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An Utterly Dark Spot: Gaze and Body in Early Modern Philosophy
Author/Editor: MIRAN BOŽOVIČ,Slavoj Žižek
An Utterly Dark Spot
Author/Editor: Bozovic, Miran
Utopia in Performance: Finding Hope at the Theater
Author/Editor: Jill Dolan
Utopia in Performance
Author/Editor: Dolan, Jill
Ushering in a New Republic: Theologies of Arrival at Rome in the First Century BCE
Author/Editor: Trevor S. Luke
Ushering in a New Republic
Author/Editor: Luke, Trevor S
The Use of Land and Water Resources in the Past and Present Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico
Author/Editor: Kent V. Flannery,ANNE V. T. KIRKBY
The U.S. Army Stability Operations Field Manual: U.S. Army Field Manual No. 3-07
Author/Editor: William B. Caldwell,Michèle Flournoy,Shawn Brimley,Janine Davidson
The U.S. Army Stability Operations Field Manual
The Urban Voter: Group Conflict and Mayoral Voting Behavior in American Cities
Author/Editor: Karen M. Kaufmann
The Urban Voter
Author/Editor: Kaufmann, Karen M
Untimely Interventions: AIDS Writing, Testimonial, and the Rhetoric of Haunting
Author/Editor: Ross Chambers
Untimely Interventions
Author/Editor: Chambers, Ross
Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Exploiting College Athletes
Author/Editor: Walter Byers,Charles Hammer
Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Author/Editor: Byers, Walter
Unsettled History: Making South African Public Pasts
Author/Editor: Leslie Witz,Gary Minkley,Ciraj Rassool
Unsettled History
Author/Editor: Witz, Leslie; Minkley, Gary; Rassool, Ciraj
The Unreal Estate Guide to Detroit
Author/Editor: Herscher, Andrew
The Unreal Estate Guide to Detroit
Author/Editor: Herscher, Andrew
Unleashing Rights: Law, Meaning, and the Animal Rights Movement
Author/Editor: Helena Silverstein
Unleashing Rights
Author/Editor: Silverstein, Helena
The Unknown Odysseus: Alternate Worlds in Homer's Odyssey
Author/Editor: Thomas Van Nortwick
The Unknown Odysseus
Author/Editor: Van Nortwick, Thomas
A University for the 21st Century
Author/Editor: Duderstadt, James J
Unifying Political Methodology: The Likelihood Theory of Statistical Inference
Author/Editor: GARY KING
Unifying Political Methodology
Author/Editor: King, Gary
A Unified Theory of Collective Action and Social Change
Author/Editor: Medina, Luis
Undertaking Discourse Analysis for Social Research
Author/Editor: Dunn, Kevin C; Neumann, Iver B
Understanding Torture: Law, Violence, and Political Identity
Author/Editor: John T. Parry
Understanding Torture
Author/Editor: Parry, John T
Uncle Tom's Cabins: The Transnational History of America's Most Mutable Book
Author/Editor: Tracy C. Davis,Stefka Mihaylova
Uncle Tom's Cabins
Author/Editor: Davis, Tracy C; Mihaylova, Stefka
Uncharted: Creativity and the Expert Drummer
Author/Editor: Bruford, Bill