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The Abencerraje and Ozmin and Daraja
Abortion Law in Transnational Perspective
Author/Editor: Cook, Rebecca J.; Erdman, Joanna N.; Dickens, Bernard M
Abraham in Arms
Author/Editor: Little, Ann M
Academic Freedom, Logic, and Religion
Author/Editor: White, Morton
The Academic Job Search Handbook
Author/Editor: Vick, Julia Miller; Furlong, Jennifer S
Acceptability as a Factor in Arbitration Under an Existing Agreement
Author/Editor: Simkin, William E
Accessories to Modernity
Author/Editor: Hiner, Susan
Accident and Sickness Insurance
Author/Editor: McCahan, David
Across the Open Field
Author/Editor: Olin, Laurie
Adam Usk's Secret
Author/Editor: Justice, Steven
Adapting to Win
Author/Editor: Katagiri, Noriyuki
Addiction and Devotion in Early Modern England
Author/Editor: Rebecca Lemon
The Adoption of Inoculation for Smallpox in England and France
Author/Editor: Miller, Genevieve
Advance Agents of American Destiny
Author/Editor: Nichols, Roy F
Adventures in Biophysics
Author/Editor: Hill, A. V
Adventures in Photography
Author/Editor: Pezzati, Alessandro
Adventures in Speech
Author/Editor: Forni, Pier Massimo
Advocating Dignity
Author/Editor: Quataert, Jean H
The Aesthetics of William Hazlitt
Author/Editor: Schneider, Elisabeth
Affective Meditation and the Invention of Medieval Compassion
Author/Editor: McNamer, Sarah
Afghanistan Declassified
Author/Editor: Williams, Brian Glyn
African Constitutionalism and the Role of Islam
Author/Editor: An-Na'im, Abdullahi Ahmed
African Feminism
Author/Editor: Mikell, Gwendolyn
After Augustine
Author/Editor: Stock, Brian
After Civil War
Author/Editor: Kissane, Bill
The Afterlife of Character, 1726-1825
Author/Editor: Brewer, David A
After Nationalism: Being American in an Age of Division
Author/Editor: Samuel Goldman
After the Black Death: Plague and Commemoration Among Iberian Jews
Author/Editor: Susan L. Einbinder
After the Reformation
Author/Editor: Malament, Barbara C
Against Self-Reliance
Author/Editor: Howell, William Huntting
Against the Wall
Author/Editor: Anderson, Elijah
Agents of Opportunity
Author/Editor: Shropshire, Kenneth L
An Age of Infidels
Author/Editor: Schlereth, Eric R
The Age of Minerva, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Ilie, Paul
The Age of Minerva, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Ilie, Paul
Aging, Death, and the Completion of Being
Author/Editor: Van Tassel, David D
Agnes Repplier
Author/Editor: Stokes, George Stewart
An Agricultural History of the Genesee Valley, 1790-1860
Author/Editor: McNall, Neil Adams
Agricultural Trends in India, 1891-1947
Author/Editor: Blyn, George
Agriculture in the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Sweeney, Del
Aid in Danger
Author/Editor: Fast, Larissa
Akhmatova's Petersburg
Author/Editor: Leiter, Sharon
Albertanus of Brescia
Author/Editor: Powell, James M
Alexander Dallas Bache
Author/Editor: Odgers, Merle M
Alexander James Dallas
Author/Editor: Walters Jr., Raymond
The "Alexandreis" of Walter of Chatilon
Author/Editor: David Townsend
Alien Nation
Author/Editor: CANNON SCHMITT,Joan DeJean,Carroll Smith-Rosenberg,Peter Stallybrass,Gary A. Tomlinson
Aliens and Sojourners
Author/Editor: Dunning, Benjamin H
Aliens in the East
Author/Editor: Wildes, Harry Emerson
All American Yemeni Girls
Author/Editor: Sarroub, Loukia K
Allegory and Philosophy in Avicenna (Ibn Sina)
Author/Editor: Heath, Peter
Alliterative Revivals
Author/Editor: Chism, Christine
All Necessary Measures
Author/Editor: Walling, Carrie Booth
Along an African Border
Author/Editor: Silva, Sónia
Along the Bolivian Highway
Author/Editor: Shakow, Miriam
Along the Hudson and Mohawk
The Al Qaeda Factor
Author/Editor: Silber, Mitchell D
The Altar at Home
Author/Editor: Stokes, Claudia
Author/Editor: Montchrestien, Antoine de; Seiver, George Otto
An Amateur Laborer
Author/Editor: Dreiser, Theodore; Dowell, Richard W.; West III, James L. W
Ambivalent Conspirators
Author/Editor: Rossbach, Jeffrey
America and the Germans, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Trommler, Frank; McVeigh, Joseph
America and the Germans, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Trommler, Frank; McVeigh, Joseph
America at the Ballot Box
Author/Editor: Davies, Gareth; Zelizer, Julian E
Americana Norvegica, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Skard, Sigmund; Wasser, Henry H
Americana Norvegica, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Skard, Sigmund
American Authors and the Literary Marketplace since 1900
Author/Editor: West III, James L. W
American Babel
Author/Editor: Doerksen, Clifford J
An American Bookshelf, 1775
Author/Editor: Wroth, Lawrence C
American Capitalism
Author/Editor: Lichtenstein, Nelson
American Childhoods
Author/Editor: Illick, Joseph E
American Children Through Their Books, 1700-1835
Author/Editor: Kiefer, Monica
American Designs
Author/Editor: Reesman, Jeanne Campbell
The American Development of Biology
Author/Editor: Rainger, Ronald; Benson, Keith R.; Maienschein, Jane
The American Diaries, 1902-1926
Author/Editor: Dreiser, Theodore; Riggio, Thomas P.; West III, James L.W
American Diplomacy and the Boer War
Author/Editor: Ferguson, John H
American English
Author/Editor: Brenni, Vito J
American Folksongs of Protest
Author/Editor: Greenway, John
American Freethinker: Elihu Palmer and the Struggle for Religious Freedom in the New Nation
Author/Editor: Kirsten Fischer
American Gandhi
Author/Editor: Danielson, Leilah
American Georgics
Author/Editor: Sweet, Timothy
The American Impact on Great Britain, 1898-1914
Author/Editor: Heindel, Richard Heathcote
American Justice 2014
Author/Editor: Epps, Garrett
American Literature and the Academy
Author/Editor: Vanderbilt, Kermit
American Literature and the Culture of Reprinting, 1834-1853
Author/Editor: McGill, Meredith L
American Marriage
Author/Editor: Yamin, Priscilla
The American Mortgage System
Author/Editor: Wachter, Susan M.; Smith, Marvin M
American Novelists in Italy
Author/Editor: Wright, Nathalia
The American Passport in Turkey: National Citizenship in the Age of Transnationalism
Author/Editor: Özlem Altan-Olcay,Evren Balta
American Patriotism, American Protest
Author/Editor: Hall, Simon
American Political Development and the Trump Presidency
Author/Editor: Zachary Callen,Philip Rocco
American Relations with Turkey, 1830-1930
Author/Editor: Gordon, Leland James
American-Russian Rivalry in the Far East
Author/Editor: Zabriskie, Edward H
The American Spirit in Europe
Author/Editor: Koht, Halvdan
American Studies in Europe, Their History and Present Organization, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Skard, Sigmund
American Studies in Europe, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Skard, Sigmund
American Studies in Transition
Author/Editor: Fishwick, Marshall W
The American Synthetic Rubber Research Program
Author/Editor: Morris, Peter J. T
The American Woman in Colonial and Revolutionary Times, 1565-1800
Author/Editor: Leonard, Eugenie Andruss; Drinker, Sophie Hutchinson; Holden, Miriam Young
The Americas in the Spanish World Order
Author/Editor: Muldoon, James
Amnesties, Accountability, and Human Rights
Author/Editor: Jeffery, Renée
Amos Eaton
Author/Editor: McAllister, Ethel M
Amsterdam's Atlantic
Author/Editor: van Groesen, Michiel
An Analysis of Government Life Insurance
Author/Editor: McGill, Dan Mays
An Analysis of Production of Worsted Sales Yarn
Author/Editor: Williams, Alfred H.; Brumbaugh, Martin A.; Davis, Hiram S
The Anatomy Murders
Author/Editor: Rosner, Lisa
Anatomy of a Crusade, 1213-1221
Author/Editor: Powell, James M
Ancient Ballads Traditionally Sung in New England, Volume 3
Author/Editor: Flanders, Helen Hartness
Ancient Ballads Traditionally Sung in New England, Volume 4
Author/Editor: Flanders, Helen Hartness
Ancient Greek Houses and Households
Author/Editor: Ault, Bradley A.; Nevett, Lisa C
Ancient Marbles to American Shores
Author/Editor: Dyson, Stephen L
Ancient States and Infrastructural Power
Author/Editor: Ando, Clifford; Richardson, Seth
Andrew Stevenson
Author/Editor: Wayland, Francis Fry
Angels and Earthly Creatures
Author/Editor: Waters, Claire M
Anglicizing America
Author/Editor: Gallup-Diaz, Ignacio; Shankman, Andrew; Silverman, David J
The Anglo-American Connection in the Early Nineteenth Century
Author/Editor: Thistlethwaite, Frank
Anglo-American Union
Author/Editor: Boyd, Julian P
Animal Bodies, Renaissance Culture
Author/Editor: Raber, Karen
Animal Characters
Author/Editor: Boehrer, Bruce Thomas
Animal Encounters
Author/Editor: Crane, Susan
Animals and Other People
Author/Editor: Keenleyside, Heather
The Answer to the Lyre
Author/Editor: Jestin, Loftus
An Anthology of Elizabethan Dedications and Prefaces
Author/Editor: Gebert, Clara L
Anthology of Student Verse at Pennsylvania
Author/Editor: Smith Jr., Leroy; Stine, Harold Saeger; Mendenhall, John Cooper
Anthropology and Education
Author/Editor: Gruber, Frederick Charles
The Anthropology of Space
Author/Editor: Pinxten, Rik; van Dooren, Ingrid; Harvey, Frank
Anthropology Through a Double Lens
Author/Editor: Linger, Daniel Touro
Antigay Bias in Role-Model Occupations
Author/Editor: Spitko, E. Gary
Antigone and Selected Poems
Author/Editor: O'Sheel, Shaemas; O'Sheel, Annette
Anti-Imperialism in the United States
Author/Editor: Tompkins, E. Berkeley
The Anti-Slavery Project
Author/Editor: Quirk, Joel
Antitheatricality and the Body Public
Author/Editor: Freeman, Lisa A
The Apocalypse of Empire: Imperial Eschatology in Late Antiquity and Early Islam
Author/Editor: Stephen J. Shoemaker
Apocalypse of the Alien God
Author/Editor: Burns, Dylan M
The Apostolic Age and the New Testament
Author/Editor: Barton, George A
The Appreciation of Ancient and Medieval Science During the Renaissance (1450-1600)
Author/Editor: Sarton, George
An Appreciation of Robert Southwell
Author/Editor: Morton, Sister Rose Anita
An Approach to Definite Forecasting
Author/Editor: Hall, Lincoln W
Aquatic Plants of Pennsylvania
Author/Editor: Block, Timothy A.; Rhoads, Ann Fowler
Aquinas and the Jews
Author/Editor: Hood, John Y.B
Arabia and the Bible
Author/Editor: Montgomery, James A
The Arabic Role in Medieval Literary History
Author/Editor: Menocal, María Rosa
Aramaic Incantation Texts from Nippur
Author/Editor: Montgomery, James A
Arbitration in Transit
Author/Editor: Kuhn, Alfred
Archaeological Chemistry
Author/Editor: Levey, Martin
The Archaeology of Cook Inlet, Alaska
Author/Editor: De Laguna, Frederica
The Archaeology of Martin's Hundred
Author/Editor: Noël Hume, Ivor; Noël Hume, Audrey
The Archaeology of Midas and the Phrygians
Author/Editor: Kealhofer, Lisa
The Archaeology of Phrygian Gordion, Royal City of Midas
Author/Editor: Rose, C. Brian
Architects of Delusion
Author/Editor: Serfaty, Simon
Architecture and Landscape of the Pennsylvania Germans, 1720-1920
Author/Editor: McMurry, Sally; Van Dolsen, Nancy
Archives of American Time
Author/Editor: Pratt, Lloyd
Arctic Harpooner
Author/Editor: Ferguson, Robert; Stair, Leslie Dalrymple
Argentina Betrayed: Memory, Mourning, and Accountability
Author/Editor: Antonius C. G. M. Robben
The Aristocracy in the County of Champagne, 1100-1300
Author/Editor: Evergates, Theodore
Aristocratic Women in Medieval France
Author/Editor: Evergates, Theodore
Aristocrats and Statehood in Western Iberia, 300-600 C.E.
Author/Editor: Riley, Lyman W
Armies and Insurgencies in the Arab Spring
Author/Editor: Albrecht, Holger; Croissant, Aurel; Lawson, Fred H
An Army of Lions
Author/Editor: Alexander, Shawn Leigh
Art and the City
Author/Editor: Schrank, Sarah
Arthur Murphy
Author/Editor: Emery, John Pike
The Artifacts of Tikal--Utilitarian Artifacts and Unworked Material
Author/Editor: Moholy-Nagy, Hattula
The Art of Asylum-Keeping
Author/Editor: Tomes, Nancy
The Art of Being Jewish in Modern Times
Author/Editor: Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Barbara; Karp, Jonathan
The Art of Love
Author/Editor: Allen, Peter L
The Art of Playwriting
Author/Editor: Williams, Jesse Lynch; Mitchell, Langdon; Dunsany, Lord
The Art of Veiled Speech
Author/Editor: Baltussen, Han; Davis, Peter J
The Arts in Renewal
Author/Editor: Bradley, Sculley
Art Work
Author/Editor: Masten, April F
As American as Shoofly Pie
Author/Editor: Weaver, William Woys
Asian Medicine and Globalization
Author/Editor: Alter, Joseph S
Aspects of Value
Author/Editor: Gruber, Frederick Charles
The Associational State
Author/Editor: Balogh, Brian
Assuring the Confidentiality of Social Research Data
Author/Editor: Boruch, Robert F.; Cecil, Joe S
Astounding Wonder
Author/Editor: Cheng, John
Author/Editor: Kilgore, De Witt Douglas
Asymmetric Autonomy and the Settlement of Ethnic Conflicts
Author/Editor: Weller, Marc; Nobbs, Katherine
Augustine's Manichaean Dilemma, Volume 1
Author/Editor: BeDuhn, Jason David
Augustine's Manichaean Dilemma, Volume 2
Author/Editor: BeDuhn, Jason David
Authorship and Publicity Before Print
Author/Editor: Hobbins, Daniel
Author/Editor: Gunn, Janet Varner
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
Author/Editor: Franklin, Benjamin; Conn, Peter
The Autobiography of Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1790
Author/Editor: Jefferson, Thomas; Ford, Paul Leicester
Autonomy and Power
Author/Editor: Lagos, Maria L
Autonomy, Sovereignty, and Self-Determination
Author/Editor: Hannum, Hurst
Autonomy, Sovereignty, and Self-Determination, REV - Revised
Author/Editor: Hurst Hannum
The Awntyrs off Arthure at the Terne Wathelyne
Author/Editor: Gates, Robert J