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Writing Pirates: Vernacular Fiction and Oceans in Late Ming China
Author/Editor: Yuanfei Wang
Writing History in the Digital Age
Author/Editor: Dougherty, Jack; Nawrotzki, Kristen
Writing History in the Digital Age
Author/Editor: Dougherty, Jack; Nawrotzki, Kristen
Writing and Renunciation in Medieval Japan: The Works of the Poet-Priest Kamo no Chomei
Author/Editor: Rajyashree Pandey
World Politics Simulations in a Global Information Age
Author/Editor: Ben-Yehuda, Hemda; Levin-Banchik, Luba; Naveh, Chanan
A World of Fiction: Digital Collections and the Future of Literary History
A World of Fiction
Author/Editor: Bode, Katherine
Worldly Provincialism: German Anthropology in the Age of Empire
Worldly Provincialism
Author/Editor: Penny, H. Glenn; Bunzl, Matti
Work, Race, and the Emergence of Radical Right Corporatism in Imperial Germany
Author/Editor: Sweeney, Dennis
Working, Shirking, and Sabotage: Bureaucratic Response to a Democratic Public
Author/Editor: John Brehm,Scott Gates
Working, Shirking, and Sabotage
Author/Editor: Brehm, John O.; Gates, Scott
Women's Ritual in Formative Oaxaca: Figure-making, Divination, Death and the Ancestors
Author/Editor: Joyce Marcus
Women’s Bookscapes in Early Modern Britain: Reading, Ownership, Circulation
Author/Editor: Leah Knight,Micheline White,Elizabeth Sauer
Women’s Bookscapes in Early Modern Britain
Author/Editor: Knight, Leah; White, Micheline; Sauer, Elizabeth
Women’s Bookscapes in Early Modern Britain
Author/Editor: Knight, Leah; White, Micheline; Sauer, Elizabeth
Women of the Andes: Patriarchy and Social Change in Two Peruvian Towns
Author/Editor: Susan C. Bourque,Kay Barbara Warren
Women of the Andes
Author/Editor: Bourque, Susan C.; Warren, Kay Barbara
Women and Public Life in Early Meiji Japan: The Development of the Feminist Movement
Author/Editor: MARA PATESSIO
The Woman Who Knew Too Much, Revised Ed.: Alice Stewart and the Secrets of Radiation
Author/Editor: Gayle Greene,Helen Caldicott
The Woman Who Knew Too Much, Revised Ed
Author/Editor: Greene, Gayle
A Woman's Place Is in the House: Campaigning for Congress in the Feminist Era
Author/Editor: Barbara C. Burrell
A Woman's Place Is in the House
Author/Editor: Burrell, Barbara C
The Wolf and Furton Sites: Macomb County, Michigan
With All Deliberate Speed: The Life of Philip Elman
Author/Editor: Norman I. Silber
With All Deliberate Speed
Author/Editor: Silber, Norman I
Wine, Wealth, and the State in Late Antique Egypt: The House of Apion at Oxyrhynchus
Author/Editor: T. M. Hickey
Wine, Wealth, and the State in Late Antique Egypt
Author/Editor: Hickey, Todd
Windows and Doors: A Poet Reads Literary Theory
Author/Editor: Natasha Sajé
Windows and Doors
Author/Editor: Saje, Natasha
The Williams Collection of Far Eastern Ceramics: Tonnancour Section
Author/Editor: Kamer Aga-Oglu
The Wild Goose
Author/Editor: Mori Ōgai,Burton Watson
Wiki Writing: Collaborative Learning in the College Classroom
Author/Editor: Robert E. Cummings,Matt Barton
Wiki Writing
Author/Editor: Barton, Matthew; Cummings, Robert
Wiki Writing
Author/Editor: Barton, Matthew; Cummings, Robert
Why They Die: Civilian Devastation in Violent Conflict
Author/Editor: Daniel Rothbart,Karina V. Korostelina
Why They Die
Author/Editor: Rothbart, Daniel; Korostelina, Karina
Why Americans Split Their Tickets: Campaigns, Competition, and Divided Government
Author/Editor: Barry C. Burden,David C. Kimball
Why Americans Split Their Tickets
Author/Editor: Burden, Barry C.; Kimball, David C
The White Welfare State: The Racialization of U.S. Welfare Policy
Author/Editor: Deborah E. Ward
The White Welfare State
Author/Editor: Ward, Deborah E
White Rebels in Black: German Appropriation of Black Popular Culture
Author/Editor: PRISCILLA LAYNE,Kathleen Canning
White Rebels in Black
Author/Editor: Layne, Priscilla D
Whispered Consolations: Law and Narrative in African American Life
Author/Editor: Jon-Christian Suggs
Whispered Consolations
Author/Editor: Suggs, Jon-Christian
Where Women Run: Gender and Party in the American States
Author/Editor: Kira Sanbonmatsu
Where Women Run
Author/Editor: Sanbonmatsu, Kira
When the Stakes Are High: Deterrence and Conflict among Major Powers
Author/Editor: Vesna Danilovic
When the Stakes Are High
Author/Editor: Danilovic, Vesna
When Protest Makes Policy: How Social Movements Represent Disadvantaged Groups
Author/Editor: S. LAUREL WELDON
When Protest Makes Policy
Author/Editor: Weldon, Laurel
When Informal Institutions Change: Institutional Reforms and Informal Practices in the Former Soviet Union
Author/Editor: Huseyn Aliyev
When Informal Institutions Change
Author/Editor: Aliyev, Huseyn
When Ethnicity Did Not Matter in the Balkans: A Study of Identity in Pre-Nationalist Croatia, Dalmatia, and Slavonia in the Medieval and Early-Modern Periods
Author/Editor: JOHN V. A. FINE JR.
When Ethnicity Did Not Matter in the Balkans
Author/Editor: Fine, John V. A. (Jr.)
When Courts and Congress Collide: The Struggle for Control of America's Judicial System
When Courts and Congress Collide
Author/Editor: Geyh, Charles Gardner
What Matters in Medicine: Lessons from a Life in Primary Care
Author/Editor: David Loxterkamp
What Matters in Medicine
Author/Editor: Loxterkamp, David
Whatever Happened to Party Government?: Controversies in American Political Science
Author/Editor: Mark Wickham-Jones
Whatever Happened to Party Government?
Author/Editor: Wickham-Jones, Mark
What Do Gay Men Want?: An Essay on Sex, Risk, and Subjectivity
Author/Editor: David M. Halperin
What Do Gay Men Want?
Author/Editor: Halperin, David
West African Early Towns: Archaeology of Households in Urban Landscapes
Author/Editor: Augustin F.C. Holl
Wendy Wasserstein
Author/Editor: Dolan, Jill
The Well-Being of the Elderly in Asia: A Four-Country Comparative Study
Author/Editor: Albert I. Hermalin
The Well-Being of the Elderly in Asia
Author/Editor: Hermalin, Albert Isaac
Weimar through the Lens of Gender: Prostitution Reform, Woman's Emancipation, and German Democracy, 1919-33
Author/Editor: Julia Roos
Weimar through the Lens of Gender
Author/Editor: Roos, Julia
Web Writing: Why and How for Liberal Arts Teaching and Learning
Author/Editor: Jack Dougherty,Tennyson O'Donnell
Web Writing
Author/Editor: Dougherty, Jack; O'Donnell, Tennyson
Web Writing
Author/Editor: Dougherty, Jack; O'Donnell, Tennyson
Wealth Accumulation and Communities of Color in the United States
Author/Editor: Gordon Nembhard, Jessica; Chiteji, Ngina
Wealth Accumulation and Communities of Color in the United States: Current Issues
Author/Editor: Jessica Gordon Nembhard,Ngina Chiteji
Water and Politics: Clientelism and Reform in Urban Mexico
Water and Politics
Author/Editor: Herrera, Veronica
A Watch of Nightingales
Author/Editor: Wieland, Liza
Wasita in a Lebanese Context: Social Exchange among Villagers and Outsiders
The Washing Away of Wrongs: Forensic Medicine in Thirteenth-Century China
Author/Editor: Brian E. McKnight
The Washing Away of Wrongs
Author/Editor: Sung, Tz'u; McKnight, Brian E
The War in Their Minds: German Soldiers and Their Violent Pasts in West Germany
Author/Editor: Svenja Goltermann,Philip Schmitz
The War in Their Minds
Author/Editor: Goltermann, Svenja
Wari Imperialism in Middle Horizon Peru
Author/Editor: Katharina J. Schreiber,Jeffrey R. Parsons
War and the State: The Theory of International Politics
Author/Editor: R. Harrison Wagner
War and the State
Author/Editor: Wagner, R. Harrison
War and Peace in International Rivalry
Author/Editor: Diehl, Paul F.; Goertz, Gary
Waltzing the Magpies: A Year in Australia
Author/Editor: SAM PICKERING
Waltzing the Magpies
Author/Editor: Pickering, Sam
Waiting for the Call: From Preacher's Daughter to Lesbian Mom
Waiting for the Call
Author/Editor: Taylor, Jacqueline
Waiting for Cancer to Come: Women’s Experiences with Genetic Testing and Medical Decision Making for Breast and Ovarian Cancer
Author/Editor: Sharlene Hesse-Biber
Waiting for Cancer to Come
Author/Editor: Hesse-Biber, Sharlene