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Systemic Choices: Nonlinear Dynamics and Practical Management
Author/Editor: Gregory A. Daneke
Systemic Choices
Author/Editor: Daneke, Gregory A
Susan Glaspell in Context: American Theater, Culture, and Politics, 1915-48
Author/Editor: J. Ellen Gainor
Susan Glaspell in Context
Author/Editor: Gainor, J. Ellen
Surrender: How the Clinton Administration Completed the Reagan Revolution
Author/Editor: Michael Meeropol
Author/Editor: Meeropol, Michael Allen
The Supreme Court on Trial: How the American Justice System Sacrifices Innocent Defendants
Author/Editor: George C. Thomas III
The Supreme Court on Trial
Author/Editor: Thomas, George C
Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings in the U.S. Senate: Reconsidering the Charade
Author/Editor: Dion Farganis,Justin Wedeking
Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings in the U.S. Senate
Author/Editor: Farganis, Dion; Wedeking, Justin
The Supreme Court and the NCAA: The Case for Less Commercialism and More Due Process in College Sports
Author/Editor: Brian L. Porto
The Supreme Court and the NCAA
Author/Editor: Porto, Brian
Suing the Tobacco and Lead Pigment Industries: Government Litigation as Public Health Prescription
Author/Editor: Donald G. Gifford
Suing the Tobacco and Lead Pigment Industries
Author/Editor: Gifford, Donald G
Suing the Gun Industry: A Battle at the Crossroads of Gun Control and Mass Torts
Author/Editor: Timothy D. Lytton,Martha Minow,Elaine Scarry,Austin Sarat
Suing the Gun Industry
Author/Editor: Lytton, Timothy D
Subversions of the American Century: Filipino Literature in Spanish and the Transpacific Transformation of the United States
Author/Editor: Adam Lifshey
Subversions of the American Century
Author/Editor: Lifshey, Adam
The Subject and Other Subjects: On Ethical, Aesthetic, and Political Identity
Author/Editor: Tobin Siebers
The Subject and Other Subjects
Author/Editor: Siebers, Tobin Anthony
Stumbling Blocks Before the Blind: Medieval Constructions of a Disability
Author/Editor: Edward Wheatley
Stumbling Blocks Before the Blind
Author/Editor: Wheatley, Edward
The Stuff of Fiction: Advice on Craft
Author/Editor: Douglas Bauer
The Stuff of Fiction
Author/Editor: Bauer, Douglas
Strung Together: The Cultural Currency of String Theory as a Scientific Imaginary
Author/Editor: Sean Miller
Strung Together
Author/Editor: Miller, Sean
Striving to Save: Creating Policies for Financial Security of Low-Income Families
Striving to Save
Author/Editor: Sherraden, Margaret Sherrard; McBride, Amanda Moore
Strengthening International Courts: The Hidden Costs of Legalization
Author/Editor: Leslie Johns
Strengthening International Courts
Author/Editor: Johns, Leslie
The Street Porter and the Philosopher: Conversations on Analytical Egalitarianism
Author/Editor: Sandra J. Peart,David M. Levy
The Street Porter and the Philosopher
Author/Editor: Levy, David M.; Peart, Sandra J
The Strategy of Campaigning: Lessons from Ronald Reagan and Boris Yeltsin
Author/Editor: Kiron K. Skinner,Serhiy Kudelia,Bruce Bueno de Mesquita,Condoleezza Rice,George P. Shultz
The Strategy of Campaigning
Author/Editor: Skinner, Kiron; Bueno de Mesquita, Bruce; Kudelia, Serhiy
Strange Science: Investigating the Limits of Knowledge in the Victorian Age
Author/Editor: LARA KARPENKO,SHALYN CLAGGETT,Dame Gillian Beer
Strange Science
Author/Editor: Karpenko, Lara; Claggett, Shalyn
Strange Science
Author/Editor: Karpenko, Lara; Claggett, Shalyn
Strangers to the Law: Gay People on Trial
Author/Editor: Lisa Keen,Suzanne B. Goldberg
Strangers to the Law
Author/Editor: Keen, Lisa Melinda; Goldberg, Suzanne Beth
Strangers in Berlin: Modern Jewish Literature between East and West, 1919–1933
Author/Editor: Rachel Seelig,Jonathan Freedman,Anita Norich,Scott Spector
Strangers in Berlin
Author/Editor: Seelig, Rachel
Strange Cocktail: Translation and the Making of Modern Hebrew Poetry
Author/Editor: Adriana X. Jacobs
Strange Cocktail
Author/Editor: Jacobs, Adriana X
The Strange and Terrible Visions of Wilhelm Friess: The Paths of Prophecy in Reformation Europe
Author/Editor: Jonathan green
The Strange and Terrible Visions of Wilhelm Friess
Author/Editor: Green, Jonathan
Stop Reading! Look!: Modern Vision and the Weimar Photographic Book
Author/Editor: Pepper Stetler
Stop Reading! Look!
Author/Editor: Stetler, Pepper
State Trading in the Twenty-First Century: The World Trade Forum, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Thomas Cottier,Petros C. Mavroidis,Krista Nadakavukaren Schefer
State Trading in the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Cottier, Thomas; Mavroidis, Petros Constantinos; Schefer, Krista Nadakavukaren
State of Translation: Turkey in Interlingual Relations
Author/Editor: EINAR WIGEN
State of Translation
Author/Editor: Wigen, Einar
State of Empowerment: Low-Income Families and the New Welfare State
Author/Editor: Carolyn Barnes
State Learning and International Change
Author/Editor: Farkas, Andrew
State Institutions, Private Incentives, Global Capital
Author/Editor: Sobel, Andrew Carl
Star Worlds: Freedom Versus Control in Online Gameworlds
Author/Editor: William Sims Bainbridge
Star Worlds
Author/Editor: Bainbridge, William S
Starting Over: Feminism and the Politics of Cultural Critique
Author/Editor: Judith Newton
Starting Over
Author/Editor: Newton, Judith
Standing Your Ground: Territorial Disputes and International Conflict
Author/Editor: Paul K. Huth
Standing Your Ground
Author/Editor: Huth, Paul K
The Stamp of Class: Reflections on Poetry and Social Class
Author/Editor: Gary Lenhart
The Stamp of Class
Author/Editor: Lenhart, Gary
Stamping American Memory: Collectors, Citizens, and the Post
Author/Editor: SHEILA A. BRENNAN
Stamping American Memory: Collectors, Citizens, and the Post
Author/Editor: SHEILA A. BRENNAN
Stamping American Memory
Author/Editor: Brennan, Sheila
Staging Philosophy: Intersections of Theater, Performance, and Philosophy
Author/Editor: David Krasner,David Z. Saltz
Staging Philosophy
Author/Editor: Krasner, David; Saltz, David Z
Staging Philanthropy: Patriotic Women and the National Imagination in Dynastic Germany, 1813-1916
Author/Editor: Jean H. Quataert,Geoff Eley
Staging Philanthropy
Author/Editor: Quataert, Jean Helen
Staging Masculinity: The Rhetoric of Performance in the Roman World
Author/Editor: Erik Gunderson
Staging Masculinity
Author/Editor: Gunderson, Erik
The Stage Life of Props
Author/Editor: Sofer, Andrew
The Staff of Oedipus: Transforming Disability in Ancient Greece
Author/Editor: Martha L. Rose
The Staff of Oedipus
Author/Editor: Rose, Martha L
Spectacular Disappearances: Celebrity and Privacy, 1696-1801
Author/Editor: Julia H. Fawcett
Spectacular Disappearances
Author/Editor: Fawcett, Julia H
Spectacles of Reform: Theater and Activism in Nineteenth-Century America
Author/Editor: Amy E. Hughes
Spectacles of Reform
Author/Editor: Hughes, Amy E
Speaking in Tongues: Languages at Play in the Theatre
Author/Editor: Marvin Carlson
Speaking in Tongues
Author/Editor: Carlson, Marvin
Sounds of the Underground: A Cultural, Political and Aesthetic Mapping of Underground and Fringe Music
Author/Editor: Stephen Graham
Sounds of the Underground
Author/Editor: Graham, Stephen
The Sound of Listening: Poetry as Refuge and Resistance
Author/Editor: Philip Metres,Marilyn Hacker,Kazim Ali
The Sound of Listening
Author/Editor: Metres, Philip
Sounding Like a No-No: Queer Sounds and Eccentric Acts in the Post-Soul Era
Author/Editor: Francesca T. Royster
Sounding Like a No-No
Author/Editor: Royster, Francesca T
Soul Music: Tracking the Spiritual Roots of Pop from Plato to Motown
Author/Editor: Joel Rudinow
Soul Music
Author/Editor: Rudinow, Joel
Someone to Watch Over Me: The Life and Music of Ben Webster
Author/Editor: Frank Büchmann-Møller
Someone to Watch Over Me
Author/Editor: Büchmann-Møller, Frank
Someone Shot My Book
Author/Editor: Carr, Julie
Social Science and Policy-Making: A Search for Relevance in the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: David L. Featherman,Maris A. Vinovskis
Social Science and Policy-Making
Author/Editor: Featherman, David Lee; Vinovskis, Maris Arvids
The Social Politics of Medieval Diplomacy: Anglo-German Relations (1066-1307)
Author/Editor: Joseph P. Huffman
The Social Politics of Medieval Diplomacy
Author/Editor: Huffman, Joseph Patrick
Social Memory in Athenian Public Discourse: Uses and Meanings of the Past
Author/Editor: Bernd Steinbock
Social Memory in Athenian Public Discourse
Author/Editor: Steinbock, Bernd
The Social Life of Criticism: Gender, Critical Writing, and the Politics of Belonging
Author/Editor: KIMBERLY J. STERN
The Social Life of Criticism
Author/Editor: Stern, Kimberly J
Socialism after Hayek
Author/Editor: Burczak, Ted
Social Dimensions of U.S. Trade Policies
Author/Editor: Deardorff, Alan Verne; Stern, Robert Mitchell
The Social Benefits of Education
Author/Editor: Behrman, Jere R.; Stacey, Nevzer
Snarl: In Defense of Stalled Traffic and Faulty Networks
Author/Editor: Ruth A. Miller
Author/Editor: Miller, Ruth A
Smartland Korea: Mobile Communication, Culture, and Society
Author/Editor: Dal Yong Jin
Smartland Korea
Author/Editor: Jin, Dal Yong
Small Change: Money, Political Parties, and Campaign Finance Reform
Author/Editor: RAYMOND J. LA RAJA
Small Change
Author/Editor: La Raja, Raymond J
Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Global Economy
Author/Editor: Acs, Zoltan J.; Yeung, Bernard Yin
Slayers and Their Vampires: A Cultural History of Killing the Dead
Slayers and Their Vampires
Author/Editor: McClelland, Bruce A
Slaves to Fashion: Poverty and Abuse in the New Sweatshops
Author/Editor: Robert J. S. Ross
Slaves to Fashion
Author/Editor: Ross, Robert J. S
The Skin of Meaning: Collected Literary Essays and Talks
Author/Editor: Aaron Shurin
The Skin of Meaning
Author/Editor: Shurin, Aaron
Skate Life: Re-Imagining White Masculinity
Author/Editor: Emily Chivers Yochim
Skate Life
Author/Editor: Yochim, Emily C
Skate Life
Author/Editor: Yochim, Emily C
Sites of Translation: What Multilinguals Can Teach Us about Digital Writing and Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Laura Gonzales,Anne Ruggles Gere,Naomi Silver
Sites of Translation
Author/Editor: Gonzales, Laura
Sites of Translation
Author/Editor: Gonzales, Laura
Simming: Participatory Performance and the Making of Meaning
Author/Editor: Scott Magelssen
Author/Editor: Magelssen, Scott
Silent Hill: The Terror Engine
Author/Editor: Bernard Perron
Silent Hill
Author/Editor: Perron, Bernard
Silent Hill
Author/Editor: Perron, Bernard
Signifying Bodies: Disability in Contemporary Life Writing
Author/Editor: G. Thomas Couser
Signifying Bodies
Author/Editor: Couser, G. T
Signaling Goodness: Social Rules and Public Choice
Author/Editor: Phillip J. Nelson,Kenneth V. Greene
Signaling Goodness
Author/Editor: Nelson, Phillip J.; Greene, Kenneth V
Show Me Your Environment: Essays on Poetry, Poets, and Poems
Author/Editor: David Baker
Show Me Your Environment
Author/Editor: Baker, David
Shipwrecked: Disaster and Transformation in Homer, Shakespeare, Defoe, and the Modern World
Author/Editor: James V. Morrison
Author/Editor: Morrison, James V
Shih-shuo Hsin-yu: A New Account of Tales of the World, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Liu I-ch’ing,Liu Chün,Richard B. Mather
Shih-shuo Hsin-yu
Shattering Hamlet's Mirror: Theatre and Reality
Author/Editor: Marvin Carlson
Shattering Hamlet's Mirror
Author/Editor: Carlson, Marvin
Shakin' All Over: Popular Music and Disability
Author/Editor: George McKay
Shakin' All Over
Author/Editor: McKay, George
Shakespeare and the Legacy of Loss
Author/Editor: Anderson, Emily Hodgson
Seven Stories of Threatening Speech: Women's Suffrage Meets Machine Code
Author/Editor: Ruth A. Miller
Seven Stories of Threatening Speech
Author/Editor: Miller, Ruth A
Settlers of Unassigned Lands
Author/Editor: McLeod, Charles
Settlers of Unassigned Lands
Author/Editor: McLeod, Charles
A Setting For Excellence: The Story of the Planning and Development of the Ann Arbor Campus of the University of Michigan
Author/Editor: Frederick W. Mayer,James J. Duderstadt
A Setting For Excellence, Part II: The Story of the Planning and Development of the Ann Arbor Campus of the University of Michigan
Author/Editor: Frederick W. Mayer,James J. Duderstadt
A Setting For Excellence, Part II
Author/Editor: Mayer, Frederick W
A Setting For Excellence
Author/Editor: Mayer, Frederick W
Set in Motion: Essays, Interviews, and Dialogues
Author/Editor: Zofia Burr
Set in Motion
Author/Editor: Ammons, A. R.; Burr, Zofia
Separate Destinations: Migration, Immigration, and the Politics of Places
Author/Editor: James G. Gimpel
Separate Destinations
Author/Editor: Gimpel, James Graydon
Sensual Relations: Engaging the Senses in Culture and Social Theory
Author/Editor: DAVID HOWES
Sensual Relations
Author/Editor: Howes, David
Sensational Devotion: Evangelical Performance in Twenty-First-Century America
Sensational Devotion
Author/Editor: Stevenson, Jill C
Selma and the Liuzzo Murder Trials: The First Modern Civil Rights Convictions
Author/Editor: James P. Turner,ARI BERMAN
Selma and the Liuzzo Murder Trials
Author/Editor: Turner, James P
Self-Financed Candidates in Congressional Elections
Author/Editor: Steen, Jennifer A
Seeing the Past with Computers: Experiments with Augmented Reality and Computer Vision for History
Seeing the Past with Computers
Author/Editor: Kee, Kevin; Compeau, Timothy J
Security Integration in Europe: How Knowledge-based Networks Are Transforming the European Union
Author/Editor: Mai’a K. Davis Cross
Security Integration in Europe
Author/Editor: Cross, Mai'a
Securing the Sacred: Religion, National Security, and the Western State
Author/Editor: Robert M. Bosco
Securing the Sacred
Author/Editor: Bosco, Robert M
Secular Morality and International Security: American and British Decisions about War
Author/Editor: Maria Fanis
Secular Morality and International Security
Author/Editor: Fanis, Maria
Secret Spaces of Childhood
Author/Editor: Goodenough, Elizabeth N
The Secret Marriage of Sherlock Holmes and Other Eccentric Readings
Author/Editor: Atkinson, Michael
Secrecy and Cultural Reality: Utopian Ideologies of the New Guinea Men's House
Author/Editor: Gilbert Herdt
Secrecy and Cultural Reality
Author/Editor: Herdt, Gilbert
The Sea: Thalassography and Historiography
Author/Editor: Peter N. Miller
The Sea
Author/Editor: Miller, Peter N
The Scroll and the Marble: Studies in Reading and Reception in Hellenistic Poetry
Author/Editor: Peter Bing
The Scroll and the Marble
Author/Editor: Bing, Peter
Scriptures, Shrines, Scapegoats, and World Politics: Religious Sources of Conflict and Cooperation in the Modern Era
Author/Editor: Zeev Maoz,Errol A. Henderson
The Scourge of War: New Extensions on an Old Problem
Author/Editor: Paul F. Diehl
The Scourge of War
Author/Editor: Diehl, Paul F
Science Fiction in Argentina: Technologies of the Text in a Material Multiverse
Author/Editor: Joanna Page
Science Fiction in Argentina
Author/Editor: Page, Joanna
Science Fiction in Argentina
Author/Editor: Page, Joanna
School Choice and the Future of American Democracy
Author/Editor: Abernathy, Scott
Schoolbook Nation: Conflicts over American History Textbooks from the Civil War to the Present
Author/Editor: Joseph Moreau
Schoolbook Nation
Author/Editor: Moreau, Joseph
Satiric Advice on Women and Marriage: From Plautus to Chaucer
Author/Editor: Warren S. Smith
Satiric Advice on Women and Marriage
Author/Editor: Smith, Warren S
The Sarah Siddons Audio Files: Romanticism and the Lost Voice
Author/Editor: JUDITH PASCOE
The Sarah Siddons Audio Files
Author/Editor: Pascoe, Judith
The San Francisco Mime Troupe Reader
Author/Editor: Mason, Susan Vaneta
Salome's Modernity: Oscar Wilde and the Aesthetics of Transgression
Author/Editor: Petra Dierkes-Thrun
Salome's Modernity
Author/Editor: Dierkes-Thrun, Petra
Sails of the Herring Fleet: Essays on Beckett
Author/Editor: Herbert Blau
Sails of the Herring Fleet
Author/Editor: Blau, Herbert
Sacred Violence: Torture, Terror, and Sovereignty
Author/Editor: Paul W. Kahn
Sacred Violence
Author/Editor: Kahn, Paul W