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Zoot Suit
Author/Editor: Peiss, Kathy
Author/Editor: Powers, David S
Zamumo's Gifts
Author/Editor: Hall Jr., Joseph M
Author/Editor: Maira, Sunaina; Soep, Elisabeth
Youth in Museums
Author/Editor: McCullough, M. Eleanor
Your Whole Life: Beyond Childhood and Adulthood
Author/Editor: James Bernard Murphy
Young and Defiant in Tehran
Author/Editor: Khosravi, Shahram
Yigal Allon, Native Son
Author/Editor: Shapira, Anita
The Yard of Wit
Author/Editor: Stephanson, Raymond
Written Work
Author/Editor: Justice, Steven; Kerby-Fulton, Kathryn
The Written Suburb
Author/Editor: Dorst, John D
Writing Women in Late Medieval and Early Modern Spain
Author/Editor: Surtz, Ronald E
Writing the Woman Artist
Author/Editor: Jones, Suzanne W
Writing the Orgy
Author/Editor: Frappier-Mazur, Lucienne
Writing the Image After Roland Barthes
Author/Editor: Rabaté, Jean-Michel
The Writing on the Wall
Author/Editor: Hannas, William C
Writing Huck Finn
Author/Editor: Doyno, Victor A
Writing East
Author/Editor: Higgins, Iain Macleod
Writing Cultural History in Colonial and Postcolonial India
Author/Editor: Schwarz, Henry
Writing and Holiness
Author/Editor: Krueger, Derek
The Writer's Way in France
Author/Editor: Cohn, Robert Greer
Wrestling Angels into Song
Author/Editor: Beavers, Herman
WPA Guide to Philadelphia
Author/Editor: Federal Writers' Project Works Progress Administration
World Trade and Its Future
Author/Editor: Salter, Sir Arthur
The World That Fear Made: Slave Revolts and Conspiracy Scares in Early America
Author/Editor: JASON T. SHARPLES
The World of William Penn
Author/Editor: Dunn, Richard S.; Dunn, Mary Maples
The World of Surgery, 1945-1985
Author/Editor: Hardy M.D., James D
The World of Piers Plowman
Author/Editor: Krochalis, Jeanne; Peters, Edward
World Insurance Trends
Author/Editor: Gregg, Davis W.; McGill, Dan M
The World Colonization Made: The Racial Geography of Early American Empire
Author/Editor: Brandon Mills
A World at Sea: Maritime Practices and Global History
Author/Editor: Lauren Benton,Nathan Perl-Rosenthal
Work, Wages, and Poverty
Author/Editor: Madden, Janice Fanning; Stull, William J
The Works of William Harvey
Author/Editor: Harvey, William
The Workfare State
Author/Editor: Bertram, Eva
Workers' Emotions in Shop and Home
Author/Editor: Hersey, Rexford Brammer
Word as Bond in English Literature from the Middle Ages to the Restoration
Author/Editor: Canfield, J. Douglas
Woodrow Wilson and the World of Today
Author/Editor: Dudden, Arthur P
Wondrous Events
Author/Editor: McClenon, James
Wonderful to Relate
Author/Editor: Koopmans, Rachel
Women's Radical Reconstruction
Author/Editor: Faulkner, Carol
Women's Human Rights and Migration
Author/Editor: Kalantry, Sital
Women's Human Rights
Author/Editor: Ross, Susan Deller
Women's Health and the World's Cities
Author/Editor: Meleis, Afaf Ibrahim; Birch, Eugenie L.; Wachter, Susan M
Women Preaching Revolution
Author/Editor: Lawless, Elaine J
Women of God and Arms
Author/Editor: Warren, Nancy Bradley
Women in the Organization
Author/Editor: Frank, Harold H
Women in the American Welfare Trap
Author/Editor: Kingfisher, Catherine
Women in Pain
Author/Editor: Finkler, Kaja
Women in Medieval Society
Author/Editor: Stuard, Susan Mosher
Women in Medieval History and Historiography
Author/Editor: Stuard, Susan Mosher
Women in American Religion
Author/Editor: James, Janet Wilson
Women at War
Author/Editor: Norman, Elizabeth
Women as Unseen Characters
Author/Editor: Bonnemère, Pascale
Women and Power in the Middle East
Author/Editor: Joseph, Suad; Slyomovics, Susan
Women and Credit in Pre-Industrial and Developing Societies
Author/Editor: Jordan, William Chester
Woeful Afflictions
Author/Editor: Klages, Mary
The Witnesses
Author/Editor: Stover, Eric
With Walt Whitman in Camden
Author/Editor: Traubel, Horace; Bradley, Sculley
With Child in Mind
Author/Editor: Sandelowski, Margarete
Witching Culture
Author/Editor: Magliocco, Sabina
Witchcraft and Magic in the Nordic Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Stephen A
Witchcraft and Magic
Author/Editor: Berger, Helen A
William Strickland
Author/Editor: Gilchrist, Agnes Addison
William Smith
Author/Editor: Gegenheimer, Albert Frank
William Penn, 1644-1718
Author/Editor: Comfort, William Wistar
William Langland's Piers Plowman
William Carlos Williams' Paterson
Author/Editor: Conarroe, Joel Osborne
Wildlife Films
Author/Editor: Bousé, Derek
Wild Frenchmen and Frenchified Indians
Author/Editor: White, Sophie
The Widowing of Mrs. Holroyd
Author/Editor: Lawrence, D. H
The Widening Circle
Author/Editor: Korshin, Paul J
Why Education Is Useless
Author/Editor: Cottom, Daniel
Why Don't American Cities Burn?
Author/Editor: Katz, Michael B
Wholesale Prices in Philadelphia, 1852-1896
Author/Editor: Bezanson, Anne
Wholesale Prices in Philadelphia, 1784-1861
Author/Editor: Bezanson, Anne; Gray, Robert D.; Hussey, Miriam
Wholesale Prices in Philadelphia, 1784-1861
Author/Editor: Bezanson, Anne; Gray, Robert D
Whither the Early Republic
Author/Editor: Larson, John Lauritz; Morrison, Michael A
The White Nuns: Cistercian Abbeys for Women in Medieval France
Author/Editor: Constance Hoffman Berman
Whether to Kill
Author/Editor: Dornschneider, Stephanie
When Counterinsurgency Wins
Author/Editor: Hashim, Ahmed S
When Broadway Was the Runway
Author/Editor: Schweitzer, Marlis
What You Will
Author/Editor: Schwarz, Kathryn
What Caused the Financial Crisis
Author/Editor: Friedman, Jeffrey
Wharton Assembly Addresses, 1938
Author/Editor: Rowntree, B. Sheebohm; Dykstra, C. A.; Shepard, George W
Wharton Assembly Addresses, 1936
Author/Editor: Gulick, Luther; Biddle, Francis
Western Welfare in Decline
Author/Editor: Kingfisher, Catherine
Weltenzweiung und Weltversohnung in Hofmannsthals Griechischen Dramen
Author/Editor: Rey, William H
Welfare and Strikes
Author/Editor: Thieblot Jr., Armand J.; Cowin, Ronald M
Weeds of Lawn and Garden
Author/Editor: Fogg Jr, John M
W. E. B. Du Bois, American Prophet
Author/Editor: Blum, Edward J
W. E. B. Du Bois
Author/Editor: Rudwick, Elliott M
The Weaver's Craft
Author/Editor: Hood, Adrienne D
Ways of Writing
Author/Editor: Hall, David D
The Way of Improvement Leads Home
Author/Editor: Fea, John
Washington Internships
Author/Editor: Martinez, Deirdre
The War on Welfare
Author/Editor: Chappell, Marisa
Warm Brothers
Author/Editor: Tobin, Robert
War Is Coming
Author/Editor: Hermez, Sami
War and Slavery in Sudan
Author/Editor: Jok, Jok Madut
The Waqfiyah of ʼAḥmed Pasa
Author/Editor: Simsar, Muhammed Ahmed
The Waqfiyah of ʼAḥmed Pasa
Author/Editor: Simsar, Muhammed Ahmed
Walt Whitman's Backward Glances
Author/Editor: Bradley, Sculley; Stevenson, John A
Walt Whitman and the Civil War
Author/Editor: Glicksberg, Charles I
Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson
Author/Editor: Salska, Agnieszka
Walter Map and the Matter of Britain
Author/Editor: Joshua Byron Smith
Walter Lippmann's Philosophy of International Politics
Author/Editor: Syed, Anwar Hussain
Wallace Stevens
Author/Editor: Nassar, Eugene Paul
Author/Editor: Leeds, Morris Evans; Balderston, C. Canby
Wage-Reopening Arbitration
Author/Editor: Tripp, L. Reed
Wage Rates and Working Time in the Bituminous Coal Industry, 1912-1922
Author/Editor: Fisher, Waldo E.; Bezanson, Anne
Wage-Price-Productivity Nexus
Author/Editor: Bodkin, Ronald G
Wage Methods and Selling Costs
Author/Editor: Bezanson, Anne; Hussey, Miriam
Voluntary Allotment
Author/Editor: Mead, Edward S.; Ostrolenk, Bernhard
Voices of the English Reformation
Author/Editor: King, John N
The Voice of the Trobairitz
Author/Editor: Paden, William D
The Voice of the Old Frontier
Author/Editor: Vail, R. W. G
Voice of the Lord
Author/Editor: Wildes, Harry Emerson
The Voice of My Beloved
Author/Editor: Matter, E. Ann
Voice in Motion
Author/Editor: Bloom, Gina
A Voice for Human Rights
Author/Editor: Robinson, Mary; Boyle, Kevin
Vodun: Secrecy and the Search for Divine Power
Author/Editor: Timothy R. Landry
The Visual Object of Desire in Late Medieval England
Author/Editor: Stanbury, Sarah
The Visual and Verbal Sketch in British Romanticism
Author/Editor: Sha, Richard C
Visions of Sovereignty
Author/Editor: Lluch, Jaime
Virtuosity in Business
Author/Editor: Jackson, Kevin T
The Virgin in Song
Author/Editor: Arentzen, Thomas
Virgil's Eclogues
Author/Editor: Virgil
Violence in Roman Egypt
Author/Editor: Bryen, Ari Z
Violence and Belief in Late Antiquity
Author/Editor: Sizgorich, Thomas
Vigilante Politics
Author/Editor: Rosenbaum, H. Jon; Sederberg, Peter C
Victoria Woodhull's Sexual Revolution
Author/Editor: Frisken, Amanda
The Vestibular System and Its Diseases
Author/Editor: Wolfson, Robert Joseph
Vernacular Voices
Author/Editor: Fudeman, Kirsten A
Verbal Arts in Madagascar
Author/Editor: Haring, Lee
Venomous Tongues
Author/Editor: Bardsley, Sandy
Vassals, Heiresses, Crusaders, and Thugs
Author/Editor: Thomas, Hugh M
Varieties of Sovereignty and Citizenship
Author/Editor: Ben-Porath, Sigal R.; Smith, Rogers M
The Varieties of Political Experience in Eighteenth-Century America
Author/Editor: Beeman, Richard R
A Valley of Vision
U.S. Foreign Policy and Muslim Women's Human Rights
Author/Editor: Kelly J. Shannon
The Uses of Charity
Author/Editor: Mandler, Peter
Used Books
Author/Editor: Sherman, William H
Urdu Grammar and Reader
Author/Editor: Bender, Ernest
Urban Tomographies
Author/Editor: Krieger, Martin H
Urban Renewal in European Countries
Author/Editor: Grebler, Leo
Urbane Travelers, 1591-1635
Author/Editor: Penrose, Boies
Unwording the World
Author/Editor: Locatelli, Carla
Unwelcome Americans
Author/Editor: Herndon, Ruth Wallis
Unveiling Eve
Author/Editor: Rosen, Tova
Untimely Matter in the Time of Shakespeare
Author/Editor: Harris, Jonathan Gil
Unraveling Somalia
Author/Editor: Besteman, Catherine
Unquiet Things
Author/Editor: Jager, Colin
Author/Editor: Karras, Ruth Mazo
Unmaking the Global Sweatshop: Health and Safety of the World's Garment Workers
Author/Editor: Rebecca Prentice,Geert De Neve
The University of Pennsylvania Today
Author/Editor: Dowlin, Cornell M
The University of Pennsylvania Faculty
Author/Editor: Shryock, Richard H
The University Library in the United States
Author/Editor: Hamlin, Arthur
University Education for Business
Author/Editor: Bossard, James H. S.; Dewhurst, J. Frederic
Universal Human Rights and Extraterritorial Obligations
Author/Editor: Gibney, Mark; Skogly, Sigrun
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Author/Editor: Morsink, Johannes
United States Penetration of Brazil
Author/Editor: Black, Jan Knippers
The United States of America, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Dudden, Arthur P
The United States and France
Author/Editor: Case, Lynn M.; Spencer, Warren F
Union Tactics and Economic Change
Author/Editor: Palmer, Gladys L
Unionizing the Armed Forces
Author/Editor: Krendel, Ezra S.; Samoff, Bernard L
Union Authorization Cards and the NLRB
Author/Editor: McFarland, Alan R.; Bishop, Wayne S
Unhuman Culture
Author/Editor: Cottom, Daniel
Author/Editor: M'Closkey, Karen
Understanding Terror Networks
Author/Editor: Sageman, Marc
Under Quaker Appointment
Author/Editor: Johnson, Emily Cooper
Uncommon Tongues
Author/Editor: Nicholson, Catherine
Uncommon Dominion
Author/Editor: McKee, Sally
Uncollected Poems of James Russell Lowell
Author/Editor: Lowell, James Russell; Smith, Thelma M
Uncle Sam Presents
Author/Editor: Buttitta, Tony; Witham, Barry
Unclean Spirits
Author/Editor: Walker, D. P
Uncertain Democracy
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Lincoln A
Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1531)
Author/Editor: Zwingli, Ulrich; Jackson, Samuel Macauley
The Typology of the Early Codex
Author/Editor: Turner, Eric G
The Typological Imaginary
Author/Editor: Biddick, Kathleen
The Two Worlds of Marcel Proust
Author/Editor: March, Harold
Twenty-fifth Anniversary Studies, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Davidson, D. S
Turns of Event
Author/Editor: Hester Blum
Turning to Political Violence
Author/Editor: Sageman, Marc
Tuesdays at Ten
Author/Editor: Weygandt, Cornelius
Truth Without Reconciliation: A Human Rights History of Ghana
Author/Editor: Abena Ampofoa Asare
Truth in Accounting
Author/Editor: MacNeal, Kenneth
Truth Commissions
Author/Editor: Onur Bakiner
Truth and Democracy
Author/Editor: Elkins, Jeremy; Norris, Andrew
True Relations
Author/Editor: Dolan, Frances E
The Trouble with Ownership
Author/Editor: Greene, Jody
The Trotula
The Trotula
Tropical Whites
Author/Editor: Cocks, Catherine
The Triumph of Militant Republicanism
Author/Editor: Bradley, Erwin Stanley
The Triumph of Evolution
Author/Editor: Cravens, Hamilton
Trends in the Distribution of Stock Ownership
Author/Editor: Cox, Edwin Burk
Trends in Modern American Society
Author/Editor: Morris, Clarence
Trends in Foundry Production in the Philadelphia Area
Author/Editor: Bezanson, Anne; Gray, Robert
Trees of Pennsylvania, the Atlantic States, and the Lake States
Author/Editor: Li, Hui-Lin
The Treaty of Frankfort
Author/Editor: Giesberg, Robert Irvin
Treatise on the Power and Utility of Moneys
Author/Editor: Biel, Gabriel
A Traveling Homeland
Author/Editor: Boyarin, Daniel
The Traveler, the Tower, and the Worm
Author/Editor: Manguel, Alberto
Transportation and National Defense
Author/Editor: White, Joseph L
The Transmission of Culture in Early Modern Europe
Author/Editor: Grafton, Anthony; Blair, Ann
Translations and Reprints from the Original Sources of European History, Volume VI
Author/Editor: Whitcomb, Merrick; McMaster, John Bach; Howland, Arthur C
Translating "Clergie"
Author/Editor: Claire M. Waters
Translating Buddhist Medicine in Medieval China
Author/Editor: Salguero, C. Pierce
The Transformation of Moravian Bethlehem
Author/Editor: Smaby, Beverly Prior
Transcontinental Railway Strategy, 1869-1893
Author/Editor: Grodinsky, Julius
Transcendentalism in New England
Author/Editor: Frothingham, Octavius Brooks
Transatlantic Insurrections
Author/Editor: Giles, Paul
Tramps, Unfit Mothers, and Neglected Children
Author/Editor: Broder, Sherri
Author/Editor: Thiranagama, Sharika; Kelly, Tobias
Training for Skill in Social Case Work
Author/Editor: Robinson, Virginia P
Tragicomic Redemptions
Author/Editor: Forman, Valerie
The Tragedy and Comedy of Resistance
Author/Editor: Taylor, Carole Anne
Trade, Land, Power
Author/Editor: Richter, Daniel K
A Town In-Between
Author/Editor: Ridner, Judith
Town Born
Author/Editor: Levy, Barry
Toward a New U.S. Industrial Policy?
Author/Editor: Wachter, Michael L.; Wachter, Susan M
Toward a Geography of Price
Author/Editor: Warntz, William
Toussaint Louverture and the American Civil War
Author/Editor: Clavin, Matthew J
Tours of Hell
Author/Editor: Himmelfarb, Martha
Tourism Alternatives
Author/Editor: Smith, Valene L.; Eadington, William R
Tough Girls
Author/Editor: Inness, Sherrie A
To the Lesser Heights of Morningside
Author/Editor: Tugwell, Rexford G
Author/Editor: Lea, Henry Charles
Author/Editor: Relph, Edward
To Retire or Not?: Retirement Policy and Practice in Higher Education
Author/Editor: Robert L. Clark,P. Brett Hammond
To Read My Heart
Author/Editor: McMahon, Lucia; Schriver, Deborah
Top Down
Author/Editor: Ferguson, Karen
The Tongking Gulf Through History
Author/Editor: Cooke, Nola; Li, Tana; Anderson, James A
Tomb Treasures of the Late Middle Kingdom
Author/Editor: Grajetzki, Wolfram
To March for Others
Author/Editor: Araiza, Lauren
To Live Like a Moor: Christian Perceptions of Muslim Identity in Medieval and Early Modern Spain
Author/Editor: Olivia Remie Constable,Robin Vose,David Nirenberg
To Breathe with Birds
Author/Editor: Cílek, Václav
Author/Editor: Franz, Kathleen
Time to Go
Author/Editor: Anne Hunsaker Hawkins,James O. Ballard,Theodore Blaisdell
Tikal Reports, Numbers 1-11
Author/Editor: Shook, Edwin M.; Coe, William R.; Carr, Robert F
The Ties That Buy
Author/Editor: Hartigan-O'Connor, Ellen
Author/Editor: Drabkin, David L
Thucydides Mythistoricus
Through the History of the Cold War
Author/Editor: Lukacs, John
The Threshold of Manifest Destiny
Author/Editor: Shire, Laurel Clark
Three Voyagers in Search of Europe
Author/Editor: Holder, Alan
Three Centuries of Tirso de Molina
Author/Editor: Bushee, Alice Huntington
Three Americanists
Author/Editor: Adams, Randolph G
The Thousand and One Churches
Author/Editor: Ramsay, William M.; Bell, Gertrude L.; Ousterhout, Robert G
Those of My Blood
Author/Editor: Bouchard, Constance Brittain
Thorns in the Flesh
Author/Editor: Crislip, Andrew
Thoreau's Alternative History
Author/Editor: Burbick, Joan
Thomas Willing and the First American Financial System
Author/Editor: Konkle, Burton Alva
Thomas Percy
Author/Editor: Davis, Bertram H
Thomas Pelham-Holles, Duke of Newcastle
Author/Editor: Nulle, Stebelton H
Thomas Mann Studies, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Jonas, Klaus W.; Jonas, Ilsedore B
Thomas Killigrew
Author/Editor: Harbage, Alfred
Thomas Hovenden
Author/Editor: Terhune, Anne Gregory
Thomas Henry Burrowes, 1805-1871
Author/Editor: Mohr, Robert Landis
Thomas Chatterton, the Marvelous Boy
Author/Editor: Ellinger, Esther Parker
Thomas Carlyle and the Art of History
Author/Editor: Young, Louise Merwin
This Side of Silence
Author/Editor: Kelly, Tobias
This Noble House
Author/Editor: Franklin, Arnold E
This Is Our Music
Author/Editor: Anderson, Iain
This Invisible Riot of the Mind
Author/Editor: Gross, Gloria Sybil
Thinking Through Material Culture
Author/Editor: Knappett, Carl
Thinking Sex with the Early Moderns
Author/Editor: Traub, Valerie
The Things of Greater Importance
Author/Editor: Rudolph, Conrad
Things American
Author/Editor: Trask, Jeffrey
They Watch Me as They Watch This
Author/Editor: Bowers, Jane Palatini
These Fiery Frenchified Dames
Author/Editor: Branson, Susan
There's Nobody There
Author/Editor: Opie, Anne
The Therapeutic Revolution
Author/Editor: Vogel, Morris J.; Rosenberg, Charles E
The Theory of Free Competition
Author/Editor: Ratzlaff, C. J
Theoretical Fables
Author/Editor: Borinsky, Alicia
Theodore Roosevelt
Author/Editor: Burton, David H
Then and Now
Author/Editor: Brinton, Anna
Theme and Symbol in Tennyson's Poems to 1850
Author/Editor: Ryals, Clyde de L
Theatrical Nation
Author/Editor: Ragussis, Michael
A Theater of Diplomacy
Author/Editor: Welch, Ellen R
Theater of a City
Author/Editor: Howard, Jean E
That Most Precious Merchandise: The Mediterranean Trade in Black Sea Slaves, 1260-1500
Author/Editor: Hannah Barker
Textual Situations
Author/Editor: Taylor, Andrew
Textual Mirrors
Author/Editor: Stein, Dina
Texts of the Passion
Author/Editor: Bestul, Thomas H
Text and Territory
Author/Editor: Tomasch, Sylvia; Gilles, Sealy
The Territories and the United States, 1861-1890
Author/Editor: Pomeroy, Earl S
Author/Editor: James, Henry
Tercera Parte de la Tragicomedia de Celestina
Author/Editor: Gómez de Toledo, Gaspar; Barrick, Mac E
Ten Thousand Out of Work
Author/Editor: Clague, Ewan; Powell, Webster
Tennis Science for Tennis Players
Author/Editor: Brody, Howard
The Temptations of Trade
The Teleology of the Modern Nation-State
Author/Editor: Fogel, Joshua A
Teenage Sexuality, Pregnancy, and Childbearing
Author/Editor: Furstenberg Jr., Frank F.; Lincoln, Richard; Menken, Jane
Tea Sets and Tyranny
Author/Editor: Bullock, Steven C
Teaching in America
Author/Editor: Gruber, Frederick C
Teachers and Unions
Author/Editor: Moskow, Michael H
Taxpayer Compliance, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Roth, Jeffrey A.; Scholz, John T
Taxpayer Compliance, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Roth, Jeffrey A.; Scholz, John T.; Witte, Ann Dryden
Taxes on Knowledge in America
Author/Editor: Bezanson, Randall P
Tax and Spend
Author/Editor: Michelmore, Molly C
The Taste of Ethnographic Things
Author/Editor: Stoller, Paul
The Taste of Blood
Author/Editor: Wafer, Jim
Tariff Retaliation
Author/Editor: Jones Jr., Joseph M
Tangier Island
Author/Editor: Hall III, S. Warren
Taming Lust
Author/Editor: Ben-Atar, Doron S.; Brown, Richard D
Tamerlane, a Tragedy
Author/Editor: Rowe, Nicholas; Burns Jr., Landon C
Talking Culture
Author/Editor: Moerman, Michael
Talking Animals
Author/Editor: Ziolkowski, Jan M
Tales of the Jazz Age
Author/Editor: Fitzgerald, F. Scott
Tales from Inside the Iron Lung (And How I Got Out of It)
Author/Editor: Woods, Regina
Take Up Your Pen
Author/Editor: Dodds, Graham G
Author/Editor: Mudd, Philip
The Taft-Hartley Act and Multi-employer Bargaining
Author/Editor: Freidin, Jesse
Tabula Picta
Author/Editor: Madero, Marta
Swift at Moor Park
Author/Editor: Elias Jr., A. C
Sweet Liberty
Author/Editor: Schloss, Rebecca Hartkopf
The Swedish Acceptance of American Literature
Author/Editor: Anderson, Carl L
Sweden at the Edge
Author/Editor: Maccoby, Michael
The Swahili
Author/Editor: DEREK NURSE,THOMAS SPEAR,Anthony F. C. Wallace,Lee V. Cassanelli
Sustainable Lifeways
Author/Editor: Miller, Naomi F.; Moore, Katherine M.; Ryan, Kathleen
Suspicious Readings of Joyce's Dubliners
Author/Editor: Norris, Margot
Surviving Slavery in the British Caribbean
Author/Editor: RANDY M. BROWNE
Survival Through War and Revolution in Russia
Author/Editor: Fedotoff White, D
The Supreme Court and the Idea of Constitutionalism
Author/Editor: Kautz, Steven; Melzer, Arthur; Weinberger, Jerry
The Sunshade Chapel of Meritaten from the House-of-Waenre of Akhenaten
Author/Editor: Wegner, Josef
Sunrise to Eternity
Author/Editor: Stoudt, John Joseph
Sunbelt Rising
Author/Editor: Nickerson, Michelle; Dochuk, Darren
Sunbelt Capitalism
Author/Editor: Shermer, Elizabeth Tandy
Sumerian Proverbs
Author/Editor: Gordon, Edmund I
Sumerian Grammatical Texts
Author/Editor: Langdon, Stephen
Sumerian Business and Administrative Documents from the Earliest Times to the Dynasty of Agade
Author/Editor: Barton, George A
Suggestions for Thought by Florence Nightingale
Author/Editor: Calabria, Michael D.; Macrae, Janet A
The Sufi Journey of Baba Rexheb
Author/Editor: Trix, Frances
A Sufi-Jewish Dialogue
Author/Editor: Lobel, Diana
Suburban Differences and Metropolitan Policies
Author/Editor: Williams, Oliver P.; Herman, Harold; Liebman, Charles S
Substance and Symbol in Chinese Toggles
Author/Editor: Cammann, Schuyler V. R
Subscription Theater: Democracy and Drama in Britain and Ireland, 1880-1939
The Submission Agreement in Contract Arbitration
Author/Editor: Handsaker, Morrison; Handsaker, Marjorie
Subjects unto the Same King
Author/Editor: Pulsipher, Jenny Hale
Stuyvesant Bound
Author/Editor: Merwick, Donna
A Study of Cyril Tourneur
Author/Editor: Murray, Peter B
Studying Visual Communication
Author/Editor: Worth, Sol; Gross, Larry
Studies in the History of Science
Author/Editor: Speiser, E. A.; Neugebauer, Otto E.; Ranke, Hermann
Studies in Political Science and Sociology
Author/Editor: Shih, Hu; Edwards, Newton; May, Mark A
Studies in Medieval Literature
Author/Editor: Leach, MacEdward
Studies in Economics and Industrial Relations
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Wesley C
Studies in Civilization
Author/Editor: Wace, Alan J. B.; Neugebauer, Otto E.; Ferguson, William S
Studies in African Native Law
Author/Editor: Lewin, Julius
Structuring the Journey to Work
Author/Editor: Lapin, Howard S
The Structure of Byron's Major Poems
Author/Editor: Marshall, William Harvey
The Structure of Artistic Revolutions
Author/Editor: Clignet, Remi
The Structure of American Medical Practice, 1875-1941
Author/Editor: Rosen, George; Rosenberg, Charles E
Structure and Style in Javanese
Author/Editor: Errington, J. Joseph
Structural Forms in the French Theater, 1500-1700
Author/Editor: Roaten, Darnell
Structural Analysis of Oral Tradition
Author/Editor: Maranda, Pierre; Maranda, Elii Köngäs
Street Commerce: Creating Vibrant Urban Sidewalks
Author/Editor: Andres Sevtsuk
Strategies of Compliance with the European Court of Human Rights: Rational Choice Within Normative Constraints
Author/Editor: Andreas von Staden
The Strategic Defense Debate
Author/Editor: Snyder, Craig
Strangers Nowhere in the World
Author/Editor: Margaret C. Jacob
The Strangers Book
Author/Editor: Pratt, Lloyd
The Strange Case of Ermine de Reims
Author/Editor: Blumenfeld-Kosinski, Renate
Storytellers, Saints, and Scoundrels
Author/Editor: Narayan, Kirin
The Story of the Negro
Author/Editor: Washington, Booker T
The Stories of Ernest Dowson
Author/Editor: Longaker, Mark
Stitching Identities in a Free Trade Zone
Author/Editor: Hewamanne, Sandya
Steam Power on the American Farm
Author/Editor: Wik, Reynold M
Statistics in Social Studies
Author/Editor: Rice, Stuart A
State Theory and Andean Politics
Author/Editor: Krupa, Christopher; Nugent, David
States of Dispossession: Violence and Precarious Coexistence in Southeast Turkey
Author/Editor: Zerrin Özlem Biner
The State of the Nation
Author/Editor: Lee, Charles
A State of Deference
Author/Editor: Stuard, Susan Mosher
Statelessness in the Caribbean: The Paradox of Belonging in a Postnational World
Author/Editor: Kristy A. Belton
State Insurance in the United States
Author/Editor: McCahan, David
State Government in Transition
Author/Editor: Smith, Reed M
Statebuilding from the Margins
Author/Editor: Nackenoff, Carol; Novkov, Julie
Standards of Bibliographical Description
Author/Editor: Bühler, Curt F.; McManaway, James G.; Wroth, Lawrence C
Standardizing Diversity
Author/Editor: Liu, Amy H
Author/Editor: Yachnin, Paul
Stages of Industrial Development in Asia
Author/Editor: Koh, Sung Jae
The Sports Franchise Game
Author/Editor: Shropshire, Kenneth L
The Spoken Word and the Work of Interpretation
Author/Editor: Tedlock, Dennis
Spoken Marathi, Book 1
Author/Editor: Kavadi, Naresh B.; Southworth, Franklin C
Spiritual Taxonomies and Ritual Authority
Author/Editor: Heidi Marx-Wolf
Spiritual Economies
Author/Editor: Warren, Nancy Bradley
Spirit Keepers of the North
Author/Editor: Kaplan, Susan A
The Sphinx That Traveled to Philadelphia
Author/Editor: Wegner, Josef; Wegner, Jennifer Houser
Speech Play
Author/Editor: Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Barbara
Specters of Paul
Author/Editor: Dunning, Benjamin H
Spectacles of Strangeness
Author/Editor: Bartels, Emily C
Spectacles of Empire
Author/Editor: Frilingos, Christopher A
Speaking with the Dead in Early America
Author/Editor: Erik R. Seeman
Speaking of the Moor
Author/Editor: Bartels, Emily C
The Spanish Pastoral Romances
Author/Editor: Rennert, Hugo A
The Spanish College at Bologna in the Fourteenth Century
Author/Editor: Marti, Berthe M
Soviet Administration of Criminal Law
Author/Editor: Zelitch, Judah
Sovereignty Suspended: Building the So-Called State
Author/Editor: Rebecca Bryant,Mete Hatay
Sovereignty in Exile
Author/Editor: Wilson, Alice
Sovereign Fantasies
Author/Editor: Ingham, Patricia Clare
The Sovereign Citizen
Author/Editor: Weil, Patrick
South After Gettysburg
Author/Editor: Hancock, Cornelia; Jaquette, Henrietta Stratton
Sources of Law, Legal Change, and Ambiguity
Author/Editor: Alan Watson
Sounds So Good to Me
Author/Editor: Barry Lee Pearson
Sound, Space, and the City
Author/Editor: Peterson, Marina
Sound in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Author/Editor: Suisman, David; Strasser, Susan
Sound Business
Author/Editor: Stamm, Michael
Souls in Dispute
Author/Editor: Graizbord, David L
The Soul of America
Author/Editor: Quinn, Arthur Hobson
Author/Editor: Dikaois, Porphyrios
Author/Editor: Bates, William Nickerson
Author/Editor: Boker, George Henry; Bradley, Edward Sculley
A Sonnet from Carthage
Author/Editor: Helgerson, Richard
The Song of Troilus
Author/Editor: Stillinger, Thomas C
The Song in the Story
Author/Editor: Boulton, Maureen Barry McCann
Some Spanish-American Poets
Some International Aspects of the Business Cycle
Author/Editor: Neisser, Hans
Some Forerunners of the Newspapers in England, 1476-1622
Author/Editor: Shaaber, Matthias A
Some Economic Aspects of Business Organization
Author/Editor: McNulty, James E
Soldier in the West
Author/Editor: Hough, Alfred Lacey; Athearn, Robert G
The Socratic Turn
Author/Editor: Sebell, Dustin
Socrates and Alcibiades
Author/Editor: Helfer, Ariel
A Sociosemiotic Theory of Theatre
Author/Editor: Alter, Jean
Social Work in a Revolutionary Age and Other Papers
Author/Editor: Pray, Kenneth L. M.; Taft, Jessie
The Social Use of Metaphor
Author/Editor: Sapir, J. David; Crocker, J. Christopher
Social Policy and Social Justice
Author/Editor: Jackson Jr., John L
The Social Lives of Poems in Nineteenth-Century America
Author/Editor: Cohen, Michael C
The Social Life of Language
Author/Editor: Sankoff, Gillian
The Social Engagement of Social Science, Volume 3
Author/Editor: Eric Trist,Fred Emery,Hugh Murray
The Social Engagement of Social Science, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Eric Trist,Hugh Murray,Beulah Trist
The Social Engagement of Social Science, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Eric Trist,Hugh Murray,Beulah Trist
The Social Engagement of Social Science, a Tavistock Anthology, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Trist, Eric; Murray, Hugh
The Social Engagement of Social Science, a Tavistock Anthology, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Trist, Eric; Murray, Hugh
The Social Engagement of Social Science, a Tavistock Anthology, Volume 3
Author/Editor: Trist, Eric; Murray, Hugh
Social Determinants of Moral Ideas
Author/Editor: Ossowska, Maria
Social Darwinism in American Thought, 1860-1915
Author/Editor: Hofstadter, Richard
Social Courts in Theory and Practice
Author/Editor: Hayden, Robert M
Social Control in a Free Society
Author/Editor: Spiller, Robert E
Social Class and Democratic Leadership
Author/Editor: Bershady, Harold J
Social Aspects of Enterprise in the Large Corporation
Author/Editor: Hurff, George B
Sociable Knowledge
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Yale
The Sociable City
Author/Editor: Rowan, Jamin Creed
Smarter Growth: Activism and Environmental Policy in Metropolitan Washington
Author/Editor: John H. Spiers
Small Countries
Author/Editor: Hannerz, Ulf; Gingrich, Andre
Author/Editor: Schneider, Eric C
Author/Editor: Eugenie L. Birch,Shahana Chattaraj,Susan M. Wachter
Slaves and Englishmen
Author/Editor: Guasco, Michael
Slavery's Capitalism
Author/Editor: Beckert, Sven; Rockman, Seth
Slavery's Borderland
Author/Editor: Salafia, Matthew
Slavery in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia
Author/Editor: Phillips Jr., William D
Slavery and the Democratic Conscience
Author/Editor: Padraig Riley
Slantwise Moves: Games, Literature, and Social Invention in Nineteenth-Century America
Author/Editor: Douglas A. Guerra
Slandering the Jew
Author/Editor: Drake, Susanna
Author/Editor: Flowers, Benjamin
Skipper from Leith
Author/Editor: Reid, W. Stanford
A Skeptic's Guide to Writers' Houses
Author/Editor: Trubek, Anne
Sixteenth-Century Imprints in the Libraries of the University of Pennsylvania
Author/Editor: Shaaber, M. A
Six Historic Homesteads
Author/Editor: Oakley, Imogen B
Sisters and Brothers of the Common Life
Author/Editor: Van Engen, John
Sister Carrie, REV - Revised
Sister Carrie
Author/Editor: Dreiser, Theodore; West III, James L. W
Sister Carrie
Sir William Davenant
Author/Editor: Harbage, Alfred
Sinop Landscapes
Author/Editor: Doonan, Owen P
Singlewomen in the European Past, 1250-1800
Author/Editor: Bennett, Judith M.; Froide, Amy M
Singing the New Song
Author/Editor: Zieman, Katherine
Singing of Birth and Death
Author/Editor: Blackburn, Stuart H
Singing in the Spirit
Author/Editor: Allen, Ray
Singing in a Foreign Land: Anglo-Jewish Poetry, 1812-1847
Author/Editor: KAREN A. WEISMAN
Singapore Population in Transition
Author/Editor: Swee-Hock, Saw
Simon Cameron, Lincoln's Secretary of War
Author/Editor: Bradley, Erwin Stanley
The Silk Industries of Medieval Paris
Author/Editor: Farmer, Sharon
Significant Post-War Changes in the Full-Fashioned Hosiery Industry
Author/Editor: Taylor, George William
The Significance of Wage Uniformity
Author/Editor: Kennedy, Thomas
Sick Economies
Author/Editor: Harris, Jonathan Gil
Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired
Author/Editor: Smith, Susan L
Showing Like a Queen
Author/Editor: Eggert, Katherine
Short Stories of Yashpal, Author and Patriot
Author/Editor: Gold, Ann Grodzins
Shelter Blues
Author/Editor: Desjarlais, Robert R
The Sheik
Author/Editor: Hull, E. M
Shays's Rebellion
Author/Editor: Richards, Leonard L
Shattered Voices
Author/Editor: Phelps, Teresa Godwin
Shareholder Cities: Land Transformations Along Urban Corridors in India
Author/Editor: Sai Balakrishnan
Shared Prosperity in America's Communities
Author/Editor: Susan M. Wachter,Lei Ding
Shaping Romance
Author/Editor: Bruckner, Matilda Tomaryn
The Shaping of Somali Society
Author/Editor: Cassanelli, Lee V
The Shame and the Sorrow
Author/Editor: Merwick, Donna
Shame and Honor
Author/Editor: Trigg, Stephanie
Shakespeare's Stationers
Author/Editor: Straznicky, Marta
Shakespeare's Shrine
Author/Editor: Thomas, Julia
Shakespeare's Schoolroom
Author/Editor: Enterline, Lynn
Shakespeare's Perfume
Shakespeare's Domestic Economies
Author/Editor: Korda, Natasha
Shakespeare Biography and Other Papers, Chiefly Elizabethan
Author/Editor: Schelling, Felix E
Shakespearean Intersections: Language, Contexts, Critical Keywords
Author/Editor: Patricia Parker
Shakespeare and Demi-Science
Author/Editor: Schelling, Felix E
Shades of Difference
Author/Editor: Iyengar, Sujata
Sex Work Politics
Author/Editor: Majic, Samantha
Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones
Author/Editor: Heineman, Elizabeth D
Sexual Types
Author/Editor: DiGangi, Mario
The Sex Lives of Saints
Author/Editor: Burrus, Virginia
Sex and International Tribunals
Author/Editor: Mibenge, Chiseche Salome
The Seven Ages of a Medical Scientist
Author/Editor: Corner, George W
Settling Hebron: Jewish Fundamentalism in a Palestinian City
Author/Editor: Tamara Neuman
The Settlers' Empire
Author/Editor: Saler, Bethel
The Settlement Survey of Tikal
Author/Editor: Puleston, Dennis E
Settlement Archaeology at Quirigua, Guatemala
Author/Editor: Ashmore, Wendy
Series Title: Default Book Series
Serious Play
Author/Editor: Franklin, J. Jeffrey
Serbocroatian-English Dictionary
Sentimental Twain
Author/Editor: Camfield, Gregg
Sensuous Scholarship
Author/Editor: Stoller, Paul
Sensible Flesh
Author/Editor: Elizabeth D. Harvey
Seneca Possessed
Author/Editor: Dennis, Matthew
Seneca by Candlelight and Other Stories of Renaissance Drama
Author/Editor: Helms, Lorraine
Semiconductor Surface Physics
Author/Editor: Kingston, R. H
Selling the American Way
Author/Editor: Belmonte, Laura A
Selling Antislavery: Abolition and Mass Media in Antebellum America
Author/Editor: Teresa A. Goddu
The Self-Conscious Novel
Author/Editor: Stonehill, Brian
Self and the World
Author/Editor: Skinner, John E
Selected Sumerian and Babylonian Texts
Author/Editor: Lutz, Henry Frederick
A Selected Guide to the Literature of the Flowering Plants of Mexico
Author/Editor: Langman, Ida Kaplan
A Selected Bibliography of Significant Works About Adam Smith
Author/Editor: Lightwood, Martha Bolar
"Sefer Yesirah" and Its Contexts: Other Jewish Voices
Author/Editor: Tzahi Weiss
"Sefer Hasidim" and the Ashkenazic Book in Medieval Europe
Author/Editor: Ivan G. Marcus
Seeing the Myth in Human Rights
Author/Editor: Reinbold, Jenna
Seeing the Gawain-Poet
Author/Editor: Stanbury, Sarah
Seduced, Abandoned, and Reborn
Author/Editor: Hessinger, Rodney
Security and Suspicion
Author/Editor: Ochs, Juliana
Secularism in Question
Author/Editor: Joskowicz, Ari; Katz, Ethan B
Secular and Cyclical Movement in the Production and Price of Copper
Author/Editor: Knight, Charles Louis
The Secret Faith of Maestre Honoratus
Author/Editor: Kozodoy, Maud
Seasons of Misery
Author/Editor: Donegan, Kathleen
Seasonal Variations in Employment in Manufacturing Industries
Author/Editor: Bursk, J. Parker
Searching for Normal in the Wake of the Liberian War
Author/Editor: Abramowitz, Sharon Alane
Searching for Health Information
Author/Editor: Freimuth, Vicki S.; Stein, Judith A.; Kean, Thomas J
The Search for an Alternative
Author/Editor: Farber, Marvin
The Sea Peoples and Their World
Author/Editor: Oren, Eliezer D
Sea of Silk
Author/Editor: Burns, E. Jane
Sealed with Blood
Author/Editor: Purcell, Sarah J
The Sea in the Greek Imagination
Author/Editor: Beaulieu, Marie-Claire
Author/Editor: Bert Bender,Tony Angell
Author/Editor: Rawson, Philip
Scripture as Logos
Author/Editor: Yadin, Azzan
Scripture and Tradition
Author/Editor: Yadin-Israel, Azzan
The Script of Jonathan Swift and Other Essays
Author/Editor: Leslie, Shane
The Scientific Achievement of the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Dales, Richard C
Science and Religion in America, 1800-1860
Author/Editor: Hovenkamp, Herbert
Schiller in Russian Literature
Author/Editor: Kostka, Edmund K
The Scandinavian Unemployment Relief Program
Author/Editor: Ratzlaff, C. J
Say Little, Do Much
Author/Editor: Nelson, Sioban
The Saxon Mirror
Saving Shame
Author/Editor: Burrus, Virginia
The Saving Lie
Author/Editor: Bailey, F. G
The Satires of Horace
Author/Editor: Horace
Satire and the Transformation of Genre
Author/Editor: Guilhamet, Leon
Sarajevo Under Siege
Author/Editor: Ivana Maček
Santa Cruz Island Figure Sculpture and Its Social and Ritual Contexts
Author/Editor: Davenport, William H
Author/Editor: Wharton, Edith
Sanctifying the Name of God
Author/Editor: Cohen, Jeremy
Samuel Sloan
Author/Editor: Cooledge Jr., Harold N
Samuel Beckett's Novel Watt
Author/Editor: Büttner, Gottfried
Sacred Violence in Early America
Author/Editor: SUSAN JUSTER,Daniel K. Richter,Kathleen M. Brown,Max Cavitch,David Waldstreicher
Sacred Fictions
Author/Editor: Coon, Lynda L
The Sabermetric Revolution
Author/Editor: Baumer, Benjamin; Zimbalist, Andrew
Russian Minstrels
Author/Editor: Zguta, Russell
Russian Minority Politics in Post-Soviet Latvia and Kyrgyzstan
Author/Editor: Commercio, Michele E
Russian Jews Between the Reds and the Whites, 1917-1920
Author/Editor: Budnitskii, Oleg
The Russian Image of Goethe, Volume 2
Author/Editor: von Gronicka, André
The Russian Image of Goethe, Volume 1
Author/Editor: von Gronicka, André
Russian Diary
Author/Editor: Harnwell, Gaylord P
Rural Athens Under the Democracy
Author/Editor: Jones, Nicholas F
Rum Punch and Revolution
Author/Editor: Thompson, Peter
Ruling the Spirit: Women, Liturgy, and Dominican Reform in Late Medieval Germany
The Rule of Peshat: Jewish Constructions of the Plain Sense of Scripture and Their Christian and Muslim Contexts, 900-1270
Author/Editor: Mordechai Z. Cohen
The Ruins of Experience
Author/Editor: Wickman, Matthew
The Royal Hunt in Eurasian History
Author/Editor: Allsen, Thomas T
The Royal Forests of Medieval England
Author/Editor: Young, Charles R
Roots of the Arab Spring
Author/Editor: Rand, Dafna Hochman
The Roots of Ethnicity
Author/Editor: Atkinson, Ronald R
Romantic Marks and Measures
Author/Editor: Carlson, Julia S
The Romantic Decatur
Author/Editor: Lewis, Charles Lee
Roman Religion and Roman Empire
Author/Editor: Palmer, Robert E. A
The Roman Inquisition on the Stage of Italy, c. 1590-1640
Author/Editor: Mayer, Thomas F
The Roman Inquisition
Author/Editor: Mayer, Thomas F
The Roman Inquisition
Author/Editor: Mayer, Thomas F
Roman Defeat, Christian Response, and the Literary Construction of the Jew
Author/Editor: Olster, David M
Romancing the Real
Author/Editor: Webber, Sabra J
The Romance of the Rose or Guillaume de Dole
Author/Editor: Renart, Jean
The Romance of Origins
Author/Editor: Margherita, Gayle
The Romance of Adultery
Author/Editor: McCracken, Peggy
Romain Gary
Author/Editor: Schoolcraft, Ralph
The Role of Conjuring in Saulteaux Society
Author/Editor: Hallowell, A. Irving
Roger Sherman
Author/Editor: Boardman, Roger Sherman
Robert Morris
Author/Editor: Ver Steeg, Clarence L
Robert Love's Warnings
Author/Editor: Dayton, Cornelia H.; Salinger, Sharon V
Robert J. Flaherty
Author/Editor: Rotha, Paul; Ruby, Jay
Roaring Metropolis
Author/Editor: Daniel Amsterdam
The Road to Judgment
Author/Editor: Stacey, Robin Chapman
Rival Queens
Author/Editor: Nussbaum, Felicity
Rituals of Ethnicity
Author/Editor: Shneiderman, Sara
Ritual in Family Living
Author/Editor: Bossard, James H. S.; Boll, Eleanor S
Rites and Passages
Author/Editor: Berkovitz, Jay R
The Risk of War
Author/Editor: Neofotistos, Vasiliki P
Risk and Ruin: Enron and the Culture of American Capitalism
Author/Editor: Gavin Benke
The Rise of Popular Literacy in Victorian England
Author/Editor: Mitch, David
The Rise of Formal Satire in England Under Classical Influence
Author/Editor: Alden, Raymond MacDonald
Rise From Want
Author/Editor: Davis, James C
The Ring of Dancers
Author/Editor: Wylie, Jonathan; Margolin, David
The Right Wing in France
Author/Editor: Rémond, René
Righteous Persecution
Author/Editor: Ames, Christine Caldwell
The Right and Labor in America
Author/Editor: Nelson Lichtenstein,Elizabeth Tandy Shermer
Rift in the Democracy
Author/Editor: Paul, James C. N
Riders in the Night
Author/Editor: Kroll, Harry Harrison
Richard Rush
Author/Editor: Powell, J. H
Richard Peters
Author/Editor: Cummings, Hubertis Maurice
Richard, Myrtle, and I
Author/Editor: Hudson, Stephen; Schif, Violet
Rhinoceros Bound
Author/Editor: Rosenwein, Barbara H
Rhetorics and Politics in Afghan Traditional Storytelling
Author/Editor: Mills, Margaret A
Rewriting Saints and Ancestors
Author/Editor: Bouchard, Constance Brittain
The Revolution, the Constitution, and America's Third Century, Vols. 1-2
Author/Editor: American Academy of Political and Social Science
The Revolution Is Now Begun
Author/Editor: Ryerson, Richard Alan
Revolutionary Backlash
Author/Editor: Zagarri, Rosemarie
Revitalizing American Cities
Author/Editor: Wachter, Susan M.; Zeuli, Kimberly A
Re-Visioning Romanticism
Author/Editor: Wilson, Carol Shiner; Haefner, Joel
Revision and Authority in Wordsworth
Author/Editor: Galperin, William H
Rethinking the "Romance of the Rose"
Author/Editor: Kevin Brownlee,Sylvia Huot
Rethinking the American City
Author/Editor: Orvell, Miles; Benesch, Klaus
Restrictive Labor Practices in the Supermarket Industry
Author/Editor: Northrup, Herbert R.; Storholm, Gordon R
Responding to Human Trafficking
Author/Editor: Peters, Alicia W
Resources for South Asian Language Studies in the United States
Author/Editor: Brown, W. Norman
Resources for South Asian Area Studies in the United States
Author/Editor: Lambert, Richard D
Resisting Occupation in Kashmir
Author/Editor: Haley Duschinski,Mona Bhan,Ather Zia,Cynthia Mahmood
Residential Renewal in the Urban Core
Author/Editor: Rapkin, Chester; Grigsby, William G
The Research Triangle
Author/Editor: Rohe, William M
Republic of Taste
Author/Editor: Kelly, Catherine E
The Republic of St. Peter
Author/Editor: Noble, Thomas F. X
The Republic of Panama in World Affairs, 1903-1950
Author/Editor: Ealy, Lawrence O
Reproductive Health and Human Rights
Author/Editor: Reichenbach, Laura; Roseman, Mindy Jane
Repression of Heresy in Medieval Germany
Author/Editor: Kieckhefer, Richard
Author/Editor: Nagel, Jack H.; Smith, Rogers M
Reparations to Africa
Author/Editor: RHODA E. HOWARD-HASSMANN,Anthony P. Lombardo
Reorienting the East
Author/Editor: Jacobs, Martin
Author/Editor: Burling, Robbins
Rendering Nature
Author/Editor: Shaffer, Marguerite S.; Young, Phoebe S. K
Renaissance Humanism, Volume 3
Author/Editor: Rabil Jr., Albert
Renaissance Humanism, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Rabil Jr., Albert
Renaissance Humanism, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Rabil Jr., Albert
Renaissance Culture and the Everyday
Author/Editor: Fumerton, Patricia; Hunt, Simon
Removing Obstacles to Economic Growth
Author/Editor: Wachter, Michael L.; Wachter, Susan M
A Remembrance of His Wonders: Nature and the Supernatural in Medieval Ashkenaz
Author/Editor: David I. Shyovitz
Remediation in Rwanda
Author/Editor: Kristin Conner Doughty
Remaking the Rust Belt
Author/Editor: Tracy Neumann
The Reluctant Patron
Author/Editor: Larson, Gary O
The Reluctant Job Changer
Author/Editor: Palmer, Gladys L.; Parnes, Herbert S.; Wilcock, Richard C
Relocation in Urban Planning
Author/Editor: Niebanck, Paul L
Religious Transformations in the Early Modern Americas
Author/Editor: Kirk, Stephanie; Rivett, Sarah
The Religious Motive in Philanthropy
Author/Editor: Washburn, Henry Bradford
Religious Freedom Under Scrutiny
Author/Editor: Heiner Bielefeldt,Michael Wiener
Religious Freedom and Mass Conversion in India
Author/Editor: Laura Dudley Jenkins
The Religion of Philosophers
Author/Editor: Dunham, James H
The Religion of Israel
Author/Editor: Barton, George A
Religion in Republican Rome
Author/Editor: Rüpke, Jörg
Religion in Modern English Drama
Author/Editor: Weales, Gerald
Religion and the Modern World
Author/Editor: Maritain, Jacques; Hromádka, Joseph L.; McGarry, William J
Religion and Profit
Author/Editor: Engel, Katherine Carté
Reinventing Childhood After World War II
Author/Editor: Fass, Paula S.; Grossberg, Michael
Rehabilitating Bodies
Author/Editor: Long, Lisa A
Regulatory Breakdown
Author/Editor: Coglianese, Cary
A Regional Survey and Analyses of the Vrokastro Area, Eastern Crete, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Hayden, Barbara J
Refugees of Revolution
Author/Editor: Wittke, Carl
Reform or Repression
Author/Editor: Chad Pearson
Reforming the Workplace
Author/Editor: Rees, Joseph
Reflections of the Law in Literature
Author/Editor: Windolph, F. Lyman
Referendums and Ethnic Conflict
Author/Editor: Qvortrup, Matt
Red Ties and Residential Schools
Author/Editor: Alexia Bloch
Red Matters
Author/Editor: Krupat, Arnold
The Red Hills
Author/Editor: Weygandt, Cornelius
Red Hannah
Author/Editor: Caldwell, Robert Graham
Redefining the Muslim Community
Author/Editor: Orwin, Alexander
Red Children in White America
Author/Editor: Beuf, Ann H
Recycling the Past
Author/Editor: Leila Zenderland
Records of the Courts of Sussex County, Delaware, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Horle, Craig W
Records of the Courts of Sussex County, Delaware, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Horle, Craig W
Reconquest and Crusade in Medieval Spain
Author/Editor: O'Callaghan, Joseph F
Reconfiguring the Silk Road
Author/Editor: Mair, Victor H.; Hickman, Jane
Reconciliation in Divided Societies
Author/Editor: Daly, Erin; Sarkin, Jeremy
Recognizing Biography
Author/Editor: Epstein, William H
Reclaiming Authorship
Author/Editor: Williams, Susan S
The Reciprocal Trade Policy of the United States
Author/Editor: Tasca, Henry J
Recipes for Thought
Author/Editor: Wall, Wendy
Author/Editor: MacLeod, Alastair W
Rebuilding Urban Places After Disaster
Author/Editor: Birch, Eugenie L.; Wachter, Susan M
Rebellion and Savagery
Author/Editor: Plank, Geoffrey
Reason and the Nature of Texts
Author/Editor: Battersby, James L
Realizing Roma Rights
Author/Editor: Bhabha, Jacqueline; Mirga, Andrzej; Matache, Margareta
Reaganomics in the Stagflation Economy
Author/Editor: Weintraub, Sidney; Goodstein, Marvin
Reading Women
Author/Editor: Brayman Hackel, Heidi; Kelly, Catherine E
Reading the Qur'an in Latin Christendom, 1140-1560
Author/Editor: Burman, Thomas E
Reading the Body
Author/Editor: Rautman, Alison E
Reading Children
Author/Editor: Patricia Crain
Ravishing Maidens
Author/Editor: Gravdal, Kathryn
A Rationale of Textual Criticism
Author/Editor: Tanselle, G. Thomas
Raphael Lemkin and the Concept of Genocide
Author/Editor: Irvin-Erickson, Douglas
Rape on Trial
Author/Editor: Cuklanz, Lisa M
Rape on Prime Time
Author/Editor: Cuklanz, Lisa M
Rainforest Warriors
Author/Editor: Price, Richard
Railroad Valuation and Fair Return
Author/Editor: Wu, Shao-Tseng
The Ragged Road to Abolition
Author/Editor: Gigantino II, James J
Radiology at the University of Pennsylvania, 1890-1975
Author/Editor: Leopold, Lynne Allen
Radiologic Anatomy of the Jaws
Author/Editor: Berry Jr., Harrison M
Radical Pacifism in Modern America
Author/Editor: Mollin, Marian
Radclyffe Hall
Author/Editor: Dellamora, Richard
Racial Factors and Urban Law Enforcement
Author/Editor: Kephart, William M
Race, Riots, and Roller Coasters
Author/Editor: Wolcott, Victoria W
Race and the Making of American Political Science
Author/Editor: Jessica Blatt
Race and the Cherokee Nation
Author/Editor: Yarbrough, Fay A
Race and Practice in Archaeological Interpretation
Author/Editor: Orser Jr., Charles E
Rabbi Leo Baeck: Living a Religious Imperative in Troubled Times
Author/Editor: Michael A. Meyer
Quirigua Reports, Volume IV
Author/Editor: Ashmore, Wendy
The Quest of the Silver Fleece
Author/Editor: Du Bois, W. E. B
The Quest for the Christ Child in the Later Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Dzon, Mary
Queer Clout
Author/Editor: Stewart-Winter, Timothy
The Queen's Library
Author/Editor: Brown, Cynthia J
The Queen's Hand
Author/Editor: Bianchini, Janna
The Queen's Dumbshows
Author/Editor: Sponsler, Claire
Quantity Planning and Price Planning in the Soviet Union
Author/Editor: Hirsch, Hans; Loucks, William N
Quality and Quantity in American Education
Author/Editor: Gruber, Frederick Charles
A Quaker Woman's Cookbook
Author/Editor: William Woys Weaver
The Quaker Star Under Seven Flags, 1917-1927
Author/Editor: Forbes, John Van Gelder
The Quakers and the English Legal System, 1660-1688
Author/Editor: Horle, Craig W
A Quaker Forty-Niner
Author/Editor: Pancoast, Charles Edward; Hannum, Anna Paschall
The Purposes of Paradise
Author/Editor: Skwiot, Christine
Pure Filth: Ethics, Politics, and Religion in Early French Farce
Author/Editor: Noah D. Guynn
Purchasing Power
Author/Editor: Kobrin, Rebecca; Teller, Adam
Purchasing Behavior and Personal Attributes
Author/Editor: Massy, William F.; Frank, Ronald E.; Lodahl, Thomas
Pulse of the People
Author/Editor: Bonnette, Lakeyta M
The Pulmonary Circulation, Normal and Abnormal
Author/Editor: Fishman M.D., Alfred P
The Puerto Rican Businessman
Author/Editor: Cochran, Thomas C
The Publishing Experience
Author/Editor: Canfield, Cass
Public School Debt Administration
Author/Editor: Castetter, William B
Public Housing That Worked
Author/Editor: Bloom, Nicholas Dagen
Public Education Under Siege
Author/Editor: Katz, Michael B.; Rose, Mike
Public Culture
Author/Editor: Shaffer, Marguerite S
Public Capitalism
Author/Editor: McMahon, Christopher
The Psychology of Inequality: Rousseau's "Amour-Propre"
Author/Editor: Michael Locke McLendon
Psychiatric Aftercare
Author/Editor: Silverstein, Max
Pseira III
Author/Editor: Floyd, Cheryl R.; Betancourt, Philip P.; Davaras, Costis
The Provisional Appointment in City Civil Service Systems
Author/Editor: Reinhold, Frances L
Protest of the Cour Des Aides of Paris--April 10, 1775
Author/Editor: Robinson, James Harvey
Protestant Empire
Author/Editor: Pestana, Carla Gardina
The Prosthetic Tongue: Printing Technology and the Rise of the French Language
Author/Editor: Katie Chenoweth
Prose in the Age of Poets
Author/Editor: Cafarelli, Annette Wheeler
Prophetic Song
Author/Editor: Kuczynski, Michael P
Properties of Double Stars
Author/Editor: Binnendijk, Leendert
Propalladia and Other Works of Bartolome de Torres Naharro, Volume 4
Author/Editor: Gillet, Joseph E
The Promise of Human Rights
Author/Editor: Jamie Mayerfeld
The Promised Lands
Author/Editor: Blockmans, Wim; Prevenier, Walter; Peters, Edward
Prolegomena to the Study of Yeats's Plays
Author/Editor: Saul, George Brandon
Profound Science and Elegant Literature
Author/Editor: Browner, Stephanie P
Profit Theory and Capitalism
Author/Editor: Obrinsky, Mark
Professions and the French State, 1700-1900
Author/Editor: Geison, Gerald L
Professional Indian
Author/Editor: Oberg, Michael Leroy
Productivity Accounting
Author/Editor: Davis, Hiram Simmons
Producing Fashion
Author/Editor: Blaszczyk, Regina Lee
Procopius of Caesarea
Author/Editor: Kaldellis, Anthony
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Proceedings of the Bockus International Society of Gastroenterology
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The Problem of Weak Railroads
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The Presence of Ford Madox Ford
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Presbyterians in Colonial Pennsylvania
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Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow's Jobs in Metropolitan America
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Prelude to Tragedy
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Prelude to the Monsoon
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Power, Suffering, and the Struggle for Dignity
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The Powers of Presence
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Power Sharing in Deeply Divided Places
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Power-Sharing Executives
Author/Editor: McEvoy, Joanne
Power Play
Author/Editor: Adams, Jenny
The Power of Women
Author/Editor: Smith, Susan L
The Power of Money
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Power in Performance
Author/Editor: Kuipers, Joel C
Power and Persuasion
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Postwar Population Transfers in Europe, 1945-1955
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Postpartum Psychiatric Illness
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Post-Industrial Philadelphia
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Portrait of an Early American Family
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The Port Huron Statement
Author/Editor: Flacks, Richard; Lichtenstein, Nelson
Porta Palazzo
Author/Editor: Black, Rachel E
Pornographic Archaeology
Author/Editor: Stahuljak, Zrinka
Popes, Lawyers, and Infidels
Author/Editor: JAMES MULDOON
Pope and Bishops
Author/Editor: Pennington, Kenneth
The Poor Indians
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The Politics of Roman Memory: From the Fall of the Western Empire to the Age of Justinian
Author/Editor: Marion Kruse
The Politics of Environmental Control in Northeastern Tanzania, 1840-1940
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Political Violence and Trauma in Argentina
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Political Repression
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Political Gastronomy
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Political Advocacy and Its Interested Citizens: Neoliberalism, Postpluralism, and LGBT Organizations
Author/Editor: Matthew Dean Hindman
Policy, Planning, and People
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Police Power and Race Riots
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Author/Editor: Gwendoline M. Alphonso
Poetry Wars: Verse and Politics in the American Revolution and Early Republic
Author/Editor: Colin Wells
Poetic Will
Author/Editor: Willbern, David
Poetics of the Incarnation
Author/Editor: Cervone, Cristina Maria
The Poetics of Piracy
Author/Editor: Fuchs, Barbara
Poetical Dust
Author/Editor: Thomas A. Prendergast
The Poet and the Gilded Age
Author/Editor: Walker, Robert Harris
Poems of the Elder Edda
Poems of Ernest Dowson
Author/Editor: Longaker, Mark
The Plight of the Bituminous Coal Miner
Author/Editor: Morris, Homer L
The Pleasure Garden, from Vauxhall to Coney Island
Author/Editor: Conlin, Jonathan
The Play of Paradox
Author/Editor: Crockett, Bryan
The Plantation Machine
Planning Municipal Investment
Author/Editor: Brown Jr., William H.; Gilbert, C. E
Planning for Serfdom
Author/Editor: Malloy, Robin Paul
Planning for Human Systems
Author/Editor: Choukroun, Jean-Marc; Snow, Roberta M
The Planetary Garden and Other Writings
Author/Editor: Clément, Gilles
Plagiarism and Literary Property in the Romantic Period
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Places of Silence, Journeys of Freedom
Author/Editor: DeLamotte, Eugenia C
The Place of the Ideal Community in Urban Planning
Author/Editor: Reiner, Thomas A
Place and Memory in the Singing Crane Garden
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Pious Irreverence
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Pioneering in Penology
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The Pinochet Effect
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A Pillared Hall from a Temple at Madura, India, in the Philadelphia Museum of Art
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The Pilgrim and the Bee
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Pigeon Trouble
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Piety and Public Funding
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Pierre de Thomas
Author/Editor: Boehlke Jr., Frederick J
Pictures of Health
Author/Editor: Golden, Janet; Rosenberg, Charles E
Phineas Bond
Author/Editor: Neel, Joanne Loewe
The Philosophy of T. S. Eliot
Author/Editor: Skaff, William
Philosophy of Existence
Author/Editor: Jaspers, Karl
Philosophical Profiles
Philosophical Essays
Author/Editor: Clarke, F. P.; Nahm, M. C
The Philanthropic Revolution
Author/Editor: Beer, Jeremy
Philadelphia Workers in a Changing Economy
Author/Editor: Palmer, Gladys L
The Philadelphia Upholstery Weaving Industry
Author/Editor: Balderston, C. Canby; Brecht, Robert P.; Hussey, Miriam
Philadelphia Unitarianism, 1796-1861
Author/Editor: Geffen, Elizabeth May
The Philadelphia Theatre in the Eighteenth Century
Author/Editor: Pollock, Thomas Clark
The Philadelphia Printing Industry
Author/Editor: Seybold, John W
The Philadelphia Negro
Author/Editor: Du Bois, W. E. B
Philadelphia Libraries
Author/Editor: Bibliographical Planning Committee
The Philadelphia Art Alliance
Author/Editor: White, Theo B
The Phenomenon of Torture
Author/Editor: Schulz, William F
Perspectives on the Past
Author/Editor: Clark, Geoffrey A
Perspectives on Fair Housing
Author/Editor: Vincent J. Reina,Wendell E. Pritchett,Susan M. Wachter,Marc Morial
The Persistence of Allegory
Author/Editor: Brown, Jane K
Perplexed Prophets
Author/Editor: LeRoy, Gaylord C
Peripheral Desires
Author/Editor: Tobin, Robert Deam
Periodization and Sovereignty
Author/Editor: Davis, Kathleen
Performing Texts
Author/Editor: Issacharoff, Michael; Jones, Robin F
The Performance of Self
Author/Editor: Crane, Susan
Perennial Decay
Author/Editor: Constable, Liz; Denisoff, Dennis; Potolsky, Matthew
Peoples of the River Valleys
Author/Editor: Schutt, Amy C
The People's Network
Author/Editor: MacDougall, Robert
Peoples and Crafts in Period IVB at Hasanlu, Iran
Author/Editor: de Schauensee, Maude
The People of This Generation
Author/Editor: Lyons, Paul
The People of the Parish
Author/Editor: French, Katherine L
People Must Live by Work: Direct Job Creation in America, from FDR to Reagan
Author/Editor: Steven Attewell
Pens and Needles
Author/Editor: Frye, Susan
Penology from Panama to Cape Horn
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Penobscot Man
Author/Editor: Speck, Frank G
The Pennsylvania Railroad, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Churella, Albert J
The Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association
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Pennsylvania German Literature
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Pennsylvania Dutch Stuff
Author/Editor: Earl F. Robacker
The Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776
Author/Editor: Selsam, J. Paul
Pennsylvania Cavalcade
Pennsylvainia Songs and Legends
Author/Editor: Korson, George
The Penn Commentary on Piers Plowman, Volume 5
Author/Editor: Barney, Stephen A
The Penn Commentary on Piers Plowman, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Hanna, Ralph
The Penn Commentary on Piers Plowman, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Galloway, Andrew
Pelagius and the Fifth Crusade
Author/Editor: Donovan, Joseph P
Pedagogically Speaking
Author/Editor: Schelling, Felix E
Peasant Scenes and Landscapes
Author/Editor: Silver, Larry
Peace and Freedom
Author/Editor: Hall, Simon
P. C. Chang and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Author/Editor: Hans Ingvar Roth
Paying the Toll
Author/Editor: Dyble, Louise Nelson
Patterns of Mobility, 1910-1950
Author/Editor: Goldstein, Sidney
Patterns of American Culture
Author/Editor: Rose, Dan
Patterns in Criminal Homicide
Author/Editor: Wolfgang, Marvin E
The Patrons and Their Poor: Jewish Community and Public Charity in Early Modern Germany
Author/Editor: Debra Kaplan
A Patient's Guide to Surgery
Author/Editor: Bradley III, Edward L.; Editors of Consumer Reports Books
The Past in Pieces
Author/Editor: Bryant, Rebecca
Past Convictions
Author/Editor: Booker, Courtney M
Passional Culture
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Timothy
The Passing of the Hapsburg Monarchy, 1914-1918, Volume 2
Author/Editor: May, Arthur J
The Passing of the Hapsburg Monarchy, 1914-1918, Volume 1
Author/Editor: May, Arthur J
Partners in the Research Enterprise
Author/Editor: Langfitt, Thomas W.; Hackney, Sheldon; Fishman, Alfred P
Parrots and Nightingales
Author/Editor: Kay, Sarah
Parliament in India
Author/Editor: Morris-Jones, W. H
Parent and Child
Author/Editor: Bossard, James H. S
The Paradox of Relevance
Author/Editor: Greenhouse, Carol J
Parades and the Politics of the Street
Author/Editor: Newman, Simon P
Author/Editor: McLaughlin, Kevin
Paper Sovereigns
Author/Editor: Glover, Jeffrey
The Papers of William Penn, Volume 5
Author/Editor: Edwin B. Bronner,David Fraser
The Papers of William Penn, Volume 4
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Paper Monsters: Persona and Literary Culture in Elizabethan England
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Papermaking in Pioneer America
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Pan American Women
Author/Editor: Threlkeld, Megan
Palestinian Ethnonationalism in Israel
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Pakistan's Enduring Challenges
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Paganism to Christianity in the Roman Empire
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A Pagan Hero
Author/Editor: Champigny, Robert
Pacific Railways and Nationalism in the Canadian-American Northwest, 1845-1873
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Owning William Shakespeare
Author/Editor: Marino, James J
Ovid's Erotic Poems
Author/Editor: Ovid
Ovid and the Canterbury Tales
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Out of the Horrors of War
Author/Editor: Jennings, Audra
Out of Sorts
Author/Editor: Dane, Joseph A
Outlines of Russian Culture, Part 3
Author/Editor: Miliukov, Paul; Karpovich, Michael
Outlines of Russian Culture, Part 2
Author/Editor: Miliukov, Paul; Karpovich, Michael
Outlines of Russian Culture, Part 1
Author/Editor: Miliukov, Paul; Karpovich, Michael
Our Living Manhood
Author/Editor: Murray, Rolland
Our Emily Dickinsons
Author/Editor: Pollak, Vivian R
The Other Philadelphia Story
Author/Editor: Cnaan, Ram A
Other Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Goodich, Michael
Author/Editor: Barrer, Harry G
The Origins of the Federal Republic
Author/Editor: Onuf, Peter S
The Origins of Maya States
Author/Editor: Traxler, Loa P.; Sharer, Robert J
The Origins of Jewish Secularization in Eighteenth-Century Europe
Author/Editor: Feiner, Shmuel
Origins of Inter-American Interest, 1700-1812
Author/Editor: Bernstein, Harry
The Origins of Courtliness
Author/Editor: Jaeger, C. Stephen
The Origins of American Critical Thought, 1810-1835
Author/Editor: Charvat, William
Origins of Agriculture in Western Central Asia
Author/Editor: Harris, David R
The Origin of Species
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The Origin and Cultivation of Shade and Ornamental Trees
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The Orient of the Boulevards
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Oriental and Biblical Studies
Author/Editor: Speiser, E. A.; Finkelstein, J. J.; Greenberg, Moshe
Organs for America
Author/Editor: Armstrong, William H
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and Human Rights
Author/Editor: Marie Juul Petersen,Turan Kayaoglu
The Organization Man
Author/Editor: Whyte, William H
Ordines Coronationis Franciae, Volume 2
Ordines Coronationis Franciae, Volume 1
Order and Chivalry
Author/Editor: Jesús D. Rodríguez-Velasco,Eunice Rodríguez Ferguson
Ordeal at Valley Forge
Author/Editor: Stoudt, John Joseph
The Ordeal
Author/Editor: Lea, Henry Charles
Opus Majus, Volumes 1 and 2
Author/Editor: Goulet, Andrea
Open Shop Construction
Author/Editor: Northrup, Herbert R.; Foster, Howard G
Opening the Skilled Construction Trades to Blacks
Author/Editor: Rowan, Richard L.; Rubin, Lester
Open Houses: Poverty, the Novel, and the Architectural Idea in Nineteenth-Century Britain
Author/Editor: Barbara Leckie
The Opened Letter
Author/Editor: O'Neill, Lindsay
On the Threshold of Exact Science
Author/Editor: Maier, Annelise
On the Old Saw
Author/Editor: Kant, Immanuel
On the Move for Love
Author/Editor: Cheng, Sealing
On the Importance of Being an Individual in Renaissance Italy
Author/Editor: Biow, Douglas
On the Government of Rulers
Author/Editor: Ptolemy of Lucca; Aquinas, Thomas
On the Doorstep of Europe
Author/Editor: Cabot, Heath
On the Beauty of Women
Author/Editor: Firenzuola, Agnolo
On Semantics
Author/Editor: Weinreich, Uriel; Labov, William; Weinreich, Beatrice S
On Risk and Disaster
Author/Editor: Daniels, Ronald J.; Kettl, Donald F.; Kunreuther, Howard
On Original Sin and A Disputation with the Jew, Leo, Concerning the Advent of Christ, the Son of God
On Irish Themes
Author/Editor: Farrell, James T.; Flynn, Dennis
On Haplology in Indo-European
Author/Editor: Cardona, George
One Man in His Time
Author/Editor: Skinner, Maud; Skinner, Otis
One Family Under God
Author/Editor: Lawrence, Anna M
Olivi's Peaceable Kingdom
Author/Editor: Burr, David
Olivier de Clisson and Political Society in France Under Charles V and Charles VI
Author/Editor: Henneman, John Bell
Olivi and Franciscan Poverty
Author/Editor: Burr, David
Old Norse Images of Women
Author/Editor: Jochens, Jenny
Old Jewish Folk Music
Old Drury of Philadelphia
Author/Editor: James, Reese D
O. Henry
Author/Editor: Long, E. Hudson
Of Gardens
Author/Editor: Deitz, Paula
Of Bondage
Author/Editor: Bailey, Amanda
Occupied America: British Military Rule and the Experience of Revolution
Author/Editor: DONALD F. JOHNSON
Author/Editor: Boker, George Henry; Bradley, Edward Sculley
Nuns' Priests' Tales: Men and Salvation in Medieval Women's Monastic Life
Author/Editor: Fiona J. Griffiths
Nowhere in the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: KARMA LOCHRIE
The Novels of Waldo Frank
Author/Editor: Bittner, William
Novels in the Time of Democratic Writing: The American Example
Author/Editor: Nancy Armstrong,Leonard Tennenhouse
Novel Possibilities
Author/Editor: Childers, Joseph W
A Novel Marketplace
Author/Editor: Brier, Evan
No Use
Author/Editor: Nichols, Thomas M
A Not-So-New World: Empire and Environment in French Colonial North America
Author/Editor: Christopher M. Parsons
The Notion of Analytic Truth
Author/Editor: Martin, R. M
Not in This Family
Author/Editor: Murray, Heather
Nothing Natural Is Shameful
Author/Editor: Cadden, Joan
Notable Women of Pennsylvania
Author/Editor: Biddle, Gertrude Bosler; Lowrie, Sarah Dickinson
The Norwegian Language in America, a Study in Bilingual Behavior, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Haugen, Einar
The Norristown Study
Author/Editor: Goldstein, Sidney
No Place for Grief
Author/Editor: Buch Segal, Lotte
Nonstate Actors in Intrastate Conflicts
Author/Editor: Miodownik, Dan; Barak, Oren
No Mysteries Out of Ourselves
Author/Editor: Bellis, Peter J
Noise Pollution
Author/Editor: Bragdon, Clifford R
NLRB Remedies for Unfair Labor Practices
Author/Editor: McDowell, Douglas S.; Huhn, Kenneth C
NLRB Regulation of Election Conduct
Author/Editor: Williams, Robert E.; Janus, Peter A.; Huhn, Kenneth C
The NLRB and the Appropriate Bargaining Unit
Author/Editor: Abodeely, John E
The NLRB and Secondary Boycotts
Author/Editor: Dereshinsky, Ralph M
Nightclub City
Author/Editor: Peretti, Burton W
The Nigerian Rice Economy
Author/Editor: Gyimah-Brempong, Kwabena; Johnson, Michael; Takeshima, Hiroyuki
Next Year in Marienbad
Author/Editor: Zadoff, Mirjam
The Next Economic Disaster
Author/Editor: Vague, Richard
New York State and the Metropolitan Problem
Author/Editor: Herman, Harold
New York in the Confederation
Author/Editor: Cochran, Thomas C
The New World Power
Author/Editor: Hannigan, Robert E
New World Orders
Author/Editor: Smolenski, John; Humphrey, Thomas J
A New World of Labor
Author/Editor: Newman, Simon P
New Viewpoints on the Spanish Colonization of America
Author/Editor: Zavala, Silvio
The New Turks
Author/Editor: Bisbee, Eleanor
New Sweden on the Delaware
Author/Editor: Ward, Christopher
The New Political Islam: Human Rights, Democracy, and Justice
Author/Editor: Emmanuel Karagiannis
New Netherland and the Dutch Origins of American Religious Liberty
Author/Editor: Haefeli, Evan
New Legends of England: Forms of Community in Late Medieval Saints' Lives
The New Guide to the Diplomatic Archives of Western Europe
Author/Editor: Thomas, Daniel H.; Case, Lynn M
The New Guide to the Diplomatic Archives of Western Europe
Author/Editor: Thomas, Daniel H.; Case, Lynn M
New Directions in Human Rights
Author/Editor: Lutz, Ellen L.; Hannum, Hurst; Burke, Kathryn J
The New Chronology of the Bronze Age Settlement of Tepe Hissar, Iran
Author/Editor: Ayşe Gürsan-Salzmann
The New Chronology of Iron Age Gordion
Author/Editor: Rose, C. Brian; Darbyshire, Gareth
A New Boundary Stone of Nebuchadrezzr I
Author/Editor: Hinke, William J
New Age Capitalism
Author/Editor: Kimberly J. Lau
The Neoplatonic Socrates
Author/Editor: Layne, Danielle A.; Tarrant, Harold
Neighborhood and Life Chances
Author/Editor: Newburger, Harriet B.; Birch, Eugenie L.; Wachter, Susan M
The Negro in the Tobacco Industry
Author/Editor: Northrup, Herbert R
The Negro in the Supermarket Industry
Author/Editor: Bloom, Gordon F.; Fletcher, F. Marion
The Negro in the Department Store Industry
Author/Editor: Perry, Charles R
Negro Employment in the Maritime Industries
Author/Editor: Rubin, Lester; Swift, William S.; Northrup, Herbert R
Negro Employment in Retail Trade
Author/Editor: Bloom, Gordon F.; Fletcher, F. Marion; Perry, Charles R
Negro Employment in Public Utilities
Author/Editor: Anderson, Bernard E
Negro Employment in Land and Air Transport
Author/Editor: Northrup, Herbert R.; Risher Jr., Howard W.; Leone, Richard D
Negro Employment in Finance
Author/Editor: Thieblot Jr., Armand J.; Fletcher, Linda Pickthorne
Negro Employment in Basic Industry
Author/Editor: Northrup, Herbert R.; Rowan, Richard L
The Negro
Author/Editor: Du Bois, W. E. B
Negotiating the Landscape
Author/Editor: Arnold, Ellen F
Author/Editor: Ferrándiz, Francisco; Robben, Antonius C. G. M
Nature Speaks
Author/Editor: Robertson, Kellie
Natural Law
Author/Editor: Hegel, G. W. F
A Natural History of the Romance Novel
Author/Editor: Regis, Pamela
The Native Ground
Author/Editor: DuVal, Kathleen
A Nation of Women
Author/Editor: Fur, Gunlög
A Nation Dedicated to Religious Liberty
Author/Editor: Adams, Arlin M.; Emmerich, Charles J
Nation and Migration
Author/Editor: van der Veer, Peter
National Regulation of Aeronautics
Author/Editor: Rohlfing, Charles C
The Nationalization of the Social Sciences
Author/Editor: Klausner, Samuel Z.; Lidz, Victor M
Nationalism, Language, and Muslim Exceptionalism
Author/Editor: Mabry, Tristan James
National Dreams
Author/Editor: Schacker, Jennifer
Narration and Discourse in American Realistic Fiction
Author/Editor: McKay, Janet Holmgren
Narrating the Law
Author/Editor: Wimpfheimer, Barry Scott
My Storm
Author/Editor: Blakely, Edward J
The Myocardial Cell
Author/Editor: Briller, Stanley A.; Conn Jr., Hadley L
My Father's Shadow
Author/Editor: Dudley, David L
My Father's Business
Author/Editor: Stabler, Walter Brooke
Author/Editor: Sanjek, Roger
Muslims in Global Politics
Author/Editor: Monshipouri, Mahmood
Muslims and Global Justice
Author/Editor: An-Na'im, Abdullahi Ahmed
Music to My Eyes
Author/Editor: Bendiner, Alfred
A Musical View of the Universe
Author/Editor: Basso, Ellen B
Musically Speaking
Author/Editor: Westheimer, Dr. Ruth K
The Museum at the End of the World
Multilingual Subjects
Author/Editor: DeWispelare, Daniel
Multilevel Citizenship
Author/Editor: Maas, Willem
Multicultural China in the Early Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Chen, Sanping
The Muhlenbergs of Pennsylvania
Author/Editor: Wallace, Paul A. W
Muhammad Is Not the Father of Any of Your Men
Author/Editor: Powers, David S
Ms. Mentor's New and Ever More Impeccable Advice for Women and Men in Academia
Author/Editor: Toth, Emily
Ms. Mentor's Impeccable Advice for Women in Academia
Author/Editor: Toth, Emily
Mr. Pepys and Mr. Evelyn
Author/Editor: Marburg, Clara
The Movement for Indian Assimilation, 1860-1890
Author/Editor: Fritz, Henry E
Mourning Glory
Author/Editor: Huet, Marie-Hélène
Mountain, Field, and Family
Author/Editor: Brush, Stephen B
The Most Beautiful Man in Existence
Author/Editor: Rosner, Lisa
Mortal Remains
Author/Editor: Isenberg, Nancy; Burstein, Andrew
Morocco at the Parting of the Ways
Author/Editor: Cruickshank, Earl Fee
The Morgesons and Other Writings, Published and Unpublished
Author/Editor: Stoddard, Elizabeth; Buell, Lawrence; Zagarell, Sandra A
Moral Victories in the Battle for Congress: Cultural Conservatism and the House GOP
Author/Editor: Marty Cohen
Moral Minority
Author/Editor: Swartz, David R
Morality's Muddy Waters
Author/Editor: Cotkin, George
The Monuments and Inscriptions of Tikal--The Carved Monuments
Author/Editor: Jones, Christopher; Satterthwaite Jr., Linton
Author/Editor: Gilmore, David D
The Monster in the Garden
Author/Editor: Morgan, Luke
Monks, Bishops, and Pagans
Author/Editor: Peters, Edward
Monastic Bodies
Author/Editor: Schroeder, Caroline T
Monarchy and Incest in Renaissance England
Author/Editor: Boehrer, Bruce Thomas
Molecular Approaches to Supracellular Phenomena
Author/Editor: Roth, Stephen
Modern Women, Modern Work
Author/Editor: Sawaya, Francesca
Author/Editor: Gaggi, Silvio
The Modern Moves West
Author/Editor: Cándida Smith, Richard
Modern Jewish Literatures
Author/Editor: Jelen, Sheila E.; Kramer, Michael P.; Lerner, L. Scott
The Modern Italian Novel
Author/Editor: Vittorini, Domenico
Modern English Reform
Author/Editor: Cheyney, Edward P
Modern Economic Thought
Author/Editor: Weintraub, Sidney
Modern Constitutions
Author/Editor: Rogers M. Smith,Richard R. Beeman
Modern Coliseum
Author/Editor: Lisle, Benjamin D
Mobility Makes States
Author/Editor: Vigneswaran, Darshan; Quirk, Joel
The Mixed Multitude
Author/Editor: Maciejko, Paweł
Mit Rahineh 1955
Author/Editor: Anthes, Rudolf
Missionaries, Converts, and Rabbis: The Evangelical Alexander McCaul and Jewish-Christian Debate in the Nineteenth Century
Author/Editor: DAVID B. RUDERMAN
Author/Editor: Gilmore, David D
Author/Editor: Lemire, Elise
Miracles and Extraordinary Experience in Northern Kenya
Author/Editor: Straight, Bilinda
Minstrels of the Mine Patch
Author/Editor: Korson, George Gershon
Minor Historical Writings and Other Essays
Author/Editor: Lea, Henry Charles; Howland, Arthur C
Minoan Buildings in Areas B, C, D, and F
Author/Editor: Betancourt, Philip P.; Davaras, Costis
The Mind Is a Collection
Author/Editor: Silver, Sean
Mind and Nature
Author/Editor: Weyl, Hermann
Milton's Burden of Interpretation
Author/Editor: Haskin, Dayton
Migration and Economic Opportunity
Author/Editor: Goodrich, Carter; Allin, Bushrod W.; Brunck, Hermann K
Migrant Youth, Transnational Families, and the State
Author/Editor: Heidbrink, Lauren
Migrant Encounters
Author/Editor: Friedman, Sara L.; Mahdavi, Pardis
Midwinter Rites of the Cayuga Long House
Author/Editor: Speck, Frank G
The Middle English Bible
Author/Editor: Kelly, Henry Ansgar
Middle Eastern Terrorism
Author/Editor: Ensalaco, Mark
Miami Transformed
Author/Editor: Diaz, Manny
Author/Editor: Nijman, Jan
Mexico's Human Rights Crisis
Author/Editor: Alejandro Anaya-Muñoz,Barbara Frey
Metropolitan Phoenix
Author/Editor: Gober, Patricia
Metropolitan Philadelphia
Author/Editor: Conn, Steven
Metropolitan Open Space and Natural Process
Author/Editor: Wallace, David A
Metropolitan Analysis
Author/Editor: Sweeney, Stephen B.; Blair, George S
The Metaphysical Passion
Author/Editor: Raiziss, Sona
Metaphor, Sound, and Meaning in Bridges' The Testament of Beauty
Author/Editor: Wright, Elizabeth Cox
Metaphors of Masculinity
Author/Editor: Brandes, Stanley
Messrs. Carey and Lea of Philadelphia
Author/Editor: Kaser, David
Messengers of the Right
Author/Editor: Hemmer, Nicole
Mesopotamian Origins
Author/Editor: Speiser, Ephraim Avigdor
Mesmerism and the American Cure of Souls
Author/Editor: Fuller, Robert C
Men in Search of Man
Author/Editor: Madeira Jr., Percy C
Men and Cultures
Author/Editor: Wallace, Anthony F. C
Author/Editor: Dimick, Marion T
The Memory of the Temple and the Making of the Rabbis
Author/Editor: Cohn, Naftali S
Author/Editor: Cheyney, Edward Potts; Nichols, Roy F
Meister Eckhart
Author/Editor: Tobin, Frank
Medium Chain Triglycerides
Author/Editor: Senior M.D., John R
Mediterranean Archaeological Landscapes
Author/Editor: Athanassopoulos, Effie F.; Wandsnider, Luann
Medieval Woman's Song
Author/Editor: Klinck, Anne L.; Rasmussen, Ann Marie
Medieval Theory of Authorship, 2
Author/Editor: Alastair Minnis
Medieval Theory of Authorship
Author/Editor: Minnis, Alastair
The Medieval Salento
Author/Editor: Safran, Linda
Medieval Robots
Author/Editor: Truitt, E. R
The Medieval New
Author/Editor: Ingham, Patricia Clare
Medieval Italy
Author/Editor: Jansen, Katherine L.; Drell, Joanna; Andrews, Frances
The Medieval Foundations of England
Author/Editor: Sayles, G. O
The Medieval Culture of Disputation
Author/Editor: Novikoff, Alex J
Medieval Boundaries
Author/Editor: Kinoshita, Sharon
Medicine Bundle
Author/Editor: Bellin, Joshua David
Medicinal Plants
Author/Editor: Tomlinson, Timothy R.; Akerele, Olayiwola
Medici Gardens
Author/Editor: Raffaella Fabiani Giannetto
The Medical Metropolis: Health Care and Economic Transformation in Pittsburgh and Houston
Author/Editor: Andrew T. Simpson
The Medical Imagination: Literature and Health in the Early United States
Medical Humanitarianism
Author/Editor: Abramowitz, Sharon; Panter-Brick, Catherine
The Medical Formulary of Al-Samarqandi
Author/Editor: Levey, Martin; Al-Khaledy, Noury
Medical Education in the United States Before the Civil War
Author/Editor: Norwood, William Frederick
Media Nation
Author/Editor: Schulman, Bruce J.; Zelizer, Julian E
Media and the Transformation of Religion in South Asia
Author/Editor: Babb, Lawrence A.; Wadley, Susan S
Mechthild of Magdeburg and Her Book
Author/Editor: Poor, Sara S
The Mechanism of Nervous Action
Author/Editor: Adrian, E. D
Mechanism and Mysticism
Author/Editor: Zanine, Louis J
Measuring Up
Author/Editor: Shields, Vickie Rutledge
The Measure of Woman
Author/Editor: Kelleher, Marie A
Meaning and Myth in the Study of Lives
Author/Editor: Charmé, Stuart L
Maya Folktales from the Alta Verapaz
Author/Editor: Danien, Elin C
Matter, Magic, and Spirit
Author/Editor: Murray, David
Mathematical, Metrological, and Chronological Tablets from the Temple Library of Nippur
Author/Editor: Hilprecht, H. V
Materials Toward a History of Witchcraft, Volume 3
Author/Editor: Howland, Arthur C
Materials Toward a History of Witchcraft, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Howland, Arthur C
Materials Toward a History of Witchcraft, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Howland, Arthur C
Material London, ca. 1600
Author/Editor: Orlin, Lena Cowen
Matching Organs with Donors
Author/Editor: Jacob, Marie-Andrée
The Master of Game
Author/Editor: Edward of Norwich; Baillie-Grohman, William A.; Baillie-Grohman, F. N
Masking Terror
Author/Editor: Argenti-Pillen, Alex
Mary Magdalene and the Drama of Saints
Author/Editor: Coletti, Theresa
Maryland and France, 1774-1789
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Kathryn
The Martyrdom of the Franciscans: Islam, the Papacy, and an Order in Conflict
Author/Editor: Christopher MacEvitt
Marriage Without Borders: Transnational Spouses in Neoliberal Senegal
Author/Editor: Dinah Hannaford
Marriage, Sex, and Civic Culture in Late Medieval London
Author/Editor: McSheffrey, Shannon
Marriage and Violence
Author/Editor: Dolan, Frances E
Marriage and the Child
Author/Editor: Bossard, James H. S
Marlowe, Shakespeare, and the Economy of Theatrical Experience
Author/Editor: Cartelli, Thomas
The Markets for Force
Author/Editor: Dunigan, Molly; Petersohn, Ulrich
Market Restraints in the Retail Drug Industry
Author/Editor: Fletcher, F. Marion
Marionettes in the North of France
Author/Editor: Sibbald, Reginald S
Marian Anderson
Author/Editor: Westlake, Neda M.; Albrecht, Otto E
Margery Kempe and Translations of the Flesh
Author/Editor: Lochrie, Karma
The March of Spare Time
Author/Editor: Currell, Susan
Mapping Mongolia
Author/Editor: Sabloff, Paula L.W
Mapping Decline
Author/Editor: Gordon, Colin
Maoists at the Hearth
Author/Editor: Pettigrew, Judith
Many Identities, One Nation
Author/Editor: Riordan, Liam
The Man Who Would Be Perfect
Author/Editor: Thomas, Robert David
The Man Who Had Been King
Author/Editor: Stroud, Patricia Tyson
The Manuscript Relations of Manessier's Continuation of the Old French Perceval
Author/Editor: Ivy, Jr. Robert H
Manual of Industrial Medicine
Author/Editor: McGee, Lemuel C
Manpower in Homebuilding
Author/Editor: Foster, Howard G
Manpower and Merger
Author/Editor: Plice, Steven S
The Manly Priest
Author/Editor: Thibodeaux, Jennifer D
Management Problems Implicit in Multi-Employer Bargaining
Author/Editor: Garrett, Sylvester; Tripp, L. Reed
The Malady of the Ideal
Author/Editor: Brooks, Van Wyck
Making Sense of Self
Author/Editor: Fellman, Anita Clair; Fellman, Michael
Making Seafood Sustainable
Author/Editor: Blackford, Mansel G
The Making of "This Side of Paradise"
Author/Editor: JAMES L. W. WEST III
The Making of a Mediterranean Emirate
Author/Editor: Rouighi, Ramzi
Making New York Dominican
Author/Editor: Krohn-Hansen, Christian
Making Love in the Twelfth Century
Author/Editor: Barbara Newman
Making History
Author/Editor: Wolf, Kenneth Baxter
The Making and Unmaking of a Saint
Author/Editor: Kuefler, Mathew
Maimonides and the Merchants
Author/Editor: Cohen, Mark R
Mad Tuscans and Their Families
Author/Editor: Mellyn, Elizabeth W
Madison Avenue and the Color Line
Author/Editor: Chambers, Jason
Madhouses, Mad-Doctors, and Madmen
Author/Editor: Scull, Andrew
Made Flesh
Author/Editor: Johnson, Kimberly
Macropolitics of Nineteenth-Century Literature
Author/Editor: Arac, Jonathan; Ritvo, Harriet
The Maclure Collection of French Revolutionary Materials
Author/Editor: Hardy Jr., James D.; Jensen, John H.; Wolfe, Martin
Lyric Tactics
Author/Editor: Nelson, Ingrid
Lyric Contingencies
Author/Editor: Dickie, Margaret
Luxurious Citizens
Author/Editor: Cohen, Joanna
Lustration and Transitional Justice
Author/Editor: David, Roman
Lucretia Mott's Heresy
Author/Editor: Faulkner, Carol
The Loving Subject
Author/Editor: Bond, Gerald A
Lovesickness in the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Wack, Mary Frances
The Love of Krishna
Love in Twelfth-Century France
Author/Editor: Moore, John C
Love Entwined
Author/Editor: Sheumaker, Helen
Love and War in the Middle English Romances
Author/Editor: Gist, Margaret Adlum
Love and Honor in the Himalayas
Author/Editor: McHugh, Ernestine
Author/Editor: Vidal, Cécile
Lost Letters of Medieval Life
Author/Editor: Carlin, Martha; Crouch, David
The Lost History of Piers Plowman
Author/Editor: Warner, Lawrence
Lost Face
Author/Editor: London, Jack
The Lord's Table
Author/Editor: Feeley-Harnik, Gillian
Lords' Rights and Peasant Stories
Author/Editor: Teuscher, Simon
Looting and Rape in Wartime
Author/Editor: Inal, Tuba
Looking Inward
Author/Editor: Bryan, Jennifer
The Long Journey of Noah Webster
Author/Editor: Rollins, Richard M
The Long Gilded Age
Author/Editor: Fink, Leon
London and the Making of Provincial Literature
Author/Editor: Rezek, Joseph
The Lombard Laws
The Logocentric Predicament
Author/Editor: Skinner, John E
Locked In, Locked Out
Author/Editor: Dinzey-Flores, Zaire Zenit
Living Tangier: Migration, Race, and Illegality in a Moroccan City
Author/Editor: Abdelmajid Hannoum
The Living Chaucer
Author/Editor: Shelly, Percy Van Dyke
Lives of the Anchoresses
Author/Editor: Mulder-Bakker, Anneke B
Lives in Translation
Author/Editor: Hall, Kathleen D
Liturgical Subjects
Author/Editor: Krueger, Derek
Literature After Euclid
Author/Editor: Wickman, Matthew
The Literary Structure of Scientific Argument
Author/Editor: Dear, Peter
Literary Publishing in America, 1790-1850
Author/Editor: Charvat, William
The Literary Market
Author/Editor: Turnovsky, Geoffrey
The Literary Lineage of the King James Bible, 1340-1611
Author/Editor: Butterworth, Charles C
Literary Criticism
Author/Editor: Bauerlein, Mark
The Literary Correspondence of Bernard Barton
Author/Editor: Barcus, James E
Literacy in the Persianate World
Author/Editor: Spooner, Brian; Hanaway, William L
The Listener's Voice
Author/Editor: Razlogova, Elena
Liquid Landscape: Geography and Settlement at the Edge of Early America
Author/Editor: Michele Currie Navakas
Liquid Capital: Making the Chicago Waterfront
Author/Editor: JOSHUA A. T. SALZMANN
Life with the Pneumococcus
Author/Editor: Austrian, Robert
The Life of Benjamin Franklin, Volume 3
Author/Editor: Lemay, J. A. Leo
The Life of Benjamin Franklin, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Lemay, J. A. Leo
The Life of Benjamin Franklin, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Lemay, J. A. Leo
Life Insurance Trends at Midcentury
Author/Editor: McCahan, David
Life Insurance Housing Projects
Author/Editor: Schultz, Robert E
Life Insurance
Author/Editor: McCahan, David
The Life and Works of Jose Joaquin Fernandez de Lizardi
Author/Editor: Spell, Jefferson Rea
Life Among Urban Planners: Practice, Professionalism, and Expertise in the Making of the City
Author/Editor: Jennifer Mack,Michael Herzfeld
Libya and the United States, Two Centuries of Strife
Author/Editor: St John, Ronald Bruce
Liberty's Prisoners
Author/Editor: Manion, Jen
Liberty on the Waterfront
Author/Editor: Gilje, Paul A
Liberty of the Imagination
Author/Editor: Cahill, Edward
Author/Editor: Moran, Mary H
Liberal Education for Free Men
Author/Editor: Woody, Thomas
Lexical Numbers in Spanish Nouns
Author/Editor: Iannucci, James E
Levinas's Politics: Justice, Mercy, Universality
Author/Editor: Annabel Herzog
Let Us Fight as Free Men
Author/Editor: Knauer, Christine
Let This Voice Be Heard
Author/Editor: Jackson, Maurice
Let This Life Speak
Author/Editor: Bacon, Margaret Hope
Letters to Louise
Author/Editor: Campbell, Louise
Letters to Cassite Kings from the Temple Archives of Nippur
Author/Editor: Radau, Hugo
Letters to and from Caesar Rodney, 1756-1784
Author/Editor: Ryden, George Herbert
Letters of Theodore Dreiser, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Elias, Robert H
Letters of Obscure Men
Author/Editor: Von Hutten, Ulrich
The Letters and Epigrams of Sir John Harington
Author/Editor: McClure, Norman Egbert
Leopold Zunz
Author/Editor: Schorsch, Ismar
Lenape Country
Author/Editor: Soderlund, Jean R
Leisure Spending-Behavior
Author/Editor: Fisk, George
Legislative History of American Immigration Policy, 1798-1965
Author/Editor: Hutchinson, E. P
The Legendary History of Britain in Lope Garcia de Salazar's Libro de las bienandanzas e fortunas
Author/Editor: Sharrer, Harvey L
Legendary Hawai'i and the Politics of Place
Author/Editor: Bacchilega, Cristina
Legal Thinking
Author/Editor: Read, William
The Legal Effects of Recognition in International Law
Author/Editor: Hervey, John G
Legacy of the Ludlow Massacre
Author/Editor: Gitelman, Howard M
A Legacy of Leadership
Author/Editor: Brooks, Clayton McClure
A Legacy of Innovation
Author/Editor: Sribnick, Ethan G
Legacies of the Rue Morgue
Author/Editor: Goulet, Andrea
Lectura Dantis Americana
Author/Editor: Jacoff, Rachel; Stephany, William A
Lectura Dantis Americana
Author/Editor: Cassell, Anthony K
Lectura Dantis Americana
Author/Editor: Simonelli, Maria Picchio
Learning to Die in London, 1380-1540
Author/Editor: Appleford, Amy
Learning from Disaster
Author/Editor: Jasanoff, Shelia
The Learned King
Author/Editor: O'Callaghan, Joseph F
Leaderless Jihad
Author/Editor: Sageman, Marc
The Layman's Progress
Author/Editor: Rothermund, Dietmar
The Laws of the Salian Franks
Laws of the Alamans and Bavarians
Lawmaking and Legislators in Pennsylvania, Volume 2, 1710-1756
Author/Editor: Horle, Craig W.; Scheib, Jeffrey L.; Foster, Joseph S
Lawmaking and Legislators in Pennsylvania, Volume 1, 1682-1709
Author/Editor: Horle, Craig W.; Wokeck, Marianne S.; Scheib, Jeffrey L
Law, Language, and Empire in the Roman Tradition
Author/Editor: Ando, Clifford
Law and the Imagination in Medieval Wales
Author/Editor: Robin Chapman Stacey
Law and the Illicit in Medieval Europe
Author/Editor: Karras, Ruth Mazo; Kaye, Joel; Matter, E. Ann
Law and Peace
Author/Editor: Dickinson, Edwin D
Law and Inflation
Author/Editor: Rosenn, Keith S
La Villa
Author/Editor: Taegio, Bartolomeo
Latinos and the Liberal City: Politics and Protest in San Francisco
Author/Editor: Eduardo Contreras
Latinity and Literary Society at Rome
Author/Editor: Bloomer, W. Martin
Latin America
Author/Editor: Motten, Cement G.; Salera, Virgil; Davies, Richard L
Late Modernism
Author/Editor: Genter, Robert
Last Things
Author/Editor: Bynum, Caroline Walker; Freedman, Paul
The Last Landscape
Author/Editor: Whyte, William H
The Last Crusade in the West
Author/Editor: O'Callaghan, Joseph F
The Last Christology of the West
Author/Editor: John C. Cavadini
Las Siete Partidas, Volume 5
Author/Editor: Burns S.J., Robert I
Las Siete Partidas, Volume 4
Author/Editor: Burns S.J., Robert I
Las Siete Partidas, Volume 3
Author/Editor: Burns S.J., Robert I
Las Siete Partidas, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Burns S.J., Robert I
Las Siete Partidas, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Burns S.J., Robert I
The Large Family System
Author/Editor: Bossard, James H. S
The Languages and Press of Africa
Author/Editor: MacDougald Jr., Duncan
The Language of Human Rights in West Germany
Author/Editor: Wildenthal, Lora
Language Death
Author/Editor: Dorian, Nancy C
Language Change in South American Indian Languages
Author/Editor: Key, Mary Ritchie
Language and History in Ancient Greek Culture
Author/Editor: Ostwald, Martin
Landscapes of the Islamic World
Author/Editor: Stephen McPhillips,Paul D. Wordsworth
Landscapes of Movement
Author/Editor: Snead, James E.; Erickson, Clark L.; Darling, J. Andrew
Landscape of Hope and Despair
Author/Editor: Peteet, Julie
Land, Liberties, and Lordship in a Late Medieval Countryside
Author/Editor: Hoffmann, Richard C
Land and Lordship
Author/Editor: Brunner, Otto
The Lady as Saint
Author/Editor: Cazelles, Brigitte
Author/Editor: Reynolds, Monica; Folley, S. J
Labors Lost
Author/Editor: Korda, Natasha
The Labor Relations Climate and Management Rights in Urban School Systems
Author/Editor: Perry, Charles R
Labor Problems of Africa
Author/Editor: Noon, John A
Laboring Women
Author/Editor: Morgan, Jennifer L
Korea's Grievous War
Author/Editor: Hwang, Su-kyoung
The Korean War and American Politics
Author/Editor: Caridi, Ronald J
The Korea Knot
Author/Editor: Berger, Carl
The Knowledge of Childhood in the German Middle Ages, 1100-1350
Author/Editor: Schultz Jr., James A
Knowing Fictions: Picaresque Reading in the Early Modern Hispanic World
Author/Editor: Barbara Fuchs
Knowing Dil Das
Author/Editor: Alter, Joseph S
Knowing Books
Author/Editor: Lupton, Christina
The Knight, the Cross, and the Song
Author/Editor: Vander Elst, Stefan
A Knight's Own Book of Chivalry
Author/Editor: de Charny, Geoffroi
Knights, Lords, and Ladies: In Search of Aristocrats in the Paris Region, 1180-1220
Author/Editor: John W. Baldwin,William Chester Jordan
Kitchen Table Politics
Author/Editor: Taranto, Stacie
Kitchen Culture in America
Author/Editor: Inness, Sherrie A
Kissing Christians
Author/Editor: Penn, Michael Philip
Kipling's Reading and Its Influence on His Poetry
Author/Editor: Weygandt, Ann M
The King's Other Body
Author/Editor: Earenfight, Theresa
The Kingdom of Sicily, 1100-1250
Author/Editor: Mallette, Karla
A Kingdom of Priests
Author/Editor: Himmelfarb, Martha
The Kingdom of Leon-Castilla Under King Alfonso VII, 1126-1157
Author/Editor: Reilly, Bernard F
The King and the Quaker
Author/Editor: Buranelli, Vincent
Kinesics and Context
Author/Editor: Birdwhistell, Ray L
The Killers
Author/Editor: Lippard, George; Cohen, Matt; Wong, Edlie L
Author/Editor: Mackey, Louis
Keynes, Keynesians, and Monetarists
Author/Editor: Weintraub, Sidney
Author/Editor: Vicarelli, Fausto
Keeping Up with the Joneses
Author/Editor: Matt, Susan J
Kate Chopin and Her Creole Stories
Author/Editor: Rankin, Daniel S
Karaoke Fascism
Author/Editor: Skidmore, Monique
Kafka's Jewish Languages
Author/Editor: Suchoff, David
Kabul Carnival
Author/Editor: Billaud, Julie
The Justification of the Law
Author/Editor: Morris, Clarence
Judeo-Spanish Ballads from Bosnia
Author/Editor: Armistead, Samuel G.; Silverman, Joseph H
Judaism and Christian Art
Author/Editor: Kessler, Herbert L.; Nirenberg, David
J. Russell Smith
Author/Editor: Rowley, Virginia M
Joyful Human Rights
Author/Editor: William Paul Simmons,Semere Kesete
Journals and Journeymen
Author/Editor: Brigham, Clarence S
Journal of Social Work Process, Volume 17
Author/Editor: Wessel, Rosa
Journal of Du Roi the Elder
Author/Editor: Du Roi, August Wilhelm
Josiah Gilbert Holland in Relation to His Times
Author/Editor: Peckham, Harry Houston
Joseph Hopkinson, 1770-1842
Author/Editor: Konkle, Burton Alva
Joseph Charles
Author/Editor: Kaser, David
Joint Expedition with the Iraq Museum at Nuzi
Author/Editor: Chiera, Edward
John Woolman's Path to the Peaceable Kingdom
Author/Editor: Plank, Geoffrey
John William Draper and the Religion of Science
Author/Editor: Fleming, Donald
John White Geary
Author/Editor: Tinkcom, Harry Marlin
John Randolph Clay
Author/Editor: Oeste, George Irvin
John Morgan
Author/Editor: Bell Jr., Whitfield J
John G. Johnson
Author/Editor: Winkelman, Barnie F
John Gibbon and His Heart-Lung Machine
Author/Editor: Romaine-Davis, Ada
John Capgrave's Fifteenth Century
Author/Editor: Winstead, Karen A
John Barth and the Anxiety of Continuance
Author/Editor: Tobin, Patricia
John Bach McMaster
Author/Editor: Goldman, Eric Frederick
John and William Bartram
Author/Editor: Earnest, Ernest
John Alfred Brashear
Author/Editor: Gaul, Harriet A.; Eiseman, Ruby
Johann Conrad Beissel
Author/Editor: Klein, Walter C
J. Franklin Jameson and the Birth of the National Archives, 1906-1926
Author/Editor: Gondos Jr., Victor
The Jews of Eastern Europe, 1772-1881
Author/Editor: Bartal, Israel
Jews, Gentiles, and Other Animals
Author/Editor: Wasserman, Mira Beth
Jews, Christians, and the Roman Empire
Author/Editor: Dohrmann, Natalie B.; Reed, Annette Yoshiko
Jewish Studies at the Crossroads of Anthropology and History
Author/Editor: Boustan, Ra'anan S.; Kosansky, Oren; Rustow, Marina
Jewish Russians
Author/Editor: Goluboff, Sascha L
Jewish Magic and Superstition
Author/Editor: Trachtenberg, Joshua
The Jewish Enlightenment
Author/Editor: Feiner, Shmuel
The Jewish Body: A History
Author/Editor: Robert Jütte,Elizabeth Bredeck
Jewish Biblical Interpretation and Cultural Exchange
Author/Editor: Dohrmann, Natalie B.; Stern, David
Jewish Autonomy in a Slave Society: Suriname in the Atlantic World, 1651-1825
Author/Editor: Aviva Ben-Ur
The Jet Sex
Author/Editor: Vantoch, Victoria
Jesus Is Female
Author/Editor: Fogleman, Aaron Spencer
Jessie Taft, Therapist and Social Work Educator
Author/Editor: Robinson, Virginia P
Jeremiah Sullivan Black
Author/Editor: Brigance, William Norwood
Jeremiah's Scribes
Author/Editor: Neuman, Meredith Marie
Jennie Gerhardt
Author/Editor: Dreiser, Theodore; West III, James L. W
Jean Toomer and the Terrors of American History
Author/Editor: Scruggs, Charles; VanDemarr, Lee
Jean de Saintre
Author/Editor: La Sale, Antoine de
Jay Gould
Author/Editor: Grodinsky, Julius
The Japanese Seizure of Korea, 1868-1910
Author/Editor: Conroy, Hilary
The Japanese and Western Science
Author/Editor: Watanabe, Masao
Jane Austen and the Province of Womanhood
Author/Editor: Sulloway, Alison G
The Jana Sangh
Author/Editor: Baxter, Craig
James Nelson Barker, 1784-1858
Author/Editor: Musser, Paul Howard
James Burd
Author/Editor: Nixon, Lily Lee
James Bridie
Author/Editor: Luyben, Helen L
Italy in the Giolittian Era
Author/Editor: Salomone, A. William
Italic Tomb-Groups in the University Museum
Author/Editor: Dohan, Edith Hall
The Israeli Radical Left: An Ethics of Complicity
Author/Editor: FIONA WRIGHT
Islamist Parties and Political Normalization in the Muslim World
Author/Editor: Mecham, Quinn; Hwang, Julie Chernov
Islamic Gardens and Landscapes
Author/Editor: Ruggles, D. Fairchild
Islam and the Trade of Asia
Author/Editor: Richards, D. S
Isaac Cruikshank
Author/Editor: Krumbhaar, E. B
Iron Millionaire
Author/Editor: Bridges, Hal
Irish Politics and Social Conflict in the Age of the American Revolution
Author/Editor: O'Connell, Maurice R
Irish Poetry from the English Invasion to 1798
Author/Editor: Alspach, Russell K
The Irish Parliament in the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Richardson, H. G.; Sayles, G. O
I Remember
Author/Editor: Bernhardt, Clyde E. B
Ireland through Tudor Eyes
Author/Editor: Hinton, Edward M
Iraq's Marsh Arabs in the Garden of Eden
Author/Editor: Ochsenschlager, Edward L
Iraq at a Distance
Author/Editor: Robben, Antonius C. G. M
The Iranian Talmud
Author/Editor: Secunda, Shai
An Invitation to Law and Social Science
Author/Editor: Lempert, Richard; Sanders, Joseph
Investment of Life Insurance Funds
Author/Editor: McCahan, David
Investment in Empire
Author/Editor: Thorner, Daniel
The Investiture Controversy
Author/Editor: Blumenthal, Uta-Renate
The Invention of Peter
Author/Editor: Demacopoulos, George E
Inventing the New Negro
Author/Editor: Lamothe, Daphne
Inventing the Egghead
Author/Editor: Lecklider, Aaron
Inventing the Berbers: History and Ideology in the Maghrib
Author/Editor: RAMZI ROUIGHI
Inventing Polymer Science
Author/Editor: Furukawa, Yasu
Inventing Exoticism
Author/Editor: Schmidt, Benjamin
In vain I tried to tell you
Author/Editor: Hymes, Dell
Introductory Hindi Readings
Author/Editor: Bender, Ernest
Introduction to the Archaeology of Tikal, Guatemala
Author/Editor: Coe, William R.; Haviland, William A
Introduction to Polish Versification
Author/Editor: Giergielewicz, Mieczyslaw
Intimate Enemies
Author/Editor: Theidon, Kimberly
Intimate Bonds
Author/Editor: Palmer, Jennifer L
Intimate Adversaries
Author/Editor: Todd, Alexandra Dundas
In the Shadow of the Gallows
Author/Editor: DeLombard, Jeannine Marie
In the Senate
Author/Editor: Pepper, George Wharton
In the Eye of the Animal: Zoological Imagination in Ancient Christianity
Author/Editor: Patricia Cox Miller
In the Days of Serfdom and Other Stories
Author/Editor: Tolstoy, Leo
In the Crossfire
Author/Editor: Spencer, John P
The Internet, Social Media, and a Changing China
Author/Editor: Jacques deLisle,Avery Goldstein,Guobin Yang
The International Struggle for New Human Rights
Author/Editor: Bob, Clifford
International Responses to Mass Atrocities in Africa
Author/Editor: Mills, Kurt
International Law and Pollution
Author/Editor: Magraw, Daniel Barstow
International Labor, Diplomacy, and Peace, 1914-1919
Author/Editor: Van der Slice, Austin
Internationalism in the Age of Nationalism
Author/Editor: Sluga, Glenda
The International Economic Position of Argentina
Author/Editor: Phelps, Vernon Lovell
The International Commission of Jurists
Author/Editor: Tolley Jr., Howard B
International Bohemia
Author/Editor: Cottom, Daniel
Intellectuals Incorporated
Author/Editor: Vanderlan, Robert
The Integrated Self
Author/Editor: Stock, Brian
The Instructed Conscience
Author/Editor: Meyer, D. H
Institutions of the English Novel
Author/Editor: Brown, Homer Obed
The Insight of Unbelievers
Author/Editor: Klepper, Deeana Copeland
In Search of Progressive America
Author/Editor: Kazin, Michael
Inquisition and Power
Author/Editor: Arnold, John H
Inquiry and Testament
Author/Editor: Avery, George C
Innovation and Tradition at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Author/Editor: Cooper III, David Y.; Ledger, Marshall A
In My Power
Author/Editor: Dierks, Konstantin
In My Mother's House
Author/Editor: Thiranagama, Sharika
In Light of Another's Word
Author/Editor: Khanmohamadi, Shirin A
Inherent Human Rights
Author/Editor: Morsink, Johannes
Ingenuous Subjection
Author/Editor: Thompson, Helen
The Ingenious Dr. Franklin
Author/Editor: Goodman, Nathan G
The Influence of Walter Scott on the Works of Balzak
Author/Editor: Garnand, H. J
The Influence of Flaubert on George Moore
Author/Editor: Ferguson, Walter D
The Influence of Ben Jonson on English Comedy, 1598-1642
Author/Editor: Kerr, Mina
An Infinity of Nations
Author/Editor: Witgen, Michael
Inexpressible Privacy
Author/Editor: Shamir, Milette
In Exile
Author/Editor: Brandt, Willy
Industry-Wide Collective Bargaining
Author/Editor: Kessler, Selma P
The Industrial Study of Economic Progress
Author/Editor: Davis, Hiram Simmons
Industrial Peacemaker
Author/Editor: Shils, Edward B.; Gershenfeld, Walter J.; Ingrster, Bernard
Industrial Discipline and the Arbitration Process
Author/Editor: Skilton, Robert H
Indo-European and Indo-Europeans
Author/Editor: Cardona, George; Hoenigswald, Henry M.; Senn, Alfred
Indo-European /a/
Author/Editor: Wyatt Jr., William F
Indivisible Human Rights
Author/Editor: Whelan, Daniel J
The Indigenous Paradox: Rights, Sovereignty, and Culture in the Americas
Author/Editor: Jonas Bens
India, Pakistan, Ceylon
Author/Editor: Brown, W. Norman
Indian Fiction in English
Author/Editor: Spencer, Dorothy M
Indian Affairs and Their Administration
Author/Editor: Hoopes, Alban W
India in the Chinese Imagination
Author/Editor: Kieschnick, John; Shahar, Meir
The Independence of the Federal Reserve System
Author/Editor: Clifford, A. Jerome
Independence Hall in American Memory
Indecent Exposure
In Darkest Alaska
Author/Editor: Campbell, Robert
Incised Drawings from Early Phrygian Gordion
Author/Editor: Roller, Lynn E
Incest and Agency in Elizabeth's England
Author/Editor: Quilligan, Maureen
The Inarticulate Renaissance
Author/Editor: Carla Mazzio
I'm the Teacher, You're the Student
Author/Editor: Allitt, Patrick
Improvised Continent: Pan-Americanism and Cultural Exchange
Author/Editor: Richard Cándida Smith
Import Safety
Author/Editor: Coglianese, Cary; Finkel, Adam M.; Zaring, David
Imperial Medicine
Author/Editor: Haynes, Douglas M
Imperial Entanglements
Author/Editor: MacLeitch, Gail D
The Impact of Illness on World Leaders
Author/Editor: Park M.D., Bert E
The Impact of Government Manpower Programs
Author/Editor: Perry, Charles R.; Rowan, Richard; Anderson, Bernard E
Immigration Judges and U.S. Asylum Policy
Author/Editor: Miller, Banks; Keith, Linda Camp; Holmes, Jennifer S
Immigration, Islam, and the Politics of Belonging in France
Author/Editor: Thomas, Elaine R
Immigration and Metropolitan Revitalization in the United States
Author/Editor: Vitiello, Domenic; Sugrue, Thomas J
Imagining Philadelphia
Author/Editor: Knowles, Scott Gabriel
An Imagined Geography
Author/Editor: D'Alisera, JoAnn
Imaginary Betrayals
Author/Editor: Cunningham, Karen
Images of Adventure
Author/Editor: Rushing Jr., James A
Images, Iconoclasm, and the Carolingians
Author/Editor: Noble, Thomas F. X
Imageless Truths
Author/Editor: Weisman, Karen A
I Got the Word in Me and I Can Sing It, You Know
Author/Editor: Davis, Gerald L
Ideas of Chinese Gardens
Author/Editor: Bianca Maria Rinaldi
Hypnotic Poetry
Author/Editor: Snyder, Edward D
Hutu Rebels: Exile Warriors in the Eastern Congo
Author/Editor: Anna Hedlund
Hungarian Drama in New York
Author/Editor: Gergely, Emro Joseph
The Human Right to Citizenship
Author/Editor: Howard-Hassmann, Rhoda E.; Walton-Roberts, Margaret
Human Rights Under African Constitutions
Author/Editor: An-Na'im, Abdullahi Ahmed
Human Rights Transformation in Practice
Author/Editor: Tine Destrooper,Sally Engle Merry
Human Rights, the Rule of Law, and Development in Africa
Author/Editor: Zeleza, Paul Tiyambe; McConnaughay, Philip J
The Human Rights State
Author/Editor: Benjamin Gregg
Human Rights or Global Capitalism
Author/Editor: Nowak, Manfred
Human Rights of Women
Author/Editor: Cook, Rebecca J
Human Rights NGOs in East Africa
Author/Editor: Mutua, Makau
Human Rights in Turkey
Author/Editor: Arat, Zehra F. Kabasakal
Human Rights in the Shadow of Colonial Violence
Author/Editor: Klose, Fabian
Human Rights in the Arab World
Author/Editor: Chase, Anthony; Hamzawy, Amr
Human Rights in Thailand
Author/Editor: Don F. Selby
Human Rights in Our Own Backyard
Author/Editor: Armaline, William T.; Glasberg, Davita Silfen; Purkayastha, Bandana
Human Rights in Latin America
Author/Editor: Cardenas, Sonia
Human Rights in Iran
Author/Editor: Afshari, Reza
Human Rights in Cross-Cultural Perspectives
Author/Editor: An-Na'im, Abdullahi Ahmed
Human Rights in Crisis
Author/Editor: Fitzpatrick, Joan M
Human Rights in Chinese Foreign Relations
Author/Editor: Wan, Ming
Human Rights Education: Forging an Academic Discipline
Author/Editor: Sarita Cargas
Human Rights as War by Other Means
Author/Editor: Curtis, Jennifer
Human Rights and War Through Civilian Eyes
Author/Editor: Smith, Thomas W
Human Rights and the Negotiation of American Power
Author/Editor: Mitoma, Glenn
Human Rights and Statistics
Author/Editor: Jabine, Thomas B.; Claude, Richard P
Human Rights and State Security
Author/Editor: Jetschke, Anja
Human Rights and Participatory Politics in Southeast Asia
Human Rights and Labor Solidarity
Author/Editor: Kang, Susan L
Human Rights and Global Governance: Power Politics Meets International Justice
Author/Editor: William H. Meyer
Human Rights and Disability Advocacy
Author/Editor: Sabatello, Maya; Schulze, Marianne
Human Rights and Adolescence
Author/Editor: Bhabha, Jacqueline
Human Rights
Author/Editor: Mutua, Makau
The Human Joint in Health and Disease
Author/Editor: Simon, William H
Humanistic Teaching and the Place of Ethical and Religious Values in Higher Education
Author/Editor: Aubrey, Edwin E
Hugh Latimer
Author/Editor: Chester, Allan G
How Workers Find Jobs
Author/Editor: de Schweinitz, Dorothea
How We Elected Lincoln
Author/Editor: Dittenhoefer, Abram J
How to Get Out of Iraq with Integrity
Author/Editor: O'Leary, Brendan
How to Accept German Reparations
Author/Editor: Slyomovics, Susan
How Think Tanks Shape Social Development Policies
Author/Editor: McGann, James G.; Viden, Anna; Rafferty, Jillian
How Rivalries End
Author/Editor: Rasler, Karen; Thompson, William R.; Ganguly, Sumit
How Real Estate Developers Think
Author/Editor: Brown, Peter Hendee
How Ideas Shape Urban Political Development
Author/Editor: Richardson Dilworth,Timothy P. R. Weaver
How Governors Built the Modern American Presidency
Author/Editor: Ambar, Saladin M
Howard Crawley Memorial Lectures
Author/Editor: Buell, Raymond Leslie; Gallup, George; Watt, Robert J
Housing Markets and Public Policy
Author/Editor: Grigsby, William G
Housing, Culture, and Design
Author/Editor: Low, Setha M.; Chambers, Erve
Houses of Ill Repute
The House of Understanding
Author/Editor: Gest, Margaret
Hosts and Guests
Author/Editor: Smith, Valene L
Hosay Trinidad
Author/Editor: Korom, Frank J
Horatio Greenough
Author/Editor: Wright, Nathalia
Horace Greeley
Author/Editor: Van Deusen, Glyndon G
Hopewell Village
Author/Editor: Walker, Joseph E
Hope in a Jar
Author/Editor: Peiss, Kathy
Hopeful Journeys
Author/Editor: Fogleman, Aaron Spencer
Homo Narrans
Author/Editor: Niles, John D
Homo Cinematicus
Author/Editor: Killen, Andreas
Author/Editor: Howard, Ella
Homeland Security
Author/Editor: Chertoff, Michael
Holy Women, Wholly Women
Author/Editor: Lawless, Elaine J
Holy Wednesday
Author/Editor: Burkhart, Louise M
Holy Warriors
Author/Editor: Kaeuper, Richard W
Holy War, Martyrdom, and Terror
Author/Editor: Buc, Philippe
Holy Deadlock and Further Ribaldries
Holderlin's Hyperion
Author/Editor: Silz, Walter
Hitler and America
Author/Editor: Fischer, Klaus P
History of the University of Pennsylvania, 1740-1940
Author/Editor: Cheyney, Edward Potts
A History of the Philadelphia Theatre, 1835-1855
Author/Editor: Wilson, Arthur Herman
History of the Lombards
Author/Editor: Paul the Deacon; Peters, Edward
A History of the Freedmen's Bureau
Author/Editor: Bentley, George R
A History of the Crusades, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Wolff, Robert Lee; Hazard, Harry W
A History of the Crusades, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Baldwin, Marshall W
The History of the Counts of Guines and Lords of Ardres
Author/Editor: Ardres, Lambert of
A History of Old English Meter
Author/Editor: Fulk, R. D
History of Marshall Field and Co., 1852-1906
Author/Editor: Twyman, Robert W
A History of Children's Play
Author/Editor: Sutton-Smith, Brian
History of American Schoolbooks
Author/Editor: Carpenter, Charles
A History of American Biography, 1800-1935
Author/Editor: O'Neill, Edward H
History Matters
Author/Editor: Bennett, Judith M
History and the Written Word: Documents, Literacy, and Language in the Age of the Angevins
Author/Editor: Henry Bainton
Histories of Victimhood
Author/Editor: Jensen, Steffen; Ronsbo, Henrik
Historic Real Estate: Market Morality and the Politics of Preservation in the Early United States
Author/Editor: Whitney Martinko
Historical Survey of Labor Arbitration
Author/Editor: Witte, Edwin E
Historical Style
Author/Editor: Campbell, Timothy
The Historical Austen
Author/Editor: Galperin, William H
Historical Archaeology at Tikal, Guatemala
Author/Editor: Moholy-Nagy, Hattula
Historia Vitae et Regni Ricardi Secundi
Author/Editor: Stow Jr., George B
A Historian in Exile
Author/Editor: Cohen, Jeremy
The Hispaniola Treasure
Author/Editor: Karraker, Cyrus H
Hinterland Dreams
Author/Editor: Morser, Eric J
Hindi Grammar and Reader
Author/Editor: Bender, Ernest
Author/Editor: Eitan, Zohar
Hierarchy and Its Discontents
Author/Editor: Parish, Steven M
Hideous Progenies
Author/Editor: Forry, Steven Earl
Heroines and Local Girls: The Transnational Emergence of Women's Writing in the Long Eighteenth Century
Author/Editor: Pamela L. Cheek
The Hero and the Perennial Journey Home in American Film
Author/Editor: Mackey-Kallis, Susan
Her Life Historical
Author/Editor: Sanok, Catherine
Heresy and Authority in Medieval Europe
Author/Editor: Peters, Edward
Henry Wheaton, 1785-1848
Author/Editor: Baker, Elizabeth Feaster
Henry the Liberal
Author/Editor: Evergates, Theodore
Henry Purcell
Author/Editor: Zimmerman, Franklin B
Henry James and the Suspense of Masculinity
Author/Editor: Person, Leland S
Henry George
Author/Editor: Cord, Steven B
Henry Demarest Lloyd and the Empire of Reform
Author/Editor: Destler, Chester McArthur
Henry Charles Carey
Author/Editor: Green, Arnold W
Henry Blake Fuller
Author/Editor: Griffin, Constance M
Help-Wanted Advertising as an Indicator of the Demand for Labor
Author/Editor: Bezanson, Anne
Heinrich von Kleist
Author/Editor: Gearey, John
The Hebrew Book in Early Modern Italy
Author/Editor: Hacker, Joseph R.; Shear, Adam
Heavenly Ambitions
Author/Editor: Johnson-Freese, Joan
The Heart of the Mission
Author/Editor: Cordova, Cary
The Heart Is Like Heaven
Author/Editor: Baer, Helene (Gilbert)
The Heart and Stomach of a King
Author/Editor: Levin, Carole
Heal the Pain, Comfort the Spirit
Author/Editor: O'Hara M.D., Dorene
Healing Traditions
Author/Editor: O'Connor, Bonnie Blair
Healing Secular Life
Author/Editor: Dole, Christopher
The Head in Edward Nugent's Hand
Author/Editor: Oberg, Michael Leroy
Haunted Visions
Author/Editor: Colbert, Charles
Hastening Toward Prague
Author/Editor: Wolverton, Lisa
Hasanlu V
Author/Editor: Danti, Michael D
Harvey Baum
Author/Editor: Mead, Edward Sherwood; Ostrolenk, Bernhard
Harriet Prescott Spofford
Author/Editor: Halbeisen, Elizabeth K
Author/Editor: Ferguson, Robert; Stair, Leslie Dalrymple
Handmaidens of the Lord
Author/Editor: Lawless, Elaine J
Handbook of Paleolithic Typology
Author/Editor: Debénath, André; Dibble, Harold L
Hamlet After Q1
Author/Editor: Lesser, Zachary
The Haitian Revolution and the Early United States
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Maddock Dillon,Michael J. Drexler,Daniel K. Richter,Kathleen M. Brown,Max Cavitch,David Waldstreicher
A Gujarati Reference Grammar
Author/Editor: Cardona, George
The Guitar of God
Author/Editor: Surtz, Ronald E
Guilt, Responsibility, and Denial
Author/Editor: Gordy, Eric
Guide to Women's History Resources in the Delaware Valley Area
Author/Editor: Vaux, Trina
Guide to the Diplomatic Archives of Western Europe
Author/Editor: Thomas, Daniel H.; Case, Lynn M
A Guide to Jewish References in the Mexican Colonial Era, 1521-1821
Guide to International Human Rights Practice
Author/Editor: Hannum, Hurst
Guide to Eastern Ferns
Author/Editor: Wherry, Edgar T
Guides for Labor Arbitration
Author/Editor: Taylor, George W
The Guatemalan Military Project
Author/Editor: Schirmer, Jennifer
The Growth of English Representative Government
Author/Editor: Haskins, George L
Growing Greener Cities
Author/Editor: Birch, Eugenie L.; Wachter, Susan M
Group Incentives
Author/Editor: Balderston, C. C
Group Harmony
Author/Editor: Goosman, Stuart L
Group Annuities
Author/Editor: Black Jr., Kenneth
Author/Editor: McNeil, Genna Rae
Gregory of Tours
Green Light!
Author/Editor: Wolfe, Martin
Green Capitalism?
Author/Editor: Berghoff, Hartmut; Rome, Adam
The Grecanici of Southern Italy
Author/Editor: Pipyrou, Stavroula
The Great War and American Foreign Policy, 1914-24
Author/Editor: Hannigan, Robert E
The Great Medical Bibliographers
Author/Editor: Fulton, John F
Greater Portland
Author/Editor: Abbott, Carl
Gray Panthers
Author/Editor: Sanjek, Roger
The Graven Image
Author/Editor: Bahrani, Zainab
Grand Rounds
Author/Editor: Maulitz, Russell C.; Long, Diana E
Grammar and Christianity in the Late Roman World
Author/Editor: Chin, Catherine M
The Graffiti of Tikal
Author/Editor: Trik, Helen; Kampen, Michael E
Graduate Study and Research in the Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania
Author/Editor: Keniston, Hayward
The Graduate School Funding Handbook
Author/Editor: Hamel, April Vahle; Furlong, Jennifer S
The Government of French North Africa
Author/Editor: Liebesny, Herbert J
Governing the Fragmented Metropolis
Author/Editor: Rosan, Christina D
Governing Bodies: American Politics and the Shaping of the Modern Physique
Author/Editor: Rachel Louise Moran
Gothic Subjects
Author/Editor: Silyn Roberts, Siân
Gothic Bodies
Author/Editor: Bruhm, Steven
The Good Women of the Parish
Author/Editor: French, Katherine L
The Good Quaker in French Legend
Author/Editor: Philips, Edith
The Good Education of Youth
Author/Editor: Gruber, Frederick Charles
Gold Rush by Sea
Author/Editor: Low, Garrett W.; Haney, Kenneth
Golden River to Golden Road
Author/Editor: Patai, Raphael
The Golden Age of King Midas
Author/Editor: Rose, C. Brian; Darbyshire, Gareth
Goethe's Allegories of Identity
Author/Editor: Brown, Jane K
The Gods, the State, and the Individual
Author/Editor: Scheid, John
God's Peace and King's Peace
Author/Editor: O'Brien, Bruce R
God's Country: Christian Zionism in America
Author/Editor: Samuel Goldman
The Godman and the Sea: The Empty Tomb, the Trauma of the Jews, and the Gospel of Mark
Author/Editor: MICHAEL J. THATE
God and the Goddesses
Author/Editor: Barbara Newman
Gnomes of the Night
Author/Editor: Bragg, Arthur N
Global Urbanization
Author/Editor: Birch, Eugenie L.; Wachter, Susan M
Globalized Fruit, Local Entrepreneurs
Author/Editor: Douglas Southgate,Lois Roberts
Author/Editor: Spooner, Brian
Global Downtowns
Author/Editor: Peterson, Marina; McDonogh, Gary
Giving Meaning to Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights
Author/Editor: Merali, Isfahan; Oosterveld, Valerie
Gilding the Market
Author/Editor: Stuard, Susan Mosher
Gide and the Hound of Heaven
Author/Editor: March, Harold
The Gibraltar Crusade
Author/Editor: O'Callaghan, Joseph F
Getting Out
Author/Editor: Walzer, Michael; Mills, Nicolaus
Getting a PhD in Economics
Author/Editor: Hillmon, Stuart J
Germany and the Diplomatic Revolution
Author/Editor: Hale, Oron James
German Students' War Letters
Author/Editor: Witkop, Philipp
George Santayana
Author/Editor: Howgate, George W
George Henry Boker
Author/Editor: Bradley, Edward Sculley
George Gissing, Classicist
Author/Editor: Gapp, Samuel Vogt
A Gentleman of Much Promise, Volumes 1 and 2
Author/Editor: Mickle, Isaac; Mackey, Phillip English
Gentlefolk in the Making
Author/Editor: Mason, John E
Genocide in Cambodia
Author/Editor: De Nike, Howard J.; Quigley, John; Robinson, Kenneth J
The Genius of Democracy
Author/Editor: Olwell, Victoria
General Subject-Indexes Since 1548
Author/Editor: Taylor, Archer
Generalizations in Historical Writing
Author/Editor: Riasanovsky, Alexander V.; Riznik, Barnes
Gender Stereotyping
Author/Editor: Cook, Rebecca J.; Cusack, Simone
Gender on the Market
Author/Editor: Kapchan, Deborah
Gendered Voices
Author/Editor: Catherine M. Mooney,CAROLINE WALKER BYNUM
Gendered Modernisms
Author/Editor: Dickie, Margaret; Travisano, Thomas
Gender and Jewish Difference from Paul to Shakespeare
Author/Editor: Lampert, Lisa
Gender and Heresy
Author/Editor: McSheffrey, Shannon
Gender and Culture at the Limit of Rights
Author/Editor: Hodgson, Dorothy L
Gender and Christianity in Medieval Europe
Author/Editor: Bitel, Lisa M.; Lifshitz, Felice
Gay Voluntary Associations in New York
Author/Editor: Shokeid, Moshe
The Gardens of Suzhou
Author/Editor: Henderson, Ron
Gardens in the Modern Landscape
Author/Editor: Tunnard, Christopher
The Garden of Delights
Author/Editor: Griffiths, Fiona J
Garden and Grove
Author/Editor: John Dixon Hunt
Gandhi's Body
Author/Editor: Alter, Joseph S
Future Trading upon Organized Commodity Markets in the United States
Author/Editor: Hoffman, G. Wright
The Future of Democratic Capitalism
Author/Editor: Patterson, S. Howard
The Fury of Men's Gullets
Author/Editor: Boehrer, Bruce Thomas
A Functional Approach to Family Case Work
Author/Editor: Taft, Jessie
The Full-Fashioned Hosiery Worker
Author/Editor: Taylor, George W
Fulcher of Chartres
Front Lines
Author/Editor: Martínez, Miguel
Frontiers for Social Work
Author/Editor: Weaver, W. Wallace
Frontier Country
Author/Editor: Spero, Patrick
Frontier Cities
Author/Editor: Gitlin, Jay; Berglund, Barbara; Arenson, Adam
From Virile Woman to WomanChrist
Author/Editor: Newman, Barbara
From Trophy Towns to City-States: Urban Civilization and Cultural Identities in Roman Pontus
Author/Editor: Jesper Majbom Madsen
From Trickster to Badman
Author/Editor: Roberts, John W
From Text to Hypertext
Author/Editor: Gaggi, Silvio
From St. Francis to Dante, 2
Author/Editor: G. G. COULTON,Edward Peters
From St. Francis to Dante
Author/Editor: Coulton, G. G
From Servitude to Freedom
Author/Editor: Jordan, William Chester
From Privileges to Rights
Author/Editor: Middleton, Simon
From Poverty to Famine in Northeast Ethiopia
Author/Editor: McCann, James
From Paris to Pompeii
Author/Editor: Blix, Göran
From Office to Profession
Author/Editor: Scott, Donald M
From Margins to Mainstream
Author/Editor: Lazzaro-Weis, Carol
From Main Street to Mall
Author/Editor: Howard, Vicki
From Latin to Portuguese
Author/Editor: Williams, Edwin B
From Human Trafficking to Human Rights
Author/Editor: Brysk, Alison; Choi-Fitzpatrick, Austin
From Foraging to Agriculture
Author/Editor: Henry, Donald O
From Dictatorship to Democracy
Author/Editor: al-Bayati, Hamid
From Civil Rights to Human Rights
Author/Editor: Jackson, Thomas F
From Ad Hoc to Routine
Author/Editor: Kittell, Ellen E
From Abolition to Rights for All
Author/Editor: Cumbler, John T
Fries's Rebellion
Author/Editor: Newman, Paul Douglas
The Friendship of Florence Nightingale and Mary Clare Moore
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Mary C
Friends and Strangers
Author/Editor: Smolenski, John
Friend Anthony Benezet
Author/Editor: Brookes, George S
Freud on Madison Avenue
Author/Editor: Samuel, Lawrence R
The Freudian Reading
Author/Editor: Møller, Lis
French Opinion on War and Diplomacy during the Second Empire
Author/Editor: Case, Lynn Marshall
French Novelists of Today
Author/Editor: Stansbury, Milton H
The French Monarchy and the Jews
Author/Editor: Jordan, William Chester
Freedom's Ordeal
Author/Editor: Juviler, Peter
Freedom from Poverty
Author/Editor: Chong, Daniel P.L
Freedom and Education
Author/Editor: Huus, Helen
Frantic Panoramas
Author/Editor: Bentley, Nancy
Frank R. Stockton
Author/Editor: Griffin, Martin I. J
Franklin Pierce
Author/Editor: Nichols, Roy F
Franklin C. Watkins
Author/Editor: Wolf, Ben
Franco-Italian Relations, 1860-1865
Author/Editor: Case, Lynn M
Franciscans and the Elixir of Life
Author/Editor: Matus, Zachary A
Fragments of Empire
Author/Editor: Kale, Madhavi
Fragile Minds and Vulnerable Souls
Author/Editor: Leonard, Sarah L
Fragile Families: Foster Care, Immigration, and Citizenship
Author/Editor: Naomi Glenn-Levin Rodriguez
Four Latin Plays of St. Nicholas
Author/Editor: Albrecht, Otto E
The Four Faces of Man
Author/Editor: Lieb, Irwin C
Four Cities
Author/Editor: Williams, Oliver P.; Adrian, Charles R
Founding the Fathers
Author/Editor: Clark, Elizabeth A
Foundations of Education
Author/Editor: Gruber, Frederick C
Foundation Myths in Ancient Societies
Author/Editor: Mac Sweeney, Naoíse
For the Love of Humanity: The World Tribunal on Iraq
Author/Editor: Ayça Çubukçu
Forms and Meanings
Author/Editor: Chartier, Roger
Former Guerrillas in Mozambique
Author/Editor: Nikkie Wiegink
A Formalist Theatre
Author/Editor: Kirby, Michael
Forgotten Genocides
Author/Editor: Lemarchand, René
Forging Rights in a New Democracy
Author/Editor: Fournier, Anna
Forest Society
Author/Editor: Schwartz, Norman B
The Foreign Public Debt of China
Author/Editor: Coons, Arthur Gardiner
Foreign Aid Allocation, Governance, and Economic Growth
Author/Editor: Akramov, Kamiljon T
A Force Profonde
Author/Editor: Kolodziej, Edward A
Forbidden Passages
Author/Editor: Karoline P. Cook
Food Security and Scarcity
Author/Editor: Timmer, C. Peter
Food on the Page
Author/Editor: Elias, Megan J
Food Is Love
Author/Editor: Parkin, Katherine J
Food Chains
Author/Editor: Belasco, Warren; Horowitz, Roger
Food and Environment in Early and Medieval China
Author/Editor: Anderson, E. N
Food and Agriculture in Ethiopia
Author/Editor: Dorosh, Paul; Rashid, Shahidur
Folkways in Thomas Hardy
Author/Editor: Firor, Ruth A
The Folkstories of Children
Author/Editor: Sutton-Smith, Brian
F. M. Dostoevsky
Author/Editor: Šajković, Miriam T
Fluid Mechanics and Statistical Methods in Engineering
Author/Editor: Dryden, Hugh L.; Von Karman, Theodore; Anton Adam, Kalinske
Florence and Its Church in the Age of Dante
Author/Editor: Dameron, George W
Flora's Empire
Author/Editor: Herbert, Eugenia W
First to the Party: The Group Origins of Political Transformation
Author/Editor: Christopher Baylor
The First Rapprochement
Author/Editor: Perkins, Bradford
The First Prejudice
Author/Editor: Beneke, Chris; Grenda, Christopher S
First Lady of Letters
Author/Editor: Skemp, Sheila L
The First Crusade, 2
Author/Editor: Edward Peters
The First Crusade
Author/Editor: Peters, Edward
First City
Author/Editor: Nash, Gary B
Fire in the Placa
Author/Editor: Noyes, Dorothy
Fire in My Bones
Author/Editor: Hinson, Glenn
Financial Markets in the Capitalist Process
Author/Editor: Vickers, Douglas
Finance and Enterprise in Early America
Author/Editor: Adams Jr., Donald R
The Filostrato of Boccaccio
Fighting Politician
Author/Editor: Harrington, Fred Harvey
Fighting for the Farm
Author/Editor: Adams, Jane
Fighting for Faith and Nation
Author/Editor: Mahmood, Cynthia Keppley
The Fifteenth-Century Book
Author/Editor: Bühler, Curt F
Fielding's Art of Fiction
Author/Editor: Johnson, Maurice
Fictions of Conversion
Author/Editor: Shoulson, Jeffrey S
Fictions of Advice
Author/Editor: Ferster, Judith
The Fiction of Joseph Hergesheimer
Author/Editor: Martin, Ronald E
Fictional Matter
Author/Editor: Thompson, Helen
Feudal Society in Medieval France
Author/Editor: Evergates, Theodore
Feudal Institutions as Revealed in the Assizes of Romania
Fetal Subjects, Feminist Positions
Author/Editor: Morgan, Lynn M.; Michaels, Meredith Wilson
Feminism and Its Fictions
Author/Editor: Hogeland, Lisa Maria
The Female Circumcision Controversy
Author/Editor: Gruenbaum, Ellen
Female Circumcision
Author/Editor: Abusharaf, Rogaia Mustafa
Felony and Misdemeanor
Author/Editor: Goebel Jr., Julius
Federal Indian Relations, 1774-1788
Author/Editor: Mohr, Walter H
A Feast of Creatures
Fear of God and the Beginning of Wisdom
Author/Editor: Becker, Adam H
Faux Real
Author/Editor: Kanigel, Robert
The Fathers Refounded: Protestant Liberalism, Roman Catholic Modernism, and the Teaching of Ancient Christianity in Early Twentieth-Century America
Author/Editor: Elizabeth A. Clark
Fateful Transitions
Author/Editor: Kliman, Daniel M
The Farce of the Fart and Other Ribaldries
Author/Editor: Enders, Jody
The Fantasy Factory
Author/Editor: Flowers, Amy
Fanny Kemble
Author/Editor: David, Deirdre
Family Situations
Author/Editor: Bossard, James H. S.; Boll, Eleanor S
Family, Power, and Politics in Egypt
Author/Editor: Springborg, Robert
Family Plots
Author/Editor: Heller, Dana
The Family in History
Author/Editor: Rosenberg, Charles E
Family Casework and Counseling
Author/Editor: Taft, Jessie
Family and Empire
Author/Editor: Liang, Yuen-Gen
Fall River Outrage
Author/Editor: Kasserman, David Richard
Fallible Authors
Author/Editor: Minnis, Alastair
Fallen Bodies
Author/Editor: Elliott, Dyan
Faith in Flux: Pentecostalism and Mobility in Rural Mozambique
Author/Editor: Devaka Premawardhana
Faithful Republic
Author/Editor: Preston, Andrew; Schulman, Bruce J.; Zelizer, Julian E
Faith, Art, and Politics at Saint-Riquier
Author/Editor: Rabe, Susan A
Fairy Tales and Society
Author/Editor: Bottigheimer, Ruth B
Fairy Godfather
Author/Editor: Bottigheimer, Ruth B
Fair Exotics
Author/Editor: Sudan, Rajani
Failures of the Legal Imagination
Author/Editor: ALAN WATSON
The Failure of the Criminal Procedure Revolution
Author/Editor: Bradley, Craig M
The Fabrication of American Literature
Author/Editor: Cohen, Lara Langer
The Extramural Sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone at Cyrene, Libya, Final Reports VIII
Author/Editor: White, Donald
Series Title: Default Book Series
The Extramural Sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone at Cyrene, Libya, Final Reports, Volume VIII
Author/Editor: White, Donald
Extinct Medical Schools of Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia
Author/Editor: Abrahams, Harold J
Exquisite Mixture
Author/Editor: Schmidgen, Wolfram
Exposes and Excess
Author/Editor: Tichi, Cecelia
Explorations into Urban Structure
Author/Editor: Webber, Melvin M
Experimental Studies in Equine Infectious Anemia
Author/Editor: Dreguss, Miklos N.; Lombard, Louise S
Experiencing the New Genetics
Author/Editor: Finkler, Kaja
Experiencing Ritual
Author/Editor: Turner, Edith
Experiencing Power, Generating Authority
Author/Editor: Hill, Jane A.; Jones, Philip; Morales, Antonio J
Experience and Reflection
Author/Editor: Singer Jr., E.A.; Churchman, C. West
Expectations of Justice in the Age of Augustine
Author/Editor: Uhalde, Kevin
Exotic Nation
Author/Editor: Fuchs, Barbara
Exocrine Glands
Author/Editor: Botelho, Stella Y.; Brooks, Frank P.; Shelley, Walter B
Ex Libris Carissimis
Author/Editor: Morley, Christopher
Existential Threats
Author/Editor: Vox, Lisa
Exile and Return Among the East Timorese
Author/Editor: Wise, Amanda
Executive Guidance of Industrial Relations
Author/Editor: Balderston, C. Canby
Exclusive Conversations
Author/Editor: Goldsmith, Elizabeth C
Excavations in Residential Areas of Tikal--Nonelite Groups Without Shrines
Author/Editor: Haviland, William A
Excavations in Residential Areas of Tikal--Nonelite Groups Without Shrines
Author/Editor: Haviland, William A
Excavations in Residential Areas of Tikal--Group 7F-1
Author/Editor: Haviland, William A
The Excavations in Assyria and Babylonia
Author/Editor: Hilprecht, H. V
Excavations at Tepe Hissar, Damghan
Author/Editor: Schmidt, Erich F
Excavations at Gilund
Author/Editor: Shinde, Vasant; Raczek, Teresa P.; Possehl, Gregory L
An Examination of the Shelley Legend
Author/Editor: White, Newman I.; Jones, Frederick L.; Cameron, Kenneth N
The Evolution of the Southern Backcountry
Author/Editor: Beeman, Richard R
Evolution of Mind, Brain, and Culture
Author/Editor: Hatfield, Gary; Pittman, Holly
The Evolution of International Human Rights, 3
Author/Editor: Paul Gordon Lauren
The Evolution of International Human Rights
Author/Editor: Lauren, Paul Gordon
Evolution, Marxian Biology, and the Social Scene
Author/Editor: Zirkle, Conway
Evolution and the Founders of Pragmatism
Author/Editor: Wiener, Phillip
Eve's Journey
Author/Editor: Aschkenasy, Nehama
Everyday Politics
Author/Editor: Boyte, Harry C
Everyday Occupations
Author/Editor: Visweswaran, Kamala
Everyday Nationalism
Author/Editor: Menon, Kalyani Devaki
Everyday Life
Author/Editor: Abrahams, Roger D
Eve of Destruction
Author/Editor: Nichols, Thomas M
Evening News
Author/Editor: Reeves, Eileen
European Modernity and the Arab Mediterranean
Author/Editor: Mallette, Karla
European Archaeology as Anthropology
Author/Editor: Crabtree, Pam J.; Bogucki, Peter
Author/Editor: Bates, William Nickerson
Ethnonationalist Conflict in Postcommunist States
Author/Editor: Koinova, Maria
Ethnography in Today's World
Author/Editor: Sanjek, Roger
Ethnography After Antiquity
Author/Editor: Kaldellis, Anthony
Ethnographies of Neoliberalism
Author/Editor: Greenhouse, Carol J
Ethnic Identity in Tang China
Author/Editor: Abramson, Marc S
Ethics and Professionalism
Author/Editor: Kultgen, John
E. T. A. Hoffmann's Other World
Author/Editor: Negus, Kenneth
The Etablissements de Saint Louis
Esthetics of the Moment
The Essential Durer
Author/Editor: Silver, Larry; Smith, Jeffrey Chipps
Essay on Gardens
Author/Editor: Watelet, Claude-Henri
Esperanto and Its Rivals
Author/Editor: Garvía, Roberto
Escorial Bible I.j.4, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Hauptmann, O. H
Ernst Kurth as Theorist and Analyst
Author/Editor: Rothfarb, Lee A
Ernest Dowson
Author/Editor: Longaker, Mark
Era of the Oath
Author/Editor: Hyman, Harold Melvin
Equality on Trial
Author/Editor: Katherine Turk
The Epistolary Novel
Author/Editor: Singer, Godfrey Frank
Epigrams and Criticisms in Miniature
Author/Editor: Sullivan, William Laurence
The Envy of Angels
Author/Editor: Jaeger, C. Stephen
Envisioning Islam
Author/Editor: Penn, Michael Philip
Envisioning an English Empire
Author/Editor: Appelbaum, Robert; Sweet, John Wood
Ennobling Love
Author/Editor: Jaeger, C. Stephen
Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta
Author/Editor: Kramer, Samuel Noah
English Renaissance Drama and the Specter of Spain
Author/Editor: Griffin, Eric J
The English Primers (1529-1545)
Author/Editor: Butterworth, Charles C
The English Mummers and Their Plays
Author/Editor: Brody, Alan
The Englishman's Italian Books, 1550-1700
Author/Editor: Lievsay, John L
English Letters and Indian Literacies
Author/Editor: Wyss, Hilary E
English Folk Poetry
Author/Editor: Renwick, Roger deV
The English Country Squire as Depicted in English Prose Fiction from 1740 to 1800
Author/Editor: Slagle, Kenneth Chester
English Biography in the Eighteenth Century
Author/Editor: Longaker, Mark
The English Alliterative Tradition
Author/Editor: Cable, Thomas
England's Road to Social Security
Author/Editor: De Schweinitz, Karl
Engineering the Financial Crisis
Author/Editor: Friedman, Jeffrey; Kraus, Wladimir
Engineering Revolution
Author/Editor: Spoerri, Marlene
Energy Transition and the Local Community
Author/Editor: Rose, Dan
Energy Politics
Author/Editor: Shaffer, Brenda
Enemies in the Plaza
Author/Editor: Devaney, Thomas
Author/Editor: Jaeger, C. Stephen
The Employee
Author/Editor: Vinel, Jean-Christian
Empires of Love
Author/Editor: Nocentelli, Carmen
Empires of God
Author/Editor: Gregerson, Linda; Juster, Susan
The Empire Reformed
Author/Editor: Stanwood, Owen
Empire of Vines
Author/Editor: Hannickel, Erica
An Empire of Air and Water
Author/Editor: Carroll, Siobhan
Empire by Collaboration
Author/Editor: Morrissey, Robert Michael
Emperor of Culture
Author/Editor: Burns, Robert I
Emergency Physician's Guide to Dental Care
Author/Editor: Berry Jr., Harrison M
The Emergence of the Modern Mind
Author/Editor: Gruber, Frederick C
Embracing Dissent
Author/Editor: Jeffrey S. Selinger,Richard Valelly,Pamela Brandwein,Marie Gottschalk,Christopher Howard
The Embodiment of Characters
Author/Editor: DeRitter, Jones
Embodied History
Author/Editor: Newman, Simon P
El Salvador in the Aftermath of Peace
Author/Editor: Moodie, Ellen
El Primero Benavides
Author/Editor: de Vega, Lope; Reichenberger, Arnold G.; Foley, Augusta Espantoso
Ellis Island Nation
Author/Editor: Fleegler, Robert L
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
Author/Editor: Bennett, Mary Angela
Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte
Author/Editor: Boyer Lewis, Charlene M
Elizabethan Music and Musical Criticism
Author/Editor: Boyd, Morrison Comegys
Elizabethan Music and Musical Criticism
Author/Editor: Boyd, Morrison Comegys
Elisabeth of Schonau
Author/Editor: Clark, Anne L
The Elfreth Book of Letters
Author/Editor: Hodge, Susan Winslow
Elf Queens and Holy Friars
Author/Editor: Green, Richard Firth
Electrical Signs of Nervous Activity
Author/Editor: Erlanger, Joseph; Gasser, Herbert S
Electrical Signs of Nervous Activity
Author/Editor: Erlanger, Joseph; Gasser, Herbert S
Electoral Capitalism: The Party System in New York's Gilded Age
Author/Editor: Jeffrey D. Broxmeyer
Election 2014
Author/Editor: Kilgore, Ed
Electing the President, 2012
Author/Editor: Jamieson, Kathleen Hall
Electing the President, 2008
Author/Editor: Jamieson, Kathleen Hall
Electing the President, 2004
Author/Editor: Jamieson, Kathleen Hall
Egypt and the Formation of the Anglo-French Entente of 1904
Author/Editor: Mathews, Joseph James
Effective Labor Arbitration
Author/Editor: Kennedy, Thomas
Edward Potts Cheyney
Author/Editor: Lingelbach, William E
Edward Hicks, Painter of the Peaceable Kingdom
Author/Editor: Ford, Alice
Education for Administrative Careers in Government Service
Author/Editor: Sweeney, Stephen B.; Davy, Thomas J
Education and the State
Author/Editor: Gruber, Frederick Charles
Education and the National Purpose
Author/Editor: Huus, Helen
Educational Voyaging in Iran
Author/Editor: Harnwell, Gaylord P
Educational Imperatives in a Changing Culture
Author/Editor: Brickman, William W
Author/Editor: Huus, Helen
Educating the Employed Disadvantaged for Upgrading
Author/Editor: Rowan, Richard L.; Northrup, Herbert R
Educating for Human Dignity
Author/Editor: Reardon, Betty A
Ed Bacon
Author/Editor: Heller, Gregory L
The Economic Theory of Risk and Insurance
Author/Editor: Willett, Allan H
Economics of Public Health
Author/Editor: Weisbrod, Burton A
The Economics of Carpeting and Resilient Flooring
Author/Editor: Parks, George M
Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights
Author/Editor: Leckie, Scott; Gallagher, Anne
Economics and the Real World
Author/Editor: Kamarck, Andrew M
Economic Rights in Canada and the United States
Author/Editor: Howard-Hassmann, Rhoda E.; Welch Jr., Claude E
Economic Report on the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, 1985
Author/Editor: Summers, Anita A.; Luce, Thomas F
Economic Planning in the British Building Industry, 1945-1949
Author/Editor: Rosenberg, Nathan
Economic Development Within the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area
Author/Editor: Summers, Anita A.; Luce, Thomas F
Economic Data Utilized in Wage Arbitration
Author/Editor: Backman, Jules
Economic Control of the Motion Picture Industry
Author/Editor: Huettig, Mae D
Econometric Model Performance
Author/Editor: Klein, Lawrence R.; Burmeister, Edwin
Ebenezer Kinnersley
Author/Editor: Lemay, J. A. Leo
East African Archaeology
Author/Editor: Kusimba, Chapurukha M.; Kusimba, Sibel B
Early Theological Writings
Author/Editor: Hegel, G. W. F
The Early Modern Travels of Manchu: A Script and Its Study in East Asia and Europe
Author/Editor: Mårten Söderblom Saarela
Early Modern Cultures of Translation
Author/Editor: Newman, Karen; Tylus, Jane
The Early Martyr Narratives: Neither Authentic Accounts nor Forgeries
Author/Editor: Éric Rebillard
Early Babylonian Personal Names
Author/Editor: Ranke, Hermann
Early Anthropology in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Author/Editor: Hodgen, Margaret T
Early African American Print Culture
Author/Editor: Cohen, Lara Langer; Stein, Jordan Alexander
The Dynamics of Violence in Central Africa
Author/Editor: Lemarchand, René
The Dynamics of Supervision Under Functional Controls
Author/Editor: Robinson, Virginia P
Dutch Explorers, Traders, and Settlers in the Delaware Valley, 1609-1644
Author/Editor: Weslager, C. A
The Dutch and Swedes on the Delaware, 1609-1664
Author/Editor: Ward, Christopher
Dun Ailinne
Author/Editor: Johnston, Susan A.; Wailes, Bernard
The Duel and the Oath
Author/Editor: Lea, Henry Charles; Peters, Edward
Dryden's Final Poetic Mode
Author/Editor: Reverand II, Cedric D
Drug-Trip Abroad
Author/Editor: Cuskey, Walter R.; Klein, Arnold William; Krasner, William
Drug Plants of Africa
Author/Editor: Githens, Thomas S
Dr. Kane's Voyage to the Polar Lands
Author/Editor: Villarejo, Oscar M
Driving Detroit
Author/Editor: Galster, George
Dreiser's Russian Diary
Author/Editor: Dreiser, Theodore; Riggio, Thomas P.; West III, James L. W
Dreiser's Jennie Gerhardt
Author/Editor: West III, James L. W
Dreiser-Mencken Letters, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Riggio, Thomas P
Dreiser-Mencken Letters, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Riggio, Thomas P
Dreams of Fiery Stars
Author/Editor: Rainwater, Catherine
Dreams, Dreamers, and Visions
Author/Editor: Plane, Ann Marie; Tuttle, Leslie
Dreams and the Invisible World in Colonial New England
Author/Editor: Plane, Ann Marie
Author/Editor: Rawson, Philip
The Dragon and the Snake
Author/Editor: Gates, Millicent Anne; Geelhoed, E. Bruce
Down Along the Mother Volga
Author/Editor: Reeder, Roberta
Doppelganger Dilemmas
Author/Editor: Rubright, Marjorie
Author/Editor: Juster, Susan
Do Museums Still Need Objects?
Author/Editor: Conn, Steven
Dominion Built of Praise: Panegyric and Legitimacy Among Jews in the Medieval Mediterranean
Domestic Intimacies
Author/Editor: Connolly, Brian
Domestic Interests and International Obligations
Author/Editor: Kravis, Irving B
The Dollar, the Franc, and Inflation
Author/Editor: Dulles, Eleanor Lansing
Does Regulation Kill Jobs?
Author/Editor: Coglianese, Cary; Finkel, Adam M.; Carrigan, Christopher
Doctor Franklin's Medicine
Author/Editor: Finger, Stanley
Dobson's Encyclopaedia
Author/Editor: Arner, Robert D
Divorce and the American Divorce Novel, 1858-1937
Author/Editor: Barnett, James Harwood
Divine Art, Infernal Machine
Author/Editor: Eisenstein, Elizabeth L
Dividing Divided States
Author/Editor: Treverton, Gregory F
Divided Unions: The Wagner Act, Federalism, and Organized Labor
Author/Editor: Alexis N. Walker
Divided Nations and European Integration
Author/Editor: Mabry, Tristan James; McGarry, John; Moore, Margaret
Divided Cities
Author/Editor: Calame, Jon; Charlesworth, Esther
Dissident Postmodernists
Author/Editor: Maltby, Paul
Dissent Without Opinion