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The Typology of the Early Codex
Author/Editor: Turner, Eric G
The Typological Imaginary
Author/Editor: Biddick, Kathleen
The Two Worlds of Marcel Proust
Author/Editor: March, Harold
Twenty-fifth Anniversary Studies, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Davidson, D. S
Turns of Event
Author/Editor: Hester Blum
Turning to Political Violence
Author/Editor: Sageman, Marc
Tuesdays at Ten
Author/Editor: Weygandt, Cornelius
Truth in Accounting
Author/Editor: MacNeal, Kenneth
Truth Commissions
Author/Editor: Onur Bakiner
Truth and Democracy
Author/Editor: Elkins, Jeremy; Norris, Andrew
True Relations
Author/Editor: Dolan, Frances E
The Trouble with Ownership
Author/Editor: Greene, Jody
The Trotula
The Trotula
Tropical Whites
Author/Editor: Cocks, Catherine
The Triumph of Militant Republicanism
Author/Editor: Bradley, Erwin Stanley
The Triumph of Evolution
Author/Editor: Cravens, Hamilton
Trends in the Distribution of Stock Ownership
Author/Editor: Cox, Edwin Burk
Trends in Modern American Society
Author/Editor: Morris, Clarence
Trends in Foundry Production in the Philadelphia Area
Author/Editor: Bezanson, Anne; Gray, Robert
Trees of Pennsylvania, the Atlantic States, and the Lake States
Author/Editor: Li, Hui-Lin
The Treaty of Frankfort
Author/Editor: Giesberg, Robert Irvin
Treatise on the Power and Utility of Moneys
Author/Editor: Biel, Gabriel
A Traveling Homeland
Author/Editor: Boyarin, Daniel
The Traveler, the Tower, and the Worm
Author/Editor: Manguel, Alberto
Transportation and National Defense
Author/Editor: White, Joseph L
The Transmission of Culture in Early Modern Europe
Author/Editor: Grafton, Anthony; Blair, Ann
Translations and Reprints from the Original Sources of European History, Volume VI
Author/Editor: Whitcomb, Merrick; McMaster, John Bach; Howland, Arthur C
Translating "Clergie"
Author/Editor: Claire M. Waters
Translating Buddhist Medicine in Medieval China
Author/Editor: Salguero, C. Pierce
The Transformation of Moravian Bethlehem
Author/Editor: Smaby, Beverly Prior
Transcontinental Railway Strategy, 1869-1893
Author/Editor: Grodinsky, Julius
Transcendentalism in New England
Author/Editor: Frothingham, Octavius Brooks
Transatlantic Insurrections
Author/Editor: Giles, Paul
Tramps, Unfit Mothers, and Neglected Children
Author/Editor: Broder, Sherri
Author/Editor: Thiranagama, Sharika; Kelly, Tobias
Training for Skill in Social Case Work
Author/Editor: Robinson, Virginia P
Tragicomic Redemptions
Author/Editor: Forman, Valerie
The Tragedy and Comedy of Resistance
Author/Editor: Taylor, Carole Anne
Trade, Land, Power
Author/Editor: Richter, Daniel K
A Town In-Between
Author/Editor: Ridner, Judith
Town Born
Author/Editor: Levy, Barry
Toward a New U.S. Industrial Policy?
Author/Editor: Wachter, Michael L.; Wachter, Susan M
Toward a Geography of Price
Author/Editor: Warntz, William
Toussaint Louverture and the American Civil War
Author/Editor: Clavin, Matthew J
Tours of Hell
Author/Editor: Himmelfarb, Martha
Tourism Alternatives
Author/Editor: Smith, Valene L.; Eadington, William R
Tough Girls
Author/Editor: Inness, Sherrie A
To the Lesser Heights of Morningside
Author/Editor: Tugwell, Rexford G
Author/Editor: Lea, Henry Charles
Author/Editor: Relph, Edward
To Read My Heart
Author/Editor: McMahon, Lucia; Schriver, Deborah
Top Down
Author/Editor: Ferguson, Karen
The Tongking Gulf Through History
Author/Editor: Cooke, Nola; Li, Tana; Anderson, James A
Tomb Treasures of the Late Middle Kingdom
Author/Editor: Grajetzki, Wolfram
To March for Others
Author/Editor: Araiza, Lauren
To Breathe with Birds
Author/Editor: Cílek, Václav
Author/Editor: Franz, Kathleen
Time to Go
Author/Editor: Anne Hunsaker Hawkins,James O. Ballard,Theodore Blaisdell
Tikal Reports, Numbers 1-11
Author/Editor: Shook, Edwin M.; Coe, William R.; Carr, Robert F
The Ties That Buy
Author/Editor: Hartigan-O'Connor, Ellen
Author/Editor: Drabkin, David L
Thucydides Mythistoricus
Through the History of the Cold War
Author/Editor: Lukacs, John
The Threshold of Manifest Destiny
Author/Editor: Shire, Laurel Clark
Three Voyagers in Search of Europe
Author/Editor: Holder, Alan
Three Centuries of Tirso de Molina
Author/Editor: Bushee, Alice Huntington
Three Americanists
Author/Editor: Adams, Randolph G
The Thousand and One Churches
Author/Editor: Ramsay, William M.; Bell, Gertrude L.; Ousterhout, Robert G
Those of My Blood
Author/Editor: Bouchard, Constance Brittain
Thorns in the Flesh
Author/Editor: Crislip, Andrew
Thoreau's Alternative History
Author/Editor: Burbick, Joan
Thomas Willing and the First American Financial System
Author/Editor: Konkle, Burton Alva
Thomas Percy
Author/Editor: Davis, Bertram H
Thomas Pelham-Holles, Duke of Newcastle
Author/Editor: Nulle, Stebelton H
Thomas Mann Studies, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Jonas, Klaus W.; Jonas, Ilsedore B
Thomas Killigrew
Author/Editor: Harbage, Alfred
Thomas Hovenden
Author/Editor: Terhune, Anne Gregory
Thomas Henry Burrowes, 1805-1871
Author/Editor: Mohr, Robert Landis
Thomas Chatterton, the Marvelous Boy
Author/Editor: Ellinger, Esther Parker
Thomas Carlyle and the Art of History
Author/Editor: Young, Louise Merwin
This Side of Silence
Author/Editor: Kelly, Tobias
This Noble House
Author/Editor: Franklin, Arnold E
This Is Our Music
Author/Editor: Anderson, Iain
This Invisible Riot of the Mind
Author/Editor: Gross, Gloria Sybil
Thinking Through Material Culture
Author/Editor: Knappett, Carl
Thinking Sex with the Early Moderns
Author/Editor: Traub, Valerie
The Things of Greater Importance
Author/Editor: Rudolph, Conrad
Things American
Author/Editor: Trask, Jeffrey
They Watch Me as They Watch This
Author/Editor: Bowers, Jane Palatini
These Fiery Frenchified Dames
Author/Editor: Branson, Susan
There's Nobody There
Author/Editor: Opie, Anne
The Therapeutic Revolution
Author/Editor: Vogel, Morris J.; Rosenberg, Charles E
The Theory of Free Competition
Author/Editor: Ratzlaff, C. J
Theoretical Fables
Author/Editor: Borinsky, Alicia
Theodore Roosevelt
Author/Editor: Burton, David H
Then and Now
Author/Editor: Brinton, Anna
Theme and Symbol in Tennyson's Poems to 1850
Author/Editor: Ryals, Clyde de L
Theatrical Nation
Author/Editor: Ragussis, Michael
A Theater of Diplomacy
Author/Editor: Welch, Ellen R
Theater of a City
Author/Editor: Howard, Jean E
Textual Situations
Author/Editor: Taylor, Andrew
Textual Mirrors
Author/Editor: Stein, Dina
Texts of the Passion
Author/Editor: Bestul, Thomas H
Text and Territory
Author/Editor: Tomasch, Sylvia; Gilles, Sealy
The Territories and the United States, 1861-1890
Author/Editor: Pomeroy, Earl S
Author/Editor: James, Henry
Tercera Parte de la Tragicomedia de Celestina
Author/Editor: Gómez de Toledo, Gaspar; Barrick, Mac E
Ten Thousand Out of Work
Author/Editor: Clague, Ewan; Powell, Webster
Tennis Science for Tennis Players
Author/Editor: Brody, Howard
The Temptations of Trade
The Teleology of the Modern Nation-State
Author/Editor: Fogel, Joshua A
Teenage Sexuality, Pregnancy, and Childbearing
Author/Editor: Furstenberg Jr., Frank F.; Lincoln, Richard; Menken, Jane
Tea Sets and Tyranny
Author/Editor: Bullock, Steven C
Teaching in America
Author/Editor: Gruber, Frederick C
Teachers and Unions
Author/Editor: Moskow, Michael H
Taxpayer Compliance, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Roth, Jeffrey A.; Scholz, John T
Taxpayer Compliance, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Roth, Jeffrey A.; Scholz, John T.; Witte, Ann Dryden
Taxes on Knowledge in America
Author/Editor: Bezanson, Randall P
Tax and Spend
Author/Editor: Michelmore, Molly C
The Taste of Ethnographic Things
Author/Editor: Stoller, Paul
The Taste of Blood
Author/Editor: Wafer, Jim
Tariff Retaliation
Author/Editor: Jones Jr., Joseph M
Tangier Island
Author/Editor: Hall III, S. Warren
Taming Lust
Author/Editor: Ben-Atar, Doron S.; Brown, Richard D
Tamerlane, a Tragedy
Author/Editor: Rowe, Nicholas; Burns Jr., Landon C
Talking Culture
Author/Editor: Moerman, Michael
Talking Animals
Author/Editor: Ziolkowski, Jan M
Tales of the Jazz Age
Author/Editor: Fitzgerald, F. Scott
Tales from Inside the Iron Lung (And How I Got Out of It)
Author/Editor: Woods, Regina
Take Up Your Pen
Author/Editor: Dodds, Graham G
Author/Editor: Mudd, Philip
The Taft-Hartley Act and Multi-employer Bargaining
Author/Editor: Freidin, Jesse
Tabula Picta
Author/Editor: Madero, Marta