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A Gujarati Reference Grammar
Author/Editor: Cardona, George
The Guitar of God
Author/Editor: Surtz, Ronald E
Guilt, Responsibility, and Denial
Author/Editor: Gordy, Eric
Guide to Women's History Resources in the Delaware Valley Area
Author/Editor: Vaux, Trina
Guide to the Diplomatic Archives of Western Europe
Author/Editor: Thomas, Daniel H.; Case, Lynn M
A Guide to Jewish References in the Mexican Colonial Era, 1521-1821
Guide to International Human Rights Practice
Author/Editor: Hannum, Hurst
Guide to Eastern Ferns
Author/Editor: Wherry, Edgar T
Guides for Labor Arbitration
Author/Editor: Taylor, George W
The Guatemalan Military Project
Author/Editor: Schirmer, Jennifer
The Growth of English Representative Government
Author/Editor: Haskins, George L
Growing Greener Cities
Author/Editor: Birch, Eugenie L.; Wachter, Susan M
Group Incentives
Author/Editor: Balderston, C. C
Group Harmony
Author/Editor: Goosman, Stuart L
Group Annuities
Author/Editor: Black Jr., Kenneth
Author/Editor: McNeil, Genna Rae
Gregory of Tours
Green Light!
Author/Editor: Wolfe, Martin
Green Capitalism?
Author/Editor: Berghoff, Hartmut; Rome, Adam
The Grecanici of Southern Italy
Author/Editor: Pipyrou, Stavroula
The Great War and American Foreign Policy, 1914-24
Author/Editor: Hannigan, Robert E
The Great Medical Bibliographers
Author/Editor: Fulton, John F
Greater Portland
Author/Editor: Abbott, Carl
Gray Panthers
Author/Editor: Sanjek, Roger
The Graven Image
Author/Editor: Bahrani, Zainab
Grand Rounds
Author/Editor: Maulitz, Russell C.; Long, Diana E
Grammar and Christianity in the Late Roman World
Author/Editor: Chin, Catherine M
The Graffiti of Tikal
Author/Editor: Trik, Helen; Kampen, Michael E
Graduate Study and Research in the Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania
Author/Editor: Keniston, Hayward
The Graduate School Funding Handbook
Author/Editor: Hamel, April Vahle; Furlong, Jennifer S
The Government of French North Africa
Author/Editor: Liebesny, Herbert J
Governing the Fragmented Metropolis
Author/Editor: Rosan, Christina D
Governing Bodies: American Politics and the Shaping of the Modern Physique
Author/Editor: Rachel Louise Moran
Gothic Subjects
Author/Editor: Silyn Roberts, Siân
Gothic Bodies
Author/Editor: Bruhm, Steven
The Good Women of the Parish
Author/Editor: French, Katherine L
The Good Quaker in French Legend
Author/Editor: Philips, Edith
The Good Education of Youth
Author/Editor: Gruber, Frederick Charles
Gold Rush by Sea
Author/Editor: Low, Garrett W.; Haney, Kenneth
Golden River to Golden Road
Author/Editor: Patai, Raphael
The Golden Age of King Midas
Author/Editor: Rose, C. Brian; Darbyshire, Gareth
Goethe's Allegories of Identity
Author/Editor: Brown, Jane K
The Gods, the State, and the Individual
Author/Editor: Scheid, John
God's Peace and King's Peace
Author/Editor: O'Brien, Bruce R
God's Country: Christian Zionism in America
Author/Editor: Samuel Goldman
The Godman and the Sea: The Empty Tomb, the Trauma of the Jews, and the Gospel of Mark
Author/Editor: MICHAEL J. THATE
God and the Goddesses
Author/Editor: Barbara Newman
Gnomes of the Night
Author/Editor: Bragg, Arthur N
Global Urbanization
Author/Editor: Birch, Eugenie L.; Wachter, Susan M
Globalized Fruit, Local Entrepreneurs
Author/Editor: Douglas Southgate,Lois Roberts
Author/Editor: Spooner, Brian
Global Downtowns
Author/Editor: Peterson, Marina; McDonogh, Gary
Giving Meaning to Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights
Author/Editor: Merali, Isfahan; Oosterveld, Valerie
Gilding the Market
Author/Editor: Stuard, Susan Mosher
Gide and the Hound of Heaven
Author/Editor: March, Harold
The Gibraltar Crusade
Author/Editor: O'Callaghan, Joseph F
Getting Out
Author/Editor: Walzer, Michael; Mills, Nicolaus
Getting a PhD in Economics
Author/Editor: Hillmon, Stuart J
Germany and the Diplomatic Revolution
Author/Editor: Hale, Oron James
German Students' War Letters
Author/Editor: Witkop, Philipp
George Santayana
Author/Editor: Howgate, George W
George Henry Boker
Author/Editor: Bradley, Edward Sculley
George Gissing, Classicist
Author/Editor: Gapp, Samuel Vogt
A Gentleman of Much Promise, Volumes 1 and 2
Author/Editor: Mickle, Isaac; Mackey, Phillip English
Gentlefolk in the Making
Author/Editor: Mason, John E
Genocide in Cambodia
Author/Editor: De Nike, Howard J.; Quigley, John; Robinson, Kenneth J
The Genius of Democracy
Author/Editor: Olwell, Victoria
General Subject-Indexes Since 1548
Author/Editor: Taylor, Archer
Generalizations in Historical Writing
Author/Editor: Riasanovsky, Alexander V.; Riznik, Barnes
Gender Stereotyping
Author/Editor: Cook, Rebecca J.; Cusack, Simone
Gender on the Market
Author/Editor: Kapchan, Deborah
Gendered Voices
Author/Editor: Catherine M. Mooney,CAROLINE WALKER BYNUM
Gendered Modernisms
Author/Editor: Dickie, Margaret; Travisano, Thomas
Gender and Jewish Difference from Paul to Shakespeare
Author/Editor: Lampert, Lisa
Gender and Heresy
Author/Editor: McSheffrey, Shannon
Gender and Culture at the Limit of Rights
Author/Editor: Hodgson, Dorothy L
Gender and Christianity in Medieval Europe
Author/Editor: Bitel, Lisa M.; Lifshitz, Felice
Gay Voluntary Associations in New York
Author/Editor: Shokeid, Moshe
The Gardens of Suzhou
Author/Editor: Henderson, Ron
Gardens in the Modern Landscape
Author/Editor: Tunnard, Christopher
The Garden of Delights
Author/Editor: Griffiths, Fiona J
Garden and Grove
Author/Editor: John Dixon Hunt
Gandhi's Body
Author/Editor: Alter, Joseph S