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Owning the Olympics: Narratives of the New China
Author/Editor: Monroe E. Price,Daniel Dayan
Owning the Olympics
Author/Editor: Price, Monroe; Dayan, Daniel
Owning the Olympics
Author/Editor: Price, Monroe; Dayan, Daniel
Ovid's Women of the Year: Narratives of Roman Identity in the Fasti
Author/Editor: Angeline Chiu
Ovid's Women of the Year
Author/Editor: Chiu, Angeline
Outside the Lines: Talking with Contemporary Gay Poets
Author/Editor: CHRISTOPHER HENNESSY,Frank Bidart,Rafael Campo,Henri Cole,Alfred Corn,Mark Doty,Thom Gunn,Timothy Liu,J. D. McClatchy,Carl Phillips,D. A. Powell,Reginald Shepherd,David Trinidad
Outside the Lines
Author/Editor: Hennessy, Christopher
Out of the Closets and into the Courts: Legal Opportunity Structure and Gay Rights Litigation
Out of the Closets and into the Courts
Author/Editor: Andersen, Ellen Ann
Our Sisters' Promised Land: Women, Politics, and Israeli-Palestinian Coexistence
Author/Editor: Ayala Emmett
Our Sisters' Promised Land
Author/Editor: Emmett, Ayala
Our Ancient Wars: Rethinking War through the Classics
Author/Editor: Victor Caston,Silke-Maria Weineck
Our Ancient Wars
Author/Editor: Caston, Victor; Weineck, Silke-Maria
Other Germans: Black Germans and the Politics of Race, Gender, and Memory in the Third Reich
Author/Editor: TINA CAMPT
Other Germans
Author/Editor: Campt, Tina Marie
Orpheus in the Bronx: Essays on Identity, Politics, and the Freedom of Poetry
Author/Editor: Reginald Shepherd
Orpheus in the Bronx
Author/Editor: Shepherd, Reginald
Ornamentalism: The Art of Renaissance Accessories
Author/Editor: Bella Mirabella
Author/Editor: Mirabella, Bella
Origins of Liberal Dominance: State, Church, and Party in Nineteenth-Century Europe
Author/Editor: Andrew C. Gould
Origins of Liberal Dominance
Author/Editor: Gould, Andrew C
The Origins of Christian Democracy: Politics and Confession in Modern Germany
Author/Editor: Maria D. Mitchell
The Origins of Christian Democracy
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Maria
Originality, Imitation, and Plagiarism: Teaching Writing in the Digital Age
Author/Editor: Caroline Eisner,Martha Vicinus
Originality, Imitation, and Plagiarism
Author/Editor: Vicinus, Martha; Eisner, Caroline
Originality, Imitation, and Plagiarism
Author/Editor: Vicinus, Martha; Eisner, Caroline
Organizing for Foreign Policy Crises: Presidents, Advisers, and the Management of Decision Making
Author/Editor: Patrick J. Haney
Organizing for Foreign Policy Crises
Author/Editor: Haney, Patrick J
Oral Arguments and Coalition Formation on the U.S. Supreme Court: A Deliberate Dialogue
Author/Editor: Ryan C. Black,Timothy R. Johnson,Justin Wedeking
Oral Arguments and Coalition Formation on the U.S. Supreme Court
Author/Editor: Black, Ryan C; Johnson, Timothy R.; Wedeking, Justin
Opposition and Intimidation: The Abortion Wars and Strategies of Political Harassment
Author/Editor: Alesha E. Doan
Opposition and Intimidation
Author/Editor: Doan, Alesha
On the Search for Well-Being
Author/Editor: Bruton, Henry J
On Parliamentary War: Partisan Conflict and Procedural Change in the U.S. Senate
Author/Editor: James I. Wallner
On Parliamentary War
Author/Editor: Wallner, James I
The One-State Solution: A Breakthrough for Peace in the Israeli-Palestinian Deadlock
Author/Editor: Virginia Tilley
The One-State Solution
Author/Editor: Tilley, Virginia
The One and Only Law: Walter Benjamin and the Second Commandment
Author/Editor: James R. Martel
The One and Only Law
Author/Editor: Martel, James
Old and New New Englanders: Immigration and Regional Identity in the Gilded Age
Author/Editor: Bluford Adams
Old and New New Englanders
Author/Editor: Adams, Bluford
Obligations in Roman Law: Past, Present, and Future
Author/Editor: Thomas A. J. McGinn
Obligations in Roman Law
Author/Editor: McGinn, Thomas