
America at Risk
Author/Editor: Faulkner, Robert; Shell, Susan M
Ambition, Competition, and Electoral Reform: The Politics of Congressional Elections Across Time
Author/Editor: Jamie L. Carson,Jason M. Roberts,Janet M. Box-Steffensmeier,David Canon
Ambition, Competition, and Electoral Reform
Author/Editor: Carson, Jamie L; Roberts, Jason M
Altruistically Inclined?: The Behavioral Sciences, Evolutionary Theory, and the Origins of Reciprocity
Author/Editor: Alexander J. Field
Altruistically Inclined?
Author/Editor: Field, Alexander J
Altering Party Systems: Strategic Behavior and the Emergence of New Political Parties in Western Democracies
Author/Editor: SIMON HUG,Mark I. Lichbach
Altering Party Systems
Author/Editor: Hug, Simon
All International Politics Is Local: The Diffusion of Conflict, Integration, and Democratization
Author/Editor: Kristian Skrede Gleditsch
All International Politics Is Local
Author/Editor: Gleditsch, Kristian Skrede
Alignment, Alliance, and American Grand Strategy
Author/Editor: Selden, Zachary
Alienation Effects: Performance and Self-Management in Yugoslavia, 1945-91
Author/Editor: Branislav Jakovljević
Alienation Effects
Author/Editor: Jakovljevic, Branislav
Algorithmic Composition: A Guide to Composing Music with Nyquist
Author/Editor: Mary Simoni,Roger B. Dannenberg
Algorithmic Composition
Author/Editor: Simoni, Mary; Dannenberg, Roger B
The Ait Ndhir of Morocco: A Study of the Social Transformation of a Berber Tribe
Agricultural Intensification and Prehistoric Health in the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico
Author/Editor: Denise C. Hodges,Kent V. Flannery
After the Nazi Racial State: Difference and Democracy in Germany and Europe
Author/Editor: ChinRita,Heide Fehrenbach,Geoff Eley,Atina Grossmann
After the Nazi Racial State
Author/Editor: Chin, Rita; Fehrenbach, Heide; Eley, Geoff
After the End of History: The Curious Fate of American Materialism
Author/Editor: Robert E. Lane,Neva Goodwin
After the End of History
Author/Editor: Lane, Robert E
After Live: Possibility, Potentiality, and the Future of Performance
Author/Editor: Daniel Sack
After Live
Author/Editor: Sack, Daniel A
The Afterlife of Pope Joan: Deploying the Popess Legend in Early Modern England
Author/Editor: Craig M. Rustici
The Afterlife of Pope Joan
Author/Editor: Rustici, Craig M
The Afterlife of Greek and Roman Sculpture: Late Antique Responses and Practices
Author/Editor: Troels Myrup Kristensen,Lea Stirling
The Afterlife of Greek and Roman Sculpture
Author/Editor: Stirling, Lea; Kristensen, Troels M
After Independence: Making and Protecting the Nation in Postcolonial and Postcommunist States
Author/Editor: Lowell W. Barrington
After Independence
Author/Editor: Barrington, Lowell W
After Django: Making Jazz in Postwar France
Author/Editor: Tom Perchard
After Django
Author/Editor: Perchard, Tom
Africa's World Cup: Critical Reflections on Play, Patriotism, Spectatorship, and Space
Author/Editor: Peter Alegi,Chris Bolsmann
Africa's World Cup
Author/Editor: Alegi, Peter; Bolsmann, Chris
African Print Cultures: Newspapers and Their Publics in the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Derek R. Peterson,Emma Hunter,Stephanie Newell,Kelly Askew,Anne Pitcher
African Print Cultures
Author/Editor: Peterson, Derek; Newell, Steph; Hunter, Emma
Africa in Translation: A History of Colonial Linguistics in Germany and Beyond, 1814-1945
Author/Editor: Sara Pugach,Geoff Eley
Africa in Translation
Author/Editor: Pugach, Sara
Affirmative Action in Medicine: Improving Health Care for Everyone
Author/Editor: JAMES L. CURTIS
Affirmative Action in Medicine
Author/Editor: Curtis, James L. (M.D.)
Affirmative Action and Minority Enrollments in Medical and Law Schools
Author/Editor: Welch, Susan; Gruhl, John
Affect, Animals, and Autists: Feeling Around the Edges of the Human in Performance
Author/Editor: Marla Carlson
Affect, Animals, and Autists
Author/Editor: Carlson, Marla
The Aesthetics of Survival: A Composer's View of Twentieth-Century Music
The Aesthetics of Survival
Author/Editor: Rochberg, George; Bolcom, William
Aesthetics of Discomfort: Conversations on Disquieting Art
Author/Editor: Frederick Luis Aldama,Herbert Lindenberger
Aesthetics of Discomfort
Author/Editor: Aldama, Frederick L; Lindenberger, Herbert S
Advances in Titicaca Basin Archaeology–III
Author/Editor: Alexei Vranich,Elizabeth A. Klarich,Charles Stanish
Adoption in America: Historical Perspectives
Author/Editor: E. Wayne Carp
Adoption in America
Author/Editor: Carp, E. Wayne
The Administration of Rural Production in an Early Mesopotamian Town
Author/Editor: HENRY T. WRIGHT,Sandor Bökönyi,Kent V. Flannery,John Mayhall
Acts: Theater, Philosophy, and the Performing Self
Author/Editor: Tzachi Zamir,David Krasner,Rebecca Schneider
Acts of Gaiety: LGBT Performance and the Politics of Pleasure
Author/Editor: SARA WARNER,Jill Dolan,David Román
Acts of Gaiety
Author/Editor: Warner, Sara
Acts of Conspicuous Compassion: Performance Culture and American Charity Practices
Acts of Conspicuous Compassion
Author/Editor: Moeschen, Sheila C
Acts of Authority/Acts of Resistance: Theater and Politics in Colonial and Postcolonial India
Author/Editor: Nandi Bhatia
Acts of Authority/Acts of Resistance
Author/Editor: Bhatia, Nandi
Author/Editor: Zamir, Tzachi
Acting Like Men: Gender, Drama, and Nostalgia in Ancient Greece
Author/Editor: Karen Bassi
Acting Like Men
Author/Editor: Bassi, Karen
Acting in Real Time
Author/Editor: Binnerts, Paul
The Accokeek Creek Site: A Middle Atlantic Seaboard Culture Sequence
The Accidental Teacher: Life Lessons from My Silent Son
Author/Editor: Annie Lubliner Lehmann,Catherine Lord
The Accidental Teacher
Author/Editor: Lehmann, Annie L
Acceptable Risks: Politics, Policy, and Risky Technologies
Author/Editor: C. F. Larry Heimann
Acceptable Risks
Author/Editor: Heimann, C. F. Larry
Academic Ableism: Disability and Higher Education
Academic Ableism
Author/Editor: Dolmage, Jay T
Aboriginal Relationships between Culture and Plant Life in the Upper Great Lakes Region