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The Dynamics of Violence in Central Africa
Author/Editor: Lemarchand, René
The Dynamics of Supervision Under Functional Controls
Author/Editor: Robinson, Virginia P
Dutch Explorers, Traders, and Settlers in the Delaware Valley, 1609-1644
Author/Editor: Weslager, C. A
The Dutch and Swedes on the Delaware, 1609-1664
Author/Editor: Ward, Christopher
Dun Ailinne
Author/Editor: Johnston, Susan A.; Wailes, Bernard
The Duel and the Oath
Author/Editor: Lea, Henry Charles; Peters, Edward
Dryden's Final Poetic Mode
Author/Editor: Reverand II, Cedric D
Drug-Trip Abroad
Author/Editor: Cuskey, Walter R.; Klein, Arnold William; Krasner, William
Drug Plants of Africa
Author/Editor: Githens, Thomas S
Dr. Kane's Voyage to the Polar Lands
Author/Editor: Villarejo, Oscar M
Driving Detroit
Author/Editor: Galster, George
Dreiser's Russian Diary
Author/Editor: Dreiser, Theodore; Riggio, Thomas P.; West III, James L. W
Dreiser's Jennie Gerhardt
Author/Editor: West III, James L. W
Dreiser-Mencken Letters, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Riggio, Thomas P
Dreiser-Mencken Letters, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Riggio, Thomas P
Dreams of Fiery Stars
Author/Editor: Rainwater, Catherine
Dreams, Dreamers, and Visions
Author/Editor: Plane, Ann Marie; Tuttle, Leslie
Dreams and the Invisible World in Colonial New England
Author/Editor: Plane, Ann Marie
Author/Editor: Rawson, Philip
The Dragon and the Snake
Author/Editor: Gates, Millicent Anne; Geelhoed, E. Bruce
Down Along the Mother Volga
Author/Editor: Reeder, Roberta
Doppelganger Dilemmas
Author/Editor: Rubright, Marjorie
Author/Editor: Juster, Susan
Do Museums Still Need Objects?
Author/Editor: Conn, Steven
Dominion Built of Praise: Panegyric and Legitimacy Among Jews in the Medieval Mediterranean
Domestic Intimacies
Author/Editor: Connolly, Brian
Domestic Interests and International Obligations
Author/Editor: Kravis, Irving B
The Dollar, the Franc, and Inflation
Author/Editor: Dulles, Eleanor Lansing
Does Regulation Kill Jobs?
Author/Editor: Coglianese, Cary; Finkel, Adam M.; Carrigan, Christopher
Doctor Franklin's Medicine
Author/Editor: Finger, Stanley
Dobson's Encyclopaedia
Author/Editor: Arner, Robert D
Divorce and the American Divorce Novel, 1858-1937
Author/Editor: Barnett, James Harwood
Divine Art, Infernal Machine
Author/Editor: Eisenstein, Elizabeth L
Dividing Divided States
Author/Editor: Treverton, Gregory F
Divided Unions: The Wagner Act, Federalism, and Organized Labor
Author/Editor: Alexis N. Walker
Divided Nations and European Integration
Author/Editor: Mabry, Tristan James; McGarry, John; Moore, Margaret
Divided Cities
Author/Editor: Calame, Jon; Charlesworth, Esther
Dissident Postmodernists
Author/Editor: Maltby, Paul
Dissent Without Opinion
Author/Editor: Wolfman, Bernard; Silver, Jonathan L.F.; Silver, Marjorie A
Dispossessed Lives
Author/Editor: Marisa J. Fuentes
Displacing Democracy
Author/Editor: Widestrom, Amy
Author/Editor: Eggert, Katherine
A Disimprisoned Epic
Author/Editor: Cumming, Mark
Discerning Characters
Author/Editor: Lukasik, Christopher J
The Disaster Experts
Author/Editor: Knowles, Scott Gabriel
Disability, Human Rights, and Information Technology
Author/Editor: Lazar, Jonathan; Stein, Michael Ashley
Disability as a Social Construct
Author/Editor: Liachowitz, Claire H
Dino Compagni's Chronicle of Florence
Dinah's Daughters
Author/Editor: Zlotnick, Helena
Dignity Rights: Courts, Constitutions, and the Worth of the Human Person, Ed. REV - Revised
Author/Editor: ERIN DALY,Aharon Barak
Dignity Rights
Author/Editor: Daly, Erin
Digging the Past: How and Why to Imagine Seventeenth-Century Agriculture
Author/Editor: Frances E. Dolan
The Digest of Justinian, Volume 4, REV - Revised
Author/Editor: ALAN WATSON
The Digest of Justinian, Volume 4
Author/Editor: Watson, Alan
The Digest of Justinian, Volume 3, REV - Revised
Author/Editor: ALAN WATSON
The Digest of Justinian, Volume 3
Author/Editor: Watson, Alan
The Digest of Justinian, Volume 2, REV - Revised
Author/Editor: ALAN WATSON
The Digest of Justinian, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Watson, Alan
The Digest of Justinian, Volume 1, REV - Revised
Author/Editor: ALAN WATSON
The Digest of Justinian, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Watson, Alan
The Difficult Art of Giving
Author/Editor: Sawaya, Francesca
Difference of a Different Kind
Author/Editor: Idelson-Shein, Iris
The Didot Perceval
Author/Editor: Roach, William
Dictionary of Russian Personal Names
Dickens and the Short Story
Author/Editor: Thomas, Deborah A
Dice, Cards, Wheels
Author/Editor: Kavanagh, Thomas M
The Diary of Elizabeth Drinker, ABR - Abridged
Author/Editor: Elaine Forman Crane
The Diary of Elizabeth Drinker
Author/Editor: Crane, Elaine Forman
Diana's Hunt (Caccia di Diana)
The Diabolic Root
Author/Editor: Petrullo, Vincenzo
Deviant Science
Author/Editor: McClenon, James
The Development of Nomadism in Ancient Northeast Africa
Author/Editor: Sadr, Karim
The Development of Modern Medicine
Author/Editor: Shryock, Richard Harrison
The Development of American Social Comedy from 1787 to 1936
Author/Editor: Hartman, John Geoffrey
The Development of Abstractionism in the Writings of Gertrude Stein
Author/Editor: Hoffman, Michael J
Deterring Rational Fanatics
Author/Editor: Wilner, Alex S
Detecting Texts
Author/Editor: Merivale, Patricia; Sweeney, Susan Elizabeth
Designs of Darkness in Contemporary American Fiction
Author/Editor: Saltzman, Arthur M
Designing Peace
Author/Editor: Neophytos Loizides
Designing a National Scientific and Technological Communication System
Author/Editor: Ackoff, Russell L
Design After Decline
Author/Editor: Ryan, Brent D
The Descent of Love
Author/Editor: Bert Bender
Depression and Reconstruction
Author/Editor: Dulles, Eleanor Lansing
Author/Editor: Beck M.D., Aaron T.; Alford Ph.D., Brad A
Author/Editor: Hester, Torrie
Denmark in World History
Author/Editor: Starcke, Viggio
The Demon of the Continent
Author/Editor: Bellin, Joshua David
Demonic Desires
Author/Editor: Rosen-Zvi, Ishay
Demographic Vistas, REV - Revised
Author/Editor: David Marc
Demographic Vistas
Author/Editor: Marc, David
Democracy Without Justice in Spain
Author/Editor: Encarnacion, Omar G
Democracy Disrupted
Author/Editor: Krastev, Ivan
Deliver Us from Dictators!
Author/Editor: Brooks, Robert C
Delaware's Forgotten Folk
Author/Editor: Weslager, C. A
Delaware's Buried Past
Author/Editor: Weslager, C. A
The de Incarnatione of Athanasius, Part 1
Author/Editor: Athanasius, Saint; Ryan, George J
Defining the Sovereign Community
Author/Editor: Nedelsky, Nadya
Decolonization and the Evolution of International Human Rights
Author/Editor: Burke, Roland
The Decadent Republic of Letters
Author/Editor: Potolsky, Matthew
Debt for Sale
Author/Editor: Williams, Brett
Debating the American State
Author/Editor: Kornhauser, Anne M
Death Squad
Author/Editor: Sluka, Jeffrey A
The Death of the Troubadour
Author/Editor: Stone, Gregory B
Death of a Suburban Dream
Author/Editor: Straus, Emily E
Death of a Science in Russia
Author/Editor: Zirkle, Conway
The Death of a Prophet
Author/Editor: Shoemaker, Stephen J
Death in the New World
Author/Editor: Seeman, Erik R
Death in America
Author/Editor: Stannard, David E
Death by Effigy
Author/Editor: Corteguera, Luis R
Death, Beauty, Struggle
Author/Editor: Margaret Trawick,Ann Grodzins Gold
Dearest Wilding
Author/Editor: Eastman, Yvette; Riggio, Thomas P
The Dear-Bought Heritage
Author/Editor: Leonard, Eugenie Andruss
Deans and Truants
Author/Editor: Jarrett, Gene Andrew
Dead Voice: Law, Philosophy, and Fiction in the Iberian Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Jesús R. Velasco
Deadly Encounters
Author/Editor: Altick, Richard D
The Day of the Liberals in Spain
Author/Editor: Smith, Rhea Marsh
Day of Reckoning
Author/Editor: Berkhofer III, Robert F
David Rittenhouse
Author/Editor: Ford, Edward
Daughters of the Trade
Author/Editor: Ipsen, Pernille
Daughters of Parvati
Author/Editor: Pinto, Sarah
Dark Speech
Dark Age Bodies
Author/Editor: Coon, Lynda L
Dante's Political Purgatory
Author/Editor: Scott, John A
Dante's Christian Astrology
Author/Editor: Kay, Richard
Dante as Dramatist
Author/Editor: Masciandaro, Franco
Daniel Drawbaugh
Author/Editor: Harder, Warren J
Daniel Drake (1785-1852)
Author/Editor: Horine, Emmet Field
Dangerous to Know
Author/Editor: Branson, Susan
Dangerous Neighbors
Author/Editor: Dun, James Alexander
Dangerously Sleepy
Author/Editor: Derickson, Alan
Dangerous Economies
Author/Editor: Zabin, Serena R