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The Puzzle of Judicial Behavior
Author/Editor: Baum, Lawrence
Putting Inequality in Context: Class, Public Opinion, and Representation in the United States
Author/Editor: Christopher Ellis
Putting Inequality in Context
Author/Editor: Ellis, Christopher
Putting Faith in Partnerships: Welfare-to-Work in Four Cities
Author/Editor: Stephen V. Monsma,John J. Dilulio Jr.
Putting Faith in Partnerships
Author/Editor: Monsma, Stephen V
Punishment and Political Order
Author/Editor: McBride, Keally
Punishing Schools: Fear and Citizenship in American Public Education
Author/Editor: William Lyons,Julie Drew
Punishing Schools
Author/Editor: Lyons, William (Bill) Thomas; Drew, Julie
Publishing The Prince: History, Reading, and the Birth of Political Criticism
Author/Editor: Facob Soll
Publishing The Prince
Author/Editor: Soll, Jacob
Publishing Blackness: Textual Constructions of Race Since 1850
Author/Editor: George Hutchinson,John K. Young
Publishing Blackness
Author/Editor: Hutchinson, George; Young, John K
Public Opinion and American Foreign Policy, Revised Edition
Author/Editor: Holsti, Ole Rudolf
Psychology and Constructivism in International Relations
Author/Editor: Shannon, Vaughn P; Kowert, Paul A
Psychology and Constructivism in International Relations: An Ideational Alliance
Author/Editor: Vaughn P. Shannon,Paul A. Kowert
The Psychological Assessment of Political Leaders: With Profiles of Saddam Hussein and Bill Clinton
Author/Editor: Jerrold M. Post
The Psychological Assessment of Political Leaders
Author/Editor: Post, Jerrold M
Provincial Soldiers and Imperial Instability in the Histories of Tacitus
Author/Editor: Master, Jonathan
Protohistoric Yamato: Archaeology of the First Japanese State
Author/Editor: Gina L. Barnes
Protest and the Politics of Blame: The Russian Response to Unpaid Wages
Protest and the Politics of Blame
Author/Editor: Javeline, Debra Lynn
Property Control and Social Strategies in Settlers in a Middle Eastern Plain
Author/Editor: BARBARA C. ASWAD
Proofs of Genius: Collected Editions from the American Revolution to the Digital Age
Author/Editor: Amanda Gailey,George Bornstein
Proofs of Genius
Author/Editor: Gailey, Amanda
Proofs of Genius
Author/Editor: Gailey, Amanda
Prometheus Reimagined: Technology, Environment, and Law in the Twenty-first Century
Author/Editor: Albert C. Lin
Prometheus Reimagined
Author/Editor: Lin, Albert C
“Proletarian Hegemony" in the Chinese Revolution and the Canton Commune of 1927
Author/Editor: S. Bernard Thomas
Projecting History: German Nonfiction Cinema, 1967-2000
Author/Editor: Nora M. Alter
Projecting History
Author/Editor: Alter, Nora M
Profiles in Cultural Evolution: Papers from a Conference in Honor of Elman R. Service
Author/Editor: A. Terry Rambo,Kathleen Gillogly
The Problem of the Color[blind]: Racial Transgression and the Politics of Black Performance
The Problem of the Color[blind]
Author/Editor: Catanese, Brandi W
Private Guns, Public Health, New Ed
Author/Editor: Hemenway, David
Private Guns, Public Health
Author/Editor: Hemenway, David
The Prism of Race: The Politics and Ideology of Affirmative Action in Brazil
Author/Editor: DAVID LEHMANN
The Prism of Race
Author/Editor: Lehmann, David
Printing and Prophecy: Prognostication and Media Change 1450-1550
Author/Editor: Jonathan Green
Printing and Prophecy
Author/Editor: Green, Jonathan
Principles of Corporate Renewal, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Platt, Harlan D
The Primary Rules: Parties, Voters, and Presidential Nominations
Author/Editor: CAITLIN E. JEWITT
The Primary Rules
Author/Editor: Jewitt, Caitlin E
The Price of Racial Reconciliation
Author/Editor: Walters, Ronald
Presidential Responsiveness and Public Policy-Making: The Publics and the Policies that Presidents Choose
Author/Editor: Jeffrey E. Cohen
Presidential Responsiveness and Public Policy-Making
Author/Editor: Cohen, Jeffrey E
The Presidential Expectations Gap: Public Attitudes Concerning the Presidency
Author/Editor: Richard Waterman,Carol L. Silva,Hank Jenkins-Smith
The Presidential Expectations Gap
Author/Editor: Waterman, Richard; Silva, Carol L; Jenkins-Smith, Hank
The President Electric: Ronald Reagan and the Politics of Performance
Author/Editor: Timothy Raphael
The President Electric
Author/Editor: Raphael, Timothy
Present Shock in Late Fifth-Century Greece
Author/Editor: Dunn, Francis
The Prehistory of the Burnt Bluff Area
Prehistory and Human Ecology of the Deh Luran Plain: An Early Village Sequence from Khuzistan, Iran
Author/Editor: FRANK HOLE,KENT V. FLANNERY,JAMES A. NEELY,Hans Helbaek,Cyril S. Smith,Colin Renfrew,I. W. Cornwall
Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in the Texcoco Region, Mexico
Author/Editor: JEFFREY R. PARSONS,Richard E. Blanton,Mary H. Parsons
The Prehistoric People of the Fort Ancient Culture of the Central Ohio Valley
Prehistoric Food Production in North America
Author/Editor: Richard I. Ford
Prehistoric Copper Mining in Michigan: The Nineteenth-Century Discovery of “Ancient Diggings" in the Keweenaw Peninsula and Isle Royale
Author/Editor: John R. Halsey
Prehistoric Biological Relationships in the Great Lakes Region
Prehispanic Settlement Patterns in the Upper Mantaro and Tarma Drainages, Junín, Peru: The Tarama-Chinchaycocha Region, Vol. 1, Parts 1 and 2
Author/Editor: Jeffrey R. Parsons,Charles M. Hastings,Matos M. Ramiro
Prehispanic Settlement Patterns in the Upper Mantaro and Tarma Drainages, Junín, Peru: Volume 2, The Wanka Region
Author/Editor: Jeffrey R. Parsons,Charles M. Hastings,Ramiro Matos M.,Terence N. D’Altroy,Timothy K. Earle,Charles M. Hastings,Ramiro Matos M.,Jeffrey R. Parsons
Prehispanic Settlement Patterns in the Southern Valley of Mexico: The Chalco-Xochimilco Region
Author/Editor: Jeffrey R. Parsons,Elizabeth Brumfiel,Mary H. Parsons,David J. Wilson,Michael E. Whalen,Kamer Aga-Oglu,Nancy Liu,Keith Kintigh,Joyce Marcus
Preference Pollution: How Markets Create the Desires We Dislike
Author/Editor: David George
Preference Pollution
Author/Editor: George, David
Predators and Parasites: Persistent Agents of Transnational Harm and Great Power Authority
Author/Editor: Oded Löwenheim
Predators and Parasites
Author/Editor: Lowenheim, Oded
Preaching to Convert: Evangelical Outreach and Performance Activism in a Secular Age
Author/Editor: JOHN FLETCHER
Preaching to Convert
Author/Editor: Fletcher, John
Power without Force: The Political Capacity of Nation-States
Author/Editor: Robert W. Jackman
Power without Force
Author/Editor: Jackman, Robert W
The Powers that Punish: Prison and Politics in the Era of the "Big House", 1920-1955
Author/Editor: Charles Bright
The Powers that Punish
Author/Editor: Bright, Charles
Powerful Voices: The Musical and Social World of Collegiate A Cappella
Author/Editor: Joshua S. Duchan
Powerful Voices
Author/Editor: Duchan, Joshua S
The Power-Conflict Story: A Dynamic Model of Interstate Rivalry
Author/Editor: Kelly M. Kadera
The Power-Conflict Story
Author/Editor: Kadera, Kelly
The Postwar Transformation of Germany
Author/Editor: Brady, John Shannon; Crawford, Beverly; Wiliarty, Sarah Elise
The Post-Conflict Environment: Investigation and Critique
Author/Editor: Daniel Bertrand Monk,Jacob Mundy
The Post-Conflict Environment
Author/Editor: Monk, Daniel Bertrand; Mundy, Jacob
The Possibility of Popular Justice: A Case Study of Community Mediation in the United States
Author/Editor: Sally Engle Merry,Neal Milner
The Possibility of Popular Justice
Author/Editor: Merry, Sally Engle; Milner, Neil
Positive Political Theory II: Strategy and Structure
Author/Editor: David Austen-Smith,Jeffrey S. Banks
Positive Political Theory II
Author/Editor: Austen-Smith, David; Banks, Jeffrey S
Positive Political Theory I: Collective Preference
Author/Editor: David Austen-Smith,Jeffrey S. Banks
Positive Political Theory I
Author/Editor: Austen-Smith, David; Banks, Jeffrey S
Portraits of Violence: War and the Aesthetics of Disfigurement
Portraits of Violence
Author/Editor: Biernoff, Suzannah
The Pop Palimpsest: Intertextuality in Recorded Popular Music
Author/Editor: Lori Burns,Serge Lacasse,J. Peter Burkholder
The Pop Palimpsest
Author/Editor: Burns, Lori; Lacasse, Serge
Politics, Policy, and Organizations: Frontiers in the Scientific Study of Bureaucracy
Author/Editor: George A. Krause,Kenneth J. Meier
Politics, Policy, and Organizations
Author/Editor: Krause, George A.; Meier, Kenneth J
Politics Over Process: Partisan Conflict and Post-Passage Processes in the U.S. Congress
Author/Editor: Hong Min Park,Steven S. Smith,Ryan J. Vander Wielen,Janet M. Box-Steffensmeier,David Canon
Politics Over Process
Author/Editor: Park, Hong Min; Smith, Steven S; Vander Wielen, Ryan J
The Politics of the Trail: Reflexive Mountain Biking along the Frontier of Jerusalem
Author/Editor: Oded Löwenheim
The Politics of the Trail
Author/Editor: Lowenheim, Oded
The Politics of Subjectivity in American Foreign Policy Discourses
Author/Editor: Solomon, Ty
The Politics of Sociability: Freemasonry and German Civil Society, 1840-1918
Author/Editor: Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann,Tom Lampert,Geoff Eley
The Politics of Sociability
Author/Editor: Hoffmann, Stefan-Ludwig
The Politics of Rights: Lawyers, Public Policy, and Political Change
Author/Editor: STUART A. SCHEINGOLD,Malcolm M. Feeley
The Politics of Rights
Author/Editor: Scheingold, Stuart A
The Politics of Purity: Harvey Washington Wiley and the Origins of Federal Food Policy
Author/Editor: Clayton A. Coppin,Jack High
The Politics of Purity
Author/Editor: Coppin, Clayton Anderson; High, Jack C
The Politics of Preference: Democratic Institutions and Affirmative Action in the United States and India
Author/Editor: Sunita Parikh
The Politics of Preference
Author/Editor: Parikh, Sunita
The Politics of Millennials: Political Beliefs and Policy Preferences of America's Most Diverse Generation
Author/Editor: Stella M. Rouse,Ashley D. Ross
The Politics of Millennials
Author/Editor: Rouse, Stella M; Ross, Ashley D
The Politics of Intimacy: Rethinking the End-of-Life Controversy
Author/Editor: Anna Durnová
The Politics of Intimacy
Author/Editor: Durnová, Anna
The Politics of Expertise: Competing for Authority in Global Governance
Author/Editor: Ole Jacob Sending
The Politics of Expertise
Author/Editor: Sending, Ole Jacob
The Politics of Community Policing: Rearranging the Power to Punish
Author/Editor: William Lyons
The Politics of Community Policing
Author/Editor: Lyons, William (Bill) Thomas
Politics in the Pews: The Political Mobilization of Black Churches
Author/Editor: Eric L. McDaniel
Politics in the Pews
Author/Editor: McDaniel, Eric L
Politics, Faith, and the Making of American Judaism
Author/Editor: Adams, Peter
Politics and Foreign Direct Investment
Author/Editor: Jensen, Nathan; Biglaiser, Glen; Li, Quan
Political Survival of Small Parties in Europe
Author/Editor: Spoon, Jae-Jae
Political Psychology in International Relations
Author/Editor: McDermott, Rose
Political Leadership in Contemporary Japan
Author/Editor: Terry Edward MacDougall
The Political Economy of Regional Peacemaking
Author/Editor: Lobell, Steven E.; Ripsman, Norrin M
The Political Economy of Expertise: Information and Efficiency in American National Politics
Author/Editor: Kevin M. Esterling
The Political Economy of Expertise
Author/Editor: Esterling, Kevin M
The Political Economy of Dual Transformations: Market Reform and Democratization in Hungary
Author/Editor: David L. Bartlett
The Political Economy of Dual Transformations
Author/Editor: Bartlett, David L
The Political Consequences of Motherhood
Author/Editor: Greenlee, Jill
Political Complexity: Nonlinear Models of Politics
Author/Editor: Diana Richards
Political Complexity
Author/Editor: Richards, Diana Eva-Ann
The Political Biographies of Cornelius Nepos
Author/Editor: Stem, S. R
Policy Issues Affecting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Families
Author/Editor: Cahill, Sean; Tobias, Sarah
Poker: The Parody of Capitalism
Author/Editor: Ole Bjerg
Author/Editor: Bjerg, Ole
Poetry's Afterlife: Verse in the Digital Age
Author/Editor: Kevin Stein
Poetry's Afterlife
Author/Editor: Stein, Kevin
Poetry's Afterlife
Author/Editor: Stein, Kevin
A Poetry Precise and Free: Selected Madrigals of Guarini
Author/Editor: Nicholas R. Jones
A Poetry Precise and Free
Author/Editor: Jones, Nicholas
Poetry Los Angeles: Reading the Essential Poems of the City
Author/Editor: Laurence Goldstein
Poetry Los Angeles
Author/Editor: Goldstein, Laurence
Poems of the Five Mountains: An Introduction to the Literature of the Zen Monasteries
Author/Editor: Marian Ury
Play Redux: The Form of Computer Games
Author/Editor: David Myers
Play Redux
Author/Editor: Myers, David
Play Redux
Author/Editor: Myers, David
Playing Underground: A Critical History of the 1960s Off-Off-Broadway Movement
Author/Editor: Stephen J. Bottoms
Playing Underground
Author/Editor: Bottoms, Stephen J
Playing God: The Bible on the Broadway Stage
Author/Editor: Henry Bial
Playing God
Author/Editor: Bial, Henry
The Playing Fields of Eton: Equality and Excellence in Modern Meritocracy
Author/Editor: Mika La Vaque-Manty
The Playing Fields of Eton
Author/Editor: LaVaque-Manty, Mika
Playing Doctor: Television, Storytelling, and Medical Power
Author/Editor: Joseph Turow
Playing Doctor
Author/Editor: Turow, Joseph
A Player and a Gentleman: The Diary of Harry Watkins, Nineteenth-Century U.S. American Actor
Author/Editor: Amy E. Hughes,Naomi J. Stubbs,Scott D. Dexter
A Player and a Gentleman
Author/Editor: Hughes, Amy E; Stubbs, Naomi J
The Place of Law
Author/Editor: Sarat, Austin; Douglas, Lawrence; Umphrey, Martha
Pivotal Voices, Era of Transition: Toward a 21st Century Poetics
Author/Editor: Rigoberto González,Marilyn Hacker,Kazim Ali
Pivotal Voices, Era of Transition
Author/Editor: Gonzalez, Rigoberto
The Pioneers of Judicial Behavior
Author/Editor: Maveety, Nancy L
Physician Communication with Patients: Research Findings and Challenges
Author/Editor: Jon B. Christianson,Louise H. Warrick,Michael Finch,Wayne Jonas
Physician Communication with Patients
Author/Editor: Christianson, Jon; Warrick, Louise H; Finch, Michael
Philadelphia Freedom: Memoir of a Civil Rights Lawyer
Author/Editor: David Kairys
Philadelphia Freedom
Author/Editor: Kairys, David
The Phantom Respondents: Opinion Surveys and Political Representation
Author/Editor: John Brehm
The Phantom Respondents
Author/Editor: Brehm, John O
Persecution and Rescue: The Politics of the “Final Solution" in France, 1940-1944
Author/Editor: Wolfgang Seibel,Ciaran Cronin
Persecution and Rescue
Author/Editor: Seibel, Wolfgang
Performing Unification: History and Nation in German Theater after 1989
Author/Editor: Matt Cornish
Performing Unification
Author/Editor: Cornish, Matt
Performing the Intercultural City
Author/Editor: Knowles, Ric
Performing Queer Latinidad: Dance, Sexuality, Politics
Author/Editor: Ramón H. Rivera-Servera
Performing Queer Latinidad
Author/Editor: Rivera-Servera, Ramon
Performing America: Cultural Nationalism in American Theater
Author/Editor: Jeffrey D. Mason,J. Ellen Gainor
Performing America
Author/Editor: Mason, Jeffrey D.; Gainor, J. Ellen
Performance, Transparency, and the Cultures of Surveillance
Author/Editor: Harding, James M
Performance and Media: Taxonomies for a Changing Field
Author/Editor: Sarah Bay-Cheng,Jennifer Parker-Starbuck,David Z. Saltz
Performance and Media
Author/Editor: Bay-Cheng, Sarah; Parker-Starbuck, Jennifer; Saltz, David Z
People's Wars in China, Malaya, and Vietnam
Author/Editor: Marc Opper
The People's Own Landscape: Nature, Tourism, and Dictatorship in East Germany
Author/Editor: Scott Moranda
The People's Own Landscape
Author/Editor: Moranda, Scott
The Pedagogical Contract: The Economies of Teaching and Learning in the Ancient World
Author/Editor: YUN LEE TOO
The Pedagogical Contract
Author/Editor: Too, Yun Lee
Pearl from the Dragon’s Mouth: Evocation of Scene and Feeling in Chinese Poetry
Author/Editor: Cecile Chu-chin Sun
Paul Wellstone: The Life of a Passionate Progressive
Author/Editor: Bill Lofy
Paul Wellstone
Author/Editor: Lofy, Bill
Paul Robeson and the Cold War Performance Complex: Race, Madness, Activism
Author/Editor: Tony Perucci
Paul Robeson and the Cold War Performance Complex
Author/Editor: Perucci, Tony
Paula Vogel
Author/Editor: Mansbridge, Joanna
Patchwork Nation: Sectionalism and Political Change in American Politics
Author/Editor: James G. Gimpel,Jason E. Schuknecht
Patchwork Nation
Author/Editor: Gimpel, James Graydon; Schuknecht, Jason E
Pastplay: Teaching and Learning History with Technology
Author/Editor: Kevin Kee
Author/Editor: Kee, Kevin
Author/Editor: Kee, Kevin
The Past as Present in the Drama of August Wilson
Author/Editor: Elam, Harry J
Passionate Amateurs: Theatre, Communism, and Love
Author/Editor: Nicholas Ridout
Passionate Amateurs
Author/Editor: Ridout, Nicholas
Passing Illusions: Jewish Visibility in Weimar Germany
Author/Editor: Kerry Wallach
Passing Illusions
Author/Editor: Wallach, Kerry
Party Discipline in the U.S. House of Representatives
Author/Editor: Pearson, Kathryn
Party Competition and Responsible Party Government: A Theory of Spatial Competition Based Upon Insights from Behavioral Voting Research
Author/Editor: James Adams
Party Competition and Responsible Party Government
Author/Editor: Adams, James Frolik
Partisan Gerrymandering and the Construction of American Democracy
Author/Editor: Engstrom, Erik
Parodies of Ownership: Hip-Hop Aesthetics and Intellectual Property Law
Author/Editor: Richard L. Schur
Parodies of Ownership
Author/Editor: Schur, Richard L
Parodies of Ownership
Author/Editor: Schur, Richard L
Parlor Ponds: The Cultural Work of the American Home Aquarium, 1850 - 1970
Author/Editor: JUDITH HAMERA
Parlor Ponds
Author/Editor: Hamera, Judith
The Paradox of Gender Equality: How American Women's Groups Gained and Lost Their Public Voice
Author/Editor: Kristin A. Goss
The Paradox of Gender Equality
Author/Editor: Goss, Kristin A
Paradigms and Sand Castles: Theory Building and Research Design in Comparative Politics
Paradigms and Sand Castles
Author/Editor: Geddes, Barbara
Papyri from Karanis: The Granary C123
Author/Editor: W. Graham Claytor,Arthur Verhoogt,Paul Heilporn,Samantha Lash,Traianos Gagos,Adam P. Hyatt,Allison Kemmerle,Martina Landolfi,Louise Loehndorff,Tyler Mayo,Jonathan J. McLaughlin,Amy Pistone,Drew C. Stimson,Jacqueline Stimson
Papyri from Karanis
Author/Editor: Verhoogt, Arthur; Claytor, Graham
Paninian Studies: Professor S. D. Joshi Felicitation Volume
Author/Editor: Madhav M. Deshpande,Saroja Bhate
Paleoethnobotany of the Kameda Peninsula Jomon
Author/Editor: GARY W. CRAWFORD
Pain, Death, and the Law
Author/Editor: Sarat, Austin
Page to Stage: The Craft of Adaptation
Author/Editor: Vincent Murphy
Page to Stage
Author/Editor: Murphy, Vincent
A Page of Madness: Cinema and Modernity in 1920s Japan
Author/Editor: Aaron Gerow
A Page of Madness
Author/Editor: Gerow, Aaron