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Zombie Myths of Australian Military History
Author/Editor: Stockings, Craig
Women of the Coal Rushes
Author/Editor: Murray, Georgina; Peetz, David
What Were They Thinking?
Author/Editor: Walter, James
What the Frack?
Author/Editor: Manning, Paddy
What's Wrong With Anzac?
Author/Editor: Lake, Marylin; Reynolds, Henry
What Makes a Good School?
Author/Editor: Bonnor, Chris; Caro, Jane
What Did You Do in the Cold War, Daddy?
Author/Editor: Curthoys, Ann; Damousi, Joy
Author/Editor: Hil, Richard
A Way Through
Author/Editor: Brown, Nicholas
The Way They Were
Author/Editor: Ramsey, Alan
Visiting the Neighbours
Author/Editor: Sobocinska, Agnieszka
Vanda and Young
Author/Editor: Tait, John
Trust Me
Author/Editor: Dickenson, Jackie
Trading Nation
Author/Editor: Adams, Mike; Brown, Nicolas; Wickes, Ron
Time Bomb
Author/Editor: Pocock, Barbara; Skinner, Natalie; Williams, Philippa
A Three Cornered Life
Author/Editor: Davidson, Jim
There Goes The Neighbourhood
Author/Editor: Wesley, Michael
Tamam Shud
Author/Editor: Greenwood, Kerry
Author/Editor: Falconer, Delia
Sustainable Food
Author/Editor: Mobbs, Michael
Steel Designers' Handbook 8th Edition
Author/Editor: Gorenc, Branko; Syam, A; Tinyou, Ron
Sportsmen of Changi
Author/Editor: Blackburn, Kevin
Author/Editor: Baldino, Daniel
South from Alaska
Author/Editor: Litzow, Mike
Savage or Civilised?
Author/Editor: Russell, Penny
A Savage History
Author/Editor: Newton, John
Rupert Murdoch
Author/Editor: Tiffen, Rodney
Author/Editor: McAdam, Jane
Radical Sydney
Author/Editor: Irving, Terry; Cahill, Rowan
Public Sector accounting
Author/Editor: Funnell, Warwick; Cooper, Kathie; Lee, Janet
Providence Provides
Author/Editor: Garaty, Janice
Preachers, Prophets and Heretics
Author/Editor: Lindsay, Elaine; Scarfe, Janet
Playground Duty
Author/Editor: Manning, Ned
Author/Editor: Whish-Wilson, David
People Power
Author/Editor: Williams, George; Hume, David
Once upon a time in Papunya
Author/Editor: Markwell, Kevin
Mr JW Lewin, Painter & Naturalist
Author/Editor: Neville, Richard
Author/Editor: Feez, Susan
Money and Politics
Author/Editor: Tham, Joo-Cheong
The Misogyny Factor
Author/Editor: Summers, Anne
Mining Towns
Author/Editor: Eklund, Erik
Menzies at War
Author/Editor: Henderson, Anne
Author/Editor: Cunningham, Sophie
Making Medicare
Author/Editor: Boxall, Anne-Marie; Gillespie, James
Mad Dog
Author/Editor: Corris, Peter
A Little History of the Australian Labor Party
Author/Editor: Dyrenfurth, Nick
The Little Black Book of Business Writing
Author/Editor: Tredennick, Mark; Whyte, Geoff
Lifeboat Cities
Author/Editor: Gleeson, Brendan
Author/Editor: Waghorne, James
L. Bernard Hall
Author/Editor: Rankin, Gwen
Kings Cross
Author/Editor: Nowra, Louis
Kel Richards' Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
Author/Editor: Richards, Kel
Judgment Day
Author/Editor: Collins, Paul
Joseph Lyons
Author/Editor: Henderson, Anne
Jack of all Trades, Mistress of One
Author/Editor: Bond, Grahame
Islam Dreaming
Author/Editor: Stephenson, Peta
In the Shadow of Gallipoli
Author/Editor: Bollard, Robert
In the Firing Line
Author/Editor: Cowan, Ed
Improving Assessment in Higher Education
Author/Editor: Marshall, Stephen; Henry, Richard; Ramburuth, Prem
Icon in Crisis
Author/Editor: Sandland, Ron; Thompson, Graham
How to write and publish your family story in ten easy steps
Author/Editor: Kyle, Noeline
How to do a liver transplant
Author/Editor: Slater, Kellee
Homelessness in Australia
Author/Editor: Chamberlain, Chris; Johnson, Guy; Robinson, Catherine
HMAS Bataan, 1952
Author/Editor: Cooper, Anthony
HIV in China
Author/Editor: Jun, Jing; Worth, Heather
Gone Viral
Author/Editor: Bowen, Frank
Gay Men Pursuing Parenthood via Surrogacy
Author/Editor: Murphy, Dean A
Series Title: Default Book Series
Gay Men Pursuing Parenthood through Surrogacy
Author/Editor: Murphy, Dean A
From Vienna to Yogyakarta
Author/Editor: Purdy, Jemma
Forgotten War
Author/Editor: Reynolds, Henry
The Flash of Recognition
Author/Editor: Lydon, Jane
Faith in Action
Author/Editor: Lake, Meredith
The Exotic Rissole
Author/Editor: Ahmed, Tanveer
The Europeans in Australia, Volume Three
Author/Editor: Atkinson, Alan
Electronic Reporter, 3rd Edition
Author/Editor: Alysen, Barbara
Dr Rip's Essential Beach Book
Author/Editor: Brander, Rob
Don't go back to where you came from
Author/Editor: Soutphomassane, Tim
Author/Editor: Leigh, Andrew
Dirty Secrets
Author/Editor: Burgmann, Meredith
Digging Up A Past
Author/Editor: Mulvaney, John
Digger and Greeks
Author/Editor: Hill, Maria
Designer Suburbs
Author/Editor: O'Callaghan, Judith
Dealing with the Media
Author/Editor: Rau, Christina
Davis McCaughey
Author/Editor: Martin, Sarah
Culture Crisis
Author/Editor: Altman, Jon; Hinkson, Melinda
Conservation in a Crowded World
Author/Editor: Merson, John; Cooney, Rosie; Brown, Paul
Come the Revolution
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Alex
Author/Editor: Hoskins, Ian
The Choice Guide to Food
Author/Editor: Stanton, Rosemary
Author/Editor: Daley, Paul
California P.I
Author/Editor: Sommerville, Rachel
Author/Editor: Condon, Matthew
The Briefest English Grammar and Punctuation Guide Ever!
Author/Editor: Coleman, Ruth
Born In Hope
Author/Editor: Swain, Shurlee
Born in a Tent
Author/Editor: Garner, Bill
Big Coal
Author/Editor: Pearse, Guy; McKnight, David; Burton, Bob
The Best Australian Science Writing 2013
Author/Editor: McCredie, Jane; Michell, Natasha
The Best Australian Science Writing 2012
Author/Editor: Finkel, Elizabeth
The Best Australian Science Writing 2011
Author/Editor: Pincock, Stephen
The Best Australian Business Writing 2012
Author/Editor: Cornell, Andrew
Best 100 Birdwatching Sites in Australia
Author/Editor: Taylor, Sue
Before the Anzac Dawn
Author/Editor: Stockings, Craig; Connor, John
The Beethoven Obsession
Author/Editor: Ward, Brendan
Australian Soldiers in Asia-Pacific in World War II
Author/Editor: Lachlan, Grant
Australian Poetry Since 1788
Author/Editor: Gray, Robert; Lehmann, Geoffrey
Australian History Now
Author/Editor: Clark, Anna; Ashton, Paul
Australia and the Vietnam War
Author/Editor: Edwards, Peter
Australia and China at 40
Author/Editor: Reilly, James; Yuan, Jingdong
Anzac's Dirty Dozen
Author/Editor: Stockings, Craig
All That's Left
Author/Editor: Dyrenfurth, Nick; Soutphommasane, Tim
Alice Springs
Author/Editor: Hogan, Eleanor
Alan 'The Red Fox' Reid
Author/Editor: Fitzgerald, Ross; Holt, Stephen
Air Disaster Canberra
Author/Editor: Tink, Andrew
Author/Editor: Goldworthy, Kerry
Aboriginal Convicts
Author/Editor: Harman, Kristyn
7 Myths about Women and Work
Author/Editor: Fox, Catherine
101 Best Australian Beaches
Author/Editor: Short, Andy; Farmer, Brad