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Author/Editor: Boker, George Henry; Bradley, Edward Sculley
Nowhere in the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: KARMA LOCHRIE
The Novels of Waldo Frank
Author/Editor: Bittner, William
Novel Possibilities
Author/Editor: Childers, Joseph W
A Novel Marketplace
Author/Editor: Brier, Evan
No Use
Author/Editor: Nichols, Thomas M
The Notion of Analytic Truth
Author/Editor: Martin, R. M
Not in This Family
Author/Editor: Murray, Heather
Nothing Natural Is Shameful
Author/Editor: Cadden, Joan
Notable Women of Pennsylvania
Author/Editor: Biddle, Gertrude Bosler; Lowrie, Sarah Dickinson
The Norwegian Language in America, a Study in Bilingual Behavior, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Haugen, Einar
The Norristown Study
Author/Editor: Goldstein, Sidney
No Place for Grief
Author/Editor: Buch Segal, Lotte
Nonstate Actors in Intrastate Conflicts
Author/Editor: Miodownik, Dan; Barak, Oren
No Mysteries Out of Ourselves
Author/Editor: Bellis, Peter J
Noise Pollution
Author/Editor: Bragdon, Clifford R
NLRB Remedies for Unfair Labor Practices
Author/Editor: McDowell, Douglas S.; Huhn, Kenneth C
NLRB Regulation of Election Conduct
Author/Editor: Williams, Robert E.; Janus, Peter A.; Huhn, Kenneth C
The NLRB and the Appropriate Bargaining Unit
Author/Editor: Abodeely, John E
The NLRB and Secondary Boycotts
Author/Editor: Dereshinsky, Ralph M
Nightclub City
Author/Editor: Peretti, Burton W
The Nigerian Rice Economy
Author/Editor: Gyimah-Brempong, Kwabena; Johnson, Michael; Takeshima, Hiroyuki
Next Year in Marienbad
Author/Editor: Zadoff, Mirjam
The Next Economic Disaster
Author/Editor: Vague, Richard
New York State and the Metropolitan Problem
Author/Editor: Herman, Harold
New York in the Confederation
Author/Editor: Cochran, Thomas C
The New World Power
Author/Editor: Hannigan, Robert E
New World Orders
Author/Editor: Smolenski, John; Humphrey, Thomas J
A New World of Labor
Author/Editor: Newman, Simon P
New Viewpoints on the Spanish Colonization of America
Author/Editor: Zavala, Silvio
The New Turks
Author/Editor: Bisbee, Eleanor
New Sweden on the Delaware
Author/Editor: Ward, Christopher
New Netherland and the Dutch Origins of American Religious Liberty
Author/Editor: Haefeli, Evan
The New Guide to the Diplomatic Archives of Western Europe
Author/Editor: Thomas, Daniel H.; Case, Lynn M
The New Guide to the Diplomatic Archives of Western Europe
Author/Editor: Thomas, Daniel H.; Case, Lynn M
New Directions in Human Rights
Author/Editor: Lutz, Ellen L.; Hannum, Hurst; Burke, Kathryn J
The New Chronology of the Bronze Age Settlement of Tepe Hissar, Iran
Author/Editor: Ayşe Gürsan-Salzmann
The New Chronology of Iron Age Gordion
Author/Editor: Rose, C. Brian; Darbyshire, Gareth
A New Boundary Stone of Nebuchadrezzr I
Author/Editor: Hinke, William J
New Age Capitalism
Author/Editor: Kimberly J. Lau
The Neoplatonic Socrates
Author/Editor: Layne, Danielle A.; Tarrant, Harold
Neighborhood and Life Chances
Author/Editor: Newburger, Harriet B.; Birch, Eugenie L.; Wachter, Susan M
The Negro in the Tobacco Industry
Author/Editor: Northrup, Herbert R
The Negro in the Supermarket Industry
Author/Editor: Bloom, Gordon F.; Fletcher, F. Marion
The Negro in the Department Store Industry
Author/Editor: Perry, Charles R
Negro Employment in the Maritime Industries
Author/Editor: Rubin, Lester; Swift, William S.; Northrup, Herbert R
Negro Employment in Retail Trade
Author/Editor: Bloom, Gordon F.; Fletcher, F. Marion; Perry, Charles R
Negro Employment in Public Utilities
Author/Editor: Anderson, Bernard E
Negro Employment in Land and Air Transport
Author/Editor: Northrup, Herbert R.; Risher Jr., Howard W.; Leone, Richard D
Negro Employment in Finance
Author/Editor: Thieblot Jr., Armand J.; Fletcher, Linda Pickthorne
Negro Employment in Basic Industry
Author/Editor: Northrup, Herbert R.; Rowan, Richard L
The Negro
Author/Editor: Du Bois, W. E. B
Negotiating the Landscape
Author/Editor: Arnold, Ellen F
Author/Editor: Ferrándiz, Francisco; Robben, Antonius C. G. M
Nature Speaks
Author/Editor: Robertson, Kellie
Natural Law
Author/Editor: Hegel, G. W. F
A Natural History of the Romance Novel
Author/Editor: Regis, Pamela
The Native Ground
Author/Editor: DuVal, Kathleen
A Nation of Women
Author/Editor: Fur, Gunlög
A Nation Dedicated to Religious Liberty
Author/Editor: Adams, Arlin M.; Emmerich, Charles J
Nation and Migration
Author/Editor: van der Veer, Peter
National Regulation of Aeronautics
Author/Editor: Rohlfing, Charles C
The Nationalization of the Social Sciences
Author/Editor: Klausner, Samuel Z.; Lidz, Victor M
Nationalism, Language, and Muslim Exceptionalism
Author/Editor: Mabry, Tristan James
National Dreams
Author/Editor: Schacker, Jennifer
Narration and Discourse in American Realistic Fiction
Author/Editor: McKay, Janet Holmgren
Narrating the Law
Author/Editor: Wimpfheimer, Barry Scott